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  • prem79 3w


    The soul that taught resistance against oppression
    With the weapon of truth and non violence
    Who shaped a path towards freedom
    Freedom of minds
    Freedom of nation
    Who sowed the seed of the spiritual values
    And richness of his nation worldwide
    Underpinned the moral strength that we display now
    The Freedom we enjoy now
    Whose body was punctured with bullets
    By insane zealot
    And today again they call that great man a traitor
    And the zealot a hero
    Whose identity is nothing without Bapu
    A picture of disgrace compelled to watch
    But your thoughts are still alive.


  • arshkaplish 6w

    Indian soldier

    I am an Indian Soldier
    No bomb can blast my Faith
    No Bullet can tear my Love
    I will always stand strong against the enemy

    I am an Indian Soldier
    No snow can freeze my Power
    No heat can melt my Courage
    I will always fight to keep my land safe

    I am an Indian Soldier.
    No river can stop me from progressing
    No desert can hold me back
    I will always ruin the evil plans of traitor


  • sarveshmishra 10w

    अगर शेरशाह देख कर तुम्हारे दिल में भी गुरु द्वारा में शादी करने का ख्याल आ रहा है तो बेटा वो आर्मी अफसर थे और तुम सिर्फ pubg के अफसर, लड़की का चाटा बाद में पड़ेगा और निहंग का डंडा पहले!

    पढ़ाई लिखे पर ध्यान दो IAS/YAS बनो!


  • magical_poems 10w

    This is the land of our ancestors
    Saved from that greedy predators
    Freed from the chains of slavery
    By our nationalist's bravery

    Faces of our leaders unique
    Each with a different patriotic technique
    But with the motive always same
    "To gain a free India " was their claim

    That day the birds of freedom flew high
    Far from that contaminated ground to the sky
    And they showered down their gaiety
    Their euphoria, so pretty

    And today I dive in
    The holy waters of ganga fills me from within
    And my cerebrum screaming patriotism
    And in unison to end racism

    Today my nation draped in anthem
    And in our tricolor flag of freedom
    The air filled with happy tear
    And for those fearless we prayer

    My ears hearing only one sound
    And my mouth voicing profound
    Today The Golden Bird soaring high
    In that happy clear sky......

    // Ae vatan vatan mere aabad rhe tu
    Ae vatan vatan mere aabad rhe tu
    Me jahan pe hun waha pe yaad rhe tu
    Me jahan pe hun waha pe yaad rhe tu...
    Ae vatan..... Mere vatan......
    Ae vatan.... Mere vatan.... //

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #independence #nation #india #love #patriotism #15august #poetry #thegoldenbird #myindia

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    My eyes filled with tears of happiness
    As I watch my flag soaring with dignity
    Jai hind ❤❤

  • devilfish 28w

    An American Flag

    Draped on the fresh white painted building
    In the midst of it's patriotic outfit
    A sunny day so they water the yards
    So thirsty the money they're drinking
    No masks
    Are they thinking?
    The time sand it's sinking
    Their fall is beginning
    In a summer dream
    A summer worth living

  • saral32 29w


    बड़ी खुशी है,बाप को अपने बच्चों पर गर्व होना!
    उससे भी बड़ी खुशी है,किसी का पहली बार अपने पैरों पर खड़ा होना..
    उससे भी सुखद है,बरसों से उजड़ी किसी की गोद भर जाना....
    पर सबसे सुखद है,किसी फौजी का सही सलामत घर लौट आना।।।


  • kashaf_gill 31w

    Republic day

    Lets forget all the miseries, we had to suffer
    Lets accept all the clashes we are having with one another
    Lets explore a new world beyond the boarders.
    You know why?
    Cause the true worth of smile can be felt only during the hardest time
    A lost spark can only be regain during the time of worst failure
    Our nation is facing so many troubles, so many clashes, bundle of misfortunes
    Lets give a beat to all the dead hearts
    Lets give a smile to all the crying faces
    Lets give a fragrance to all the molted flowers
    No one can destroy that nation who has a true spirit of patriotism in it❤️❤️
    All we need to do is the realization of ones potential and take a bold step towards the way of light❤️
    Just for the sake of our homeland
    Just for the sake of our beloved Pakistan

  • laxmi27 32w

    Let's not forget those lions fearlessly guarding our Mother..!..

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    The Cry of Sacrifice!

    Clad in a military uniform,
    You just informed,
    That you were back in your form.
    Setting my heart to storm,
    You were ready for the reform.
    Kissing away my tears,
    You whispered in my ears,
    That you would come back soon,
    And gift me even the shinning moon.
    Giving me a lovely kiss,
    You said you would miss.
    Years walked,
    And through letters,we talked.
    Day after day,
    I wished you were not away,
    But on your way,
    To your little home,
    Which was your sweet honeycomb.
    With longing eyes,I waited
    With beating heart,I waited
    Hoping that one day,I will be elated.
    And finally you came,
    But there was only the tricolour,
    Laying on your chest,
    That I would claim!


