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  • skyenet 2w

    The wave

    A chill on your nape, a crawl on your spine, the vision transcends dimensions, time freezes, palms sweat, the only thing agog is your beating heart,
    Crest of the wave, you no longer feel your body, the soul for an infinitesimal moment hanging in ether.
    And just as your sanity appears to crack, the sweet sweet trough,
    Awashes you..
    Time unlocks,
    Your heart slows down almost abruptly,
    The vision shifts,
    The lights have turned green.

  • wifey_suicide 3w

    Horror Story

    The chains start to shake, while the walls begin to shrink. I shake my legs loose. The chains refuse to let me be free. As I'm grabbing the chains with my hands, screaming with tears. Sweat drenching down my face. Finally the chains break open. I gain strength and balance into my feet, as I start to run down a long deep hallway. I am set free, but freedom is another price I need to pay.

    As I'm running down this hall, it has seems to not has ended or even shows signs of the next room. I hope for a door. Is it even worth running? Do I stop running? I keep running, full speed as if something was chasing me. As my feet hit the floor, the more I realize that not piece of cloth is on me. Hair in the wind. Air breathing onto my torso.

    I collapse.

    Lower right side of my rib cage is in flame. As I whine and whimper in pain. I feel so faint, as if something or someone has stabbed me.

    I should've stayed home today.

  • sarah27 13w


    Just let me catch my breath
    Beating through my chest
    Is this about to be my last breath
    Terrified and helplessly awaiting my death
    Someone rescue me
    I'm laying on the floor
    I think I'm about to walk through after lifes door
    And maybe thats why I'm laying on the floor
    I caused this and now I must suffer my own despair

  • darkmoon696 16w


    It's 2am and you are still awake, gazing at the ceiling, listening to your favourite song.

    And all of a sudden, you hear a squeak from the hall. You look through the door gap, and manage to get a glance of someone walking outside your room.

    'Ah, mom's sleepwalking again', you think to yourself as you get back in your blanket.

    'Shit', you mutter, as soon as you realise it's been 2 years since your mom died and you have been living alone since then.


  • anupriyachauhan18 16w

    Wounding Words

    The person listens and wonders
    How could someone say those things
    When not a one is true ;
    Shook by the horrible trauma that it brings
    Looking at those words on that screen
    Making one to hate themselves
    When the person couldn’t be more clean.

    Cyber bullying is not a joke
    Yet no one does a thing
    They let it happen constantly;
    And someone else bears the sting.

    Panic, worry, darkness closing in around.
    These are some of the words the person uses to describe his anxiety, but no one to hear him ;
    Nothing he can say could speak of its entirety,
    as he cries internally thinking he has lost his sanity.

    - Anupriya Chauhan

  • hallgd 17w


    Fancy feast I gazed upon,
    That beckon me at stroke of dawn.
    It was appealing to the eye, especially that large piece of pie.
    As I approached nearer I could also see,
    That on the ham there sat a bee.

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 18w

    Go Away

    Not even here is safe anymore
    Knowing the eyes of prey watch
    Knowing things I hate lurk
    I want to feel
    I want to be able to feel
    I need to feel
    Go away so I can mourn
    Too much has happened
    Not enough support
    Hiding everything away
    It hurts
    I want it to stop

  • abhishobi 18w

    Birdie Visitor

    A cute tiny sparrow,
    Just visited our temple today.
    Into a space narrow,
    Much to it's dismay.

    Nervous were those moments,
    Bird fluttered so anxious.
    Could see it lament,
    Help me O God gracious.

    Told the sweet little visitor
    Jump,fly out of the window
    In panic, saw me as horror
    And put a still show.

    Finally, got some grains,
    Place on the escape route
    Lo! he looked at them plain,
    Happily set out it's foot.

    Chirping something unknown
    He flew in a direction known
    Dint peck the grains near
    Sure freedom was more dear.

  • bushbaby 20w

    Phantom Hands

    They seize me again.
    Phantom hands leave ghostly tracks
    Along my flesh, my sin,
    My mortal existence,
    They rest gently along the nape of my neck,
    A quiet gesture of faux comfort that triggers warning bells to blare inside my head

    I find it hard to breathe.

