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  • the_speccy_outsider 10w

    If I were a tree. A tree that signified promises of perfection. Bearing the fruits of idealism and the buds of purity. What if this universe had thousands of perfect trees with apt arborescent qualities. There'd be no broken bulbs contaminating the sacred environment.

    During the days of yore, trees were worshipped as a symbol of virtue. Although, it is a bit subfusc now. As the definition of perfection has taken a drastic change.

    For quite a while, not showing one's weakness, being blasphemous, being obnoxious, speaking ill, bullying, indulging in partisanship and chauvinism, formed the core rainbow of discrepant perfection, as poems for the same were proudly recited.

    Etching a deep wound on those who were outcasts, like those trees that were unable to bear fruits or flowers, being left forlorn for eternity. Snatching away the strings of their heartbeat.

    But the fertilization of trees is different these days. As they don't boast of its fruits possessing the same definition of perfection. The days are different now. It is being comprehended that it isn't necessarily a virtue to be crowned with perfection as it is nothing but an overrated myth.

    Hence, a farm or a garden that has imperfect trees or plants is considered vogue. Expressing weaknesses and exposing flaws is considered as audacity. And the same shall prevail.

    //Imperfection is the invisible trance with echos of obscured cacophony//


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    I remember being Vulnerable
    I remember having Anxiety
    I remember frequently embarrassing myself
    I remember dealing with multiple failures
    I remember still being a brave Imperfectionist

  • lucent_muse 20w


    I don't want a perfect person, I want a person who makes being together perfect.

  • scribbler_bijal 20w

    #Life Lessons #44

    Satisfaction is a Continuous Tense. It can't be in Perfect Tense.

  • bonitasarahbabu 20w

    Following society's rules
    And living according to societal expectations
    This is perfection.
    This form of perfection is drilled,
    Drilled from birth
    And it is to be followed till death comes knocking.
    To be flawless and without defect,
    To be just as society deems you to be,
    This is perfection.
    I am imperfect,
    And I will choose to be so.

  • maanvi_bhagat 20w

    #perfectionc #onelinestories #onelinestory @writersbay

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    Her perfection didn't
    matter to him, because
    he knew that it was just
    the face she showed to
    cover her vulnerable side.

  • carrie09 20w

    #perfectionc @writersbay
    pic.credit to rightful owner

    Through passing times and growing years
    of life, perfection comes along. You had enough
    those bruises and tears .You walked on path of
    thorns that bled your heart and tasted the sun
    on top of the mountain that healed your soul .
    Broken life no longer fears your mind. From ashes you metaphorsised to a strong woman
    to perfection and maturity in life.Finally you
    learned the best way to the road of perfection is to accept the flaws and imperfections in yourself and others.

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    Finally you learn the road to
    perfection is to accept the flaws
    and imperfections in yourself
    and others.

  • monika1 20w

    'Found bottle with folded letter ,
    Decorated with pearls and glitter ,
    One message in capitals was written for everyone ,


  • unapologetic_grumpy 20w

    The proud posture,
    the polite words,
    the chivalrous smile,
    layers of mask to impress a stranger.
    And yet, you crave for intimacy
    beneath the disguise of a fake perfection.


  • pallavi4 20w


    I stand on the edge of the cliff
    Looking at the great big wide
    My eyes can barely see the horizon
    Where eagles are deemed to glide
    The sun in all its glory has
    Decided to say it’s goodbyes
    Pinks and oranges and little flecks
    Of gold light up the expansive skies
    I stand with my arms stretched out
    Breathing in the sweet smells that arise
    From the rose bushes growing nearby
    And together we watch the sun subside
    The birds chirp as they fly in flocks
    By the rules of nature they must abide
    The winds calm down and bow down to
    The emerging fireflies
    I stand watching the waters below the cliff
    The roars gradually lessen with the tide
    The peaceful water prepares itself
    For the advent of the night
    Little creatures of the dark emerge
    For now is their time
    To pillage and plunder as they please
    To slither around in the grime
    I stand watching the moon eager to emerge
    And rule over the stars and the night sky
    It is a wonder- nature’s rhythmic pattern
    Of the dark and the light
    I stand in awe as I do everyday
    Watching the stars as they begin to shine
    There is nothing I can compare the beauty
    Of dusk to, for it is perfection, it is sublime


    23rd of November, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner, “Wild Oak”

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  • love_whispererr 20w

    ᴘᴇʀꜰᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ : ɪꜱ ɪᴛ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴏʀ ᴅᴇꜱᴛʀᴜᴄᴛɪᴠᴇ ?

    Do you know what P E R F E C T I O N is ? Or you just want to wear that same expensive gown because your neighbours have it. "Perfection is impossible" "Perfection is a myth" "Why are you trying to be a perfectionist ?" you put these so-called quotes on your insta stories and at the same time you're chewing that same gum of "perfection". Unease, restlessness, anxiety, boredom are ensnaring your little mind yet you're running behind the theory of perfection.

