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    I begged Mr.Earthquake to spare us,
    He was enraged for it was time for him to deal destruction in mass.
    ''Don't you care for the spooked mortals?'',I pleaded,
    ''You tenants have been dismaying and had our guardian weeded''.
    I failing to make the truth anthitecal went for my aid,
    The turmoil created was indecisive as safety seemed to fade.
    The ground seemed to act like a bygone started engine,
    Mr.Earthquake rattled the windows and cracked concrete walls,
    He flinged into roads and outbalanced cars, also interrupting the grooving of falls.
    He rested for a mo and charged on like a sane,
    Breaking the tick of relief of the trepidating men again.
    He rattled the hell out of scapegoats for hurting his mum,
    He got fierce lest the efforts of people to stop him like a hoodlum.
    He uprooted people's smiles as they had done to the trees,
    He howled,''Feel my wrath midgets for misusing your lease''.
    The aftermath was inconceivable as foreseen,
    The domiciles of the imperious anthropoids were demolished,
    Their appearance compared to ramshackle houses was undistinguished.
    The result seen couldn't have gone to nature's plate,
    It was the cause of the earthlings carelessness' fate.
    The benefits they thought were making,to gaia was malice,
    The message deliver by Mr.Earthquake was thus to live,one needs to make gaia satisfice
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  • poukii 2w

    Myself, " The Flood".

    Monsoons started slowly by May-June.
    People glorified the rains in the beginning as it gave them a relief to the scorching sun.
    The dams,which had dried up,were starting to fill with water.
    Crops started to grow properly.
    Dehydration and skin diseases of people started to reduce.
    But, when rains started to become heavy by the beginning of July, people started to get threatened.
    And so, I started suddenly by the onset of August.
    Dams were overflowing with water,
    Water from dams reached houses upto 10 Km.
    Water level rosed upto 1st floor of houses.
    Crops were completely immersed in me and damaged.
    Pets and cattle fell dead due to my heavy flow.
    Furniture and equipments in home flowed away under my force.
    Vehicles were moving here and there.
    I made the small boats to occupy the roads.
    People moved to safe places in those small boats.
    Fishermen with their big boats were actively involved in rescuing people during my arrival.
    People who asked for help by showing hands in terrace, were rescued by the forces using helicopter.
    Necessary food,goods and medicines were delivered in relief camps using helicopter.
    People stayed in those camps for months.
    Those who returned home after my destructions, were struggling with depression for long time.

    All these things had broken my heart too.
    As I was not able to resist myself from forming due to heavy rains. I didn't had any other options.
    With all my heart and soul I want to apologise to people.
    I am happy that everyone irrespective of their caste, religion, gender united to help each other.It showed the power of humanity.I brought major transformation in the life of many . People learnt very important lessons in life for I was the darkness, that came into their life before light.

    I was described as "The biggest flood" that came after 3 decades.

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    FEBRUARY, 4, 2000.

    And if I could be let to say my mind. To testify on her very behalf, I would do so gladly. Putting all my might in it.

    February, 4, 2000, her uncle came. He said he misses her. He says to her he wants to make up for his sins.

    'Can we go back, to what we once were. Lovers beyond the heavens. The sky weren't our limits. Sliest dare not mention our names. We were untouchable. gods!' He chuckles and keeps on advancing towards her.

    She, in fright kept moving back trembling. Why won't he just die? I am sure that's what she thought. She reached the wall. Fear was written all over her face. I guess she tried to run to the next room but he stopped her with his filthy hands and touched her face sensually to her lips.

    'Oh my dear. Say something will you. You know I get furious when you don't talk. You of all people know me and that'. He said. Stupid and shameless he. I would be sure to get him if it were up to me. I swear on my baked-clay head. Really.

  • arya_ballal 5w

    Stones of your wrecked silhouette built up to form my walls;
    Greens of your heathered aura covered up into my backyard;
    Rivers of our memories flooding into time just like air fills up my halls;
    Let me lead you to my attic of darkness like a solemn night on a boulevard;

    The stairs of mahogany tinted in brown;
    Just like the brown porch, your voices murmur in my ears, hoarse;
    I sometimes see familiar faces behind the forest at dawn;
    My hallucinations occluding my sight like misty wind through the doors;

    But these hallucinations mean nothing to me;
    When you've been the best dream I ever had in my sleep.......

    I could not participate in the writing contest in the creative arena as its paid apparently (idk, I might be wrong). So I just decided to do it on my own as I really liked the idea of personification of house. Thank you @mirakee for always giving us creative ideas to expand our skills!!

    @writersnetwork @_create_23
    Image credits-pinterest

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  • distilled_thoughts 6w

    Silent Thoughts of a House

    I envelope my family
    From their foot to toe,
    As they eat, sleep,
    As they weep and rejoice,
    I am always there - a witness.

    Mostly I'm silent,
    My words rarely produce noise,
    They appear as cracks,
    As I sigh, ruminating,
    As I stretch between seasons.