    Disappointment grips me as my bubble of peace is popped,
    Like a naive sheep, I had been lured into a sense of security that was false
    The phantom hands had never left.
    They'd lurked just beneath the surface,
    Watching, observing, smiling maliciously as the warmth tricks me into relaxing,
    Smiling because it's all the more fun when they show themselves,
    Inevitably, relentlessly, ruthlessly,
    I choke as the pressure continues to build
    I briefly wonder if this is the end
    My senses dull down to convince me it is
    But a laugh cuts through the numbing quietude
    I recognise it as my own soul's bitter tune
    My eyes lower in defeat
    As the cold, hard truth is drilled into me
    The harsh reality is hammered into my wailing mind:
    My happiness is, and would always be,
    An illusion, a facade, a lie
    And death would be too much of a mercy,
    For the sin of my existence,
    An inexcusable crime.


  • vikashpandey_ 20w

    समतल मैं भी थी , इक जमाने से!
    उठ गयी कहने पर , उसके बहाने से!!
    मशवरा करतीं थी उसके ही आने पर!
    चुमता था हाथों को , यूँ ही जल जाने पर!!
    सारी शर्तें हमारी टूट रही थीं!
    शबनम को चम्मच से घुट रहीं थीं!!
    बैठे-बैठे हर राज बता गयी!
    दिल में जो तबियत है वो बात बता गयी!!
    फिल्मी अदायें मुझे छलका रहीं थी!
    ओढ़कर चुनरी , खुद को महका रहीं थी!!
    करार हमारा जब मंजुर हुआ था!
    तब जाकर इश्क़ मेरा भरपूर हुआ था!!
    जब ख्वाब बीच मझधार में आया!
    कहता है जालिम , तू मुझको न भाया!!
    ऐसे कैसे तू सब तोड़ देगा?
    चलाकर के कदमें , मुझे मोड़ देगा!!
    राहतभरी में थीं , मै समतल सी पानी!
    इक झरना बनाकर , मुझे छोड़ देगा!!

    #Hindi #Hindiwriters #love #calm #sepration #panic #life #diary #mirakee

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    मैं समतल थी

    राहतभरी में थीं , मैं समतल सी पानी,
    इक झरना बनाकर , मुझे छोड़ देगा!!

  • beensn 24w

    Corona war

    War has started without weapons,
    Enemy has not spared any house or streets.
    Facemask and sanitizers are your AKM rifles,
    Social distancing is the missile Brahmos.
    Soap and water runs the war ships,
    As a 'Peace treaty, say NO to public gatherings.
    Vaccine is the armed force which fights,
    'Isolation' is the only camouflage.
    'Be careful, don't panic' is the cease fire,
    Be your own soldier, staying at home, fight the war.

