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  • cinxcin 12w

    I need help

    Yah, my panic attack is really out of control. I tried breathing technique, it didn't work so I tried the technique to not really focus on it so that my mind would think there's really nothing wrong but my heart is beating so fast and my hands are trembling. It's like it gets triggered everytime during at the certain activity which I usually do normally before. Out of nowhere I developed this panic attack and I don't know why? What is wrong with me? Please help.

  • h_ec_ate 15w

    How was your day?

    I felt an anxiety attack today. So I decided to call somebody and tell them how do I feel since no one around me at that time understood what I was going through. I started to scroll through my contact list of 116 people. Then I realised I got nobody's shoulder to cry. And started to question my existence with those teary eyes. Then slowly fell into depression as usual.
    Do you still think that you are going through something bad or worse?

  • ashamurali 16w

    Hello all my lovely friends at mirakee! A warm hug to you all. This poem is about panic attacks and how it disrupts normal life and spins its web of terror. With professional help and some self awareness it is possible to come out of it.

    Dedicating to all those who suffer from panic attacks, imaginary fears and are overwhelmed with life's unexpected twists and turns.

    Thanks for the editors choice. Much honoured.

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    Passport to panic

    I loved to travel to the countryside,
    Exploring places far and wide,
    To soak in its beauty and roam free,
    Or disappear into the deep blue sea.

    Instead, fear took me by its hand,
    we set on a journey to a land,
    filled with apprehensions tragic,
    taking the passport to panic.
    Thus began the journey in my head,
    To the land of overwhelm and dread,
    I could feel my happiness disappear,
    I was always haunted by terror.
    Imagination took me around,
    And we went on an endless merry go round
    To the place enveloped in scare,
    Filling me with deep despair.
    Seeking professional help is the first move
    The situation will definitely improve
    I am finally back from my travel,
    And bid anxiety a farewell.
    Never let fear consume you,
    Reality will then escape you.
    Don’t build around you a wall,
    Life is not so scary after all!

  • jules_ 27w

    Panic attacks and anxiety attacks are tough to deal with but with proper awareness, we can manage them.

    #panicattack#anxiety#mentalhealth#writing#writer @miraquill

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    I toss and turn hoping sleep would engulf me
    I wake up and walk around the room

    With sweat soaked shirt and tear strained face
    Racing heart and erratic breathing

    Bile rising up my throat
    Mind clouded with strange thoughts

    It's suffocating, I want to stop it
    I want this to end, somehow, anyhow

  • prachi_33 37w


    The panic attacks we youngsters go every moment is nothing in front of the panic attacks our parents go through!

  • beingpoetic17 44w

    Trigger warning ⚠️

    Anxiety and Panic Attack!

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    #pod #wod #breathe #anxiety #panicattack

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    You are engrossed in your mundanity
    And suddenly you realise
    You are holding your breath
    Now that you have noticed it,
    You consciously try to breathe in and out
    Just like your therapist said.
    One small breathe and one big breathe,
    Step by step!

    But then you realise
    You need advise to just do as simple and necessary a thing as breathing
    Then you lose the rhythm you were maintaining
    And you forget how to breathe
    You look around for some help
    Look at the people near you
    And realise they are breathing just fine
    And you cannot!

    You hold your breathe till everything becomes black
    Making them disappear
    And your body forces you to breathe
    You breathe.


  • yours_fortune 46w


    If someone is really into you, wants you, understand you and appreciate your presence around them, so you don't have to keep begging them for a text, call or to spend time with you.

    They will do it if you are a PRIORITY

  • stevenseidel 52w


    Do I seem wretched and pathetic
    Do I seem overhyped and manic
    All caught up in a panic
    God dammit
    Fucker you didn't just tell me to cram it
    After all you've done
    I've only just begun
    No there isn't something to be won
    Your weight weighs a ton
    Thanks and begone


  • shivaniiii__ 59w

    1) At 4 p.m., I want to swallow my whole heart as I think of you. Your sighs block my windpipe and for a split second I want to claw my own throat, just to hear you say my name for the last time.

    2) There is a strange restlessness within me,every time I breathe. There are words lodged in my lungs that I can't cough out.

    I've tried so many times, and I'm still trying but nothing seems to work anymore. Nothing feels right anymore. I'm afraid you've ruined me.