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 36w

    S O L D I E R.

    S-Selfless, steel-souls on the courtyard of death securing the roots of their motherland.

    O-On duty endlessly vanishing the difference between the day and night.

    L- leveraging the safety of their countrymen by mortgaging their own family life.

    D-Discipline is their forte, sacrifice their dreams so that the citizens can fulfil their’s.

    I-India being the shoulders and they are like the five stars proudly resting on them.

    E-Epitome of patriotism, every painful roar echoes ‘BHARAT MATA KI JAY' on the Indian borders.

    R-Ride on the back of death with the shroud of martyrdom around their head & forehead marked with the pious sand of motherland.


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  • ananyaa_superpoet 39w

    In My Country, My Father

    Where the land is enriched by soldiers' graves,
    And the great Indian ocean flutters its magnificent waves
    Where the blood of bravehearts gives pride to the sands,
    And the tri-colour is always saluted by young hands.
    In that country, my Father, may patriotism never cease
    And in that country, my Father, may prevail only peace.

    Where every single infant has an innate zeal,
    Serving his motherland, may be his only feel.
    Where every young mind is enlightened by valiant soldiers' blood
    And has such a determination, which can be washed by no flood.
    In that country, my Father, may there be happiness and health,
    And in that country, my Father, may sacrifice be the only wealth.

    Where each young mind stands undeterred in every storm,
    And be inspired enough, not to break any norm.
    Where every young child helps the poor and needy,
    Such should be the mentality: neither cruel nor greedy.
    In that country, my Father, may truth and honesty prevail,
    And in that country, my Father, may all say "Hail, martyrs, hail!"

    Where serving their motherland, be people's only goal,
    And discouraging corruption, they may purify their soul.
    Where patriotism and sacrifice lies in every fibre of our being,
    Such is my country! As the world even now, is seeing.
    In MY country, my Father, may the Tricolor be fluttered by every boy and girl
    And in MY country, my Father, may patriotism keep shining like a pearl
    Keep shining like a pearl!

    © Ananya Malhotra

  • kalam_ 39w

    आवाज़ उठाई नक्सलवादी बन गए
    कदम बढ़ाई माओवादी बन गए
    जनवरी में थे पाकिस्तानी
    दिसंबर आते आते खलिस्तानी बन गए
    दिल्ली से पैदल चले आए तो गम नहीं
    दिल्ली को चल पढ़े तो आतंकवादी बन गए
    ज़हर पी कर लगाया फंदा तो शान थे हम
    खा लिया पिज़्ज़ा तो बेईमानी बन गए
    पढ़ लिया जमाती बन गए
    इश्क़ किया जिहादी बन गए
    जो बीती हमपर कहना चाहा तो
    इनकी गलियों की मनोहर कहानी बन गए
    इंकलाब की रवानी बन गए
    बेज़ुबानों की ज़ुबानी बन गए
    तानासाही के सामने खड़े हैं नंगे पाँव
    देखो, हम सच में हिन्दुस्तानी बन गए


  • writers_inspiration_bureau 39w

    Happy Republic Day 2021

    Freedom in the mind,
    Strength in the words,
    Pureness in our blood,
    Pride in our souls,
    Zeal in our hearts,
    Let's salute our India on Republic Day.

  • kriti_dinesh_shukla 39w

    हमारी संस्कृती

    हमारा भारत देश अनोखा,
    सतरंगी इन्द्रधनुष सरीखा,
    हमने सीखा इसमें रहकर
    जीने का अद्भुत सलीका।

    हिन्दू और मुसलमान का,
    आरती के संग अज़ान का,
    कभी नवरात्र के नौ व्रत हैं
    कभी रोज़ा है रमज़ान का।

    सिख, ईसाई, बौद्ध, पारसी ,
    सभी धर्मों का आदर यहां,
    ऐसा अनुपम संस्कृति का
    मिलता अनूठा संगम कहां।

    संजोय बैठा अपने अंदर,
    कितनी भाषा, कितने धर्म
    पर इन सभी से ऊपर उठकर
    है इसका एक ही मर्म।

    ऊंचा राष्ट्र परचम लहराय,
    जीवित रखिए सद्भावना
    गणतंत्र दिवस के शुभ अवसर पर
    सबको परस्पर अनंत शुभकामना।

    जय हिन्द, जय भारत

  • beensn 39w


    Patriotism is a feeling, not an act,
    Nothing to do with the brain, but with the heart.
    Respecting the flag with a salute,
    Should come from within, not to be taught.
    The tri colours are not just colours,
    They speak a lot of unspoken words.
    Our national emblem preaches 'Satyameva Jayate'
    And the four headed lions symbolise power, courage, pride and confidence- jaya he.
    The rhythm of National Anthem and the vibration it creates,
    Unites the hearts of millions and binds.
    Let everyone of us inculcate the patriotic feeling,
    And work for the country and the countrymen's wellbeing.