  • mrspectacular 25w


    'This has to be most silly job I have chosen all my life. Saving people? Who is going to save me when I need to be saved, myself?', Andrew nags as he works at his desk as Captain of the Federal Fire Service.
    There is a part of him that does not seem to like his job. His eyes would most time glitch whenever they are called in for an emergency. He'd chosen the job because it was the only job available and he could not stand being idle. Remembering why he had got into the job in the first place, he would charge him not to quit despite his fear of heights. One time, he had gone on a rescue mission at the sixth floor of a seven storey apartment and had to employ a ramp and ladder for the operation but just as he was billed to mount the ladder, the thought of being on the sixth floor made him chicken out from the rescue mission and earned him some great ridicule from his subordinates covertly. They asked,
    'How did he even become captain in the first place?'
    'Oh he is such a wussy'
    'I bet I could be a better captain than he could ever be?'
    They all seem so troubled that the Governor may have made the wrong pick by having Andrew Glasswick head the Fire Department with his fear of heights. Against it, they rage silently while planning on how to disgrace him out of the Fire Department. Nose to the drawing board, they begin to strategize.
    Tongue in cheek, they decide to make him feel like they still respect him as chief hauling insincere cheers at him as frequently as possible that he quickly becomes soft potty in their hands. It gives him some sort of false confidence. He suddenly begins to feel invincible.
    On a certain Wednesday afternoon, a fire breaks out up north at a block of apartments, twenty floors tall and engulfs virtually the entire building. Grabbing his gear, he rallies his team to get to the fire truck. Anxious to save as many lives as possible, he hurries everyone over to the scene of the fire nearly tipping the fire truck he is piloting in the process.
    Steadying himself and the firetruck with panache, he charges further for the scene of the fire to save lives.
    Arriving the venue, he jumps down from the truck enthusiastically, reaching for the pipes, he let it rip but it only makes the fire madder as though it is the devil himself in control of the fire. He quickly sends for some sandy reinforcement having realized that water would not really cut it in this blazing, extra-furious fire he is faced with. It is his twelfth year at the fire department but he has never come across a fire such as this.
    He had rescued, quenched and even walked right through different fires in the past but this one would end him if he dared enter, considering its magnitude. He never did believe that there could be a fire situation that would make him cower until this one.
    While trying to douse the fire, a woman who seems to just be returning from work with her husband weeps upon seeing the burning building,
    'God! No....My kids.... somebody help my kids'
    'Madam, you have kids in there?', Captain Andrew asks
    'Yes...Yes....Please help them', she cries. 'Please don't let them die'
    'We will do our best, madam', Captain Andrew assures rather pacifyingly.
    The mere idea of running into such a huge fire terrifies Captain Andrew let alone searching for the kids on the sixth floor so he quickly begins to issue instructions to his subordinates on how to go into the building and save the day.
    All said and done, he exhausts his men who merely manage to reach the third floor but come out choking while three lose their lives to choking and extreme burns.
    Having exhausted every possible means of getting the children out, he decides the only option is for him to go in there and rescue them himself.
    Turning away from the building, he gets into his fire truck and drives away from the area but looking at the disappointed, terrified, surprised and not so surprised people behind him in the firetruck's side mirror, he begins to feel very ashamed of himself.
    A man who had always wanted to save lives at all cost should be able to brave this fire just to save whoever is in it particularly with the kids involved.
    Besides, this should be an opportunity to prove those subordinates, who felt he does not deserve the position of Captain, wrong.
    Stopping the truck, shifting the gear-stick into reverse, he brings the truck back into the position it was when they earlier arrived. He is terrified but the life of those three children in the burning building are at stake. He can hardly keep his heart in his chest as it pounds heavily with each step he takes towards the raging fire.
    Soaking himself with water from the fire engine, he knows it is time to face his biggest demon. Charging into the building like an aggrieved warrior, he struggles to climb the stairs but is brought down twice at the fourth staircase.
    By now, the water has become sweat. He takes a deep breath and charges up the stairs once more making it. While he climbs, his only thoughts are how he would come down again as he hears the stairs he had climbed collapse behind him.
    The streets outside the building are crowded with people, cheering, praying and being afraid of what might go wrong in the operation. Andrew gets through to the kids although they are already unconscious from inhaling the smoke from the fire.
    Grabbing the three children, he proceeds to get them out safely to their parents wailing and crying six floors down. He searches for an alternative exit as the one he had come through had just caved in. He radios his officers on the ground to prepare for a jump-off(Trampoline jump off the roof of the building). He does not like the idea but he has no choice. He begins to make his way to the roof with each step towards the roof he would pause and wish another option presents itself before continuing to the roof.
    Getting to the roof, he trembles inside of him terribly but pretends to be bold for the sake of the children he is saving.
    'It's just a few feet. Do this for the sake of these kids', he says to himself while thinking of how to jump unto the trampoline without looking down and without fear. Taking a look down once, he drops to his knees as if giving up.
    Then with a potent smile, he looks up to the sky and asks,
    'Please Lord, Save us', and with that, he takes a leap unsure of if he would get down there in one piece. Within seconds, he finds that he is safely on the ground with the kids all well.
    'That was great sir', some of his subordinate say as they congratulate him for the save. He can tell some people are not happy about his feat but he could care less.
    The news travels around the country like wildfire and he is invited for lunch with the first family a few days after the event that people soon dub 'An Encounter With The Angel Of Fire'. At the lunch with the president, he is asked how he did achieve the feat so bravely.
    'Oh no, that was not me. That was His power at work in me', he says looking to the sky.