    3) You've ruined me. I say it as an accusation but really I am honoured. Out of everyone you chose me. My friends have started calling me crazy.

    They don't understand and I can't explain. How do I tell them that every act of violence now feels like mercy to me?

    4)For so many moons, I have crushed the pages of my notebook to make room for you.  I begin painting them with your scent and I stop halfway-

    Never truly coming back to finish it.

    Rather,I read now. I read Eliya, I read Kafka, I  read Nida Fazli so that I don't have to write.

    If I don't,then I'm afraid I'll find out you're too alive for me to cage in my metaphors.

    5) Whenever I meet someone, I have an overwhelming need to savor every moment. I still haven't mastered the art of taking slow sips, I think it's time for another one of your weekly wine sessions.

    But you're not here anymore, so I pick it up the half-moon whiskey glass on my table to drink it all in one breathe, yet I never let it brush my lips.

    Time isn't infinite and I'm afraid I'm running short of it.

    6) There is a type of poems that are numbered. I've always loved them more. It is important to know when something begins and when it ends because I've been writing about you for quite a while now, but I'm afraid I can't see the end. I'm afraid. constantly.

    And see,fear is nothing new but it sure looks different.

    A white shirt, grey pants, half-lit cigarette and a broken Billy Joel signed guitar.

    7) Maybe I should write a numbered poem about you too.

    8) I wish I knew you well enough to tell my friends how you've dismantled all my defended and now my body doesn't quite feel like my own. It wakes up to your thoughts and and at night, they unfurl around me, gently rubbing their fingers through my hair.

    My mind has become an old rusty machine that refuses to move past you. Please.

    I'm begging you now. I'm too young to feel this way.

    9) It's 2:37 am here. Blood's rushing through my ears, I can hear my heart thundering wildly, my breathing is sounding more rushed and hurried and my wrist has started throbbing with how my hard I'm clutching onto this pen, I can't seem to stop, this ink isn't black, isn't blue, isn't red, it's all you.

    Just you.

    10) I need help and I need to realise that it doesn't look like you wrapping your arms around me.

    I have to stop writing now.

    12)  It's 4 a.m. and it's easier to breathe. I want to spit my heart out of my ribcage because it refuses to listen to me.

    I feel like I'm back in my garage, a 6-year old throwing a tantrum again-

    "I don't want it. No. No.

    I refuse. I can't."

    13) I start coughing.