  • arshkaplish 46w

    I am an Indian Soldier
    No bomb can blast my Faith
    No Bullet can tear my Love
    I will always stand strong against the enemy

    I am an Indian Soldier
    No snow can freeze my Power
    No heat can melt my Courage
    I will always fight to keep my land safe

    I am an Indian Soldier.
    No river can stop me from progressing
    No desert can hold me back
    I will always ruin the evil plans of traitor


  • lovely_rachana 48w


    Each Indian cried 12 years ago
    The tears from our eyes couldn't stop it's flow
    Every person was torn
    Millions of questions on themselves were born

    Those demons came through the sea
    They fears on the land instantly flee
    They killed ruthlessly innocents
    The loved the fresh blood scents
    They killed people for pleasure
    They used Jihad for these measure

    We were millions they were only ten
    But they terrified us deep in heart's den
    There were heroes who tried their best
    To save many lives they jumped out with zest
    Some of them some attained salvation
    They became the stars and got salutations

    India became stronger than ever before
    All stood united to be never again be tore
    The attack was heinous act done by devils
    But this showed us the path of rising against the evils
    It showed the narrow mindedness of Islamic thoughts
    The thought of going to heaven by killing of lots

    Hindustanis needed to understand the essence of being a Hindu
    A person who is born between the Himalayas and Indian Ocean having origin from river Sindhu
    This will make us remember the importance of purification of our mind
    And seek for the Vasudev Kutumbakam that makes all bind
    The power India showed that day has to be relived every day
    For the ones who saved lives and lay

  • lovely_rachana 48w

    She is our Bharat Mata

    You tried to break her still she stood
    Becoming your protective and remedial hood
    She stayed silent and tolerated
    All the pain with which she was treated
    Her heart is of gold and is the purest
    She comforted you and allowed you to rest
    She blessed you despite your dishonesty
    She saved you from the death quite nasty

    You tried to break her into many peices
    Still she maintained the smile though it ceases
    You used her name to get fame
    You tried to play with her dirty game
    She still protected you wherever you went
    She hid her anger and never allowed it to vent

    It's enough for her now she can't hide anymore
    The pain you gave her with each of your chore
    Will hit you back now she will stand strong
    She will now not bow down to your doing wrong
    She has the power to destroy you
    She will show her pain filled phew
    She has woken up by help of her faithful children
    She'll not allow the sacrifices to go in vain

    With each day Bharat Mata is getting even stronger
    She has decided to compromise no longer
    Those who are faithful with her will become her strength
    She can now avenge you and for this go to any length
    The ones who were traitors will now be smashed
    When truth and years of cheat will be clashed
    So better surrender yourself and beg for forgiveness
    Or be ready for your destructions after painful darkness

  • writetoexpress7 53w


    Love lies in this motherland
    Preferance to die with smile in own country,
    The smell of the mud, the essence of rain
    Is where the aura of happiness lies
    No matter how it is but it's the place where,
    I took my first breathe and wish to take the last one.
    Patriots have one religion, caste and creed
    And that's patriotism and flag-waving
    The aspiration for growth in every sector
    The impulse of fighting fearlessly for every inch of land.
    The loyalty of being law abiding
    Respect for the all the citizens
    Venture to speak against the malpractices
    Is what Patriotism is
    If you have these essence of patriotism,
    You're an authentic patriot!

  • lefthandedwriter111 53w

    I......A Soldier

    I guard my holy country's border line,
    To ensure my countrymen are fine.
    In the age of watching Popeye and Barbie,
    I decided to join and serve my nation's army.
    I learned to overcome all my sentiments,
    Soon I joined my first ever regiment.

    I guard my holy country's border line,
    To ensure my countrymen are fine.
    I live the toughest of life with a smile,
    Short hair and a moustache is my style.
    I live to die for my motherland,
    A relation that can never end.

    I guard my holy country's border line,
    To ensure my countrymen are fine.
    I decorate my self with different medals,
    Promoting my self while the time pedals.
    My duty never assures that I will survive,
    At any moment I could be found dead or alive.

    I guard my holy country's border line,
    To ensure my countrymen are fine.
    Like others even I too have a family,
    It's my responsibility that they live happily.
    I hardly get time even during my holidays,
    Even I miss those moments watching my children play.

    I guard my holy country's border line,
    To ensure my countrymen are fine.
    Wrapped up in the tri-colour is how I will go,
    Celebrate that day as if it's my final show.
    When I go just take care of my family,
    So that my body rests peacefully.

  • artsy_senior 152w

    On the ground of hell
    where heroes are made,
    A warrior bleeds
    under the battered shield.

    Limping and weak,
    but never afraid
    to press on the fight
    across the battlefield.

    Mario Dimain