  • raman_writes 25w


    सबको बता दूँगा तो सब घबरा जाएंगे ।

    कुछ बातों का छुपा रहना ही बेहतर है ।।


  • the_versatile_soul_ 25w

    This cold, fever and cough
    I know it's tough
    Lack of oxygen cylinders
    Marking dates in calendars
    Hoping for centre government's help
    Let me tell you, please do it by yourself
    Coz you will be the one who will regret
    At the end you are the one watching your loved one's death
    Don't panic we'll go through
    This shall pass too
    Together strength we'll gain
    These all prayers would not go in vain..
    - Afsha Fatima

  • prachi_33 27w

    That sudden pain in your heart..
    Feeling numb at the moment..
    Trying to hide from everyone..
    You cry in that melancholy darkness!


  • pallavi4 27w

    Recipe for getting through a panic attack

    1 tbsp of a day where everything seems fine
    5 tbsp of the perception of a threat or stress
    2 tbsp of a racing brain
    7 tsp of the anticipation of exposure to certain situations again
    3 tsp of the situations becoming triggers or bane

    After Simmering for 5 mins on low heat, add

    2 tbsp of a feeling of intense fear and anxiety
    1 tbsp of discomfort and chest pains
    1 tbsp of feeling unsteady, lightheaded and faint
    1 tsp of the feeling of unreality and detachment from self
    1 tsp of numbness, palpitations and pounding heart
    2 tbsp of feeling a shortness of breath and smothering
    1 tbsp of trembling, shaking and sweating
    1 tbsp of choking and fear of losing control
    1 tbsp of severe nausea
    1 tbsp of feeling like dying and going crazy
    1 tsp of everything going hazy

    During these 10-20 mins try adding the below given list for improving the recipe .....

    5tbsp of deep and mindful breathing
    2 tbsp of becoming aware of your body
    2 tbsp of progressive muscle relaxation
    2 tbsp of thinking calming thoughts/ visualisation
    1 tsp of anti depressant/ anti anxiety medication

    Stir and remove from stressful situation
    Once simmering ends, serve immediately
    (Avoid further stress triggers and anxiety)


    13th of April, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- No 69 by amoc777 on deviant art

    Rewritten and reposted from 24th of October, 2020

    #wod #recipe #panic_attack #stress #panic @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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  • sevendrading 34w


    I see lines that divide my skin
    the dark from the less dark.
    Today was never today, no charcoal
    for the lips to touch, no earth to kiss
    no smoke to soak my bones
    no bed to rest my soul, just another flag
    and no pole to hoist my colours;
    they are proud but worn (wrinkled).
    It has rained gray since dawn
    the air is wet paper, torn
    jagged, with every car, man, dog,
    every step upon the blacktop.
    I am the sludge upon the side walk
    the crunch of dirt, gravel, leaf,
    under unforgiving heel,
    the grate of cranium against stone
    I am every moment you are alone
    in a room made of colour and loss.
    Today was never today
    it rained long, before I was born
    And long after, I am put to sleep
    like a broken horse.


  • deepflowsoul 37w

    True Panic

    True panic sinks in when you can't see a better tomorrow. Always believe, and hold on because pain ends.

  • laconic_words 37w


    When coloured outsides turn black and blue,
    At the witching hours scars of the warriors burn in crimson hue.

    Knackered and annihilated from the inner Armageddon,
    One simpers at the derisions shouted by one's anxiety of his own.

    Supernova inside one's chest,
    Tears falling as falling stars.
    Clenched fists and knifes on wrists.
    Horrors of the midnight hours.

  • mysterical_wonders 38w

    Panic about the things you can control, not the things you cannot.