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  • stellarian 3w

    #queen #truth #patriarchy #women #beauty

    Thank you @miraquill for the pod
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    She had those colourful wings
    and was eager for her flight,
    yet the sky was too high
    full of gloomy clouds,
    ready to engulf her passion.
    She stood scared but strong.
    Her dreams laid scattered
    in the garden of patriarchy
    along with bushes of violence
    and disrespectful thoughts,
    that wounded her badly
    as she picked up her dreams.
    With these painful injuries,
    and torn out wings,
    her soul got trapped in despair.

    And with this we lost another queen from being born.

  • thebhavnasaxena 11w


    The cuckoo sings on my windowsill,
    And I sit in the company of my solitude
    Thinking of home, wondering, if a box
    Of expectations hidden within a fortress
    Of steel and brick can be called one,
    Who is more alone, this cuckoo that has
    Flown far from her nest, or me, clutching
    At myself as dusk looms over the horizon,
    Signalling to me, that a monster will soon
    Knock on my door, expecting to be fed,
    I will have to yield again, but as my body
    Is ravaged, I will close my eyes and pretend,
    I am a wanderer, roaming valleys full of
    Flowers, my skin warm from the kiss of
    The sun, and in this realm of fantasy,
    I will be free.

  • yashvibansal 11w

    Shadow Colour

    I am watching the painted sky
    And painting my nails different colours
    In an impersonation.
    I painted my nails different colours
    Red and black
    They told me red was for married women
    And black was for whores who were 'asking for it'.
    And I switched to twilight
    And they noticed the multitudes in the colour
    The stars of silver
    The gentleness of grey
    The tinge of brown
    And the hue of gold.
    But what all failed to see
    Was the fury of black
    And the red of agony.

  • fizgandhi 16w

    Portraying #patriarchy

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    Meri kalam...
    Ab bas bhi kar
    Tu raat bhar chali hai
    Hogi tu ek aurat,
    Magar bhool mat yeh
    Ke ek mard ke haath me tu bandhi hai


  • bhartiiii 17w


    जिस बेटी के होने पर मातम पसरा रहता था
    फिर क्यूं बेटों के धक्के खाकर उस बेटी को दिल पुकारता है
    वंश चलाने के लिए इतनी बेटी को मारा है
    तो फ़िर वही क्यूं आज एकमात्र सहारा है
    बोल पराया धन उसे किया हमेशा पराया है
    आज क्यूं याद आई उसकी, क्या फिर बेटों ने सुनाया है?
    खुशी के ढ़ोल पीटे तुमने जिन बेटों के आने पर
    आज उन्ही लाडलों ने तुमको बाहर का रास्ता दिखलाया है
    वो जो घर की लक्ष्मी, राजदुलारी थी
    बाबा की राजकुमारी थी कर पराया उसे तुमने
    इन दानव बेटों को चुना है
    अब करो बंटवारा जायदाद का
    क्यो देखो घर? क्या सूना है?
    जिन बेटों के लिए उसका हर एक तुमने छीना है
    अब कर्ज़ चुकाओ इनका जिनको बड़ी खुशी से तुमने जना है!

  • bhartiiii 17w


    इक कर्ज़ हर बेटी को चुकाना पड़ता है
    अपने अस्तित्व का
    वो ख़्वाब में भी ख़्वाब नहीं देख सकती

  • raibhatt 22w

    You may know about the concept of 'Veer Suhagan', not 'Veer Suhag'.

  • ashmita_sia 26w


    ये कैसी दशा है तेरी सीता
    क्यों ये पुरुषो के समाज का साया है
    ये कैसी दशा है तेरी दुर्गा
    किसने चुरा लिया तेरा त्रिशूल?
    ये कैसी कहानी रच रहा है
    संसार की परम्परा

    ना कोई शर्म जानता है
    ना कोई हद मानता है
    ये तुझे मर्यादा के वस्त्र में धक कर
    उसे खुद ही उतरता है ।

    ये पुरषों का समाज क्यों तेरे
    कंधे पे रख बंदूक
    पीछे खड़े होकर
    खुद को मर्द मानता है ??

    क्यू इनकी भीड़ ने
    किया है तुझे अकेला
    कहां है तेरी सेना?
    कहां है तेरा त्रिशूल?

    तू रच अपनी कहानी फिर से
    ये तेरी भी मिट्टी है
    ये तेरी भी मिट्टी है।।

  • phosphenes_ 27w

    A certain part of me was not aware,
    denied it all, denied that the Lucifer was among us , resting while flaunting his mischief. Hues of entity faded, bedeviled me.
    Reality traped my conscience, leading to a bitter truth contrary to a newer vision of protest within me.

