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  • jaytcampbell 5d


    Born of a queen
    So you too shall be
    A large cup of her
    A few dashes me
    The moment I met you
    A moment of bliss
    A lifetime of waiting
    Has granted me this
    You are the greatest love I've ever had
    The joy of a lifetime
    Love always, your dad



  • hinsfn 3w

    ये चोरी के इंद्रधनुष
    ये लूटी हुई तितलियाँ
    बेशक लौटा दो
    उधार की ये बिजलियां
    ये रंग बनावटी किसम के,
    दिखावें की मानो
    है होठो की इमरतिया
    ये बचपन की लूटेरी
    ये रंगो से भारी शीशियां

    ये कोयले की धारिया
    उधार की ये बालियां
    गालो पे जो ठहर रही
    किराये की है लालिया
    जो मुफ्त हुआ करती थी
    वो मासूमियत की उबासियाँ
    वो गुडियों की ख्वाहिशें
    किचन सेट की टी-पार्टियां

    कहाँ गई,
    वो दो चोटियो की उलझने..
    आचार की वो बरनिया
    रुक्सत हुई दरवाज़े से
    वो बचपन की मासूमिया
    वो फिसल के कभी गिर जाना
    कभी गलती कभी शैतानिया
    जो पूछे कोई नाम तोह
    बिन दांतो की हँसी लुटानिया

    पर अब ये,
    ज़िकर पुराने हो गए..
    ज़िकरो को कांधा देती है वीरानियाँ
    पुरानी यादों में याद से वो दिखते हैं
    काले बालो में लिए सफेद वो धारिया
    पेड़ वही अभी है खड़े
    बस रंग बदल रही है डालियाँ
    लूट रहा है माली इक तरफ
    परवाह कहा करती है,
    हवा पूरब वालिया..

  • star_angel 21w

    Parents love

    People say this world will never be in your favour!!!Everyone can cheat you,but I said there is someone in this deceitful world who can't even think to cheat & they are our parents..!!

  • sicklypoetic 28w

    An anology -
    fathers and daughters

    I once saw a man
    strong, broad shouldered
    caught in a storm.

    Had I not seen him
    with his delicate umbrella
    I would have thought
    the fierce howling winds
    would gently brush past him
    out of respect for his might.

    But his floral umbrella
    gave away the gentle soul
    that was underneath
    the firm exterior
    and so the clouds
    followed him
    unperturbed, unafraid
    constantly flipping over
    the umbrella
    with incessant rain.

    Him and his umbrella
    in the storm together
    seemed to me like
    the father daughter duo
    one trying to hold
    the ground for the other
    while the patriarchy
    the systemized traditions
    battered her
    and that who held her.


  • extorris 39w

    My Son...

    I dont know who you see when you look at me, i hope you know everything i do, is to be a family.

    I don't know what you think of me, i hope its not of ire or greed. The long hours i work, the time i spend away... I hope you see are righteous deeds.

    I taught you to speak, nothing in comparison to what you've taught me. At times i fed you while i struggled to eat, but i kept you from being on the streets.

    I will provide you with a better life than what i provided for myself, learned from my experiences what to do with no help.

    You wont ever see the vision of rotting meat from hand to teeth, you will never be so cold you can hardly breath.

    I love you my child, with every pulse my heart beats.


  • are_you_mature 45w

    Maturity is, when you realize that one day will come when you have to live without your parent.

  • deepflowsoul 48w

    I hope to provide a life that is full of possibility without the heartache of demanding a remedy.

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    My role as a future parent won't be
    To dictate and mold to relate.
    They will be an honor to create!
    I hope to provide them with all the tools,
    And allow them to follow what they choose.

  • raghavendrabs 48w

    Many times parents, especially Indian parents, forget how their words affect their children. While imbibing good values are important, it’s equally important to make sure your child isn’t feeling claustrophobic and lost with a lack of parental support!

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    Confessions From An Indian Parent

    My words can cut deep but why should I care ?
    You’re born thirty years after me,
    Whatever I say, you should calmly hear.
    If you protest or retort, I take offence even on the plea.

    I always think for your own good,
    So my baseless accusations still mean something.
    You can never do anything about it, even if you wished you could,
    I can get away with this, it’s love and care but if you did the same, it’s disgusting!

    My experiences, half of which are exaggerated and spiced up to life,
    Are meant to educate and be an example for you.
    Regardless of how much effort you put in, irrespective of your strife,
    I’ll still be pleased with the neighbour’s kid despite your breakthrough!

