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  • sahil_poet 1h


    Darasal yaha koi apna nhi
    Sab moh-maya ka jaal hai
    Koi khuda nhi
    Koi sathi nhi
    Koi pyar nhi
    Koi apnapan nhi

    Yaha sab kuch
    khudke liye
    khudko hi ban na padta hai,

    Pareshaan hai insaan
    dusron ki mohabbat paane ke liye,
    Ek baar khudse mohabbat karke toh dekhe
    Puri kayenath palat jayegi uski

  • sahil_poet 2h


    Kaash bhool paate hum
    Apne beete kal ko
    Magar kya kahe
    Us hi kal ne
    Toh hume
    Aaj jeena sikhaya hai


  • khan_tanzeela 19h



    The rose petals in my journal have dried into shades of brown and your photographs in my drawers haven't tasted air for years now. I also put away the gifts in a cardboard box, along with the greeting cards and letters.
    I don't know why I am still keeping them? All I know is I couldn't muster the courage to destroy them. I cannot repudiate the connection I feel with them. It feels like I am locking them, like I locked my feelings for you. And waiting for them to disappear oneday, like I wish for my feelings too.
    I may sound effusively sentimental, but I don't have heart to exterminate them. So, I left them there locked and out of sight.

  • shivangij 22h

    Silent Love

    Love like silence is sometimes too comforting, Especially when you have been subject to chaotic wars in past going on

    The relief from those voices and faces in past coming,
    Which feels and continues to hurt you and hollow you deep down

    You know these words turn into war of emotions crumbling,
    Wants to break this chain or trying to get rid off anyway upon

    But these words just right into your head fighting with heart going,
    It eventually affects your self as you cling on

    Just hook yourself and make yourself a free tag,
    For others even ones who ripped you in past within

    These people hurt you and the one who causes it going,
    Comes up again and ripp you off like hell within

    Making you worst than you ever thought it going,
    Just value yourself and stop going to them on

    Just feel nothing about them when sometime special come along,
    And values you of who you are within

    Feeling that soft side of love unknown to you going,
    Inside you and let it be silent instead of waking upon

    You feel like world if that person is imaginary to you be comforting,
    With the silence of love you have for him within

    Cause you know that love is going,
    To show eventually later on

    To that person in terms of disguise going,
    Inside you as you without contacting person even

    You protect, look for his good and do what you can be doing,
    For that person in the silence of letting known

    Cause actions speaks louder than words as we see going,
    To live on and so silence in love is precious to have on.

  • khan_tanzeela 3d

    New Beginnings


    My dark past, akin to nightmare,
    Intruder chokes me, like a Snare.
    It keeps me up all the night,
    Burning my eyes like a Lignite.
    Weeping galores of rain like a cloud
    Recalling all the vows that we vowed.
    But today I decided to vanquish it all,
    And Conquer my fears that led to my fall.
    All the pain and agony I've been through,
    Which is trapping my soul like a sundew.
    Sewing all the scars that I've got,
    Smiling through pain and a broken heart.
    For sure it will be a hell of a ride,
    With just me and no one by my side.
    Yet I know I will be able to surmount
    Even if I have to pay a hefty amount.

  • moonwrite 3d


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    Past times

    I feel sorry for my past sometimes,
    I don't feel good for all my mistakes and lies.
    I wish that may I can live again it,
    So,I do better and not again failed it..
    I always feel guilty for what I done,
    I still living waiting for light of the sun..
    I know I can't change the things I done,
    But I can make better what I have to done.

  • trix_itgirl 3d

    That's what this is.
    Will believing in you make me relive or relieve my past troubles?


  • paridhi_k 4d

    Many reasons for heartbreak

    The pain cascades the soul and mind
    Reminiscing the days gone by
    Even if they were sometimes painful
    It was the last time I was carefree...

  • 7th_manu 5d

    So many are trapped and crawling there.
    #past #nostalgia

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    The Past

    Everyone is capable to revisit the past, silly
    Not everyone got the strength to come back.


  • rhythmsofheart 5d

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    For a second

    In the middle of the passage
    It striked
    To stop for a moment
    Not for the footprints left behind
    Not for the unexplored way ahead
    But to look at the present landscape
    Full of ups and downs
    You chiseled it
    So for a second
    No regrets.

  • _gkishu 1w

    and one day past will recur but this time it won't hurt like before because you have grown stronger.

  • backstorypoetry 1w

    When you have the right person beside you, it's going to be a great journey, no matter the stones that you are facing in the way when you walk on it.

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    It takes enormous courage to be real and authentic. But you'll never be hated by the right people while being real. Being real filters out the fakes and reveal the right people...

