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    Part 2 is here

    Thanks for your support in part 1

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    Rotten leaves and dry twigs
    Replaced by tenderly and fleshy
    Green hued ones
    A new home and a new beginning
    For those starving birds
    Who sit on their deathbed
    Of starvation and thirst.
    A new morning for everyone
    To start a calming peaceful life.


    Spring, a season of vibrant emotions
    And the desire to sit by the bank of the river
    Watching the colorful butterflies swarming by the feet
    Showering drops of happiness
    In every whimpering family
    Of the land
    Tarnishing memories of poverty
    And filling them with ecstasy

    // hyacinth//

    The smiling hyacinths
    Planted in the curtains of sunlight
    Freshly singing from their houses
    Accompanied by fleshy green full leaves
    I only sat by there
    Gazing up at them
    Playing a soft flute to their
    Tunic singings.


    A word that cannot
    Be described in the season of


    The soft aroma
    Produced by those
    Lavenders and lilies
    Made my day.


    Chirping birds
    Their soft chirps
    Take my heart out to them
    As I race towards those beauty
    My eyes smile
    Without my face showing

  • _flow803_ 2w

    Struggle Part 1

    Rent was due since the 1st, ain’t paid that until the 25th; the 1st coming up again, and they gone tax me by the 5th. / Feeling blind, deaf, and dumb , woke up barely able to feel the breath in my lungs; I ain’t a pipe, I’m a diamond but I will be glad when the pressure is done. / Last night my AC blew, up outta the blue; just got off the phone with my landlord said that it’s nothing that he can do. / No emergency funds to put my family into a room; last night to stay cool we all had to sit in the front room. /

  • ashwininargundkm 5w

    Memories are a part of life
    Expect not for life
    Expect for the bad time
    Not life


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    ज्योतिष शास्त्र शायद हमारा भविष्य दिखा सकता है लेकिन उसे बदल नहीं सकता।

    मौसम पूर्वानुमान विभाग शायद मौसम का भविष्य बता सकता है लेकिन उसे बदल नहीं सकता।

    विज्ञान कितना भी आगे बढ़ जाए पर वो मुर्दा इंसान को जिंदा नहीं कर सकता।

    अच्छा है ना कुछ पावर ऊपर वाले ने अपने पास ही रखे है वर्ना इंसान खुद को भगवान ही समजने लगता।


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    Just a Vichar


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    After few months their new session started ,this time with different streams .Many times they both came face to face of each other,both were acting like they don't know each other and also were very casual,but inside they were very much in love with each other.Once the boy tried to talk to girl but one of the mutual friend was creating misunderstanding between both of them ,that mutual friend always tries to make both of them stay away from each other so they didn't talked to each other for more two years ,both of them were trying in their own way but nothing happened.After School was completed then social media reduced the distance between them they cleared everything and confessed their love toward each other ,when they were telling each other everything that time they cried they laughed they blushed becoz they were telling all to stupid things which they both were doing to see each other to talk to each other and now they both are together .........with the special bonding......

  • rim_gor 7w

    हम एक दो बंगला या कुछ एकड़ जमीन के मालिक होते हैं फिर भी पता नहीं उसपे कितना हक जताते हैं और घमण्ड करते हैं,

    पर अच्छा है ना जो पूरी सृष्टि के ही मालिक है वो उसपे हक नहीं जताते और ना ही उसका घमण्ड करते हैं।


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    Just a Vichar


  • mansidubey_14 7w

    "Departure "

    The story started with the birth of
    a middle class boy
    and a middle class girl.Both of them were living their
    lives in their own way.But the time comes
    when they both took admission in same
    school .Still they were unaware of their destiny.
    After two years they got same section
    and still life was going normally.After
    few months they became friends ,
    then they became very close to each
    other but something went wrong
    with the girl and she decided to leave
    him and let him focus on his career
    becoz she didn't wanted to become reason
    of his spoiled life and got separated and
    started their lives again.......

  • rain_e 7w

    What happened next (1)

    I was smiling
    Coz I didn't know how to react
    It was a bit forward
    For you to come up and directly ask

    I thought it was all a prank
    That his people had said to pull
    Otherwise why would he
    Come all the way to
    The corner of the room

    Well there ,

    I was hiding
    Coz those faces felt unknown
    You know whats funny
    that , At one point we were in same school

    I just couldn't fit in
    That brand new atmosphere
    Everyone was talking , laughing
    Doing things a bit too odd
    I guess they have changed a lot
    But I was still figuring things out

    You were watching
    Watching from the start
    Don't know what you want
    Back then and right now

    It was a bit awkward
    For you to just stare and smirk
    I mean literally there was nothing
    That could work amongst us
    Won't lie I was nervous
    Being in same room as you were

    You knew still came up
    Asking to join you guys there
    As it was completely fine
    For me to stand next to your side
    It did make people talking
    I guess you always liked the attention
    But I cared about my feelings
    I tried to walk away but he .......

