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  • cherry_renaya 32w

    Mummy’s Wait.

    Your gathered somewhere tight and small in a clust
    and to get you out is a must.

    Out the orvarie and a slipping slide down the fallopian tube,
    right where I need you to be to bring you closer to me.

    The two week wait will it happen? is it fait ?
    More hungry, more tired and my boobs are sore,
    But I won’t spike happiness yet I’ll wait some more.

    I’ll wait with anticipation and patience.

    Just two weeks untill I know
    wether or not I wait some more to watch you grow .

    It’s the one line I fear but the time is now here.
    Widthdraw the stick and then you dip.
    now I wait just two minuets longer while the adrenaline gets stronger and stronger.

    With my heart thumping for fear or excitement I don’t know I turn the stick ……

    for a strong solid No!

    The butterflies go and they disappear yes it’s another month with out you my dear .

    Hopes are still high however I can’t help but cry.
    With the only question being why?
    Why not me?
    I’ll be the best mother I could ever be.

    I Cry the news out to your dad and watch
    his face drop and look so sad.
    We cuddle and we dream of you, speak of you,
    wish and pray for you.
    Another month yet without you but another month closer till all our dreams come true.
    We haven’t met you but we already love you we really do.


  • the_venus 47w


    Growing inside me
    My flesh baby

    Sucking my blood milk
    And thriving so good
    I know you love me
    Can feel it in your grasp

    Denying my thighs my
    Darling dark blood
    And those bloody stains
    That purify my soul

    Leaving my femininity
    An idiot in agony
    Stealing my endorphins
    And scarring my mind.


  • poojabista 93w

    bleeding with a smile IV

    today isn't a normal day for me
    i am bleeding independently
    which feels
    strange and beautiful
    how everyone
    does not have
    'cramps free' subscriptions:
    today life was traded with bliss.


  • poojabista 93w

    bleeding with a smile III

    the September feels like
    a new spring in my life
    after five years
    i bled peacefully
    with a smile:
    without my mother massaging my thighs and legs
    or without my father
    staying outside the door with a worry and sympathetic eyes
    or without my younger sister preparing a medicinal water
    or without my younger brother who hears my helpless scream from another room
    or without a hot water bag hugging me for 24/7
    or without a certain position to ease my cramps
    or without a sleeping music
    or without shouting at my uterus for not being able to bleed without torturing me.


  • poojabista 93w

    bleeding with a smile II

    you think it is a normal day for me?

    my body ached for hours
    my inner muscles hurts
    my bones hurts
    every tiny parts hurts
    tearing my uterus apart
    unable to move,
    i laid down on the floor
    bled with a disconnected body
    my whole body's temperature differ
    not being able to carry own weight
    for the first and the second days of bleeding,
    i hate humans connections,
    when i am so close to
    and nearly die inside
    when I bled with pain.


  • poojabista 93w

    bleeding with a smile

    it was cold and cloudy morning
    i took a cold bath,
    wore a beautiful dress,
    ate more than usual,
    cleaned my plates,
    folded own clothes,
    read some stories,
    talked with people,
    had a productive meeting,
    light a scented candle,
    clicked some selfies
    sang and shaked my body,
    took a long breath,
    and smiled a lot.

    you think it is a normal day for me?


  • sanju13 106w

    Pcod /pcos

    You don't know the pain of irregular periods.
    My mood swings suck my life
    sometimes I don't have a sound sleep
    And sometimes I oversleep with a lot of work.
    I cry all day and night without any reason.
    I'm hating for being a girl with a lot of weight gain even when I don't even eat properly.
    People give a lot of advice to lose weight than being my mental strength.

    Just my pcod level will increase a bit.
    I will have more hair on my face than on my head. I almost lost my wonderful long hair.
    My body will gain a little Weight which affects my mind. And it turns out to be anxiety, pressure, stress, pain.

    My pcod made me more depressed than my breakups.


  • aesthenia 140w

    I was Too young and Too pretty,
    to know you more, 
    at the time,when,
    you clasped my body, and soul.
    You never had ,my green sign ,
    when you made ,your red way, 
    into my happy life.

