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  • ravibhushanbhardwaj 2d

    शाम डलते ही ये क्या हो जाता है मुझे,
    याद तुम्हें करता हूँ या मेरी जरूरत को पता नहीं ,
    ढुंढता हूँ मैं सुकून को जिस रास्ते पर बैठ,
    तुम गुजरती हो !... या ये मुझे खबर नहीं !

    घंटो तो इसी रास्ते पर हाथ थामें बीताया करते थे,
    जिन फूलों को तुम अक्सर तोड़ लिया करती थी,
    वो याद तुम्हें करते हैं मेरी तरह !.. या मुझे पता नहीं ,
    जो भी हो अब ये हवाएं भी शायद तुमसे खफा हैं,
    किसी और के जुल्फों से शरारत अब ये करती ही नहीं ।

    धूल सी पड़ गई है पन्नों पर और स्याहि बस निकलती है कलम से,
    तुम नहीं हो जो लिखने का अब मन करता ही नहीं,
    ये दिल भी खफा तुमसे है शायद मेरा , अब ये धड़कता ही नहीं !
    खुश तो दिखती हो साथ मे तुम उसके,
    पर मौहब्ब्त है या जरुरत, शायद तुम्हें ये खुद पता नहीं ।

    शाम डलते ही ये क्या हो जाता है मुझे,
    याद तुम्हें करता हूँ या मेरी जरूरत को पता नहीं ।

    ©रवि भूषण भारद्वाज 'इंद्रा'

  • abhipriyashrivastaw 3d

    लिख लेती हूँ!

    जब बोल नहीं पाती तो लिख लेती हूँ।
    जब हँस नहीं पाती तो रो लेती हूँ।
    कोई सुनने वाला ना हो तो लिख लेती हूँ।
    कभी सन्नाटे गूँजते हैं तो चीख लेती हूँ।
    तन्हाईयों से भी मैं सीख लेती हूँ।
    कलम ही तो एक साथी है।
    कभी साथी चाहिए तो लिख लेती हूँ।

  • pallavi4 1w


    The power of a pen is incomparable
    Nothing less that that of a sword
    It can build a world and bring down another
    Structure a bridge over the deepest fjord

    Little drops of ink bear the weight
    Of unspoken hopes and dreams
    They envelop several universes within them
    Concealing so much more than they reveal

    In the scribbles of a scribe words wield
    The potency of making many destinies
    Controlling the trajectory of the written word
    Formulates the future of many mysteries

    More magical than any technological advancements
    Words have the potential to break down walls
    Cause pain or provide providence and comfort
    Bring the message of peace to one and all

    With the ability to provoke and incite wars
    Words command the highest respect
    By influencing thoughts and directing minds
    They infiltrate life’s every aspect

    Words are so much greater than actions
    With little they can achieve so much more
    They can inspire, aggravate, anger or soothe
    Into a web of letters one lure

    Proclamations of beauty, endowing praise
    With them love finds invigoration and direction
    In a few scrawls a pen helps elevate
    The status of all with great precision

    The art of writing would amount to nothing
    If only heliographs covered the rocky walls
    The might of words is something that should
    Be revered and celebrated by all

    Opposing the proverb: actions speak louder than words


    20th of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you so much @miraquill for EC !

    #wod #argument #words #mighty #pen #actions #proverb @writersnetwork #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill #pallavi_editors_choice

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  • anuradhasharma 1w

    दिल की कोई सुनता नहीं ,

    इसलिए कागज़ों पे दर्ज़ कर देते हैं ।


  • ecstasy 2w


    Days have gone when you used to put ink to the pen , check the flow and write your heart slow
    Now you set the bed , check for a phoen battery low and scroll away your time slow

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 2w


    Reluctant to inhale the novelty of the world and diffuse its fragrance,
    A newborn bud suffocated within, feared opening up, too timid and shy,
    Overlapped the dried tears, silent roars, calmed anger, the real me vaporised in essence,
    The one whom I once hated the most is the soulmate now, all other bonds glitter with a lustrous die,
    My metallic pen owns a golden heart, rusted humans gilded with goodness corroded my innocence.

    Like the sharp blades of cascade falling from a great height,
    Splitting the chest of stubborn rocks, kissing the depth of poised waves,
    Like the tiniest point getting targeted by the sharp beam of razor light,
    The ink of my pen is such, through thy damp eyes, seeping into heart, it paves,
    The way to the abyss of thy soul, eroding darkness, to unleash thy own light.

    The inky wine it spills on the virgin pages toxicates those who read and preserve,
    It bleaches off the scars of wounded hearts, words turn out to be a healing potion,
    I have risen in love unlike others who stumble upon and fall over the slippery pebbles of love,
    An immortal holds my mortal breaths fighting against the gravity of death's cushion,
    I meditate in the arms of my addiction, gain freedom in it's slavery, nothing better than this heavens could ever serve.

  • munazza 2w

    Second chance

    When life brings you to the same situation where you made wrong choice and then this time you chose a different option, that is when you have actually grown up and out grown all those spaces. The spaces where you were suffocated under the smoke of your wrong decisions. Second chance is a miracle in itself. If you get any, never dare to lose it without trying the side of the coin which you missed earlier.


  • jan_balan 2w


    Once Tom whispered,
    Grab a pencil
    While the pain
    Kissing each sell
    Scribble through letter
    Close it once done
    Post it to me.
    Pencil signs me
    It's fills pain
    Pick words of happiness
    Not a problem
    Pencil always mean pain.

