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  • jpwriter 1w

    She was the poem i always wanted to express
    The perfect amount of words
    Never too excess
    So filtered with unrest
    Captured hearts
    & wanted for theft
    The soft sound of whispers
    Occured under her breath
    The Rumbles of thunder
    Was heard in the west
    She swore to never love another
    Her Amore Tore into her chest
    She paused like stutter
    When she heard his first step
    He was tall & under cover
    Marked with claws of Regret
    He would not fall for another Lover
    Until he saw her he wept
    They were meant for each other
    So in love with intent
    No time to recover
    They had already met
    Rainbows saw with every color
    On the walls of their silhouette

  • epimetheus 1w

    Imperfections are beautiful!

    Sometimes we seek perfection not for ourselves but to reach the expectations of people around us. We try so hard to portray ourselves as perfect, we forget who we really are! It's ok to be imperfect, Everybody has flaws. Imperfections are beautiful!...

  • loveyoursoul 1w

    Human beings do not even call God perfect according to their condition.


  • muskanmaheshwari 2w

    "A Perfect Thought"

    You seemed to gleam
    Among the brightest of stars
    Chasing the world unknown
    Captivating those eyes so far
    Though perfect turned a little imperfect
    But will you stick
    To the promises being sent
    For all destined to something
    Stepping towards the roads not taken
    The way you hold back
    Enough to raise a decision
    Merely right or wrong isn't the concept
    Being you is what makes you perfect.


  • drawyourlife 3w

    Don't delude yourself into being perfect any more than you deserve.
    How you've been since you were born.
    Believe me, everything is a blessing.


  • _andar_ki_awaaz_ 3w

    "Companionship" is not about celebrating your life with a perfect person.
    It's all about sharing your life with someone displaying all your imperfections...

    ©Muskan Satyam
    IG ID : muskan_thevoiceofsoul


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  • not__so_poetic 3w

    Idea of love!

    Fell in love
    With the idea of love
    Fairytales and forevers
    Feelings and Day dreams
    Heartbeats and butterflies
    That string of tension
    Magic and mysteries
    Patience and histories
    Happiness and memories
    And a pinch of passion
    So i keep waiting, for the One!
    If it isn't true then I want none!
    I know people are imperfect!
    But love is absolutely perfect!!


  • maria_sheena 4w


    Accept yourself!
    And be a Perfect Human Being with
    All the Imperfections!


  • k_unwinds 4w

    The blue sea cradled by the moonlight
    A casement smooched by the summer delight
    A frond embraced by the dewdrops

    Good things fall together..
    You'll never know how perfect
    Something could turn out to be..

  • bulderme 4w

    Don't be sad that you aren't perfect, be happy cause you tried. #perfect #life #interesting #tips #space

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    Not Everything is Perfect

    You may think of being "perfect";
    That's silly, not everyone is perfect.
    Sometimes you may think it's perfect,
    But it was never perfect.
    I wanted to also be perfect;
    That's when I learned I was never perfect.
    It's okay not to be perfect;
    At least you tried to be perfect.

    Take planets for example;
    They may look like a perfect sphere,
    But that's not the case;
    Because they aren't perfect spheres.
    They may look like a sphere,
    But they could be ovals or ellipsoids.

    It's my thought, I may be wrong,
    But I'm not perfect.
    Not Everything is perfect.


  • mitesero98 4w


    The world is moving rapidly
    But it's okay
    You can take your time to be perfect
    There's no time limit
    It's endless
    Unless you give yourself one

  • mehna_2006 4w

    While reading the heart bled poems
    I knew how everything
    And everyone wanted to be
    Perfect .
    A simple yet wanted metaphor
    If you're perfect , you're the best .
    If you're perfect , you're flawless.
    Then let me remind you my friend
    No human is perfect and
    No place is utopian,
    Because even in the paradise
    The sun sets and the moon glows
    With its faults.
    And in every human there is
    That one flaw hiding under
    Their perfection .

    For me ,
    Imperfect is the perfect I seek .
    Flaws and faults are those stars I gaze at.
    Just letting yourself take control of you
    Is the best to ever happen .


    #perfect  #me #you

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  • blossomwrites 4w

    Hiding her pretty face,emotions gushed
    Pain overruled her sparkling eyes
    Agony pushed her untied gorgeous hair away
    Sadness took over her bright,clear skin
    But that smile covered her hurt soul
    As perfect as she was to the world
    Only she knew what she dealt with

  • just_thoughts_and_chilli 4w


    I just woke up after having a dream about a person whom I have never met. Yet in the dream everything was perfect. It's like we complemented each other well. At this moment of life, the dream was the best thing that happened for a long time. The new normal.

