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  • suu_writes 2w

    I’m a Paradox

    I’m a Paradox. I want to be happy, but I think of things that make me sad. I’m lazy, yet I’m ambitious. I don’t like myself, but I also love who I am. I say I don’t care, but I really do. I crave attention, but reject it when comes my way. I’m a conflicted contradiction. If I can’t figure myself out, there’s no way anyone else has.
    Understand me, I’m not like an ordinary world. I have my madness, I live in an another dimension and I do not have time for things that have no soul.


  • manazscorpio 2w


    The fascinating fact about a dream which makes us perplex is that there is a moment in everyone's life where we can neither have control over the situation nor do something consciously which resemble the same state when we're in a dream where we can't have control over anything. For once it feels like are we dwelling in a dream or real world? In a way can refer it as a instantaneous paradox.

  • mr_black 3w

    Paradox of time


    Mr. Black's originals
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    My desires are now at their peak
    emerging as hunger and thirst

    A perfect time to give them a purpose
    as i am emerging from my worst


  • the_soul 4w

    The paradox

    If you believe in nothing
    then that nothing become
    something that you believe in.
    But since you now believe in
    Something, then there is no
    Nihilism, because nihilism is
    the belief that there is nothing.

  • starkanonymous 7w

    Where Do I Begin..?

    Where do I begin...

    With the telling of my beginning..?

    The telling of my ending...

    And it's center that is you?


    How would I..? Would I compose...

    an ode to my Sun's rise and set?

    To my vibrant skies and my dark at night

    To my stars all cast 'cross skies like nets?


    Is there a way to expound on my

    Everything and nothing

    My paradox, my juxtaposition

    My endlessly tormenting contradiction?


    You are my life and you are my death

    You are my Ra and my Apep

    You are my right and you are my left

    My struggling gasps for every breath


    You're my voice, you're my silence

    My plea for peace and penchant for violence

    You are my sickness, you are my health

    You're my heaven above and below, my hell


    You're my villain and you're my savior

    You're my Christ and my Satan

    You're my worst tasting favorite flavor

    My best lover and my biggest hater


    How do I begin?

    To speak of my earth and sea

    To talk aloud about you and me

    Where do I begin...

    When you go far too deep?

    (All Rights Reserved)

  • ketkii19 7w

    I don’t know how but everything lied to support your truth.

  • yashvibansal 8w

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    #pod #questions

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    This is similar to my Hindi poem, 'Virodhabas'. You can check that out.��

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    What If?

    What if the sky burns for the sun?
    What if the entire team of numbers looks up to number one?
    What if tears freeze water?
    What if seeing resilience, ice shatters?
    What if time curses the clock?
    What if the key secretly hates the lock?
    What if the stars worship the moon?
    What if paintings admire mosaics?
    What if whole loves broken?
    What if the piano secretly longs to go out of tune?
    What if paper hurts the pen?
    What if poetry sometimes, is just words, not feeling?

  • jharna30 9w

    A cloud prevailed itself
    in the midst of brewed
    Being a curled smoke
    of utterance,
    Fathomed the acreage of
    domain into the cold

    Glimpsed the doctrines with
    the catastrophe of arrogance,
    A shadow with an empty brain
    get cloistered into the
    monstrosity of circumference.

    Just like an adaptable chameleon
    it is directionless
    to all intents and purposes
    of eloquence,
    Slacking itself off with twofold
    it is mannerless to
    dynamicity of belief significances.

    Beneath the age of innocence
    the shadow ebbs like a air
    with theme of vehemence,
    Between ups and downs paces
    of disturbance;
    the weight of ice cracks
    accustomed itself strengthened
    in substances.

    Veiled up the dimension
    with vain to settled
    in barren place,
    But it coast to heave the
    abyss of emotions under the
    blanket of dark peace.

    All the Cavalier of urban
    wanted to iron out
    the difference of misunderstandings
    with diverse of common sense,
    Expected dusk approved to chicken out
    itself on the rigour of forbearances
    with no dual sense.

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    %Dusk in the mystices%.

