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  • manojkhandal_ 2h


    Khawabho ki duniya kuch u sajai aapke sath...
    jiske ek pal me hmm the or dusre me aap kisi or ke sath......

  • marathi_shabd 2d


    हवेचा झुळूक आहे
    पण त्यात तुझा सुगंध नाही

    हसतो आहे येथे, पण
    तुझं हसण्या सारखा छंद नाही

    मी आहे जसा; तसाच आहे, पण
    का? मी आज, बेधुंद नाही

    उत्साही असलो जरी, पण
    तुझं सोबती सारखा आनंद नाही

    मी शरीराने जरी येथे, पण
    माझा जीव त्यात बंध नाही

    हृदयाचे ठोके जरी सुरू, पण
    चालतात थोडेसे ते मंद काही

    हो सुप्री तुझं शिवाय
    माझ्या हृदयाचा अनुबंध नाही.

    ©ग सु देवकत्ते

  • abhiiupman 1w


    जिसको भी चुनो, किसी ऐसे को चुनना जिसकी संगत में बेहतर हो सको क्योंकि तुम्हारा साथी तुम्हारे लिए बाधा नहीं, प्रोत्साहन होना चाहिए।
    अपने आसपास देखो - लोग दिनभर लड़ते हैं और रात को एक रजाई में घुस जाते हैं।

    संगति बहुत बड़ी चीज़ है इसी से तुम्हारा चरित्र निर्माण होगा इसलिए ध्यान रखना। बचपन में अच्छी दोस्तों की संगत जितनी ज़रूरी थी उतनी ही अच्छी संगत साथी की भी होनी चाहिए, जो आपका व्यक्तित्व बेहतर बनाने में सहयोग करे।


  • uttam_ausat 2w

    मैं उदास नहीं,
    बस उनकी आस है |


  • malik_irfan13 2w


    "Trusting is too trustworthy".


  • kthakur 2w


    महोब्बत महोब्बत होती है..
    न वो बताई जा सकती है..,
    न वो जताई जा सकती है...,
    बस वो ताउम्र निभाई जा सकती है..!!
    I think that..!!
    You know...?

  • mch_randomthoughts 3w

    Leave it

    When you argue with a person
    And he/she does not seem to
    Really get your point
    Sometimes you say, Leave it.
    If the person becomes upset or sad
    That you said it, get this-
    This person deeply cares for you...
    Giving feedbacks and making them
    See your point is a lot of work
    But you should be willing to do it
    Because this person wants to be
    A better companion to you
    Treasure them, value them...
    Correct them with love

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  • sruty_dey 4w

    I crave not a lover, but a warrior.
    Who gonna fight by my side against all odds,
    Be with me for what I am,
    Not just for physical attributes but beyond,
    Who gonna try and understand what my poetry says.
    Stay interested in my thoughts, opinions.
    I don't want fancy pictures,dates,
    You by my side on a couch would do,
    Sex is over rated ,Take my head on your shoulder,
    Help me calm down the storm in my head,
    Kiss on my forehead,
    Slip on me the blanket.
    Sex is over rated, put your head on my hand,
    Hold me close and sleep.
    Be with the dark loneliness in me.

  • terrain_thoughts 4w


    Fall in love and be lost with someone who is like hell of a hurricane ..........

    but seems like beautiful morning after stormy night.... ️

  • preeti_writes 5w

    Wedding, the most auspicious relationship of a human...#weddingday #love #life #wedding #proposal #marriage #partner #ring #kiss #silverbandofourlove

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    The silver band of our love

    My heartbeat stopped seeing you that night
    Well dressed in a black tuxedo, with that broach that I gifted you
    Oh my, you never forget to put that on, it swells my heart everytime.
    I see you, with those twinkling ocean blue orbs of yours walking towards me
    A shy smile adorning your face
    With baby steps you walk forward
    Your fingers fidgeting, a red hue crept on your visage.

    You clear your throat before getting on your knee, that smile not fading away
    My mind clogged , pupils dilated and my heart thumping against my rib cage.
    'What was coming next?' All my confusion faded away when I heard those magical words.
    "Make me fortunate, take my name and marry me for the all your upcoming births, your love made me insane"
    The exact words still ring in my head, When I wake up in the middle of the night and watch you breath beside me on our bed.
    I still feel those ticklish sensation remembering our wedding day
    You marked me yours with that silver band and
    Sealed our love with that kiss on my hand.


  • gullu_gupta 6w


    Jante hain ki ham apke itne kabil nhi ki aap hame apni zindagi ka hissedaar banalo...
    Per itni gujarish hai apse ki kuch bna sako to n chutne wali ADAT hi banalo...

