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  • barbietocatwoman 4d

    "Nobody is perfect. We must stop expecting perfection from ourselves and others."

    I'm sorry.

    Have you met me?

    I am the child turned adult before the age of three. Raised children that weren't my own. Baby-sat the convalescent and ran errands for people who weren't my mom.

    I used to volunteer for extracurricular activities that weren't even fun. My parents sold me out to every man in the hopes I'd be gone. I refused to leave though. I guess that's why they died and left me alone.

    Let me tell you where it landed me.

    Homeless. Jobless. Utterly broke.

    I couldn't pay rent. Landlord accused me of killing my own parents. As if!

    And when every relative got sick of giving me a place to lay my head, a destitute me found my way to the streets instead.

    That didn't end well. I have the std's as proof from a hospital bill I haven't finished paying.

    I live in an abandoned building. I barely get any sleep. I'm too busy flipping out, trying to figure out the source of every pin drop and incessant leak.

    I fear the footfalls most. It denotes another brute ever present to take possession of my body. The only thing I have left and it isn't even mine anymore.

    The last one was kind enough to offer drugs in exchange. Said it'll "numb me out". Whatever that means. I haven't had a decent meal in a weak.

    Think I should take him up on it?

    The perfectionist ideal is a farce you see...


  • vanishka 2w


    My soul is tearing apart
    Your memories reside still in heart

    Recollecting the moments still warm
    My feelings are crushed in a thunderstorm

    Heart is bleeding, healing the stitches
    You left in peace,left me in pieces

    My mind trembled and body shook
    I am alone with a half written book

    It feels like giving up in despair
    Coz once a dream, now a nightmare

    Wondering was it all my mistake
    All your true promises were fake

    The untold reasons of million fights
    It's hard to breathe but that's alright!

  • swarna_manikandan 2w

    Be You

    Life - is not perfect and so why should I ??
    Perfectly imperfect is the new Perfection.


  • poetry_fromheart 2w


    You may not be perfect
    but then who needs perfection if he has you..
    You may be a little annoying
    but then your sweet voice makes everything flew..
    You may get upset with me
    but then I love to cheer you..
    You may convince me to forget
    but then you're my happiness in pursuit..
    You may not talk to me for months
    but then your one "Hi" makes me renew..
    You may get worried about future
    but then I'll be always there for you..
    You may get worried about gaining weight
    but then who cares until you have that smile to put to..
    You may not be perfect
    but then who needs perfection if he has you.

    © poetry_from.heart

  • krwriteup 3w

    One wish

    Am I perfect for this world? I questioned myself
    I am looking around to see where I can fit in and see if there is more to achieve.
    The word perfect is nothing like it sounds,
    It's cut out of imperfection.
    The thoughts and desire I have to be my best self are no longer getting into place.
    Just like any other person who thinks that something is difficult to get comes out with flying colors.
    I cannot think much longer what I elected for myself, I stopped and let destiny decide what it brings back to me.
    But I was wrong there is nothing like destiny or maybe it's just an illusion of our thoughts.
    We often let ourselves with nothing, it's like an empty vessel but it does not make any sound, it's not that we don't want to get into a better place but when we don't see the light in the darkness we always get lost.
    We may lose something at every point of our lives but also gets equally rewarded for it when the right time comes.
    I always let the failure to be the way for success.
    I tried to convince myself that everything will be alright but as of now
    I feel lost
    I wish I could find myself
    I wish I could let my thoughts bring me back to a better place
    I wish I no longer feel insecure about anything
    I wish I don't doubt my abilities
    I wish I could just be happy and independent
    I wish.....