    A cloud prevailed
    in the midst of
    brewed Urbanity;
    Being a curled
    of utterance,
    Fathomed the
    acreage of
    domain into the

  • deepintenseextreme 10w

    Paradoxical Life.

    Jab Jab Nikla Khud Ko Paane Khud Ko Kho Kar Aaya.

    Jab Jab Nikla Kuch Kamane Kuch na Kuch Gwa Kar Aaya.

    Jab Jab Nikla Kuch Bnane Kuch Vinash Kar Ke Aaya.

    Jab Jab Nikla Khushi dhundhne Dukho Ka Sansar Sath Laya.

    Jab Jab Nikla Pyaar Krne Nafrat Lot Kar Laya.

    Jab Jab Nikla Zakhmo ko Bharne Thoda Or Namak Lga Kar Aaya.

    Jab Jab Nikla Zindagi Jeene..Maut ko Gale Lga Kar Aaya.


  • himanshi_sharma 10w

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    Ever wonder why ,
    The skies weep from above?
    Pour the spirits made by universe
    to embrace and heal your soul.
    become the pen that blossoms the ink
    spreading across every page of your life.
    While the rain fills your heart with love,
    words escape
    and adore your scars .

    Now all you see is the paradox in happiness.
    But do you remember
    your younger self - feeling happy
    without knowing what happiness really even was ,
    keep a hold on that smile .

    The winds which blow on high swirling
    around you veiled serenity and
    each hour you grow,
    you beat death in life.
    You are marvellous and the whole
    universe up there is waiting to delight in you.

    So do the best you can in life ,
    Even when it equals strife
    For this world will keep you spinning
    And till the score card is plain ,
    death is winning.

    Pulsate with life,
    and grow till you touch the end of the sky .
    Let the rage of now go soon
    No oxymoron
    No doubting here ,
    Love your soul.


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    The winds which blow on high swirling
    around you veiled serenity and
    each hour you grow,
    you beat death in life.
    You are marvellous and the whole
    universe up there is waiting to delight in you.


  • differentlywired 10w

    The Interference

    A single waveform cruising through space,
    Reverberating to a curvy polynomial,
    Picking up variables on a free pass,
    Splicing dimensions as if it could straddle the universe,
    Powering up in a delusion that it's asymptotic,
    Reveling in its own differential harmonics,
    Gaining momentum like a juggernaut,
    Stretching so much that even the red shift couldn't keep up,
    Branding itself on a realm woven by its own frequency,
    A colossal polymorph existing only through transformation functions,
    But then came a sweet and simple binomial,
    A compelling, unassuming expression that just had to be assimilated,
    For how could a sphere not encompass a line,
    But the mathematical monstrosity faltered,
    With every attempt to synchronise,
    Decomposed and leveled by a mere interference,
    Wondering if Occam's Razor prevailed.


  • shamein555 10w

    The Island Of Conflicts

    A spectacular sight to behold
    Truly a piece of heaven on earth
    Yet concealed deep within its walls is hell in disguise
    Here away from prying eyes and ears Monsters roam freely
    The women slender and blather
    The possessed monsters within strive for chaos
    Hold your possessions tight alas they be snatched
    You needn’t fear one out of the ten
    For the one walks without the haunted spirit
    It gets more petrifying
    The Men wear masks of Angels
    Behind these masks lay treacherous silent slayers
    Pretending to befriend you yet terrorizing you in your sleep
    To these monsters you’re the prize to their race
    Testosterone fuel demons lurk outside darken windows
    The foul creatures seek every maiden to be their bride
    A fair warning my fellow maidens
    In the island of beauty
    Your chamber is carved within cold stone
    Be aware your protective barrier masks a veiled agenda
    Make haste to flee
    Here Monsters wear masks of beautiful humans
    Run if you must for I was stung by these monsters
    My mind has been infected with fear and restlessness

  • shariq_eitoo 10w

    I'm an albatross soaring high over clouds
    I'm a languid prey cuffed behind bars of life
    I'm a potent poem doped with pathetic metaphors
    I'm an unwritten paper with blots as wounds all over
    I'm loved by moon and night sky ahh hovering clouds
    I'm abandoned by every single life on this earth
    I'm the dude with a sign of life
    I'm the leftover trash in the bin
    I'm living high voltage life with excitement
    I'm a forced life on myself

  • yashvibansal 10w

    In response to Mirakee's paradox writing prompt of yesterday, I wrote this, in Hindi. I don't usually write in Hindi(as you must have observed from my posts) so I am highly nervous ��
    Do give your feedback.

