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  • bananidaschowdhury3_9 15w

    Can you relate to this?

    I do !

    Depression is suffocating
    I have been facing it
    over a decade and more to it

    But the world, my world didn't ever realized this
    Even I didn't realized it or rather didn't accepted it

    But when I did
    I started accepting my parts and pieces
    as my whole

    I can't tell you
    How to fight it
    For I am not an expert

    I am just surviving this
    And I can share my insights of facing it
    and dealing with it

    Earlier I used to run away from my emotions
    But positivity doesn't covers negativity
    I understood this with time.

    So I prefer draining out
    Vomit and exit
    Flush out
    It feels light
    It feels right
    Even for a while
    If it is
    But it does

    I talk to myself
    I write for myself
    I talk to my confidant
    I talk to my lord

    I feel in others myself facing this
    And so I am sharing this.

    Just don't feel embrassed
    Just don't think you are lesser/overdone

    Depression is not your impression to the world
    It happens and it might not be erased in a while
    It might take longer time to heal

    Once you say
    "I am depressed"
    You acknowledge it
    That's it.

    Don't keep affirming it

    It's a phase
    It's not your face

    It's OK

    Eat sweets
    Eat your favourite foods
    Do what you feel good about
    Do what makes you feel good
    Don't overdo yourself
    Let the world run
    You walk in your pace and space
    Just relax

    It's OK

    Treat yourself as you are treating a child

    And well

    I found the best of healing therapies out there in
    Connecting with nature
    Talking to my confidant
    Just being in and allowing to let flow
    All the energies through me
    Low and high both
    To reach the tranquil point

    Don't absorb

    It's OK
    Cry out
    Write a frustrated letter and burn it
    Talk bullshit

    Cool down
    Reset and repair

    Wake up afresh

    Keep flowing

    Let it all flow

    You aren't the lone warrior
    My friend

    We are in this together .

    Sending you beings

    Healing and Strength ��

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    Sometimes I feel much alone
    in this crowded world wearing a big smile
    when my heart might have had
    stopped shedding tears
    I get this heightened energy that just drains me off
    So much to do yet
    I feel completely immersed at sea
    My nerves feels cold
    The mind gets stuck in the mud
    I keep sitting dumbstruck
    Staring but not seeing around
    unblinking the eyes
    I loose all the interest
    And I feel quite lethargic
    I get much pensive
    I overthink and also don't wish to think
    I feel all the burdens within
    And it seems like I have lost it all
    I look unto utter despair
    And I realize I am totally messed up
    I feel like doing nothing
    Just nothing
    And just feel like to eat, sleep and repeat
    I feel like that sometimes or the othertimes
    or might be often enough
    Not to wake up and socialize
    and face the world
    Or just Wake up and socialize
    and face the world sleeping inside !


  • drbismaa 30w

    As of now the instability is on its peak
    Making me shiver for the upcoming trauma
    Yet I don't feel ready ofcourse not willing

    The same pain has been for years
    For my first sense which I could feel

    With all this daily I peep through my blanked
    In search of hope If I could smile
    Survive to the fullest is only dream....
    With a single hope I am alive
    My day will come I will also live

  • theuglytruth 75w


    It's good to be lost in life, only then you can be found!

  • m_bello 75w

    The pressure to belong has ruined many.

  • pen_unknown 96w

    This life ba, We must ball, the fact say we dy bench no mean say match don end. Some of us na superSub. Baba God dy save us for PK.


  • _shrutiwrites_ 109w

    In this life
    I once felt hope.
    I sometimes still believe in this,
    but each moment a little less.
    I feel abandoned in my despair,
    and it's difficult to repair.
    I get broken each day some more,
    keeping these emotions in my core.
    I find myself hiding behind this smile,
    the one that shows my denial.
    I have thoughts of lonesomeness,
    which no person should possess.
    I camouflage this so well;
    it feels like I'm in hell.
    I hurt on the inside,
    trying to push these demons aside.
    I want something better,
    to not feel all this terror.
    I know it can be manageable;
    there are things that make life tolerable.
    I just cannot find the thrill,
    like when I was a child with a one dollar bill.
    I remember when dreams were imaginable,
    now it feels like I'm undoubtedly fallible.
    I wish to find myself soon.
    This feels as if I'm trapped in a cocoon.
    I would like to hatch,
    not be so detached.
    I need to end this coldness,
    before death leaves me soulless.

