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  • _gk_07 8w

    When you come as a guest in my dreams,
    I could see the cerulean sky in your eyes,
    Hypnotizing me to a parallel universe,
    In a city we never were.

  • sethiffied 14w

    I've got a ticket to the sunshine avenue.
    It won't take us to Bellevue.
    But don't worry I got you.
    Anywhere is crazily beautiful and warm with you.

    So whoever you are or wannabe.
    Wherever you are or wannabe.
    Even if you don't want me, nor crave for me.
    I just want to send out my love for thee.

    Hoping I'd catch your footsteps
    Hoping your face appears in my sleeps.
    Or is it too much to wish for your shadow in my doorsteps?
    Believe me, just a whiff of your smell, I'd be in my quick steps.

    Will I ever be with you though?
    Or maybe I'm just chasing the afterglow?
    Well, even if we have uncertain tomorrow,
    I'll look for you in the myriads of thoughts as I rest my head in my pillow.

    #openletter #paralleluniverse

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    Lover from another universe

    I got my awkward rhymes
    and quirky lines
    Hoping you'd crack a smile
    Even for a little while.


  • writers_ink_ 22w

    Maybe in a parallel universe, I am meant to be with you..because this ain't happening here with all this pain and suffering

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 22w


    The quote has been wisely put forth and told,
    Everything that glitters is not precious like gold,
    Reality has no market and fakeness gets easily sold,
    Beautiful appears each lie till the truth doesn't unfold.

    We come across perfect couples on social platforms,
    Setting unrealistic couple goals and impractical norms,
    Creating an intense need to have a flawless relationship,
    Young generation follows blind - folded, without a skip.

    The tender age, too innocent to see the truth behind the curtain,
    Thus, drug abuse, rapes, suicide & like problems become certain,
    It should be hammered deep into their immature brains,
    Glamorous life of social media bears numerous invisible stains.

    What appears heavenly to the lens of a high - tech camera,
    May be cacti, dolled -up to appear like some exquisite flora,
    Let our expectations don't swell believing on such reels,
    It's nothing more than a trap, peace of your mind it steals.


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  • ayush_kd 23w

    If not in this world, I hope I'm living my dream in another universe.
    Maybe we shared same tea when we met for the first time.
    Maybe we met again soon after and held hands instead of just chatting online.
    Maybe we met often and explored the campus together.
    Maybe we really went to Jama masjid together.
    Maybe beauty does not lie in the mind too, but heart.
    Maybe we never slept that night and went to park to sit under the night sky.
    Maybe we kissed that night.
    Maybe our stars were aligned there.
    Maybe we haven't stopped talking.
    Maybe the feelings were reciprocated.
    Maybe I wasn't called salt, but honey ._.
    Maybe we watched Masaan together.
    Maybe we listened to 'Sajni- strings' together.
    Maybe bhang hokkah holi wasn't the only holi spent together.
    Maybe I wrote more poems for you.
    Maybe you got me 'little hearts'.
    Maybe you sent more of your singing recordings.
    Maybe I could read more from you.
    Maybe I kept writing.

    Maybe we are together, in that parallel universe.

    #multiverse #paralleluniverse #mirakee

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    maybe in another universe we are together

  • dreamer_from_unknownplanet 23w

    In a parallel universe ,
    The sun rose up from the west
    And maybe we could still be friends .
    In a parallel universe ,
    Our promises were never broken
    Or time would have stopped
    In parallel universe,
    I would be writing a love song about you instead of a goodbye letter
    In parallel universe ,
    The moon lights up to spot the truth
    To spot true love starting to bloom
    In parallel universe,
    I could have stayed beside you

  • themoonandthesun 23w

    Don't ask why?
    I have no idea. This is so lame
    #lame #cringy
    And if you find it cringy, yup! It is.


    "I Carry Your Heart with Me" is a poem by EE Cummings. If you haven't read it. Go read it first! Like right NOW!

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    In a Parallel Universe

    A dripping dragger,
    Next to the 3d butterfly,
    Barb wire around the skull,
    Along with angel wings on fire
    Tattoos on your body
    Intrigued me
    Lured me close —
    To touch you
    Trace along the lines

    Amidst the drops of rain
    The sunbeam dancing on your skin
    A hypnotizing poison to my eyes
    Unable to look away, I stare
    At the work of art!
    The canvas that you called skin?
    My eyes leave a lingering touch

    But once every while
    I search for your heart,
    The truth
    Amidst the skin l look for bones
    The real, my sweet
    Lying in my haven
    Forgetting the unforgettable
    I try and touch you

    A poster
    Next to my bed
    You, picture that I named
    Sam? Sameer? Hulk?

