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  • mamrita98 124w


    For some it's a long drive, with lots of quality time and stories, ones that can bring one step closer to each other,help them in knowing each other, for some it's a nice candle light dinner with proper romantic music,decorations of flowers and fairy lights just like a proper fancy date, for some it should be a movie date where they can get a moment of holding hands,where two people don't feel awkward silences as something would be continued on the screen but for me no matter how it happens,whether it's a movie date or a fancy candle light dinner, whether it's a long drive with soft music and rain droplets on window of car or a long walk in late evening, the only thing required is that feel, which doesn't come with others, that feeling of warmth,protection,care and love with him which cannot be experienced with others, where it feels like the time should stop right at this moment, the feeling that can be felt and experienced again each and every time when you reminisce that moment via closing your eyes, that feeling is utmost required for a perfect date.

  • shivangissharma 140w

    She's wearing red dress
    His cheeks turns tinted red,
    So handsome and charm
    Grabbed her in his arms,
    Ran towards her like he's in rush
    And the love between them finally blush!!!

  • suchismita_ 144w

    Perfect date

    Sitting on the corner of sea beach having coffee in hands staring at each other's eye and discussing about each other's dilemmas will be the perfect date for that two lost souls.


  • saltwater_life 148w

    Just for now

    Gentle wind,
    Sun on skin.
    Lips of a rose,
    Above us yell the crows.

    He smiled, warm eyes and silky hair, as he cut the sandwich we would soon share. My heart seemed to stop, mind seemed to buzz.

    I knew I would never again would I feel this way. My love life was as broken as my childhood, my heart just a dead as the flowers that grow outside that old house.

    But he, this lovely dark haired boy beside me, made my soul feel lighter, the pressure locked behind a door. A door that will soon be kicked in my the demons that follow, but for now the lock is tight and my mind is free.

    Gentle wind,
    Sun on skin.
    Lips of a rose,
    Above us yell the crows.

  • akku_akshu 149w

    a perfect date would be if everything is getting wrong and we are enjoying it

  • thefreefirefly 149w

    Dream Date

    Verse 1:
    You, sitting next to me
    Sitting next to you
    Baby just the thought make me hardly breathe

    But it's in a good way
    Oh when you come my way
    You sparkle to me
    Like a sunshine ray

    You looking in my eyes
    And me looking away
    Now I'm a crazy idiot laughing to myself

    Oh I've been spending days
    Of dreaming of a day
    That I'm yet to wish will never end

    Chorus 1:
    Walking in the sand, holding hands
    Then watching a movie, together scream
    Strolling in the park, laughing loud
    Or staring at the moon that will be cool

    Don't you worry baby, I won't ask
    To eat in fine dining restaurant
    You and I is just enough
    To make the dream date I've been dreaming of

    Verse 2:
    Me staring at the chandeliers
    And you'll be noticing
    How the light glimmers in my eyes

    Run your hands through your hair
    That'll make me sing a song
    Saying it's to me that you belong

    Chorus 2:
    Watching how the clouds form hearts
    Then looking up the sky counting stars
    Dancing in the rain, going so insane
    Looking at each other's eyes falling in love

    Don't you worry baby, it's alright
    If you need to come home early tonight
    There is still tomorrow, is that right?
    Now it's time to kiss each other good night

    Oh we could just watch the fire burn
    Talk about the things we learned
    'Cause my dream date will be
    Anywhere you'll be with me


  • mytwocentsworth 149w

    My perfect Date

    I see my perfect date starting with just the right weather....not too sunny it makes me sweat.
    Not too cloudy with the threat of rain.
    Not too windy that I have to hold on to my veil and struggle to keep my dress from floating around me like an hot air balloon that is about to float to the skies.
    Just clear perfect skies....with an occasional breeze that makes me feel like a model in a commercial when it blows me seductively.

    2.Date Spot
    It has to be somewhere outdoors....I like open spaces,it makes me feel more relaxed as opposed to close confined spaces. I am down for a picnic any day.

    Our conversations will have to revolve around favourite movies, series, books, food, music, cartoons, Japanese Anime, junk food and desserts, places we have been to, people we have met on the way, Our dreams and aspirations, hopes about the future and family.

    Now this is when it starts to get serious....as a chow hound I eat almost anything,like almost anything (I have the waist line to prove it). So impressing me with food has to be his number goal, I will even let him pick the menu based on the conversation we just had, and if he is a good listener he is bound to make the right choices. And if he doesn't it is pretty much adios amigo from here.

    The last but probably not the least... the deal breaker of this date being the perfect date is going to depend on how well he compliments me. nothing too cheesy like how beautifully my face lit up like the sun when I walked towards him .or something too cliche like how my eyes shine like stars. Tell me something I don't even know about myself...like the way my lips is always stuck in a smile anytime am enjoying a good conversation. Or the way my eyes pass on my expression before my my mouth says a word. He can even mention how he likes the way I snort sometimes when I laugh too hard. The more embarrassing the compliment is the more I like it,it says he isn't shy of saying the truth because sometimes I need someone who will tell me I have boogers in my nose rather than try to play it down by saying how beautiful it makes my face pop.

