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  • sisya_frida 22w

    On Exactitude in Science

    (Jorge Luis Borges, Collected Fictions, translated by Andrew Hurley)

    …In that empire, the art of cartography attained such perfection that the map of a
    single province occupied the entirety of a city, and the map of the empire, the entirety
    of a province. In time, those unconscionable maps no longer satisfied, and the Cartographers Guilds struck a map of the empire whose size was that of the empire, and which coincided point for point with it. The following generations, who were not so
    fond of the study of cartography as their forebears had been, saw that that vast map
    was useless, and not without some pitilessness was it, that they delivered it up to the inclemencies of sun and winters.
    In the deserts of the West, still today, there are tattered ruins of that map, inhabited by animals and beggars; in all the land there is
    no other relic of the disciplines of geography.

    —Suarez Miranda,Viajes devarones prudentes, Libro IV,Cap. XLV, Lerida, 1658

  • _fallen_angel_ 24w


    They saw her run through the meadows,
    The light glistening on her skin.
    She felt every eye resting on her being,
    Aloud but unseen.
    But her soul felt trapped.
    It was pleading to be freed.
    She was no more herself.
    She was what others perceived her to be.


  • mystery_in_words 24w

    Take off your glasses once in a while
    It is OK if the world is a little blurry
    You don't need to be able to see everything
    Maybe not to see the angry stares, only the faces
    Not the twitching lips, just the tears
    See a raised hand and volunteer a hug
    Let the light reflect off your blind eyes
    For we don't need to close our eyes, honey
    To unsee the worst.

    09/05/21 - 02.00

  • my_secret_life 25w

    #Iwriteaboutthis souls #perception, #canifit #inthesheos of #thepast #nomore, as #thefuture is #mysteppingstones to #noshoes, for I will be flying with my family, the angels of God.

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    I write about this souls perception, can I fit in the sheos of the past no more, as the future is my stepping stones to no shoes, for I will be flying with my family, the angels of God.

  • av_1749 25w

    Mistakes and Lessons

    The past cannot be changed. A hard lesson I learnt after spending so much time thinking how a situation could've been different if I had done things differently.

    Expectations may or may not be fulfilled, so it is better not to place too much hope on these or even have many expectations on others. Once I used to expect people to behave in a certain manner, and that led to disappointments. I've learnt that different people have different perspectives and views that lead to different behaviors. It may also be turn out that they may expect something of me that I'm not fulfilling.

    That leads to my last and the most important lesson. Do not judge. I have judged people and turned out to be wrong. I felt guilty for judging without giving the benefit of doubt or knowing the reason,circumstances of that person.

  • pranalishah 26w

    - Alchemy of Everything -

    There’s no alchemy of perfection
    It’s only that of perception
    which makes everything
    seem just about right —
    Right time, right space, right place,
    And even more so, the right person...


  • jpwriter 26w


    These are usually used for Purpose
    Some are elegant smooth in Cursive
    others Sooth while telling it Perfect
    At times they are shaky and Nervous
    Use on a Delicate forsaken surface
    Vibrations planted on Earth with
    Elements of sound and Verbage
    Relinquish a noun with learning
    Some inappropriately found concerning
    They can hang around for burning
    Astound how they can turn around
    A frown when someone is Hurting,
    Allow the for Trust and Earning
    Now it's must when inserting
    To understand their Powers when working

  • jpwriter 26w

    Do Not let others
    Persuade your Perception.
    When a Perception becomes Reality
    It can see the Truth
    That Everything's was Created Perfect


  • msnunu88 26w


    The image you judge is not my reality your perception is deceitful you see a distorted picture hanging on display shouting for a remedy

    I perceive an incomparable uniqueness often overlooked

    No color could ever illustrate the beauty deep inside nor can any clay duplicate the figure of a goddess

    Proceed listing my imperfections that are your exact spitting image
    All while I illuminate those who rejoice in my existence

  • jpwriter 27w


    How do you see me....?
    How do you see yourself..?
    How do you perceive me..?
    How do you perceive wealth...?
    Do you have a reason for life...?
    What is your Purpose...?
    Eternal after you die...?
    Or do you think life is just worthless?
    Can you create without a Creator..?
    Is it worth living life in anger..
    Or even As a Hater?
    When was the last time you helped a Stranger?
    When is the last time you help yourself?
    You see...sometimes will all need help
    Whether you are rich
    Or there is no food on your shelf
    The ball that we were pitched
    Or the cards we were dealt
    Some on us push down the feelings we felt
    What I have found..
    Here I will tell
    When it feels like we have drowned
    Or even worse Hell
    Pick yourself up when your down
    And don't be afraid to fail
    Bc we are created who we are
    And we are created very well
    Life is a gift
    Life is not a spell
    So I send you my Love
    And God does as well.


  • girlnextdoor477 27w


    When I was a little girl, I seen all the pain that people have to go through in life and I never understood why. Maybe I was naïve, but I always wish there were a way to take on everyone else’s pain if it meant they would not have to experience it.
    I was 7 years old.
    Now I’m 27 years old, and I continue to go through life seeing the pain of others, the difference is, I am now one of those people.
    So, I bite my tongue, look down, and keep going because who am I to complain?
    Broken heart, who cares.
    Broken promises, so what.
    Broken bones, your point?
    So I keep going because I can take it, but deep down I know I’m the biggest hypocrite.
    I smile.
    I listen.
    I empathize.
    I remind you that no pain is too little.
    Sure it can always be “worse” but what does that matter, it doesn’t mean it’s any less painful.
    I continue to grow.
    I continue to try.
    I become tired.
    I become overwhelmed.
    I become stressed.
    Yet I continue to hide it because no one needs to be burdened with my problems when they have so many of their own.
    I guess the irony of it all, is that I have the received the “gift” that I asked for, to take on ones pain but I feel a bit cheated because it does not take it away for the other it only shares.