    In a parallel universe
    I would be a prince
    And you my princess
    I would carry the tattoos
    And lure you in

    In another world
    I would sing
    //I Carry Your Heart with Me
    (I carry it my heart)//
    And not
    "I carry your poster with me"
    (I carry it in my heart)

  • the_impeccablebarsha 23w

    en arriere the void blanket
    pertained to the mystic cosmos
    Swirled the fulgent milky way
    Surrounded by the transcendental quarks
    drifting effortlessly
    In the paranormal cosmic arena.

    la-bas the incredible milkyway
    mounted an occult super massive black beast
    devouring the petite asteroids, dwarf stars and the meteorites
    traversing it's event horizon
    beyond gravitational lensing.

    My shuttle was engulfed
    by the demonic hunter which raged with hunger.
    Twirled, swirled, twitched and flicked
    by the creases of the amorphous labyrinth.
    With a premonition of getting
    Crunched under it's singularity.

    But God's grace on me!
    Conquered by the serendipity
    I plunged into a murk warm hole.
    My thoughts hovered around
    the bubbles of Multiverse
    Emerging and vanishing at once.
    I discovered a part of it.

    Far beyond an illusionary dream
    "A parallel universe "

    Where the giant nasturtiums
    were a part of an orchid there
    ruptured under terpsichore.
    A Brobdingnag star,
    That twilighted their cosmos
    Was indeed the day for them.

    Thousands of red glittering blazing sun
    defined their dusk and night
    With darkness and serenity.
    And a dual moon
    shone in fulgence.
    The conjoined twins partially human and animal
    Bifurcated from their haunch
    depicted that of an earthly demigod
    Were indeed humans there.

    They devoured fire
    And engulfed zephyr
    To quench their thirst
    And soothe down the burning appetite.
    Cognizant in dark magic spells
    They turned dismal into halcyon.

    Be it my predicament or my manoeuvre
    Something outlandish ran over my veins.
    Water dripped down my arteries
    And my drop of tears were blood.

    It was the parallel universe
    That conjured me with its aura
    Drove me to berserk.
    All I realized was,
    I was in one of the bubbles
    Which was going to disappear.
    I wandered " I was alive"
    After a wrathful turmoil.


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    Multiverse Bubbles

    Amidst of the Multiverse
    there exist a parallel universe
    Having a non-pareil aura
    With no place for masquerades
    Canopied with heart elations
    Synchronised with symphony of the ever soothing euphoria.
    Monotony wafts to inferno
    And the sillage of semraldo
    Spills like a twilight
    Touches all heart as the dusk
    Seek valediction.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 23w


    Caressed the dream of serving Indian borders, young eyelashes' bed,
    Wrinkled lashes aspired to see her as a doctor though,
    Neither her dreams shed nor parents' wish bled,
    The doctor now proudly heals the wounded soldiers under sun and snow.


    *INSTA HANDLE: sword_of_word_86.*

    #multiverse #universe #paralleluniverse #wod #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersworld #writersnetwork

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  • rupestral_flower 23w

    Poetries find vegan substitutes for non-veg subtitles,exposing wounds in humid expressions.

  • manisha_rameshbabu 23w


    I wish atleast in the parallel universe
    Somewhere in some form
    We exist together

    I wish atleast in that multiverse
    The law of attraction works
    A little deeper

    I wish atleast those alternate galaxies
    Would answer all my questions
    That the universe failed to answer


  • skyhigh01 23w


    Stardust saga
    Peddles in tandem
    Rise fall sluggish black hole
    Parallel Romeo subdue shadow
    Lit up the ante
    Mimic muser
    Lantern heart
    Holds tightly
    No light to pass
    Laugh gently
    Eluded poker face
    Plumed celestial celebration
    Paradoxical meander
    Cuddling river petals
    Floated at par
    Slinky upside down
    Destined devotee of seamless cosmos

  • chinu27 23w

    I talk to the moon in this universe,
    Maybe to eradicate my loneliness
    by having another partner who is alone.

    The other me in another universe,
    shines like the sun,
    and loves to be alone.

    We both are same but still different.
    Is this why we are like parallel lines,
    always close, but still never meet each other?

  • khan_tanzeela 23w

    Life in Parallel Universe


    I wake-up in the middle of nowhere,
    To a singing nightingale.
    Gentle breeze dancing around,
    Calming my anxious heart.
    I vivaciously looked around,
    My heart burst with joy.
    I got the whiff of the same aroma,
    That I have been longing for.
    When I took a deep breath,
    That woodsy Cologne melt me.
    There You stood, tall and stunning,
    Smiling that enigmatic smile.
    Carrying bright glint in your eyes
    that shines like a burning Lignite.
    As I was going to touch you,
    My morning Alarm went off.
    I wonder, if this would be my life,
    If the parallel universe does exist.

  • anushhkaaa 23w

    In the parallel universe, Love is an absolute liberation under the roof of oneness.
    They have the basic human right to love beyond the illusionary walls of caste, religion, or gender.
    They know the true divinity of love.
    It's a heaven where no one decide or teach about whom to love.
    Where thousands of love stories can breath in all the comfort and justice,
    Where they aren't destroyed in the name of manipulation, God, or societal norms.