    I define your set of responsibilities,
    While I happily ignore mine.
    I can claim helplessness but the society has a watchful eye on your capabilities
    You can be a dutiful child but I still have reasons to whine!

    There’s no way to escape from this scrutiny,
    I’ll call it “trying to perfect you in every way!”
    I’ll ignore all complaints of yours, of how your thoughts have a mutiny!
    I am an Indian parent and you, my child, are my prey!

    Raghavendra B S

  • themayrohh 51w

    I always wanna be the best version of my self for that proud smile...


  • myabea 53w

    First Surgery

    Today you have a surgery
    I'm shaking in my chair
    It hard to be away from you
    When you're all alone in there

    With hope, I close my eyes and pray
    Sending positivity through the walls
    I know that you will be okay, I'll be right here when you call

    Your bravery is astounding
    I'm proud in every way
    You walk into each challenge with a smile upon your face

    My child, this world is scary
    But you've got armor on your heart
    I know that you'll grow stronger with each and every scar

  • pallavi4 55w

    Walk by me

    For every time you gave me hope
    For every time you paved the way
    For every time you set an example
    For every time you were a shinning ray
    For every time you wiped my tears
    For every time you made me see the light
    For every time you fended for me
    For every time you made a bad day bright
    For every time you stood by me
    For every time you sheltered a fall
    For every time you gave me courage
    For every time you foresaw it all
    For every time you shielded me from pain
    For every time you saved me from a fight
    For every time you made me laugh
    For every time you made me see the light
    For every time you waited up for me
    For every time you gave me space
    For every time you filtered troubles for me
    For every time you brought a smile on my face

    I am because you chose to walk by me


    8th of November, 2020

    Pic credit: writersbay

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  • lundi_ncuthu 55w

    Her love

    Growing up I thought,
    She never,
    Loved me because,
    She never,
    Shielded me
    From the storms of life,
    Like other
    Mothers did their children.

    But now that she's
    No more,
    I finally understand
    The true depth,
    Of her love
    For me.

    She was preparing me
    For times like these,
    She knew,
    A day would come,
    When she's
    No more,
    And no one to shield me,
    From the same storms.

    I never grasped,
    The true magnitude,
    Of her love,
    And kindness,
    But now I know
    And I wish,
    I had known before
    Death took her
    Away from

    As she kept telling me
    That one day,
    I would understand
    And now I do,
    And thanks to her
    I have the means
    To survive.


  • _onic__ 56w

    From the heart of a difficult child

    I've a lump in my throat 
    And it chokes me everytime I wish to speak 
    I thought I could cover up white lies 
    Save you 
    Protect you 
    But I have let you run free,
    Drown in your own mischief,
    Asphyxiate and die. 

    I've all my wounds open
    You pretended to be the one stitching them up
    So I lay for quite some time 
    Watched you prick and poke me 
    Watched myself bleed 
    Took your hand to my heart
    Bore your stab... 

    You smiled as I squealed in agony 
    You laughed as you deceived me 
    Unscrupulous, unfaithful 
    Intimidating , bewildering 
    You are an enigma
    A product of conflicting emotions 
    Still I've wished for all walls to break
    I've wished for all clouds to disappear 
    I've wished for one last ray of hope
    I've wished for your soul to attain peace
    I've wished for gods to rescue you 
    To uproot poisonous saplings from your mind

    Mind... because I know it's not your heart that is sick
    Your heart cries and yells,
    Feels the pain,
    understands what is humane.
    So I will only pray for your sick mind.

    And I'll carry the lump in my throat 
    For whatever time I can
    Till you heal, till you see
    I'll carry my faith 
    For whatever distance I can
    till you decide to finally join me 

    I know... I know... I know 
    You'll heal. 


  • de_ife_7 59w

    Oct 12, 2020

    In this life we have found ourselves whether we like it or not there are some things we mustn't do, some people we mustn't hurt, some sins we mustn't commit. Honour your father and mother so that your days will be long. My days must be long so what choice do I have, even when you are called a fool just smile, walk away yes I said walk away Now For whatever you say will be used against you in the court of LIFE of Long LIVE

    My heart shall discern the true love of itself, O thank God I am free, free from curse, free from plaque . Ife you will live long, Ife you will be happy, you will be GREAT, you will not beg.
    In JESUS NAME I have declared. Amen


  • yanmife 63w

    A father isn't the Y-chromosome donor neither is the mother the nine-month house of a foetus.

    It means something bigger, something greater than having a blood match.


