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  • sanju13 106w

    Pcod /pcos

    You don't know the pain of irregular periods.
    My mood swings suck my life
    sometimes I don't have a sound sleep
    And sometimes I oversleep with a lot of work.
    I cry all day and night without any reason.
    I'm hating for being a girl with a lot of weight gain even when I don't even eat properly.
    People give a lot of advice to lose weight than being my mental strength.

    Just my pcod level will increase a bit.
    I will have more hair on my face than on my head. I almost lost my wonderful long hair.
    My body will gain a little Weight which affects my mind. And it turns out to be anxiety, pressure, stress, pain.

    My pcod made me more depressed than my breakups.


  • intergalacticat_ 147w

    i don't feel like a woman anymore

    to see what makes you female
    broken on a screen

    to hear you may not reproduce
    and never see your own little bean

    to be told you have excess testosterone
    a thing associated with men

    to be told you can go crazy
    gives it all perspective then

    to have a stranger intrude
    in your most personal space

    to feel something scraping inside you
    that came out of a medical case

    to be told you are now at risk
    of a million different things

    to be told you have to make changes
    and more hard work now begins

    i know it's not the worst
    but i still can't help but grieve

    i don't feel like a woman anymore
    and that's one thing i thought I could achieve