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  • raghavendrabs 5w

    Paroled Thoughts

    Heart lamented while brain stood cold.
    Love was long lost but life moved on.
    A book, a song, a trigger and then those thoughts were paroled.
    The pain returned stealthily but it was “supposedly” long gone.

    Mistakes recounted and analysed deeply.
    Questions and doubts fighting a deadly war
    “Maybe that’s why that happened with me!”
    And several other thoughts, some even bizarre!

    Every little fight relived a million times,
    The hurtful words thundered and echoed!
    The reminder of turning a blind eye to all those signs
    Which were a stroke of luck or probably some wisdom from God!

    Despite the differences and all the fallacies,
    The heart never blamed and still lamented.
    The brain had watched and learned through the abnormalities.
    Though the brain reasoned and was devoid of emotion, it was ironically called “cold-hearted”!

    Raghavendra B S