    When I'm a decade old,
    Sometimes sooner too,
    My joints creak,
    My skin peel off,
    I need some care.

    Even if left untended,
    I stand tall,
    Exhibiting my scars,
    My wrinkled, peeling skin,
    Still shield my family, day and night.

    I hear their whispers,
    I see their secrets,
    I know their fears, their worries,
    I know their deepest desires,
    I'm a witness to all they feel, their real self.

    I'm just a witness,
    I hold my silence,
    As they whisper their wishes,
    As they mutter in frustration,
    As they whimper in fear in the middle of the night.

    I remain a witness,
    Silently observing,
    As they celebrate,
    Jublient and happy,
    I see their wishes that came true
    Just like I see everything else.

    They wear no masks,
    Not like they have to before the world,
    I always see their naked face,
    Reflecting their souls,
    No paint, no hiding, no falsehood.

    Sometimes I do wonder,
    Why should I hold this family?
    Why not any other?
    Will others too live like them?
    What makes these people my own?

    But before I complete,
    Before the questions end,
    I know this is my family,
    Mine own to shelter
    And I am their home.


  • _writer_at_heart_ 6w

    The free bird

    Every species is unique in its own form.
    As a human, i would love to learn from bird's spirit.
    The spirit of being independent and using one's power to fly,
    utilizing its life to its fullest, no matter how tough would be the storms...!!

  • dukesam 6w

    My Moon

    I am but a moon
    Others i need to shine
    Sometimes dark
    Sometimes bright

    I am but a moon
    A spectacle to behold
    Not so important
    That you can live without

    I am but a moon
    When i am new i am empty
    In crescent i am not enough
    Taking my time to be whole

    I am but a moon
    In my season you gaze
    Coz the full moon is life
    And my life is just a phase


  • hoorbanu98 8w

    My family wish with Doreamon Gadgets

    If I were a Doreamon
    I'll order my mom's favourite food items through
    "Combet table cloth"

    If I were a Doreamon
    I'll take a fly with my dad and he don't need much time for drive through "Bamboocopter"

    If I were a Doreamon
    I'll do a very hectic task of my sisters dress of love fashion through "Dress up camera" within a fraction of seconds

    If I were a Doreamon
    I'll win against my brothers fight through "small light"

    If I were a Doreamon
    I'll go back to my school days through "Anywhere door" as it takes anywhere and my dream destiny

    If I were a Doreamon
    I'll shower abundant blessings to my dear niece and her fabulous drawing art into real life versions through "3D printer"

    If I were a Doreamon
    I'll tease my idiotic friend during exams through "Memory bread"

    If I were a Doreamon
    I'll be with my success carrer goals through "Jelly translator"

  • kingdom_servant 9w

    If I was a bird

    If I was a bird... I'd be
    Living my literal dream.
    Flying with grace, being
    Sure to embrace every
    Trace, of each place I am
    blessed to have seen.
    I believe I know what its
    Like to take flight, I can
    Feel as I write, I remember
    Each night, I could fly in
    My dreams. I have them
    Often, sometimes I had
    To climb way up high &
    Jump off, other times Id
    Need a running start, but
    Every time I'm aloft, the
    Experience sets me apart.
    I See everything from on
    High overwhelmed with
    Such joy that I cry. There
    Is but one thing more freeing, that being the Father's eternal Love,
    That could give the core
    Of my being, a feeling more serene, soring free limitless,
    I reach for the highest extreme.

    A sight of beauty no
    Eyes have seen,
    no greater feeling,
    no sweeter sound
    ever heard.
    even to get just one day
    of living, would be worth
    It to me if only I could
    Be a bird!

  • kavi_rani7 9w

    Fake world

    When you show love towards others
    nothing will remain except pain

  • zeee_zephyrs 9w

    Februa- Latin word meaning to cleanse.

    @fromwitchpen Thank you for always encouraging.♡
    @inked_selenophile Thank you for all the love.♡

    #personify #zeee_ka_feb #zeeCollection #zeee_fav
    Thank you so much WN(5)❤ #WNrepost_Z

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    If I were February

    If I were February
    I would februa
    the brume of winter
    And knock on the windows
    Of the residence of spring
    To make it wake.

    If I were February
    I would amass
    the spring scents
    To leave them near the daffodils
    And make them savvy
    of the spring's advent.

    And if I were February
    I would wait
    For the fourteenth day,
    And would propose
    The spring
    To be my valentine.

  • collective_world 9w

    If I were you
    I would have tried to talk once
    I would have tried my best to be with my love
    If I were you
    I won't have given up so easily
    I would have tried to find the chaos behind that silence
    I would have tried my best to solve this puzzle
    But only if I were you

  • j_sathyan 9w

    This crazy,Stupid Thing called, Love

    Lazy mornings, and those
    Crazy evenings
    Funny jokes and my
    Stupid, stupid mistakes
    Petty fights and our
    Instant makeups
    Thrilling adventures and
    those chilling hideouts
    Our unplanned journeys and those
    Blissful moments
    Weekend dinners and our
    Karaoke nights
    Happy moments and those precious precious memories

    Selfish goals and change of plans
    Change of hearts and empty pockets
    Aimless ventures and those scary falls
    Shameful outbreaks and
    This desperate struggle.