  • shwetaaa 59w

    The empty walls of her room screamed at Elle as she tried and failed to get some sleep, their noise deafening as they fought with the cold air in the closed room for dominance. The end result of her internal unease and panic was claustrophobia that was rendering her breathless and with a feeling of being caged and shackled.
    Throughout her childhood, Elle had nothing. She had to beg and steal to feed her ever hungry stomach, her young heart had always been denied the love and compassion that it deserved and there was no guardian to watch over her and reach out a helping hand to wipe her tear streaked cheeks. She had been alone, with a feeling of betrayal for those who had birthed her for abandoning her and never enough resources to fulfil her basic needs. Envy for other kids had made her suffering worse as she had seen other parents treat their children with love, and for those same compassionate eyes to turn hard and filled with hatred when they turned on her.
    She had only one thing as her possession, her own thoughts and conscience. It was a weird comfort in feeling blessed for having the ability to entertain herself with her own thoughts. The control that she had on her own mind had provided her with a sense of security that was undefeatable by anyone. No one could take her thoughts away from her, she reveled in the knowledge that her secrets would always remain thus so long as she decided not to give them words. A companion who would never abandon her like her parents did, but as it turned out, that security too was only a mirage.
    When Damien had breached the barrier of her mind, he had done more than intruding into her personal space. He had taken more than her memories and had left her with a feeling that she was not safe anywhere. People's mind were their sanctum sanctorum, a sacred space for no one to obtrude. But Damien had entered her mind, and it felt like he had violated her individualism. He had no right to do what he did.
    And yet, instead of feeling angry, she had drowned herself in self pity and misery over the invasion of privacy which her mind had connected to the melancholy of her younger years.
    As breathing became more and more difficult and she started choking on air, she realized that she had to calm herself, but the realization did not help with anything. Her hands started shaking, the ringing of her ears so loud that she was developing a headache, the sound of her heart beating against her chest somehow managed to echo in the barren room and her face felt numb. In her mind, her thoughts made no meaning and yet they were buzzing with meaningless words. Her blood running thin in her veins as her eyes continued to burn and in turn set her whole face ablaze.
    She could make meaning of nothing, not even the reason behind her sudden panic attack. Through her blurred vision she looked at the walls that appeared to be closing in on her and then as she mover her head her eyes fell on the closed door of the room allotted to her.
    She gulped down a lump in her throat that was aiming to tear it apart and and then got up to leave the room. She tripped on her own legs, lost her balance and fell down, the side of her head hitting the corner of the bed and another wave of pain, solid and strong, went through her head.
    Through the haze she pressed a hand approximately where her head hurt because she could not pinpoint where she had hit her head. Putting one step ahead of the other with a gait similar to that of a drunkard and opened the to get out which was led solely by her survival instincts.
    Through his window, Damien watched as she got out and fell on her hands and knees, her hair falling all over her. His eyebrows furrowed as he heard her uneven breathing and her too fast heartbeats.
    Without a conscious thought on his part, his legs started carrying him out of the huge gothic Victorian room and down the red velvet covered stairs, through the foyer and vestibule and out in the open where cold air chilled his robe covered form and winds carried to him her mesmerizing smell.
    It was as he started striding in her direction, with the glass of wine that he was emptying into his otherwise perfect body still in his hand, that he smelt his Butler. He pressed his lips at how much it bothered him.
    He slowed down when he neared them and then stopped where the shadows covered him to watch what transpired. Aiden rubbed her back and sat her up so she was sitting with her legs outstretched. And when she leaned into him for support as her body gave up on the task of keeping her upright, the surge of possessiveness that hit his nerves was a surprise to him.
    And more than that, the lust that grounded him at the sight of her flushed face with her delectable lips parted and her bosom invitingly going up and down. He had not felt this attraction for any woman after his darling had met her end.
    And as that thought gave birth to a sense of betrayal towards his mate, his shame had him crushing the glass in his hand and turning around to leave them two be. Had he really rushed all the way here just to comfort her? Why was he acting so impulsively? He as a monarch for Devil's sake, he was in charge of handling a whole species, how the fuck was he supposed to control the whole vampire population when he couldn't even control himself?
    Aiden took her into his arms and held her to himself, the sight of her so rattled and unable to breath was enough to scare him. While he rubbed her back slowly and felt her catch her breath again he looked down at her beautiful face which was masked by sweat and worry.
    He gave her a smile but his relief was short lasting as she was quick to back away from him. As she stood on her slightly shaky legs and apologized him for the inconvenience, he faked a smile and pshawed away her worries while internally his heart ached at her gesture.
    With a curt thank you the lady went on her way into the room and away from the cold but Aiden's conscience didn't grant him that privilege. He was unsettled by her response, as if his touch had burnt her.

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    And more than that, the lust that grounded him at the sight of her flushed face with her delectable lips parted and her bosom invitingly going up and down. He had not felt this attraction for any woman after his darling had met her end.

  • ariellaadams 63w


    Behind this smile

    I hide tears

    I can't express how I feel

    Because I don't know 

    If anyone would even care

    Anxiety and depression 

    Are starting to take control

    Once again

    Making it hard to breathe

    Trying to fight it

    Stressing myself 

    To try and keep calm

    Has my body feeling weaker 

    By the moment

    And my chest is getting heavier

    With every second

  • heartorama 71w

    Laying in a field of shattered glass
    Shards buried in my shoulders
    In my spine
    The sky red and smeared with black clouds
    Like grease on hot coals

    Storms boil in every direction
    I cannot stand
    Sulphur fills my lungs
    My tears are molten lead
    My blood, lava

    No sun shines in this place
    The dark only broken by the bluest flashes
    My words etched into my skin
    No escape
    No hope

    I pray death comes for me
    He never does


  • zainabnajmi 76w

    I've struggled with anxiety for so long. And it's gotten worse after my breakup. If you're going through something similar to this, please feel free to DM me here. We can help each other out by venting at least.