    To be continued

  • sandy9730 9w

    #Part 1 # sandy9730

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    Jajbat (part 1)

    Jajbato ka ek bojh dil par lekar chal rha hu

    Teri rah tak raha hu kab aayegi vo patjhad,

    savan ke din tujhe dekhne ke liye naina taras rahe hai.

    Kuchh is kadar bekhudi me hu ki teri yado m

    savan ke gane ga rha hu .


  • roheet 10w


    हर बार में ही गलत क्यों?
    हिस्सा तो तुम्हारा ही हूं आखिर।

  • senorita191711 11w


    The girl who was gone to unconscious condition had gone into coma .
    The mother who was unconscious on the police custody gain concious and she also got her mental stability back as she got a hard hot on her brain.

  • a_world_of_her_words 12w

    Sometimes silence are exhausting
    It feels like your inner voice is killing your soul
    But in the head you imagine
    How loud would you cry and yell
    If that voice became reality
    You hope that someone will understand that brutality
    You won't be able to stop that heaviness to explode
    All the pain will came out in form of tears like flood has blown
    At the end you will have nothing to tell
    I hope that emptiness will be filled with all the love and care.


  • barbietocatwoman 16w

    "Hey, are you okay?"

    I open my eyes. She's right beside me, careful not to touch my new artillery.

    "Ready for my next modelling job, baby!" Ahhh, shit eating grins. My favourite defense mechanism.

    Huffing, she walks into the room and takes my face in hers. "You don't need to worry about anything. It's all being taken care of."

    "That's what you said last time."

    "Well, you killed three guards since then, The Morrigan have what they need and you're pretty much expendible at this point." She kisses my cheek. "Do you know the amount of power taken to imprison you? I don't know what you did exactly but the first sister's got an eye hanging loose. That's all you. So no, I don't think they'll keep you alive for much longer. You're not worth your trouble."

    "You hated me once; now you protect me like a newborn. Aren't you the least bit afraid? The guillotine still stands strong. Infact, I think I heard a mother and daughter sing a hanged man's song."

    "That's the thing. I always had this thing- against feelings. Though I don't feel that way anymore. I don't know when it happened exactly...might be the day your blood was boiled in the tub. Something snapped in me that day and I realized. You're what's wrong with me. You're the reason I could never bid this filthy place goodbye."

    I stare at her as she shuffles her feet till she has no other option but to stare back.

    "Come here."


    "Babe...get over here." Slumped shoulders as she shuffles over. I lay my head on hers and breathe in her poison.

    "This won't end well for you either way."

    "Do what you have to."

    We are so, so screwed.


  • distilled_thoughts 17w

    Chop, chop, chop;
    Snip snap,
    I cut and chop all day.

    Sometimes tomatoes coat me,
    Sometimes onions make me cry,
    Sometimes its the pungent garlic.

    I am the first stop for all recipes,
    The prep place for veggies,
    To get in size and shape.

    As soon as my job is done,
    You push me aside,
    To my designated corner.

    From there I watch,
    The sizzling fry pan,
    The steaming pot.

    I observe the recipe made,
    The silenced chopping board,
    After doing its part.


  • ecstaticangel 26w

    Mysterious Man ( part 2)

    All the four arrived at the pizza hut corner, " Sushmita Di, we are glad that you have made out your time for us" said Nina smilingly at her. " My cute little sisters are in the town and I wont come to meet them, how can that be possible? Come girls, your Abhinand bhaiya will come in himself let's get inside and take a seat" replied Sushmita who is presently Abhinand's girl friend and his would be wife. After taking a seat the girls were busy chatting and taking their selfies every now and then. Abhi arrives and takes a seat besides his girlfriend. They make an order of large pizza and soft drinks and waits for their food to arrive.
    Nina secretly delivers to Sheetal about the unknown message and they exchange their looks with worry and concern. Suddenly a message pops up again on Nina's screen which was ofcourse from an unknown but this time Nina hesitated to pick up but after a few minutes of tumultuous thoughts she opened the message revealing " hi Nina, I can't believe how gorgeous you have become,you are looking amazing in that black crop top and the blue jeans, wow my darling just wow" she went awestruck after reading this message which is clear that the person is somewhere around.... So she started looking around with a keen eyes to make a guess who might be the stalker but then another message arrives "oh dear don't look around for me, as I am here around you as well as I am no where.... I am anonymous "....

  • preranarathi 27w

    पहली मुलाकात

    आज तुमसे हमारी पहली मुलाकात थी,

    ना जाने उसमे क्या बात थी| 

    ना कोई रिश्ता था तुमसे हमारा,

    और ना ही कोई पहचान थी| 

    फिर भी इस दिल ने कहा,

    कि एक दफा तुमसे बात करू,

    बस एक दफा तुमको जान लू | 

    पर हमको क्या पता था,

    कि ये दिल तुमसे इस कदर जुड़ जाएगा,

    खुलेगा बातों का ख़जाना और,

    आँखों से दरीया बहता जाएगा| 

    जन्म -जन्म का तो पता नहीं,

    मगर इस जन्म में हमारा साथ चलता जाएगा| 

    भले हि ना रहना तुम साथ हमारे,

    मगर तुम्हारा अक्स मेरे साथ चलता जाएगा| 

                            - प्रेरणा राठी  

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    Why I don't deserve him!