  • bhavana_29 3w

    I see her every day,
    But today, there is something special about her,
    Something I haven't seen before.
    The glow on her face,
    The twinkle in her eye
    The glitter on her cheek
    The secret in her smile
    And as I sit here, right in front of her
    I can't take my eyes of her,
    Her perfection has stunned my thoughts,
    Looking at her makes my heart thunder,
    Her sparkling glance makes my breaths shorten.
    Every time we meet,
    I feel as if we are meeting for the first time,
    Butterflies swarm in my stomach,
    Oh! The first look,
    Where she is standing by the reception,
    Noticing me - noticing her,
    And then she smiles and my world stops.
    There's so much around me to look at,
    But all I can see is her,
    The way she smiles,
    The way she laughs,
    The face that she would make,
    When she watches something emotional.
    Flashing through her glasses,
    Her soft tear would fall on her cheek,
    I gently wipe her tears off,
    And her cheeks go red, she blushes.
    I smile.
    Sometimes I really wonder,
    Did I stand a chance to persuade her on my own?
    What would have happened if she didn't make the first move?
    Maybe destiny does exist.
    It does for me.

  • sonu99 3w

    #cg_city_chall,#ceesreposts, #conceptprompt,@luvnotes_challenge_host, #phraseprompt, #challenge, #mirakee, #writersnetwork, #ecotopia, #city, #utopia,#paradise, #dystopia,#imagination, #fantasy, #virtues, #dream, #fiction, #horizon, #illusion, #moment, #perfection, #birth, #heaven, #pacifism, @mirakee,@mirakeeworld,@writersnetwork,@writerstolli,@galvanizedthoughts
    The city we never were
    Like that of the Garden of Eden,the paradise was rare.
    The city of our imagination,
    The dream place of idealisation.

    The city we never were,
    Is in the present moment or nowhere.
    That's our mind's utopian vision,
    "Ou-topos",only a fictional destination.

    The city we never were,
    Is the illusion of a utopian city that we desire.
    The city with perfection,
    May we find that far away near the horizon.

    The city we never were,
    May be existing blurred somewhere.
    There can be the birth of future city of ecotopia,
    With idea of rehabilitation,pacifism,virtue and legitimisation of existence renew.

    The city we never were,
    At present can be unreal and blur.
    But our heavenly city of utopia,
    Will born as ecotopic city or else our fantasy will catastrophise into dystopia.

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    "ou-topos"is a Greek word meaning nowhere or no place.

  • lucky2709 5w

    Continuous Improvement is Better than Delayed Perfection....

  • wordsofsh 5w

    And then they started to seek perfection in a world where everyone is busy finding faults

  • raghavrawatar 6w

    The Last

    Live it !!! as if it's your Last.....
    Smile !!! as if it's the Last......
    Spend it !!! as if it's the Last.....
    Say it !!! as if it's the Last.......
    Last comes with the perfection
    First may or may not be.
    You do the best when you
    Know it's The last
    That's the beauty of the The Last
    Assuming it to be the Last.


  • jayanthdeshmukh 6w


    Those walks
    Walks where we spoke endlessly
    Walks where we roamed listlessly
    Walks where we held hands under the streetlights
    Walks where we were surrounded by silence and bright lights
    I stop and stand in stupor
    When I look at you at night
    I see things that miss other’s sight
    Looking at you, I only feel affection
    For you are nature’s imperfect perfection


  • jpwriter 7w

    To know Perfection
    Is to know Yourself
    It's your own Reflection
    And No One Else


  • pranalishah 7w

    - Alchemy of Everything -

    There’s no alchemy of perfection
    It’s only that of perception
    which makes everything
    seem just about right —
    Right time, right space, right place,
    And even more so, the right person...