    There are still more that can go on the list....but here are the top 5 things that makes up a perfect date to me.


  • mystery_writing 149w


    A date shouldn't be between
    Two people
    It should be between
    Two personalities

  • kossen 149w

    my perfect date
    would be exploring a new place
    getting lost together in a city
    and finding our way back when it's late

    we would get something hot to drink
    with a cold nose and blushing cheeks
    making fun of people passing by
    speaking without having to think

    the drive back would be quiet and peaceful
    because we know each other well

    we forget about these days
    more often than we can tell

  • thinkingdreamer 149w

    A perfect date would be a trip to a bookstore, follwed by a lovely dinner, accompanied with insightful, direct conversation with direct statements of how we feel about each other, capped off by a walk with a kind, intellectual, witty girl, who can challenge me, keep up with me, and can get the best out of me and vice-versa

  • sarah_21 149w

    Perfect date doesn't need fancy,
    It's about couple being together
    having a good conversation, sharing
    things, laughter, and the best part
    of it is they stay in love.


  • megbarad 149w

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    A perfect date would start with
    Thinking about him.
    Taking a plastic gift wrapper having hearts
    And cutting out the hearts
    Purchasing a beautiful watch for him
    And filling the watch box with hearts
    Purchasing several small greeting cards
    Write beautiful lines about your Valentine on cards
    Then, let me tell you how to pack
    The perfect Valentine gift
    Wrap the gift wrapper around box once
    Then stick a small greeting card on wrapper
    Next, wrap another gift wrapper
    And stick a small greeting card on wrapper
    Repeat this step several times
    So when he opens and sees the gift
    He would be surprised
    You and he would feel sweet
    At the ice-cream parlour
    Love blooms...

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  • abhishekkamble 149w

    A perfect date

    A mere wait can never be a date ,
    When wait intervenes a right time in life
    maybe then its called perfect

  • michael_grace 149w

    Perfect Date

    I can only sum it up as a moment of pure and perfect understanding, where we can suddenly finish each other's sentences and the laughter and caring that emerges in this near oneness. This is more intimate than any physical merging, and purely spiritual in nature.

    I should note this is the month of my silver anniversary, and we have had many such moments of finishing songs, jokes, and reflections of silence where we could say more with a gesture or facial expression than all the tomes of faith could say.

    "Abide as one ye must, in perfect love and perfect trust"
    The Wiccan Rede


  • fragmentedthoughts 149w

    Perfect date

    A long ride with him beside her
    Her holding him close as the wind brushes their face
    To a place far from the hawed eye people
    A place with spring where we have a long bath
    Night filled with wildness, we stargaze with me in his arm
    Not caring as the bonfire was put out
    Two bodies enough to warm each other...


  • thoughtfountain 149w


    The day I met you I knew something had shifted in my life.
    There was no stopping me and you.
    Gradually you set my world on fire.
    Now everytime we lock eyes I'm reminded that you are my person, my forever.


  • rightcalling 149w

    #EnjoyMoments #FridayFun #PerfectDate #lovelife ��

    I judge myself by everything I see at night, people never know what I see, however, they judge me for what I have not seen yet!

    I'm sure what I have never shown to others, they always bother to talk about further.

    When all else fails to judge me perfectly, I know what ability means aptly. Only ability can identify them sharply.

    ...শারদীয় শুভেচ্ছা...

    #tonightiamjust #longwalks #dreamstory #judgement #ability #conversation #14wordstory #perception ����️

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  • adeilu 149w

    Perfect Date.

    Laying down under the roof of beautiful night sky
    Wind gliding on our skin as it comes by

    The sound of the beach wave hitting the shore
    Staring at each other, silence

    The heart speaks through our eyes
    Hoping the night will last, forever and always


  • harmonytree 149w


    Trailing footsteps in the sand,
    Walking along,hand in hand,
    Waves crashing at our feet,
    In the sunshine ,our lips do meet,
    Conversations of the day,
    Running in the water,
    Romantic play,
    Sitting as the sun goes down,
    As the world spins around.

  • theprivywriter 158w

    I asked you once, "What is a perfect date for you?"
    And you told me it was a difficult question to answer. I guess you were thinking I am expecting fine dining, expensive menus from a restaurant with three Michelin-star ratings.

    And I could have told you this, but you opted to change the topic.

    (Photo was taken from a hospital window in North Fairview, Quezon City)


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    The perfect dAte is anywhere I could have a magnificent view of the sunset. And then maybe, as we watch the sky changing coLors from bright red to indigo, we can just sit there, hugging each other in silence. Let us witness hOw the colorful city lights chase away the melancholy brought by the darKness.