    His firmness to not to take my stand
    His arrogance to dominate every discussion
    His thinking that I take his advantages
    His ego that he can do everything
    His misconceptions that he keeps me happy
    His laziness that he wants to fight with me over chats
    His unwillingness to call me and know my whereabouts
    His attitude to make me stay in solitude
    His unthankfulness for my efforts
    His beliefs for my trustworthiness
    His efforts for his stability
    Makes me think and set my mind


  • vaibhavgupta05 30w

    Somewhere b/w(part-3)

    Somewhere between
    Shouting out on her in the public
    To Correcting her in private,
    We all men grew up

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    ज़माने से ना कहो के उसने की है बेवफ़ाई ।

    मैंने तुम्हे बताया था रमन तुम्हारे हिस्से में मोहब्बत नहीं ।


  • mishti__ 32w

    Warning - This writeup contains mature theme and strong languages.
    Please be advised that ,This writeup may contain content which might be upsetting to some readers.

    P.s. - I'm tagging the people who read my last post. As in its 1st part. Thank you for your comments on it.

    �������� - part 1

    Time goes faster than we expect it to and the same goes with my situation. It's been a week since I met Harvey Salvatore. Oh, my sincere apologies. It's been a week since I kissed Harvey Fucking Hot Salvatore. I feel like it was just last night. I can still feel his big soft lips on mine. Which tasted of sweet yet sour oranges. Believe me when I say, I can never forget what he tasted like. That kiss really meant something to me. I might sound crazy but, genuinely when his lips touched mine, I felt a connection with him. Today me and him, we're going on a date. Yeah, the one he asked me about that day. He called me two days later, after the party about the date. He asked me if I'm free this Saturday. And today is Saturday. We're going out this evening.I'm getting ready now. More likely sitting on the head of my best friend, Blair Lorenzo. She's Italian. A total pain in my ass but also my comfort zone. Our parents are best friends too and that's why we have known each other since we were in diapers.

    "Sofia, will you just come over here and let me fix your hair and makeup?" asked Blair, after getting annoyed.

    "B, will he like it? I don't think that a crop top and denim shorts is a suitable outfit for a date. Do you think that this is perfect?" I asked Blair after freaking out like a lunatic.

    "Trust me Sof, he'll love it. He said you to wear casual like you do daily and that is what you're actually doing." said B, making me feel comfortable.

    I nodded. B, was right. Harvey didn't even tell me where he is taking me to. Yet, it was clear to me that it is not some fancy restaurant. Off-course, a fancy restaurant needs a stylish fancy fit. Anything but nothing just casual. I am usually very punctual. But this date was worth getting late. I don't want to look perfect for me. I want to look perfect for him. I've already lost my confidence and I don't even know if he'll like it or not. What if I fail this date? What if I mess up everything? I was feeling intense and nervous. A huge wave of thoughts and questions was running in my brain. All of a sudden, I heard the doorbell. I don't even need to open the door and see who it is. I knew it was him. My breaths started getting heavier. I didn't have the guts to answer the door, so I asked B to do that. I heard the door opening. As soon as I heard his footsteps, I started feeling more and more queasy. This isn't my first date, but I just can't stop feeling that way. I can hear them giggling. Good, they're already getting along. He came to my room along with B. And then Blair left the room.

    I was all alone with Mr. Harvey Fucking Hot Salvatore. And even the thought of me being with me alone, makes me feel and think amorous. Shit! He's moving closer. My body is already on fire. Control yourself Sofia, we've a date together, remember? He came more close. He was barely a foot away. Ahh! He scents amazing today. A little different from the last time though but nevertheless I like it. This time he smelled of a fresh and woody fragrance. Fresh and sensual and enhanced by White musk. The hell of this cologne! It kind of turns me on. I want to experience more of him. He looks charming and perfect as last time. He looks a bit more hot because today I can see his muscles. That T-shirt is barely covering it. God! He came closer and it felt intoxicating as fuck.

    "You look beautiful,Angel." He complimented me lifting my chin up to his face and my body shivered in hi touch with a sudden blush.

    "Let's go, shall we ?" He all of a sudden spoke while I was busy admiring the view.

    I gesticulated again. He took the lead and we went downstairs. We arrived at the parking. There was his luxurious car standing over there. 'Fisker Karma Hybrid Car'.

    "So he's into sports car." I thought to myself.

    He opened the door on opposite of the driver sit. He was suddenly doing all the date formalities.

    "After you, angel." He said later, after opening the damn door.

    He went on his side. He sat on the driver sit. Holding the steering. Making himself comfortable. He then started the car and when I was deeply lost in my thoughts. We already left for our 'destination'.


    Hey guys. This date was a huge imagination by me. So I've narrated it into 3 parts. So this is the first one , hope you enjoy reading. Do look the way they met in my last post. This part is like 2nd chapter to that one. Will definitely like if you read and like it. Don't hesitate to comment your opinions. I won't mind.

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    DATE - PART 1