  • shrihari_nandini 5w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #sita #ram #navami #birthday #auspicious #beautiful #day #bhagwati #appearance #mother #perfect #love



    Birthday of Bhagwati
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Sitting on a high branch on the tree
    Which I climbed this morn, I began to think
    The Surprise to present to our Mayya,
    To please her, what should be our gift!?
    I call upon Pitaji whom I find lost in thought
    While he is sitting beneath collecting fruits,
    He looks up and understands my silence,
    While I began to think about his own,
    'We're thinking the same thing, my buddy'
    He answers before my eyelids blink,
    So I jump, he catches me, and we sit there
    Together on the bench, both of us think
    'Dad I am your bud, we need Ma's parrot'
    And both of us turn our gaze at the other,
    'Akhila!' we spring! beaming at the thought
    And I go calling the lil one of my mother!
    Hari smiles as we both come running
    Excited joyously hand in hand,
    "Oh I know, I know what to do" says Akki
    While she picks a stick to draw on sand!
    One after the other, she describes and draws
    While me and Raghav sit as students
    Obediently we listen to my sister, her plan,
    And squirrels gather around for information
    'No time to waste' I take her hands in mine
    Hari nods, as we head to the village market
    "I'll go collect decorations" he goes on own
    While she counts the money in her pocket
    Making purchases from our pocket moneys
    We buy the supplies and head to our cottage
    While Akhila enters from the door cleverly
    I enter the kitchen from a window unnoticed
    I hid the stuff, as they expected from me,
    And the evening of beauty passes by,
    As the clock strikes 5 at dawn, we're awoke
    By ShriRam's voice and his eager eyes
    "Oh! Lets get to work" and our trio heads
    To our work base, the kitchen to say
    With clean hands, we set the groceries atop
    And commence our jobs assigned that day
    While me and Akhila work with food & drinks
    Hari strings the flowers, perhaps decorating
    The room is full of lotus scents and sweets
    And he puts a charm preventing early waking
    "Its 7!" We squeal, Ma wakes and Dad rushes
    To her room beside her being her first wish
    Then he closes her eyes with his blue palms
    We each take her hands, to lead to her gifts
    He slowly opens her eyes, while people rise
    From under the tables adorned with love
    Each of us spark in unison 'Surpriseee!'
    While ShriRaghav gives her a loving hug!
    On the lofty table sits a magnificent cake
    Along with sweets, rasgullas, barfi & halwa
    Relatives bring jewels, presents of all kind
    For our Janak Dulari Kishori Sita Mayya!
    She whose magnanimity knows no bounds
    Is garlanded by the flowers strung by ShriPati
    She beams with joy blessing all with love
    While all hail the beautiful & divine Bhagwati

    So this is a surprise planned by me and my sister Akhilavandana along with our father ShriRaam for the birthday of our Mayya Sita ��

    Do you know how Raghav praised Janaki?
    Akhila narrates it to this way!

    He says,
    "Your name Sītā means the one who has risen from furrow (in Sanskrit).
    In English, I will tell you what each letter signifies. ❤️

    S- Selfless. Your care and selflessness knows no bounds. You accompanied me to the forest without thinking about the dangers lurking there. You always think about my welfare.
    I- Inspiring. Your courage, determination, strength, love, everything about you inspires me and our devotees.
    T- Trusting. You always know that I would be there for you. You did what nobody else can do. Whatever difficult situation you were in, you faced everything and had full faith in me. You believe me and this belief makes me what I am.
    A- Amazing.

    And so we celebrate our Mayya, Bhagwati Sita's birthday to please her and get her blessings ��

    Pic: A drawing by her based on the poem ❤

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    Birthday of Bhagwati

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • anubhavjha 5w


    Why we need to be perfect....Ain't those imperfections are what makes us peculiar & perfect ?


  • himanshhari 5w


    Perfect sirf thought hote hai
    Insaan Nahi


  • _ashes 5w

    I know not of perfection, only beauty..
    & it lies in chaos and flaws...

  • simi1308 5w

    Life partner

    He loves white she loves black ,
    She loves music he knows how to play ,
    He is as hot as sun she is as calm as moon ,
    She is messed up in self he is organised in every way ,
    He is an introvert she is an extrovert ,
    She loves cooking he loves eating ,
    And ,
    This is how they complimented each other with all the opposites characteristics making each other the perfect life patner for the other .

  • __my__random__thoughts__ 6w

    The mature you and immature me
    Can become perfect we