    #pod #wod #empower #patriarchy #miraquill #writersbay #writersnetwork @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay @aastha_bhowmik @barasiya__

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  • entanglednerves 27w

    The Moment Her

    The moment her confidence starts flowing like a river
    The moment her limbs gets moving as swift as the sound wave
    The moment her ambitions skyrocket and are voiced
    The moment her hardwork begins reflecting her formidable 'Self'
    The moment her craving for having more fun becomes more evident
    Is the moment when "He" would start spilling the colors of a Loser.

    - Shivin

  • zaarun 30w

    Itna mard bana kar rakkha hai humay
    Aurat ko samajhne ki salahiyat hi nahi !

  • chandrimas772 31w

    Hoisting the Flag of Feminism
    on Social Media
    is appreciable!

    But ! Not Raising your Voice
    for it in your own home
    even after witnessing
    abuse and
    violation of rights, is unjustifiable !


  • thebhavnasaxena 31w

    ##Inspired from the life of Elizabeth I, an attempt to speculate the inner workings of her heart.##
    @writersnetwork thank you for Editor's choice ��

    They kiss her shadow
    Out of reverence,
    Their heads bowed down
    With respect,
    They kneel to be knighted,
    Their eyes lowered in deference,
    They dare not take her name,
    For she is Regina, and her name
    Holds a special power.

    She has been put on a pedestal,
    Worshipped, as if she were a
    Goddess incarnate, but in all
    Her power annointed and divine,
    Can she compel the Goddess of love
    To smile upon her?

    #queen #virgin #whore #dichotomy #hypocrisy #patriarchy #feminism #character #sketch #love #desire #passion #power #throne #war #people #life #feeling #perspective #shewrites #followme #poet #creative #readwriteunite #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersofmirakee #poetsofmirakee #writingcommunity #poetrycommunity #freeverse #pod #wds #writinglife #quotes #poem #mood #thoughts #diary #writersbay #mirakeeworld #woman #masks #history #inspired #penportrait #wod

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    She is a woman too, with a heart
    Beating, crying out for love, it too
    Wants to be ruled by passion carnal,
    But their eyes never look into hers,
    Even as they clamor for the coins
    That come bearing the likeness of
    Her face, she is a woman too,
    Her heart fancies a dalliance with
    Romance itself, but alas, in the
    Dichotomy of this world, she
    Is forced to choose masks,
    The virgin or the whore,
    The throne is too small
    To hold the multitudes that
    She must hide, because in the
    World of men, kings have conquered
    Lands and women alike, but a queen
    Must let go of desire, to hold on to power,
    The virgin is the one her soldiers
    Follow into war, the whore is
    The one trampled upon, war or no war.

  • piyushalbus 33w


    बच्चों की परवरिश और अपने सपनों के बीच,
    अब भी उसका ये संघर्ष जारी है,
    यहाँ माँ होना कठिन तो है 'नफ़्र',
    माँ होकर सपने देखना उससे भी भारी है।


  • jazbaat_aur_zindagi 34w

    Walk down the aisle

    A walk down the aisle towards him...
    Wait, why is it always towards him?
    Why can he not walk towards me?
    Why does he walk towards the place of marriage while I walk towards him?
    It is as if he is stands on the pedestral first to be the centre of my universe and I, like a moth walk towards him like flame.
    Let's walk towards the pedestal together, be the centre of universe for each other. Let's just be free from the framework and construct our own world not to restrict anyone but to grow.

  • poetrybyvi 35w

    The Heritage of Patriarchy

    "You can't go out after 6",
    said the master of the house.
    The father. The leader. The captain.
    Why does it have to be this way?
    Why men dominate women every time?
    Why it is always the woman who has to sacrifice and not the man?
    Is it because he is the breadwinner of the house?
    But women can do this too!
    It's just that they aren't allowed to go out.
    Is it because it hurts the male ego?
    Yeah, maybe. Or we can say most definitely.
    Almost all Indian traditions promote sexism.
    They demand the sacrifice of the female for the happiness and well-being of the male.
    Is it worth it?
    Not letting someone live the life of their dreams and restricting them.
    Always being the one to make the decisions.
    Controlling them.

    Heritage is the inheritance
    which is bequeathed to us by our forebears
    and also what we transmit
    to our future generations.
    Patriarchy is a part of our heritage but is it necessary to celebrate it?
    Is it necessary to pass it down to our future generations?
    What we need is equality, understanding, freedom.
    Feminism doesn't target men.
    It targets patriarchy.
    It targets toxic masculinity.

  • sicklypoetic 36w

    An anology -
    fathers and daughters

    I once saw a man
    strong, broad shouldered
    caught in a storm.

    Had I not seen him
    with his delicate umbrella
    I would have thought
    the fierce howling winds
    would gently brush past him
    out of respect for his might.

    But his floral umbrella
    gave away the gentle soul
    that was underneath
    the firm exterior
    and so the clouds
    followed him
    unperturbed, unafraid
    constantly flipping over
    the umbrella
    with incessant rain.