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    #blurredlife #peerpressure

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    I'm feeling lost...
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  • sahanah 110w

    You see a singer
    You see a dancer
    You see a artist
    You see a blogger
    You see a traveller
    You see a photographer
    You see influencer
    What not........Yes social media is absolutely a good platform.
    But ...............No social media is not an good platform most of the time specially during these times of pandemic when people are locked in a room most of us enjoy spending our day by scrolling down but atleast 30% of us go through the situation called #peerpressure and it may leads to depression.
    What we forget is
    It's okay to not to post what we had for breakfast
    It's okay if we don't try 3 ingredients cake #lockdownrecipe
    It okay if we don't post throwback pic
    It's okay if we don't take quarantine challenge
    It's okay if we don't have an hobby
    It's okay if we don't watch Netflix
    It's okay if we don't try #lockdownskincareroutine
    It's okay if we have less followers
    It's okay if we aren't trying #lockdownmakeup look
    It's completely okay if you are wearing pajamas and lying on bed whole day
    But it's not okay if you get into depression and end your life
    Your life is yours.You are owner of it so live as the way you want.
    I you we can fight against anything if we are positive#trustyourself #bepositive#peerpressure

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  • alxita 111w

    -- Marcescent You --

    Give in to the mandaments of theirs
    As for a venenation, we are beguiled
    They say, "Carry anything vectible"
    What's not vectible are their minds vile

    Like the marcescent leaves of the tree
    We are still attached upon the trickery
    Not a meracious mixture to be found
    Instead, their gossips give in all around

    A paramnesia to the words we spoke
    To choke from words is the tactic told
    Down the reading carpet they will evoke
    Then, all lachrymose tears now behold

    And moulded be our coercible minds
    Hath we gone from visions to blind?
    The salsitudes put upon our wounds
    And scarify the identity as a gerund

    Now we flee to our own bathrooms
    By the reflections we crack from doom
    And veracious are my eyes of gloom
    I wish I can give you mine as we loom

    If thy worries still persist as presumed
    Cut yourself from the tree that assumes
    And let the toxins flush as you bloom
    Into your inaugural flower as resumed

    -- GLOSSARY --
    beguile - to attract as if by magic
    coercible - to be forced to give in to pressure
    gerund - a verb of incomplete action that is considered a noun (ex. Baking is fun!)
    inaugural - marking a beginning
    lachrymose - of, or relating to tears
    mandament - command
    marcescent - withering while attached on something (like a leaf on a tree)
    meracious - without mixture or adulteration
    paramnesia - a disorder of memory
    salsitude - saltiness or brackishness
    scarify - to make a scar
    vectible - anything that can be carried
    venenation - the condition of being poisoned as if by animal origin.

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    Poem no. 129
    Jun. 26, 2020, 10:51 AM (GMT+8)

    The poem is metaphorical for fake friends who push you for your outward appearance. You are [withering while attached on a tree], which is you degrading while still being attached to their "poison", thus the title. A glossary is made for very deep words!

    "And veracious are my eyes of gloom; I wish I can give you mine as we loom" is a reference to one of the lyrics of "Orange Juice" by Melanie Martinez

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    Marcescent You

    "If thy worries still persist as presumed
    Cut yourself from the tree that assumes
    And let the toxins flush as you bloom
    Into your inaugural flower as resumed"

  • aniket_patil7 147w

    Parents please don't pressurize your kids to do something everyone else is doing. They are unique and embrace their uniqueness.

    #poem #poems #poetry #poet #life #lessons #kids #dreams #parents #peerpressure #depression #freedom #

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    बच्चों की कहानी

    बेटा पढ़ो, बेटा AIIMS या IIT करो
    बस एक ही रट लगाते हैं
    अपने बच्चे से बिना पूछे सब तय कर देते है
    ना जाने माँ बाप अपने बच्चों को समझ क्यों नहीं पाते हैं

    उड़ते परिंदे के पर काट देते हैं
    पैदा होने से पहले ही उसके सपनों का कर देते हैं कतल
    किसी अनजान रास्ते पर चलने बोल देते हैं
    चार Marks को समझते है ज़िन्दगी का हल

    अरे कोई उससे भी तो पूछो
    चाहता क्या है वो आखिरकार करना
    नहीं तो खफा हो जाएगा वो आपसे
    शुरू कर देगा वो आपसे डरना

    उसकी ज़िन्दगी है, है यह उसके फैसले
    उससे वो करने दो जिसमें आए उसे मज़ा
    अपने फैसले मत थोपकर उस मासूम को ना सताओ
    एक ही ज़िन्दगी है, मत बनाओ उसे एक सज़ा

    तो माँ बाप यह बात ध्यान से सुन लो
    जानता हूँ की आप भी उसका भला चाहते हो
    मगर यूँ कैद मत करो उसे
    अपने आप को इस तरह उसकी ज़िन्दगी से दूर किए जाते हो

    खुले आसमान मैं उससे उड़ने दो
    खुश हो जाओगे जब देखोगे उसकी मुस्कान
    एक मौका उसे do, आखिर इतना हक़ तो उसका भी बनता है
    उससे खुद है बनाने दो उसकी अलग पहचान

  • heeshah 158w


    “Peer pressure” the reason for one’s success or failure, the choice of friends you make determine your status. Never make a mistake of choosing the unambitious ones.
    Dear readers, many of us are suffering from peer pressure. If you are doing something you won’t normally do or you are not doing something you’d like to do because you want to be accepted by the people you hang out with, then this piece is for you.
    At some point in our lives, its okay to feel confused or struggle with peer pressure. I understand that it ain’t easy saying no when being pressured by your mates.
    It takes practice and a lot of courage. Not all peer pressure is bad, sometimes our peers may try to convince us doing things that are good for us even if we are unsure of them.
    Across analysis, it has been observed that many students in the higher institutions live a wayward life due to pressure from their peers.
    The best way to conquer pressures from your mates is to always _MOTIVATE_ yourself. No one else but you can define your life.