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    Forehead trickling with beads of sweat;
    Rapid breathing keeping up with the hands of the clock -
    Heart palpitating louder than the deafening silence in the room;
    Eyes fluttering awake from a dream that feels like reality,

    It's a sign of anxiety
    It's a sign of anxiety


  • ajay_writes 84w

    The subtle dark episodes !

    Like a gush of wind it would strike him..
    The trembling body would feel like it lost all of its pounds...
    The pride he built by lifting weights at his gym would go all in vain, for he cannot even lift a pound..
    The face so pale and the eyes be seized by fear that knows no leaps & bounds..
    His breathlessness would instil dizziness..
    It would seem like he is caged by some fear that even he can't decipher.
    The cage which he desperately wants to break open with utter screaming & tears..
    Never could he diffuse the trigger nor could he zero it down to the one primary trigger..
    The mind so vague would wait for the episode to end for that's the only light in the end of the dark cave..

  • wespadeshere 86w

    Ring around the atmosphere
    They spin me out of orbit!
    A pocket full of hearts for you
    To stir em up a little bit!
    Ashes to smoke, a mouthful of sand
    I grapple for safety
    And try to understand
    Why my soul's such a heavy
    Lead compound
    And it all comes crashing
    Back down to the ground!!


  • shubhashini 87w

    It's creeping
    Slipping into shallowness
    I can't think straight
    What is happening to me?
    Is it the silence before a storm?
    I can't breathe
    Hush! Hush! Please
    The thoughts are back
    Who's choking my throat?
    Inhale inhale I can survive
    Breathe in breathe out
    I've gone past this before
    Why is happiness followed by sadness?
    Why does pain makes pleasure better?
    Is that how we're programmed?
    Why is my teeth chattering?
    Why are my hands shaking?
    Is it so cold outside?
    How do i make it stop?
    Lub dub tick tock
    Happiness sadness pleasure pain
    Shush Shush
    The cycle goes again
    It's the body not the soul
    You've done it once
    You can do it again


    #anxiety #panicattack @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    You're A Fighter

    (Read the caption)


  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 89w

    Overcoming depression

    I brushed my demons under the rug,
    Put my anxiety into boxes
    And stashed them away,
    Flushed my pain down the toilet,
    Melted my panic attacks on the bonfire, Crushed my nightmares
    Under a mortar and pestle.

  • dheelah 92w

    Tack, tack
    Crouched under the table at the far corner of the room
    Tack, tack
    The winds rustled the leaves hanging from the tree just outside my window
    Tack, tack
    A gentle breeze blows in, caressing my skin. But the feel of it like sandpaper, scrubbing mercilessly against my skin
    Tack, tack
    The windows slam shut, I scream, I jump, hitting my head to the underside of the table.
    Slowly, I crawl out, my hiding spot didnt feel so safe anymore.
    Take a few steps forward, just a little more.
    I'm standing in the middle of the bedroom again, upturned, clothes strewn around.
    The voices come back, the ones I can't block out.
    Shivering even in the absence of wind
    Tack, tack
    Concentrate your emotions on positive things, she said
    I pulled as far as I could and released the rubber
    It didn't work, the voices were back, getting louder each second
    Tack tack tack tack
    I screamed in frustration, dropping to my knees as the tears streamed down my face
    Tack tack tack tack
    I pulled relentlessly, trying to drown out the voices
    Tack tack tack tack
    I heard footsteps rushing up the stair and my room door opened soon after
    I looked into the eyes of the people that brought me into this world
    My last thoughts was "I wish I was never born"

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    I wish I was never born


  • mfowlerpoetry 96w

    I feel this pressure
    I can't breathe
    I'm trying so hard
    But something is stopping me
    My heart is racing
    I can't even think
    All these thoughts are flowing through me
    I can't calm down
    I can't even see
    My air is gone
    I think I'm dying


  • nleroy8 97w


    i panicked
    felt unnatural
    for something
    with my
    name being
    in it.
    i hit
    myself over
    and over
    natural instinct
    for men
    to do.
    i breathe
    but yet
    it won't
    leave me.
    i was
    so calm
    before the
    storm hit
    my wit
    could not
    get me
    through it.
    it was
    a blitz
    in this
    dark abyss
    no stars
    for me
    to wish.