    I was full of joy ,and vigour,
    ready to climb mountains,
    and cross oceans,
    those days ,were too good ,to be true.
    I was too proud ,of my glowing youth,
    until the day, I learned your presence.
    I was shocked, and shattered.
    Digging out more ,about you,
    I had no courage,
    but to yell out ,in my shower.
    I never wanted anyone,
    to know you inside me.

    Slowly, as the days ticked,
    you took over ,my tender body.
    I swelled up ,to a spiny puffer,
    with balding head ,
    and dry scaly ,wrinkles.

    I traded you ,my soft sheen skin, and my silky bushy hair.
    I traded you, my laughter, and my vigour.
    I traded you ,my dreams ,and my love.
    For ,you gave me,
    irritability,and nicknames ,that I couldn’t carry.

    I was, helpless and hopeless,
    swinging in, my own mood swings.
    Some hour of the day, I cried,
    in the other hour ,I bursted out,
    and in some others, I was overwhelmed.
    The howling monsters in my head,
    whirled me ,to think and overthink ,
    every now and then ,on every this and that.

    I felt happy, and jealous at the same time,for the others of my age .
    I cursed myself ,for who I am.
    I even questioned ,my worth.
    I ran around, begging for, a second chance.

    I had to give up ,on my favourite savoury,
    And my wardrobe ,had to give up on my body.
    My waist, was no more symmetrical. 
    My stomach ,was no more flat.
    My eyes ,were no more shiny.

    With dark lips ,and black necks,
    I could feel you ,feeding my body.
    With sympathies and pitiful remarks,
    I moved my days, counting to the day ,of recovery.

    I ran from medications to meditations.
    I miss ,those red days.
    I have lost ,my green fecund days.
    I feel no more womanly.
    I feel no more humanly.
    Owning winding medical terms,
    I just don’t feel, no more me.

    Like the many,
    you swallowed ,under your black burnt sky,
    Are you going ,to swallow me too?
    From the many flowers ,in the garden,
    Am I to be ,that fallen autumn flower?
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    #disease #illness #depression #killingthoughts #pod #pcos #women

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    I ran from medications to meditations.
    I feel no more womanly.
    I feel no more humanly.
    Owning winding medical terms,
    I just don’t feel, no more me.

  • intergalacticat_ 147w

    i don't feel like a woman anymore

    to see what makes you female
    broken on a screen

    to hear you may not reproduce
    and never see your own little bean

    to be told you have excess testosterone
    a thing associated with men

    to be told you can go crazy
    gives it all perspective then

    to have a stranger intrude
    in your most personal space

    to feel something scraping inside you
    that came out of a medical case

    to be told you are now at risk
    of a million different things

    to be told you have to make changes
    and more hard work now begins

    i know it's not the worst
    but i still can't help but grieve

    i don't feel like a woman anymore
    and that's one thing i thought I could achieve


  • shattered_moments 154w


    I don't know what is happening to me...i feel like i am the one who makes everyone hurt....Everybody including him whom i admire the most thinks that i am over possessive,dumb,short tempered and what not...Just a answer me one thing!! What is my fault if i have pcos? what is my fault if mood swings are common to a person having pcos? what do i do if i had no control over my anger and other feelings? i am tired T_T

  • robyn_margaret 156w

    My life story

    I finally started dating
    That weirdo from school
    After 3 years of awkwardness
    My dreams have come true

    He finally asked me out
    And we made some time to chill
    He was just so perfect
    That I never noticed I fell head over heels

    2 months in
    We decided to move away
    We struggled for a baby
    and I was crying everyday

    He always cheered me up
    And he wiped away my tears
    He held me in his arms
    And would tell me what I wanted to hear

    I'd often cry and feel useless
    And tell him to find someone new
    That could give him what he wanted
    Something I could never do

    I'd always be up on google
    Trying to find out what's wrong
    While he slept peacefully beside me
    As I cried all night long

    2 years of trying
    I finally gave up
    But my body started to feel different
    So I peed in a cup

    I laughed at myself for trying
    Because I was convinced that it couldn't be
    But what's the harm in trying
    And there was clearly something wrong with me

    My nipples were so sensitive
    And I started spewing up at the smell of food
    Even my body looked different
    When I stood before myself nude

    Waiting on the test
    My partners eyes glared at me with surprise
    There were 2 lines on the test
    I didn't know what else to do but cry

    Here I lay, 6 months pregnant
    Thinking about how life just isn't fair
    I pray for all those with a story like mine
    I wish God would answer everybody's prayers...