  • scribblingsolace 8w


    My lashes touched the waterline as I went back to the nights
    I'd drifted to dream after mum told a fairytale
    Weird how the peerlessly perfect princesses became the reason
    My face today, looked so anguished and pale
    Daddy still does call me his princess,
    Brave, valiant and never the one to cry
    But deep down, my shattered heart still does wonder
    If it is all but a painful lie.
    How is it that in this world so imperfect
    People still tend to define what it is to be 'perfect'
    Why does every judgement begin with my countenance?
    Why do they always overlook my conscience?
    High cheekbones, hourglass structure, tanned complexion
    But who let these features define perfection?
    And I let them judge me
    And I let them change me
    A part of me still does crave to have it all
    But innit true then they'd change high to hollow, tanned to coloured
    And legs bigger than the city
    Would but ofcourse make me too tall to be pretty!
    You see I question an awful lot
    A kvetch failing to see as to why I should not
    I know I'll keep on asking, though seldom directly
    Will wait for time to pass, count each hour patiently
    Till when they finally let me be
    And love me for me
    With my flaws, for my flaws.


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  • tonyrad 8w

    If expect perfect moment to do things,
    You'll never get it done...

  • mrspectacular 9w


    Everything looks perfect than the usual migrainous atmosphere Hilary is used to. He walks through the street naked unknown. Something feels rather off. It is meant to be a Monday, he expects that his boss would calling his phone now wondering where he is and why he is taking so long to get to the office but that is not happening. Confused and distraught, he yearns for someone to explain what is going on but they will not even approach him but only stare at him with a mixture of disgust and pity.

    After walking aimlessly for close to fifteen minutes, he comes upon a young lady,Miriana who looks like she is in her late 20s standing by the door of a building that looked rather too sophisticated unlike the others he had come by which look rather ancient structured. He wonders why hers was quite different from the other houses he had come across behind him but he sure did like what he was seeing. Both the lady and her building seemed to fascinate him. He prays within him that someway she would not be like the others he had met before.

    To his greatest surprise, she beckons at him frantically seeing that he is naked, waving her hands in the air to attract him to her, seeing that he is naked so she could help him with something to cover up himself and probably ascertain the reason for his demeanor as he does not have the look of a lunatic. Drawing closer to her, he can help himself as he smiles so heartily having been beckoned by the girl of his dream. Taking him into the house, a well furnished edifice with everything one could ask for, six air-conditioning units, four sitting rooms, two dinning rooms and one very large bedroom, he is astonished as to how this young lady could have come about this wonderful space.
    Asked to sit while she goes to get something for him to wear, he takes his seat however wondering why exactly he would need something else to wear as he is not aware he is naked. Seated comfortably, he can not stop admiring the sophistication of the house. Fascinated by a miniature sculpture he sees resting on one of the cupboards in the house, he moves over to admire it some more. Lost in the details of perfection he finds in the sculpture, he does not realize when Miriana re-enters the room.
    'You must love art?'
    Startled, he drops the sculpture to the ground, shattering it instantly.
    'I am sorry.... I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry. Please I did not mean to do that', he apologizes frantically while trying to pick the pieces back up and put them together again in order not to get Mariana any angrier than he wrongly perceives she already is.
    Mariana looks at him and smiles at how scared at how scared she is, she has never seen a man that courteous and scared in her entire life.
    'C'mon...It is okay', she says. 'I know you did not mean it. I will remake it. I have been looking for something to do actually. This would be a good opportunity'
    'You mean you sculpted all these?' he asks shocked. 'I am mindblown to say the least'
    'Thank you my goodman', she says with an accent as she genuflects.
    'You're welcome milady', Hilary bows with a smile on his face.
    'Alright. Here are some clothes', Miriana says as she hands him the clothes to go put on. 'Please go put them on.'
    'But I already have my clothes on. Can't you see?', he argues taking a 360° turn for her to see the clothes he has on.
    Unwilling to pursue any further argument, she quickly leads him to the dresser in the bedroom to prove to him that he is naked.
    Standing before the mirror, he is shocked to see he is really naked with his penis erect. Embarrassed, he quickly snatches the clothes from Miriana. 'You mean I've been walking for the past one hour naked?', he questioned rhetorically. 'Why didn't anyone of those other people that saw me say something.'
    'They probably thought you were mad or they just really liked what they were seeing', she says giving her lower lip a gentle bite.
    'I've never been so embarrassed in my entire life', Hillary remarks jamming his head against the wall repeatedly. 'I feel so stupid'.
    'Calm down, my dear', Miriana says as she puts her right hand on his shoulder. 'That is how I felt when I first got here but eventually you get used to it.'
    'What do you mean when you first got here?', he questions almost vexed imagining Miriana is mocking him.
    Pulling him along, she leads to one of the sitting rooms so they could sit comfortably and discuss what is happening to them both.
    'Please take a seat', Miriana courteously asks and when Hillary does, she continues. 'I've been here for three weeks altogether...'
    'What????', Hilary screams. 'You mean there is no escape from this hellish nightmare?'
    'Relax...' Miriana pacifies. 'I did not say three weeks stretch. It happens once in a while. You dream about a perfect world and you are brought to this place for a week and after a week in the regular world calendar you are returned to reality so once it is 12:01am here, you will be returned back to the real time which would have been a week already there.'
    'I will be asleep for a week in the real world?', Hilary asks with a rather devious smile
    'Exactly...', Miriana remarks. 'Crazy right?'
    'No.... Awesome' Hillary objects. 'I work too hard. I deserve this break'. He looked around the building wondering what exactly he would do with the one week break he has been given by whatever it was that was going on right then. 'So tell me. What do you guys do for fun here?'
    'My dear, this is a place of limitless possibility. There is practically nothing impossible here. Do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want it. Just enjoy yourself. Treat yourself to a fun time.'
    Hillary leaves Miriana to go treat himself to a fun time with this new world. He goes into a bank and demand for fifty billion pounds and on the spot, the money is issued to him, no questions asked. He buys a fleet of cars, builds a very massive mansion, a fully automated, expensively furnished house equipped with every electronic gadget and appliances that could make life feel like heaven.
    He is so pleased with himself but unknown to him, the week at the reality side of life is about to end so he would be returning home soon. Now he could not imagine what a perfect life would be like but he is living it. Taking a whiff of the cigarette he has bought on the grounds that cancer of the lungs nor kidney has any power over him here, he puffs into the air so happily. After about seven large sticks of cigarettes, he falls asleep which wakes him up to real world where he is surrounded by his wife and kids alongside some doctors who were actually battling to save his life imagining he had gone into some sort of comatose.
    Confused, he questions, 'What's going on here?'


