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    #love #beyourself #loveyourself #empowerment #fearless #dontworry #perfectasyouare hey guys I'm back with another poem this is really from my heart so I hope yall like it remember you are the king or quenn of your just be yourself don't worry about anything love yall ��

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    Forever me

    I hear an echo in my heart 
    Yea its crystal clear 
    I used to love having you near 
    But we broke apart 
    Does it hurt when you look back at it 
    Does it make you cry or make you smile 
    You betrayed me 
    The faith i had was broken but i put it back together 

    You don't control my life 
    What's on the inside will come out 
    U can’t dictate me 
    Can't tell me what i must and mustn't do 
    Cause it's my life my rules 
    No one no one tells me what to do 

    You hurt me once hurt me twice 
    Hurt me again a million times 
    But you should know 
    Im not broken down 
    The pain helped me realize i don't need you in my life 
    Even if u come back crawling on your hands and knees 
    Begging i will never forgive you 
    For what you did to me 
    You will never be treated like family 

    I made a mistake once trusting you 
    You stabbed my in the back and left without a glance 
    You didn't care i was hurtin all you wanted was to use me 

    Well not anymore 
    Its my life