    Darling, F A I L U R E is not the last stair, your life has. You totally forget to become a happy person who chooses peace before the turmoil of/and perfection. Your hard work leads you towards the ennui (can I say a disease !) of 'becoming success'. And you're chasing and chasing, running and running. Is that becoming your preoccupation ?

    P A S S I O N or O B S S E S S I O N ? I don't know which high-priced dictionary you're using ? But my ordinary dictionary doesn't tell me that they are same because your passion (controllable) is now becoming your obsession. You're defacing your physical as well as mental health. Do you think you're progressing and becoming a 'role model' for future generation. But I am sorry, you're becoming a BURDEN for our society.

    "I'm a perfect son" "I'll become a perfect daughter-in-law" "I'll be a perfect actor" what is this ? You just want to reach the destination with one step but the stairs are many and you have to ride them one by one. You can't fly and if you want to become that eagle then you'll fall for sure. And most importantly, you're jumping towards the top stair but at the same time you're not accepting the reality of 'becoming failed'.

    "How can I fail ?" "My hardwork, my labour, how can they fail?" And here you're going to hold the hand of suicide and alcohol etc. Hardwork, passion to become something, dedication are absolutely okay but if they're leading you towards self-punishment then it's not okay. "I can't be fail because I'm perfect" but you have to digest that failure and scribble a new story with those failed quills.

    "Wear the veil of perfection, not for destruction or self-punishment, but for the creation of a new and safe world where peace is important too."

    ©вι∂уα в.

    #perfectionc (changing my genre after a very long time)

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  • blankedout 20w


    Her curly hair where like waves of an ocean!
    Her smile as bright as a sun!
    Her cheeks as soft as cotton!
    But was this perfection?
    It was a mere comparison!
    And comparisons deprive us of originality.
    It is that one thing we can't fully imitate.
    It's our character that truly defines us.
    It defines originality,
    For it is indeed originality that defines perfection!

  • h_yuki 20w

    Be a perfect woman.
    Could be triggering. ❗

    Stand up straight.
    As we are going through your mistakes.
    Chin up high.
    Always smile even if it is a lie.

    Your too fat lose to size thirty-four.
    And don't cry no more.
    Don't speak unless spoken to.
    Take care of your chores even if you have the flu.

    Never color your hair it needs to be natural.
    But some plastic surgery is essential.
    Always eat healthy home cooked meal.
    And never discuss on how you feel.

    Always say thank you and sorry.
    And always dress yourself hoary.
    Brush and floss your teeth two times a day.
    And shower and shave everyday.

    Marry a man instead of a woman, be straight.
    And never stay up late.
    Wait with intimate actions after marriage.
    Never divorce even if he rapes your children and you need to hurt them so badly that they have a miscariage.

    Hide your bruises at all times.
    Never commit any crimes.
    Never refuse a request from your man.
    And be sure you have a little tan. .

    Never curse or use foul language.
    And don't forget to hide your age.
    Only die after you said goodbye to everyone.
    And make friends even if they are not real so you will never be alone.

    Be perfect
    Be defect

    Picture credit to the right full owner.
    #writersbay #perfectionc

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    Be A perfect woman.

    Kindly read caption
    Could be triggering❗

  • mrscline16 20w

    Perfectional Times

    On a stage with lights shining bright. I can not mess up when they shine the light. Looking up and looking ahead. I see an audience focused on my head. The outfit for the scene is remarkable as I play my part. That anxious feeling of making sure I do not fall.

    At the indoor pool with my goggles, swimmers cap, and towel. Dare not a strand stick out now. Dare not have anything on my suit as I walk towards the diving board. My goggles and cap are on while I begin to climb up. Better make sure I prove I'm not scum. I better make it to the top. Taking a deep breath in and making sure I hit every step. Slightly bouncing on the board to get my weight on balance. As I jump up high off the board, here is my chance. I better not make a big splash.

    In a room with the cameras on. Make up out and hair is well done. Make sure everything is in place before I hit record. Can not make any mistakes while addressing the world.

    On my phone or paper with my fingers ready for every word. My imagination takes off but be careful to include big words. Dare not mispronounce or misspell or else the critics come out to play. Come to say they are helping you be better at what you love to do. Everything has to be just right no matter the occasion or work. If only we weren't built around a perfectional fork..

  • pnair87 20w

    On the drive towards epitome
    Relinquished are the bliss of life
    Race or Crawl
    Life is as it’s designed


  • writersbay 20w

    What is perfection? Define the ideology in a poem or a prose.

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  • thelunareclipse 28w

    In this world of illusory perfections,
    I'm trying to accept my little insecurities,
    Surrounded by self-centered ,
    Insensitive people.
    I'm giving my best to overcome my Imperfections,
    This lack of self-esteem always pushes me Lower then really I am,
    Always full with doubts about myself:
    How valuable really am I?
    Am I worthy enough?
    Do I deserve better or worse then it's Happening to me?
    For I'm just an unessential,nonideal
    Human being.