  • voices_as_thoughts 6w


    And again back into my head
    Intentionally keeping away from you to feel your absence and need you the more.
    Well, so far reality sucks and it's pretty much over-populated.
    Here, it seems the public is a white noise to privacy
    there is no love without a partner
    and there is no true love with a partner.
    Here, alot of conspiracy is going on about you,
    some say you are influenced by drugs?, depression?, past?, fantasies?
    Pfffff all from the normal fiddled mind that only sees what's below the nose.

  • toshu9 7w


    Hrr raat beet jati h ik savere k aa jane se, din bhi nikal jata h suraj k dhal jane se.. Ye jahan roshan sa nazar aata h tere nazar aane se.. Khil uthti h prakriti ye, teri sundarata k nazrane se...
    Iss jahan ko sada yuhi roshan banaye rkhna, prakriti ko sada yuhi khilaye rkhna.. Teri muskuraahat hi chahiye h iss sansaar ko apne shringaar k liye.. Ik bss tu muskura de aur kya chahiye iss Yaar ko apne yaar k liye...

  • toshu9 7w

    Aankhon ki Gehrayi

    Teri aankhein bhi kitni alg hain,
    Mera Dil padh leti hain,
    Baat agr ho srf padhne ki to main jane bhi du,
    Prr kambakht ye to padh kr use smjh bhi leti hain... ❤

  • toshu9 7w


    Yun to milte h musafir kayi faqat raaste mein,
    Prr uss ik shaks k intezaar mein dil kahi gum hai,
    Yun to muskurata hua chehra liye firta hu darbadar,
    Prr wo mann ki khushii kahi gum hai,
    Tu aaya hai meri raah mein mujhe khud se milane ko,
    Aj muddaton baad kahi aankhein meri nam hain,
    Bohot si aankhein padhi maine pr mere dil mein utar na paya koi,
    Gehrayi mein meri jhaank kr mere dil ki padh liya tune mera mann hai,
    Aj khada hu tere darr pr liye muradein kayi,
    Tere sath ki khushii h, chehre pr hansii hai,
    Dil se aj muskura raha hu, ab fikr kaha kisi baat ki,
    Tujhe pake khud ko pane ki Ore badh rhe ab mere kadam hain...

  • hybrid_ammai 7w

    Getting a life partner is normal but lucky are those who gets someone who does act before we say by knowing our heart like a mother.


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  • good_soul 8w

    Devotion of a Mother,
    It surpasses all the other!

    Her love is an Ocean
    Of which we aren't worthy,

    Her cries are full of emotions...
    Her anger is just Her blissful mercy.

    Her care is an immense Galaxy
    Her affectionate words are it's bright stars,

    Her sixth sense is an evidence of Her majesty!
    All the Perfection in this world is rightly Her's.

    Her Universal Form is Eternal
    She lives in each and every heart...

    All the love in this world is merely maternal!
    Without Her presence, everything would go inert.

    She incarnates Herself as per a man's needs
    All Her different forms are eptiomes of Love...

    All Her life She sweats and She bleeds...
    Her Natural Affinity for him is all above.

    She's born as a Sister,
    But a Saviour for life...

    As Supportive as the elders,
    As Innocent as a child.

    She's there as an Aunt,
    Always ready to sacrifice...

    When Mom is what we want,
    She's always there in Her disguise.

    She's coupled as a Lover,
    A Perfect Partner for life...

    Sketching his life with each and every colour,
    Being a Recharger, at times when he's dried up inside!

    She's a humble holy Cow,
    Providing Her children with milk...

    But they don't even mumble a sorry, they don't even bow...
    Before slaughtering thier own Mother, Who's Heart is as soft as silk!

    She's present there as Lady Nature,
    Pleasing us with Her wonders and beauty!

    Weeping everyday for the loss of each and every creature...
    She's being torn asunder, everyone has forgotten their duties.

    She's bearing us as Mother Earth,
    Oh! How we've become Her cause of burden...

    How badly She is trying to converse...
    Oh! Only if we so kindly hearken.

    Go out searching for Love,
    There's only one personality you would discover...


    The Love of a Mother...
    Is supremely above than any other.


    #mother #love #mom #maa #motherlyaffection #motherearth #mothernature #sister #aunt #lover #wife #partner #cow #krishna #motheryashoda #yashoda #vrindavana #goloka #god

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    M a a

  • stutiprerna 8w

    Choose your life with someone who defines your happiness