    Stupid arguments and teary endings
    Hard choices and even harder decisions
    Hurtful words and hateful life.
    Sudden good byes and sadder truths
    Booze, bruises and broken hearts
    You,me and this crazy thing called love


  • seenuinfent 9w


    A A

    dream dream
    that that
    make never let
    someone you
    smile. sleep.
    A dream that makes you cry.
    A dream which keeps you alive.
    A dream where you fight hard. You may not achieve it but still try hard.
    I wish to be that dream where I no longer be a dream but destiny of someone.
    A dream that changes you. Whenever you think of this you would never be idle because this dream would throttle your mind and spirit.
    Yes if I were a dream, then I wished to be a dream of destiny.

  • ladybardquaint_ 9w


    If I were a flower
    A sign of beauty
    A symbol of grace
    Unaware of my charm
    I'd dress in pure natural innocence
    For a dance with the amorous wind
    As the leaves tremble
    And the trees bow thy heads
    To the music of the ground.

    If I were a flower
    Ignorant of my enchanting scent
    For I'll be short lived
    Silently I'd bloom
    Full of splendor and beauty
    Making the garden a place of delight
    I'd give fragrance to every hand that crashes me
    In silence i fade away
    Enshrining their hearts between my petals

    If I were a flower
    A soul blossoming in nature
    Not delicate and sweet
    But wild, rich and exotic
    The stem’s cry of beauty to the universe
    I'd find my place in the chaos
    Springing in the most unlikely places
    In the middle of nowhere
    For an embrace of only the seeking eye

  • tikilove 9w

    If I were a flower

    A Lily, a poppy,
    Or a sunflower...
    Would you devour me with envy,
    Water me, take care of me relentlessly,
    Or simply pick me up from the ground and place me in a pot, an empty bottle or a vase until I would slowly fade?


  • the_speccy_outsider 9w

    If I were a tree. A tree that signified promises of perfection. Bearing the fruits of idealism and the buds of purity. What if this universe had thousands of perfect trees with apt arborescent qualities. There'd be no broken bulbs contaminating the sacred environment.

    During the days of yore, trees were worshipped as a symbol of virtue. Although, it is a bit subfusc now. As the definition of perfection has taken a drastic change.

    For quite a while, not showing one's weakness, being blasphemous, being obnoxious, speaking ill, bullying, indulging in partisanship and chauvinism, formed the core rainbow of discrepant perfection, as poems for the same were proudly recited.

    Etching a deep wound on those who were outcasts, like those trees that were unable to bear fruits or flowers, being left forlorn for eternity. Snatching away the strings of their heartbeat.

    But the fertilization of trees is different these days. As they don't boast of its fruits possessing the same definition of perfection. The days are different now. It is being comprehended that it isn't necessarily a virtue to be crowned with perfection as it is nothing but an overrated myth.

    Hence, a farm or a garden that has imperfect trees or plants is considered vogue. Expressing weaknesses and exposing flaws is considered as audacity. And the same shall prevail.

    //Imperfection is the invisible trance with echos of obscured cacophony//


    #personify #trance #obscure #invisible #universe #oldschooltravel #echo #perfectionc #subfuscc #rainbowc #bulbc #rememberc #bingoc

    Picture Credits: To the rightful owner.

    P.S. @writersnetwork Thank you so very much for the eighth repost! ��

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    I remember being Vulnerable
    I remember having Anxiety
    I remember frequently embarrassing myself
    I remember dealing with multiple failures
    I remember still being a brave Imperfectionist

  • drew650 11w

    On the Edge


    Overflowing rage
    Absolutely livid
    Words are your stage
    And the expressions are vivid
    Care no longer fills the page
    Consequences become rigid
    Anger dwells
    When unleashed, summons hell


  • drew650 66w

    Cosmic Intervention

    Why am I so fascinated with the Galaxy?
    With the night sky?

    Laying under the stars, I can make out every planet.
    Losing myself, getting away from this perfectly normal dystopia. My soul balances with the universe, into the cosmos, branching out of orbit. My mind and heart become involved in quantum entanglement. I can't explain. Its like I belong up there in the skies.. home is calling me, longing for an abrupt arrival. This intervention of mine takes away negative thoughts and pessimistic outlooks I have, bringing forth this inner peace I don't think I can share with anyone. How I wish to steal a star, or refuge on a desolate unforgivingly lonely planet. My mind wanders all the time in the darkest times, so I look up to the lit sky for guidance. Forever fascinated, misguided, and intrigued.