  • untethered_writer 158w


    They crave the lie that you are and despise your truth
    They embrace your weakness and cast away your strength
    They smile at your tears and cower at your laughs
    Still, you stick around because the devil you know is better than anything else
    You're not comfortable, but you think you are
    You're at peace with your demons eating at your sanity
    Cheers, hell also welcomes the innocent.


  • that_writer_gal 159w

    There can be no question of bending the rules 'just this once'. If your friends truly know you, they would respect your beliefs and core values and find it impossible to ask you to compromise on them.
    #truth #friendships #apurvatidkequotes #ethicalliving #peerpressure #friends

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    True friends never ask you to compromise on your ethic and beliefs.


  • ipsa_writes 160w

    Old School

    Call me an old school, but I'll always root for handwritten letters instead of emojis and texts.
    In the world of tinder and various other apps, I still consider that finding your crush in a cafe is priceless.
    I've grown up watching people evolve with each other, not giving up midway.
    Since when did we become a generation of fuckboys and gold diggers ?
    How long will "narcissists" take to realise that they end up hurting people brutally ?
    Call me a hopeless romantic but love is better than a hookup on any given day.
    Planning the future ain't wrong but aren't we forgetting to live in the moment ?
    So stop for a while, detour towards stargazing and appreciate the things you've got.
    Call me old school, but I don't really think I blend with my peers.
    Call me old school but ask yourself, is this really the way you wanna live ?


  • _oluwatoni 160w

    Let me live. Is that so much to ask for?
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @fifipen #peerpressure #depression

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    It's heavy,
    Doesn't seem to be giving up
    Anytime soon.
    It's consistent;
    Always tugging at my shirt.

    And I, the recipient, seem to be caving in.
    Literally, caving in.
    Maybe it's out of pity,
    Maybe I'm done fighting back.
    Maybe.. maybe it isn't so bad
    To take your leg off at some point.

    But before you put all the blame on me,
    Before you go on about how easy I gave in;
    Let me tell you..
    You're the persistent one!!
    It's either me doing your thing
    Or no me at all.
    At least that's the way it looks to me.
    Let me live!! Is that so much
    To ask for?

    So now you can go on with your blame game.


  • theinkmermaid 161w

    Girl In The Mirror

    That girl,
    That figure in the mirror,
    Who looks out upon the world..
    So hopefully,
    So full of gust--
    And starry eyes so aghast,
    At all the ironies the world
    Has set forth to her.
    And so many others like her.
    She sees a phony,
    When she really isn't.
    It's just the world and its funny rules,
    That have told her so--
    The world that has relentlessly shown her
    that a smile means everything's okay,
    Even though everything is cracking,
    And soon that smooth reflection
    will show these holes,
    And then she will something,
    entirely different,
    -when she looks into the mirror.

    Tell me, has the world won?

  • littlemissfit 165w

    The beauty of being incomplete.

    They say life is incomplete without a person to hold on to.
    They say life is incomplete without a promise of forever.
    They say life is incomplete without being another person just like them.
    The truth is everyone has their own version of complete.
    The problem is them not being able to comprehend everyone can have a different reality.

  • anushri_3 166w

    Peer pressure

    I was taught that life is a race,so run.
    You can't take life to be a fun.
    Hence started the life of pretention,
    In my pursuit of leaving no chance of correction.
    I started creating my own existence,
    With this life of pretence.
    Then emerged the new trend,
    To have more new things than friends.
    With all this you have to study,
    Otherwise you will have no position in society.
    This war between study and being trendy,
    Made me lose my individuality.
    I learnt to gain other people's appreciation,
    At the cost of my own sattisfaction.

  • emmahpenonpaper 170w


    I hate the fear
    A fear that I can't clear
    Of being in love and sometimes feel it's peer
    Year after year I have to shed love tears!!

  • vishworks08 170w

    Woes of a Practical Romantic

    I read poem after poem,
    Story after story,
    Of happy endings, sad endings,
    Stories of you and me.

    The romance and thrill of passion,
    The fluttering heartbeats and stolen glances,
    Forbidden love and easy distractions,
    I've read it all.

    I experience it every time I read,
    And it fills me whole,
    But at times,
    It cuts me deep.

    It makes me question my self,
    What's wrong with me?
    Am I crazy? Am I blind?
    Why does no one interest me?

    I'm a patient person,
    A practical romantic at heart,
    I don't know what I want,
    But I hope I'll see and find out.

    I know I'm not ready for a relationship,
    I'm not looking for people,
    My friends laugh and tell,
    It'll hit you when you expect it the least.

    I know I'm logically correct,
    Love is not something you can force,
    Heck interest is hard to fake,
    Then why do I feel the pressure?
    The pressure of not going through the same pain,
    Others have gone through?

  • aksh_the_writer 172w

    Peer pressure 1

    He tried to take some selfies,
    To show he has a gf.

    He wore a shirt he never liked,
    To show what she gifted.

    He made a tattoo of her name,
    To show his true love to others.