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 23w


    My soul gasping through the bridge of this tiresome life,
    Choked feels my existence, suffocation is what I inhale,
    Breaking open this witchy crystal jar of struggle and strife,
    It wishes to be freed and penetrate a novice universe, parallel.

    Like a bubble floating in air accross the multiverse,
    Offspring of an effervescence, blend of each blessing and curse,
    My soul would wander to reach in the magical realms,
    In search of realities being beguiling than the dreams.

    Where love is the only GOD to whom heads bow and truth, most saccharine,
    Where beauty sheds through each heart, nothing physical aura mean,
    Where hues of affection spread like an aurora in the skies,
    Negativity is myth, universe is ruled by the gravity of positive vibes.

    Where the rainbow of fortune emblazon our days,
    Moonbow of ecstasy with the clouds of affinity, all night plays,
    Where the woodland of peace is spread, we walk bare-footed carelessly,
    And all that breathes co-exist in the garth of life, harmoniously.

    Then a thought striked my mind and I felt enlightened,
    The crystal jar which my soul wishes to escape can only be opened,
    By the pious hands of Azrael, the one who'd accompany till coffin,
    Why not we endeavour to drill a whole of humanity and let the fresh air of love in.

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  • shivangisingh04 23w

    Hey guys! I don't know whether it makes sense or not?
    But I hope you all will like it ❤��
    Do tell me your reviews!

    #wod #pod #paralleluniverse #ceesreposts @writersnetwork @mirakee

    May be In a parallel universe
    Before hurrying into a relationship
    We will first try to know each other

    May be In a parallel universe
    Instead of getting attracted by my face
    You will fall in Love with my flaws

    May be In a parallel universe
    I will be as important to you
    As you have always been to me

    May be In a parallel Universe
    You will be sensible enough to prioritize me
    And I won't have to beg for your time

    May be In a parallel Universe
    Instead of fighting and being toxic all the time
    We will sit and try to understand each other

    May be In a parallel Universe
    You will have the surety about what you want
    And you will only have your eye on me

    May be In a parallel Universe
    Instead of dying to meet
    We will take long walks ,travel, kiss and cuddle whenever we want

    May be In a parallel Universe
    We will meet again and spend our forever
    Where ,There will be no You and I
    There will always be Us !

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    May be in a parallel universe


  • _fallen_angel_ 23w

    Lost in the abyss,
    my poetic soul.
    In a parallel universe,
    Or maybe a black hole.

    Or maybe a black hole,
    Discovering new versions of me.
    An entity unsung,
    An alternate reality.

    An alternate reality,
    the truth be told.
    Wholesome space, time & matter
    A multiverse to behold.

    A multiverse to behold.
    Where me & myself parallelly glide.
    As infinity unfolds,
    Me & Myself as tiny specs, may eventually collide.

    #multiverse #wod #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #wordporn #poetry
    #poetrycommunity #cosmic #paralleluniverse #alternatereality

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  • jee_tu 25w

    बात गहरी कह दी हमने

    और वो सतह चूम के चल दिया

    वो क्या है कि उन्होंने अभी तक

    ठीक से तैरना नहीं सीखा


  • sisya_frida 30w

    Mikro Kosmos

    Dia ingin merengkuhnya;
    Karena di dalam dirinya terbentang
    mikro kosmos yang tak pernah mampu ia mengerti
    Tapi selalu menawan dan memesonanya

    Kotak pandora;
    Sayangnya tak semua tentang permata dan berkilau
    Yang tersimpan, yang dianggap berharga
    Jika cemerlang saja tanpa gelap bagaimana bisa memukau?
    Hei! Ini dirimu juga! Lupakah kau padaku, sisi Iblis dalam dirimu?

    tak ayal menyeretnya, jadi tawanan di dunia janji dan nanti
    Bergegas nyalakan api, sekamnya yang tak pernah mati
    Wahai Alice, besar dan kecil ukuran bukan jadi acuan!
    Masihkah kau menguntit kucing iseng yang menuntunmu dalam wahana tanda tanya
    Masihkah kau di sana tertawan, diserang pasukan hati dari pencinta yang terlanjur patah?

    Hutan tropis dalam lebatnya benak, tempatnya terjerembab terhenyak. Sangtuari yang lahir dari ledakan besar. Seperti itulah bintang gemintang lahir dan binasa. Serupa itu jugalah dia mencari konstelasi bagi tujuan. Pertanda dari Bintang Utara

    Satu lagi rahasia yang tersimpan
    Hanya dia yang tahu
    tentang keajaiban dunia kecilnya
    Di malam gelap gulita kan terlihat
    cahaya aurora penerang langit selatan
    Pelita dalam luas samudera ketidaktahuan
    Menuntunnya bijaksana