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  • bouncy 54w

    A lazy one ��
    Many more happy returns of the day @sarcasticbong
    Could you BE anymore O.L.D.E.R?
    Oh!.My!.God! It's your B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y.

    Thanks for always being there��
    #paradoxbong 12:30pm 18/06/2021

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    He is the piece of rhymes
    Stitched together by metaphors
    And glued together by the
    Sweetness and hardness
    Of his coffee, early morning

    He has this tendency
    To fall apart suddenly
    But he is created by the verses
    Strong enough to gather
    All tattered pieces and
    Put them back together

    He is paradox
    He is happy but
    Write things that choke to death
    He's lazy yet ambitious
    He can't figure himself out but
    There's a storehouse of positivity
    Within him that shines bright
    Though there's depths of misery
    There's calmness, music inside

    He reminds me that
    There are still good human in world.

  • bouncy 63w

    @sarcasticbong I can write and write yet not get short of words to describe you. All I wanted to say is THANK YOU AND SORRY.

    @writersbay You know, you gave the right person. Thank you soo much bay �� #paradoxbong #weekendc 16.04.2021

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    On a winter evening
    When I walked past the dark streets
    Having no idea of where and why
    You guided me as the moonlight
    And I discovered a part of me which
    I never knew existed in me
    Every night, the firefly producing
    bioluminescence that passes by,
    asks about you and I tell her

    "He is a collection of paradoxes
    Controversial wreck and a classical mess
    Around dozen personalities in one
    Who is predictable in his unpredictability
    A poet in relationship with rhymes
    Who lives in a cozy world called metaphors,
    Walls decorated with cursing verses,
    Furniture that bleeds pain"

    "Wait! Is he a satan?" Firefly interrupts me.

    "No! He is no sarcasm sarcasticbong who is as hard as the moon to own but the silvery luminance he produces is for the universe to own."

  • bouncy 93w