  • introvert_milescovers 178w

    Life with PCOS is hard, but it is especially difficult and frustrating when you want to become a Mom.
    It was heartbreaking the moment I realized that it was just a dream, that it wasn't true. But perhaps that dream meant something. Maybe, it is a message that this year could be different.
    I have not lost all hope though. In God's right time, a beautiful creature will call me 'Mum'.

    #PCOS #lifewithPCOS #dreams #vividDreams #heartaches #introvert #Mom #Mum #IDontWantToWakeUp #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #words

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    It was a dream so vivid,
    So lifelike..
    I believed it was real,
    even If i'd already
    roused from my sleep.

    How I wish it was real.


  • nycevallos 189w


    I drown everyday on polluted air
    And wake up to swat the bugs I feel on my skin but aren't actually there
    I feel the earth crumbling and growing hollow from constant over use
    And forebode my decline through its core to potential drug abuse
    Falling endlessly in no general direction
    Desperation that my world is ending and I have no protection
    From family, friends, or God who I fear
    Because lately it's been hard to feel myself
    Almost like I'm not really here


  • nycevallos 192w

    Pay to Play

    I can't hold sentimental value to the moments that you will vaguely remember
    My notes on longing can no longer be addressed to selfish lovers
    In name alone
    Wanting you was everything
    Ill stop positioning you on a pedestal
    The way I positioned your body to embrace me whole
    Filled with me

    I reject your love


  • nycevallos 192w


    Aggressive intolerance to random seething rage
    I can't filter my reactions
    Or shut my mouth and let the ilogical rants thrown in my direction pass through me
    I used to be quiet and passive now I skip pleasantries into sinking my teeth into your arteries with intent to kill
    In front of so many witnesses because they have pushed me past reservations on public presentation
    I'm always in the wrong
    They wish they could have put me down years ago
    But I'm a part of this family by blood and name
    Born within violence and raised with subconcious hate
    Aware of the resentment being fed to me until it becomes an acquired taste passed down like family tradition
    My mental stability could not keep up with the uncleanliness I've endured for fear of repercussion.


  • beckyfoster 194w

    My dream
    My baby
    My bright shining star

    For years all I wanted was that positive test,
    For my dreams to come true, the moment the midwife would place you on my chest.

    Starting to believe that it may just never happen.

    Then in May two thousand & sixteen, unexpectidly, unplanned, those two pink lines were to be seen!
    Instantly in love, a love like no other.

    So filled with joy, so filled with happiness, are you a girl or are you a boy?

    The weeks passed by and my love for you grew, making so many plans for me & you.

    Life was perfect, the future looked bright.
    Little did i know, it could change over night.

    Early one morning blood could be seen,
    My thoughts going crazy, what does this mean? Holding on so tightly to all my hopes and dreams.

    But laid on the bed, staring at the screen, im sorry to say theres no heartbeat to be seen.

    I left the room, feeling empty & alone.
    Walk out through the waiting room,
    Seeing smiles all around me, when all I felt was gloom.
    Why me? I asked myself, What did I do?
    Left with my heart broken in two.

    'It wasn't meant to be'
    'Atleast you know you can get pregnant'
    'you can always try again'
    People kept telling me.

    But that was my baby, that I wanted for so long,
    I never got to see
    I never got to hold.
    Taken from me far to soon,
    To precious for this world.

    You was my dream, you was my baby,
    Now a shining star, high up in the sky.
    I will always love you.

  • wishyouwerehere 217w

    Facial hair

    The only nightmare of a girl
    I never knew why it keeps growing n growing
    I thought why i m not like others , smooth skin ,milky white complexion .these things were like a good dream which i wasn't aware of .
    I thought atleast one day someone will accept me with my flaws .
    But it never happened ..i made it my strength worked of it , took therapy now i m confident enough to walk looking at someone .every problem has a solution .