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  • porcupine 6w


    This is Scruffy
    Having a sleep
    Such a cute puppy
    Don't make a peep

    Dogs always love their
    Napping and resting
    Better leave them be or
    Their patience will be tested

    What I have seen of Scruffy
    That he is very alert
    On his walks exploring
    Sniffing in the dirt

    Always on the lookout
    For something new
    Glancing all around , maybe
    Some bad guys to chew

    He seems very calm
    And relaxed usually
    His owners must be proud
    And love him truly

  • myinsight 7w

    A pet and nature is most beautiful life partner you can get,
    Because its children and relatives can make your whole world most colourful and glittery as possible

  • kamrie872 11w

    My clothes are covered in my cat's affection
    I wear like a new fur coat
    Aggressively asking for love
    I have the bites to prove it
    If I am to belong
    It is to my cat

  • porcupine 12w

    Red eyed rat

    Some writing of a pet this pertains
    And Zelda was here name
    She was a rat but very tame
    My friend is what she became
    Very calm and gentle I proclaim
    For liking rats I have no shame
    My fondness of her I can't contain
    She liked eating greens and grain
    I think she helped me stay sane
    A small animal with a smart brain
    A fear of rats a friend had overcame
    Before he thought they were lame
    A pet is a pet to me it's all the same
    Treats were something she claimed
    Intelligent as though she was trained
    Making her happy was my aim
    Sadly she passed , it caused me pain
    I miss her alot that's what I exclaim
    I wish her the best
    On her trip to heaven on that train

  • _lostsoul___ 13w

    Not all poems are written to be read
    Some I shared with my pikku #pet.

    The poems started when my heart bulked out of emotions...
    And my tears started to shread.
    My hand wanted me to express...
    When noone came to know how i felt.

    My heart learned there's no need for anyone else to learn about you...
    When there's u urself standing
    With you and around you.
    Learning about urself is the best knowledge to have.
    To imbibe the fact that you urself are the one to play....
    Who tells you about the merry game on the way.

    #start #wod #pod

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    Not all poems are written to be read

  • kamrie872 17w

    He lived a good life
    Simple and the same
    He didn't need much to make him happy
    Back scratches
    Food and water
    A time to enjoy the outdoors
    He knew the routine well
    He saw familiar faces
    Heard familiar sounds
    But there was one he never heard in the house
    A whistle from afar
    Who would try to take the place of the one he knows
    Instinctively he wanted to respond
    He looked around searching and felt a tug
    His eyes back to focus with a reminder of his good home

  • porcupine 19w

    Zelda my pet rat (repost)

    Some say you are a pest
    But I thought you were the best

    You sure enjoyed being petted
    And you really loved your lettuce

    But boy did you get a bit chubby
    But you still remained bubbly

    Friends that once thought ew
    Changed after they knew you

    You didn't have much time here
    A pet like you only live a few years

    I wish I had more pictures of you
    But I am happy that I have a few

    I wish you peace wherever you are
    All I do is think and you're not that far

    A few people still despise you
    Others took time until they knew

    You never seemed to like the cat
    Maybe it's because cats eat rats

  • thehopeofdaugh 19w

    They are not human but better than human.

    I love animals more than humans because animals never knew they were living with humans.
    they'll never get bored of you,
    never get irritate of you.
    and always be with you.

  • lovely_rachana 24w

    There's no coming back

    Gilded beauty of the fur
    Coat of deep tenderness reared
    Wipes of delight to leaking tears
    Value of peace you just brought
    Loyal love to enhance the bond
    Enchanted by your holding by our side
    The moon itself silvered your honour
    Deep inside your body there was pain
    Still you cared and never made us alone
    You were a bubble of joy binded by gold
    Fur coat wasn't your identity
    The gold of love made you
    And still we will remember your love

  • porcupine 26w

    My pet

    The first time seeing him i knew
    Nothing could be more true
    This dog was a loyal friend too
    The bond increased as he grew
    But not just any dog
    He could lead you through fog
    A smart and wise animal
    The best and greatest pal
    A protector and good at it
    His attitude was never quit
    Always there by your side
    Happy and his eyes wide
    If you were feeling down
    He'd turn you all around
    He was never mean
    And never has been
    He enjoyed time with you
    With anything you would do
    Chasing a frisbee or ball
    He did not mind at all
    Swimming was his favourite
    Baths he wanted no part of it
    It was sad that he had to depart
    I wish I could go back to the start
    I can see him now running around
    A better place now he has found
    Until we meet again one day
    You still are the number one stray

  • godchild 27w

    Not all wild animals are trustworthy.
    Some are born to be pet ,
    Some beasts are born Harsh bydefault ..