    © Yanmife

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    The only titles that still has to be earned

  • ritermathai 66w


    Dare you evade my confidence with your words and tarnish it?
    Building self has been a demanding journey and has been fruitful at last
    But fell short in some places lacking a charm and grace to keep pace
    Nevertheless I smile at my day pursue what comes down my way
    Head held steady with my eyes occasionally darting towards the ground
    I look back to the years when I felt lost, you were nowhere to be found
    It's hard to forget the days when I tried to befriend you, all in vain
    Sought a guide in you not to lead to a meadow, but to learn to walk a path
    A pathway not leading to great treasures, but one to not stray off too far from
    Like the north star is oblivious to the lost beings on earth it guides to safety
    Your cloud of thoughts blocked your eyes from seeing me lookin up at you
    I'm accountable for my fails, but I wished u were by my side then, holding my hand
    A kind word, one positive affirmation, a declaration of love, I longed to hear
    We still have time to work on things, but you had 60 years to make up your mind
    I just hope you give some of the remaining time, to have faith in my journey.

  • psychologygirl 71w


    How parenting and mindset are correlated.

    Suppose your child is a flower and you as a parent is the farmer. (You need to take good care of the flower as it’s your asset)

    lets take condition 1 with flower 1:

    Flower : I am not able to stand in strong winds. I am weak, Hence I should give up!

    Farmer 1: Don't give up without trying. You must give you 100% first and than leave it on the results to decide. Even than you didn't get success its fine because you tried.

    “ The situation remains worse for the flower (there were heavy rains, burning sunlight and winds) but the farmer keeps on adding the ‘ manure’ of motivation”

    RESULT= The flower blossoms beautifully leaving behind all the difficulties. WHAT STRENGTHEN THE FLOWER MORE IS THE MANURE.

    Now we’ll take this pleasing flower to farmer 2 and check his gardening skills.

    Flower : Do you think I am able to bear fruits now? Can I ?

    Farmer 2 : It all depends on luck, You may or You may not. Everyone here is competing, giving their 100% but not everyone taste success. Choose something easy which is attainable for you.

    “ The situation once again become worst. Other smaller plants started growing and taking away the nutrients. Competition increased. The farmer was busy in watering the flower only and neglecting the core problem”

    RESULT= There was no proper care of the flower. The flower looses strength and was no longer colorful. WHAT WEAKEN THE FLOWER MOST IS NO MANURE.

    As a Parent all of us wanted to give the best advice to our children. You can see above how dealing with the delicate flower makes it more colorful or dull. All you need to do is keep adding the manure called motivation, No matter what. Your job is not only to water the flower but also to check the issues.


  • kkk786 71w

    बडे़ होते ही अपने माता-पिता से कहना है मुझे
    ऐ मेरे खुदा ! आज से सपने आप दोनों देखिए।
    और उन्हें पुरा करने की जिम्मेदारी मै लेता हूँ।।

  • bisht_kanchana 73w

    वो माँ ही है
    जिसने हमें मुस्कुराना सिखाया
    वो पिता ही है
    जिसने इस दुनिया में चलना सिखाया
    तो फिर क्यूँ छोड़ देते है उनको हम बड़ापे में
    क्यूँ नही बन पाते हम उनका सहारा ����

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    बाज़ार में इंसानियत की कीमत गिर गई
    नज़र नीचे करते ही इन्सान की नियत गिर गई
    निकाल फैकेते हैं औलाद अब माँ-बाप को बाहर
    जैसे ही उनके हाथ में वसीयत गिर गई..!!
    ©bisht_ kanchana

  • chiragchaudhary1985 76w


    Ek shwet sa
    Ek sthirtha ke sath
    Ek asthayi shareer
    Ek gandh se bhara Ghar
    Murda ghar Ko darshata hua,
    Ek shwet sa
    Ek shwet kapde mein
    Lipta hua
    Ek vyakti hai jameen par leta hua.

    Kya hua
    Jo ye mrit paya gaya
    Kya hua isko
    Aisa jo hatsa hua.
    Kya ye khel yahi Tak tha
    Kya ye khel yuhi khelna tha.
    Ek sawal ka bawaal samne
    Uske parivaar k samne khada tha.

    Maa ki kokh
    Ne roya
    Baap ke kandhe ne
    Woh apar bojh apne bachche ki arthi ka
    Bojh dhoya.

    Kya hua jo ye anarth hua
    Je isne khud
    Sabke armaano ka anth kiya
    Kya hua
    Jo khud ka dukh
    Sabki khushi ke aage fika pad gaya.

    Kyu ye bacche
    Khilte kudte
    Ek shwet sharir sa paya gaya...