  • deepflowsoul 28w

    I feel like it's important to see ourselves as a whole, as beings with universes inside, as members of this chaotic existence.

    #universe #truth #love #infinite #perfect #perception #philosophy #chaos #nature #fragments #small #big #morph

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    So Big Yet So Small

    We are small yet infinite.
    Apart of a universe small our perception.
    We are simple yet complex.
    One with chaos naturally perfect.
    We are one a piece of a whole.
    Trillions of fragments morphing bowl.

  • outoftune_robert_anthony 28w

    The attempt at humor is generally the first defense

    For those who lack comprehension...


  • sonu99 28w

    #life, #view, #perception, #patience, #weakness, #strength, #pod, #wod, #inspiration,#ceesreposts @writersnetwork,@mirakee,@mirakeeworld,@writerstolli,@odysseus,

    Rome wasn't built in a day;
    Great things take time to be on its way.
    Have hope and patience,
    Let not your desires to get lost in dark silence.
    Don't be so worried and serious,
    Handle things easily and be a little cautious.
    Avoid being judgemental all the time,
    Accept your weakness and let your strength to sublime.
    It's not always right to end up to conclusions so fast, See through the lens of wider perception and identify the contrast.
    Good things take hustle,
    So just forbear and don't bustle.
    Let not your flaws and imperfections be the hurdles in your life,
    Rather flaunt your uniqueness and get free from inner strife.

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    Rome wasn't built in a day


  • giri_a10 28w

    LOVE starts with RESPECT

    she ruled me out as
    the wrong one.
    yes, life ain't a game show with lifelines
    but picking the wrong answer even when the signs are obvious
    even when the universe saz look he is right there
    well, thats the kind of stupid nobody wants to be



  • pandichitra_r 30w

    Aren't we???

    I thought, I am grateful the moment I opened my eyes this morning...and I think you are grateful because you have eyes and time to read this...!!!!!

  • amysticalmess 31w

    Call it a potion or a poison,
    I will just leave it here at your window sill.
    When it's time take a sip,
    You will get what you deserve.
    The brew will do the work on you
    Based on how you're deep inside.


  • ink_stained_feelings 31w

    ....the world so colorful and likewise are the ideas associated with it. To define something that's easily affected by the situation, your understanding and so many such variables ...the line between right and wrong can never be actually defined. It all trickles down to how you perceive the situation. The way you understand affects your judgement scale categorising it into RIGHT OR WRONG!!

    #mirakee #writerenetwork #perception #life

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    सही और गलत मैं फर्क इतना है
    आपकी और दूसरे की सोच मैं अंतर जितना है।

    सोच जो बदली तो देखने का नजरिया बदल गया,
    रूप है वही बस रंग बदल गया।

    कभी वक्त और जस्बात से बदल जाते है मायने सही और गलत के,
    परिभाषा है परिवर्तन, हालात के अनुसार है।

    माया है ये खुद मैं, कभी भावनाओ के बवंडर के आधीन है,
    इंसानों के अब तक समाज ना आई है।

    फिर भी चक्रव्यूह ये नही,
    आसान सी ये बात है।

    सही और गलत मैं फर्क,
    बस आपका मानसिक विस्तार है।


  • curiouskavi 34w

    When I search for similarities,
    Try to craft relatable analogies,
    Fitting cherry picked metaphors,
    and hoping somehow someway,
    all these, to meaning, they give away.

    I hope I tell my stories well,
    Its core intact,
    view not lost, locked in a tiny shell,
    somehow trying to lay life itself.

    sweet nostalgia some,
    hopeful dreams some,
    perception, perspectives and peace.
    Dark dreadful moments some,
    Fight induced painful screach.

    I hope I tell some stories of love,
    of the thrills, adolescent love packs,
    when bodily senses it hijacks,
    and oft the pain it gives way to,
    for oft the sense of meaning it lacks.

    Of the way, how one grows in love,
    striving past the body, reaching pure warmth.

    Of the way, how one then learns to give way,
    to insecurities, to possessiveness,
    appreciating the idiosyncratic charms.

    I hope I tell what it means,
    when you let go, even in pain,
    and still manage to smile,
    devoid of shame.

    I hope I try to make justice,
    to the experience one endures,
    at times of pain and toil,
    and yet briefing what striving means,
    my lines able to birth a sense,
    of meaning in such a turmoil.


  • sammiegirl 34w

    Basket of Kittens defeats the Demons

    It all goes static
    I still have to practice
    You look at an addict and don't see if he has talent you just look at him and
    see the habit
    The demon easily acts as a magnet, attaches to anyone willing to attract it
    One side tells me to attack it
    The other side tells me to match it
    They wanna see the rabbit, not realizing there's magic
    Put kittens in a basket
    Cactus under the pillow,
    Put butterflies on the fabric
    I woke up in a dream and was floating on a mattress
    Don't show when
    It's established
    Don't show when it's tragic
    Is it wrong or right to me to have balance
    I see good, I see bad
    I only know that they have it