  • s_r_e_e_h_a_r_i_r_m_a_r_a_r 29w


    Pets taught us a wonderful thing that ,

    language plays no role in this small world


  • miss_silentlyweird 31w

    Source ��: Pinterest
    #Pet #bff

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    One of the most genuine love
    you can get is from little creature called ”Pet”


  • porcupine 37w

    Best Friend (r.i.p.)

    A wonderful pet
    And an even
    Better friend
    Wherever you are now
    My love I send
    Me thinking of you
    Will never ever end

  • priyagraga 40w

    Pavithra.....! Pavithra! Come here! See this cute puppies. Pavithra! The little girl ran into her house calling the name with a great tone. Within minutes she returned with the other girl whom she called a moment ago in excitement. Pavithra, see this cute puppies. I told you right? That the stray dog has given birth to this four puppies yesterday night. I even heard the sound of its scream, but you never believed me. But the other girl seemed to be annoyed by the little girl's act. I told you humpteen times to call me as "Akka", I'm elder to you Vaishu, and 'I don't care about these dogs', bawled the elder. She again warned her little sister not to bring any of those puppies home. The little girl stood there with devastated look seeing the puppies. She spent her whole day roaming to her house and the place where the puppies are living in. Next day the little girl woke up quickly. Her enthusiastic eyes looked pale as though she did not slept well the last night. Vaishu, Stop! Brush up first! have some coffee then I'll let you go! Screamed her mother behind her. But the little girl doesn't seem convinced. She run fast towards the puppies. The mother dog was not there so she moved closer and caressed all the puppies. They didn't opened their eyes yet. The girl was happy to see them again. Then she went back home.
    In that evening Vaishu asked her mother's permission to have a dog as pet. But her mother spurned that idea. The little girl's eyes misted over hearing her mom's words.

    Will the little girl Vaishu bring puppies home? Who is bhairav?
    To be continued....
    Follow up for next chapters...
    Stay happy! Stay calm!

    #stories #pet #life #inspiration #love

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    Bhairav-The Dog (Chapter 1)


  • kashish__gupta 40w

    #dog#lover# doglover#pet#animals#don't hurt animals they have also#mind, #feeling .........
    #Respect them#######
    I love dogs ����

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    Love every dogs

    I sure....☺️
    It will never leave you alone.....
    will always be there where you needs somebody's help....

  • arya_ballal 40w

    You're like a song,
    A song playing with my melodies,
    Changing with every bit of my felonies,
    Hope you would stay strong,
    Because darling,
    Without you I would have to live my unsung life without any remedies,
    Our memories,
    Will still be engraved in my heart,
    If this is what loosing a pet feels like,
    I wouldn't have made you my lyrical song from the start,
    Rest in peace sweetheart.......

    Pic credits-pinterest

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    If you're my song,
    I will play you on and on and on


  • porcupine 40w

    My pretty pet rat

    A small animal
    Big personality
    A very long tail
    And sharp teeth

    Pretty red eyes
    Soft white fur
    The pinkest nose
    I really miss her

  • kamrie872 45w

    Love in the dark
    Is a cat sleeping next to me

  • victoriaibukun 45w

    Last month was a very chaotic day, the birds were dying again after a few days of relieve, the production had dropped so we gave them boosters, a few days ago their water supply got spoiled and they couldn't drink water for some hours, the chicken house was also dirty and we were not sure if the workers were stealing the eggs and killing them. After a few days of watching, the death continued at a rapid pace.

    We immediately called the doctor panicked that whatever was wrong would kill them all. The doctor came around to watch and suggested we started with cleaning before giving them anti bacteria. He also said they should not be given vitamin, this is the longest they stayed without vitamin so I was afraid they would continue to die.

    Thankfully they didn't but started after two weeks, so I called the doctor again, the hope I had reduced to nothing when he said to give them nothing. I panicked and began with my usual dose of vitamin without the doctor's knowledge and just as I had dreamed, the death stopped.

    Just like how they said the Fulani always mourned their pet, I mourned each of my pet.

    -My blog

    #non fiction

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    Right or wrong

    Passion sometimes over ride reason.