    Word meanings:
    Paltav: resilience
    Pragyata: intelligence

    #hindi #paradox

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    Kya kabhi gagan se, surya jalta hai
    Kya kabhi chand se, taare jalte hain
    Kya kabhi palkon par, sapne dhalte hain
    Kya kabhi ghadi dekhkar, vakht rota hai
    Kya kabhi khushiyan dekh, barish hoti hai
    Kya kabhi mor ke liye, pani barasta hai
    Kya kabhi paltav dekh
    Barf pighalti hai
    Kya kabhi aasun dekh
    Neer jamta hai
    Kya kabhi irsha se
    Mamta dosti karti hai
    Kya kabhi bebasi ka haath
    Shakti thaamti hai
    Kya kabhi maasoomiyat ko
    Pragyata apnati hai
    Kya kabhi gagan se surya jalta hai?

  • the_lazy_lines 10w

    Odd Piece

    Sometimes I am the warrior,
    Sometimes I am the war itself,
    Sometimes I get scars,
    Sometimes I am the scar itself.
    I am an open book,
    Still no body can read me,
    I am a believer,
    And they choose not to believe me.
    Loner in the crowds,
    Silence in the shouts,
    Refugee at home,
    The life laid in a tomb,
    The blackness of the white,
    The sadness of the joy,
    Desert child born in the winter,
    I am enigma to myself,
    The piece without a puzzle.


  • msushil 10w

    I am the reservoir of little drops,
    I am the water that can't quench thirst,
    I am the fulfilment that can't eradicate any famishment
    And I am the presence that carries the absence of your love.

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    I am the reservoir of little drops,
    I am the water that can't quench thirst,
    I am the fulfilment that can't eradicate any famishment
    And I am the presence that carries the absence of your love.

  • swayambhu 10w


    पड़ोसन की आंटी
    की बड़ी बेटी
    ने मेरे दिल लूटी
    लेकिन अंकल ने ना किया और मेरे दिल टूटी
    लगता है किस्मत क्यो है इतना झूठी
    क्योंकि शुरुआत में लगा अंत तक रहेगा ऐसा ही मीठी

  • bellemoon99 10w

    Such a calm day, filled with turmoil inside.
    I'm mostly energetic, but today the batteries are out.
    My sad smile and gentle aggresiveness clash.
    My self-worth wanes and I feel like trash.

    Such an insecure confidence my ego has,
    balancing on a tight rope all day.
    Silent screams calling who I was,
    while I happily drown away.

    I'm strong, I know what I want.
    I'm frail, I'm lost and wander about.
    I smile and let out a rant.
    My fire is cold and the flames are put out.

    Between water and searing hell,
    I can only silently yell.
    Yes! I am happy! All is well.
    Trapped in the borderline, I'm truly unwell.

    In and out, black and white. I'm both and none.
    Who am I? I wish I had known.

    #paradox #pod

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    Yes and no


  • boddobodes 10w

    I'm a paradox

    I'm a paradox
    Happy yet sad
    Strong yet weak
    Broken yet whole
    Social yet a loner
    Attached yet detached
    Noisy yet quiet
    Good yet bad
    Love yet hate
    Humble yet arrogant
    Ambitious yet lazy
    Sensitive yet apathy
    Brave yet fearful.

  • wild_twig 19w

    The reason of our disappointments are that we dream to be a great reality than to dream to be a different reality as it needs unknown ways which want dare to stand.We try to fit superiorly than being a different ecstacy cause alone is a bliss and we escape from it till we get a serious heartbreak.