  • tamilselvan_kandan 1w

    How Am I Now...
    I can't hold someone platonic
    I can't even hold someone✨to be in my life❤️
    I can't also hold someonewho wanted to be in my life
    All I Do Is Resent Everyone
    Not because of Hatred towards Life
    But The Fear Of Pastwhich may repeat
    If I Move On Forward⏩


  • _writer_at_heart_ 1w

    Past and punishment

    What's the whole point to regret, when what we did was according to 'the then person' we used to be ?
    What's the whole point to regret in order to punish oneself and live in adversity, when what's gone is past and past can not be revert through any switch ?
    What's the whole point to regret and feel guilt or sadness from the bottom of your heart, when now you know what could have been done rightly ?
    Were you perfect since birth and expect yourself to commit nothing wrong and act always flawlessly and wisely ?
    Regret for a lot of reasons,
    And ofcourse we must.
    But once you are done ,
    Stop being a slave of it anymore then ;
    As you ought to welcome your new version,
    who learned and experienced from it, atleast something!

    Pondering over past and taking lesson from it is all right but ;
    dwelling in past,
    residing in the cage of regrets, failure, sadness or anything that holds you back, is making you its slave and not a warrior.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 1w


    My dear yesterday, I do not curse you or bear any sort of regret,
    As I couldn't dance on the beats you played, my feet were not aptly set.

    I ceased to gain control over my self, slipped over the greasy roads of emotions,
    I diffused scents of trust blindly even after being pricked with the cacti of betrayal and dejections.

    I would rather consider you as a bunch of pebbles I innocently stumbled upon,
    An institution where I had learnt to fall and rise by myself, dance with bleeding innocence stamping upon each pricking thorn.

    If you weren't an enormous ocean dark, deep, scary and full of challenges,
    I wouldn't have been able to dive deepest and emerge out as the strongest with adventurous experiences.

    You are a part of my life, I can't rewind, edit or delete but I'd cherish you as a bundle of precious life - stories,
    Dark segment of yours noted as life - lessons and silky one safely secured in the diary of beautiful memories.

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  • rhythmsofheart 1w


    Where eternal clock chimes
    About ecstasy of living
    Rather everywhere
    Mourning voices are singing
    The last song

    In this arena
    Could find one full of life
    Rather everyone
    Is buried in the unknown future
    Full of lies

    Where the present is a subject
    Could find a ruler
    Rather everyone
    Is ruling in the past and future
    Which is nowhere.

  • rutuja_rj 1w

    Shy you know, one day you shall realise that all you ran after was too futile and all you left behind was worth holding onto for lifetime but then it will be too late to trace back the path and pick all you dropped in the way.
    Tide never goes back and so time never comes back. Once you lose it, you won't be able to regain it. Even if sometimes life gives you second chances, the chance never comes again with the same excitement and awards. Something somewhere would be still missing even if you take that second chance.
    Just remember sometimes,
    The moments you were into but didn't live,
    The days you had but never enjoyed,
    The people you had around,
    The person you left in search of your destination.
    You forgot the journey,
    because you never lived the journey,
    while looking for your destination.

    Yet trust me,
    Journey was more beautiful than the destination. You reached your station,
    but left all companions somewhere in the middle, might be they were waiting for you to come back, and may be they are still waiting.


  • thepapervoice 1w

    Past?¿ Or rust‽

    Thoughts turned into prison
    I was faded out without reason
    And I was fed up with this lesson
    My past was running behind a person

    Every single moment with you
    Every single smile of you
    Every look of you

    Every single drop I save for you
    Every single smile that fade from me
    Every single slit in my brain
    Every single cut on my hand !!

    Sometimes something will teach some

  • miriel_oye 1w

    Dry Eyed

    The sky has a secret message for those who believe in phases. One day you can be full of black clouds that bring you rain and other days, you will be clear and blue.
    Sometimes the sun will sprinkle some orange hue on you, other times it glares a pale yellow of disapproval in your face.
    Mama learnt this the hard way. That life worked in stages. While sometimes it gave reasons to soar wings across the blue expanse, It also sends lightning across grey clouds that burn the wings and remind mere mortals of their place.
    It seemed, from what I recall, that the sky always wept when Mama was alive. When they placed her into calloused hands that only knew how to draw heaps and harvest yams. When she writhed in agony and pushed out a replica of her- dark eyes and matted brown hair. When the hands that caressed her turned and kissed her face with slaps.
    Sometimes, just sometimes, the sun would peek through the darkness and the oranges in our garden would brighten up, but then roaring clouds roll in and choke out thriving seeds of joy and satisfaction.
    Ironic. That the moment Mama faded like stars in broad daylight, the sky watched dry eyed and the sun stayed for longer.

  • loftydreams101 2w

    Scorched Wilderness

    From a pulse,
    Once bright colors run
    Pooling in the mud
    In the cooled rage of dusk
    Just a few mortal words
    Ring out into the shadows
    They too fade fast
    Swallowed whole
    By the long buried screams of kin
    A brittle soul gives way
    In their scorched wilderness
    Their mute plains roll onward
    Outward and ashen

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.