    Innocently I questioned
    What about happiness?
    If happiness covers you,
    Letter is not necessary
    I know,
    You enjoy the moment
    Still, you wish?
    Grab a pen,
    Write them
    Once done
    Post them
    I know
    It's bundle of joy
    Carrying yoy high.

    Our letters
    Message us
    Sibling love
    Encourage us
    Momentary sharing
    One day memory of letters.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 3w


    Calenders do not adorn the walls, no more hanging,

    Calculators are not found in the drawers any more, missing,

    Radios have been silenced forever, aren't found singing,

    Bells in the schools do not swing merrily on the celing,

    Wrists have forgotten to wear watches, hastily ticking,

    Walls clocks seem to be on the verge of extinction, retiring,

    They all point towards the culprit, grinning and teasing,

    Smart phone who's replaced
    them to bring about a new begining
    But there's someone sitting aside, gracefully smiling,

    As it's existence is old yet as good as gold, most appealing,

    The one who has clutched the heart of logophiles, crazy about writing,

    Its the pen, the void of which no substitute will ever be filling,

    The joy of staining pages over pages ,overwriting and cancelling,

    Making umpteen corrections, checking multiple times before finalising,

    And then looking back at those crushed pages with endless inking,

    Soothes the writer's heart, rendering him a sense of ecstasy, a proud feeling.


  • mann_isha 4w

    जरा देखो तो ये दरवाजे पर दस्तक किसने दी है
    अगर ‘इश्क’ हो तो कहना, अब दिल यहाँ नही रहता

  • mercykumar3211 4w

    CONDITION right now ......

    i know , but my
    does not

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 4w

    MY PEN.

    Let my pen scatter it's inky pollen,
    Let it impregnate the leaflets, their virginity be stolen,
    Let the buds of verses and rhymes burst,
    Let the hardened emotions rupture forming thy hearts' crust,
    Let my pen quench the thirst, console and embolden each reader,
    Restore the paralysed souls, let it be the retriever,
    Let my pen immortalise, so that it serves the mortals until forever.

  • samriddhi__ 5w

    They cut your flesh deep and mix into your blood and then run throughout your body as acid burning every part of you.

  • moon_writings 5w

    Trust me.
    when u think positively, you feel good and see good in everything and eventually builds a good behavior.
    Negativity and unrealistic thoughts can cause us distress and result in problems only.
    So, the choice is yours what do you want - to feel good or distressed ?

  • moon_writings 5w

    Life- A beautiful gift from Allah Tala but is not always easy.
    yes, he who never loses hope in the Mercy of His Lord and hold it like a light never be lost in the darkest side of his life.

  • geraldine_mary 5w

    #autobiography #pen

    I Bled Blue

    I bled blue
    To ink a story true
    A girl so kind
    Who wasn't in her mind
    It was a cold night
    I inked with all my might
    To see her condition
    Her clothes were missing
    Four were the beast
    Who upon her did feast
    Left her on the streets
    And with laughter did retreat
    None were there to help
    No ears heard the yelp
    When half her life had gone
    Inspection asked what's wrong
    Her torn and tattered body
    Told the entire story
    Yet again and again she was shamed
    Media only to be famed
    Too long was the wait
    Help again was late
    After she left great were the talk
    And a beautiful candle walk
    As one truth we bury
    Up comes another story
    Again I bled blue
    To ink a story true.

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    I bled blue
    To ink a story true

  • beware 5w

    I am the spokesperson
    for those who cannot speak
    An interpreter for those who are deaf
    And the writer of an unknown story.

    I live in different hands
    Sometimes I write sadness,
    And sometimes happiness

    I have two close friends;
    Eraser and paper—
    They are my favorite stars

    The most heartbreak poetry I wrote,
    Is all about saying goodbye
    It really made me cry.

    I know some secrets of you
    I hid it long time ago
    I don't give anyone the clue.

    My life is not happy nor sad
    I am a good liar and fact teller
    I can't live without you—
    my anonymous home

    I wanted to tell you dark mysteries
    But my ink are slowly dying,
    I have to bid a goodbye.

    Don't worry, I'll be back
    To a new abode,
    Still keep your wishes,
    until I'm getting old.

    #autobiography #wod
    #pen ✍️

    Thank you for the EC ��

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    My name is Pen

    I am the spokesperson
    for those who cannot speak
    An interpreter for those who are deaf
    And the writer of an unknown story.


  • mirakillian_matre 5w

    Will they?

    They too had weapons, they wielded them to create history,to become a part of time, continuity... Kind or harsh, they still chose a pen over arms. Civilized armament you can call. Don't worry, I'm not going to talk about the right n wrong once again. But, I couldn't refrain from this comparison given to what is going on in Afghanistan. Cant they take up pens? Some have sought refuge in social media. They are the kind ones I guess, begging for life and freedom. The "little harsh" ones in that part of the world, how to describe them? Can't they take up pens? Will they take up pens? Will they allow to take up pens?

  • shivtado 5w


    I am quite,
    Not because
    I am done,
    Maybe I am
    to scribble,
    What's unsaid,
    No I ain't
    Nor insecure,
    For, as long as,
    Truth is my ink
    And very existence,
    As long as
    it's more meaningful
    than Sword.

  • kalpeshnaval 6w

    I take a deep breath
    Ocean feels lovely tonight
    Breeze whispering a song
    And I dance to that light
    "Swing" I whisper and swing
    I melt down on the cliff
    On my knees
    Looking at clouds
    Whispering few words
    It's a light out
    "Stop" I struggle
    And just like that
    My function shut down
    Was I just a clown?