    Him and his umbrella
    in the storm together
    seemed to me like
    the father daughter duo
    one trying to hold
    the ground for the other
    while the patriarchy
    the systemized traditions
    battered her
    and that who held her.


  • in_fragments 37w

    "I am your volcano girl,
    your dream devil,
    the angel you can set on fire.
    I am your most inviting chimera,
    your most ferocious nightmare.

    The fire from my thighs
    and the fire in my eyes
    are pyroclastic.
    My climax floods over the land
    and everything hardens
    into rock. I insist that I burst
    with whatever I want to,
    whenever I want to,
    be it enmity or euphoria,
    grief or explosive joy-
    I will feel everything,
    and so will all of you.

    I am woman.
    Centuries of women
    live inside of my bones.
    You have burned me
    since the discovery of flame,
    drowned me, buried me alive,
    defiled me, assaulted me,
    murdered me,
    underestimated me
    as nothing more than a toy,
    a piece of meat to dangle,
    a lost animal to brutalize.

    We have now
    been Resurrected,
    and we are engulfing your planet
    in our lava.
    No one else can control the flow,
    we are all-powerful and equal
    in our destruction.
    We are coming for you.
    I know you can see it,
    and there's nothing you can do
    to hold us back anymore.

    The wrath of its woman
    will bring this nation to its knees.

    I dance my ways
    for the male gaze,
    as you bellow and howl
    and grab pieces of me,
    like my body is a buffet platter
    only for you to consume.
    I make myself meek,
    a misplaced little girl
    happy to pick up
    any scrap of "love" you can give.
    I will favor you, follow you,
    make you feel in control,
    and then...

    I will rip it all out
    from underneath you,
    as I swallow every one of you
    in my painful inferno, watch
    as you writhe, your skin
    as it peels away like wet paper,
    your eyes as they melt
    out of their sockets like soup,
    what's left of your manhood,
    your body, your dominions, reduced
    to nothing more
    than piles of smoke
    and blood
    and ash.

    Little do they know,
    they will soon be suffocated
    by their own sicknesses,
    and the world we once knew
    will be obliterated
    under miles of rubble.
    We will form a new earth
    to replace the old,
    and the frame of reference
    will belong to women,
    giving us the space and support
    to design secure lives
    and reclaim the bodily freedoms
    we have always deserved."

    A girl can dream, can't she? Lol.
    #pod #poem #volcano #fire #woman #patriarchy #feminism #life @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Volcano Girl

    I am your volcano girl,
    your dream devil,
    the angel you can set on fire.
    I am your most inviting chimera,
    your most ferocious nightmare.

  • redamancy 46w

    A man who is not a man

    Clutching hand from behind,
    Everytime he lied,
    Saying no is not a word to be heard
    This is how he had seen this world.

    Beating hell out of her body in night,
    He gift her flowers in the morning.
    Things to be cared of is lying in the corner,
    Sobbing and thinking where it went wrong.

    Showing courageous heart to the world,
    Doing hideous work in awe.
    He admire himself as if
    Like a warrior's sword.

    Steping out without his concern,
    Like a invitation to the devil of death
    Admitting one's own fault.

    Her only role in his life is to
    Curing his tiredness and
    doing stuff as much as asked for.
    This is what he got as lessons
    before entering in her life.

    Receiving prize on the stage,
    He says " I AM A MAN _____"
    what she heard only is


  • jes_lyn 47w


    Faces were filled with pity after having a glance
    At the newborn girl's innocent visage
    As she tossed, turned and cried on the hospital bed
    And tried to see her happy relatives over her head

    Her parents' countenance was filled with pleasure
    Of having a nipper, their very first treasure
    But her relatives were sure enough to bet
    That the bairn wouldn't grow up to be an asset

    Her parents would have to collect money and worry
    To sell her off and pay some dowry
    Since some paper notes are all she's worth
    Her parents are expected to work hard since her birth

    Even while selling old newspapers, money is received
    But a woman, worth nothing, is sold for free
    From birth till marriage, she's addressed by whom her father is
    And then she takes her husband's name, till eternal bliss
    She never has her own name, home or rights
    Cos' women are nothing more than daughters, mothers and wives

    On the occasion of the arrival of a guest
    She'll run in home and serve what's best
    She can never prioritise her life or career
    Cos' she was born for someone else and not for her

    She burns like a candle for others, day by day getting shorter
    Leading a hopeless life, for all her dreams did she slaughter
    With a similar upbringing, she ruins the life of her daughter
    For she teaches her that women are men's objects, to be played with
    Who should behold silence even if abused, raped or hit
    And due to partiarchy, a woman is deprived of her dritt

    She's expected to cook, clean and do all the household chores
    She can either do it voluntarily or she's forced
    Cos she'll have to serve the man with whom she walks around the marriage fire
    The one who'll have the right to snatch each of her desires
    She'll keep mum because she's forced​ to digest
    That a woman is no more than a man's object