  • subhashinii 9w

    Am I perfect?

    If I have a fair colour,
    Or if I have thick and long hair,
    They think... then I would look beautiful.
    Oh let it go
    With big lips and yellowish eyes
    Can I still look adorable?
    May be
    I don't have long nails,
    And my hands still look good
    I neither wore high heels nor any jewellery
    Because I think they can't give me comfort I want,
    So am I perfect?
    If physical appearance makes a person perfect,
    Then of course no

  • yours_fortune 10w

    I can't deal with such perfect people
    Sorry, hope to never see you again
    #perfectpeople #imperfect #perfection #imperfection #reality #fake #peoplearoundme #hope #neverseeyou #lifeinaline #onelinear

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    I didn't think twice,

    And I deleted all the perfect people from my life.


  • lovely_rachana 10w

    Kicking perfection

    A word which lures masses
    A feeling whose thought soothes
    Which not even hardwork overpasses
    Starving for which is destiny of youths

    A lie that seems to be achievable
    Seems to grab the passion
    Something that's not deniable
    The dense thought of which is a fashion

    Crushing it in reality
    Brings life to uniqueness
    And attracts feeling of novelty
    Helps new heights of success

    Proceeding further to curb the past
    Soothing the feeling of wrongful act
    We need to kick perfection at last
    To see newness and in everything and react

  • heyoka_warrior 167w


    It's a tendency to take control of something or someone when you don't get your way.
    You're turned off when expectations aren't met
    But there's no such thing as perfection
    And the world doesn't revolve around you.
    Rather than trying to control situations, people or things,
    Why not get a hold of yourself?
    Then you could be an example.
    The work is in you.