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    I don't want equality, because i know i can't be equal to any man and no man will ever be equal to me....
    I just want my own existence.....
    Girls please stop pleading to others for your rights....come out from your shell and make place for yourself in this society.....

    This is your own fight no one gonna fight for you.......

    Some want equality,
    Some want superiority,
    What I want is LIBERTY,
    Of thoughts,
    Of voice,
    Of choice.
    What i want is CHANGE,
    In mindset,
    In vision,
    In behaviour.
    As a girl,
    I don't want equality,
    From this patriarchal society,
    What I want is, ACCEPTANCE
    Of my own,
    Existence, in this society.
    In this fight,
    I want a SUPPORT,
    None other than,
    Of my own.
    Girls don't wait,
    For someone,
    To wage war,
    Against tyranny,
    To protect your role.
    Believe in yourself, and
    Wear your armor,
    Of self confidence,
    And, take out your sword,
    From your scabbard,
    To kill the evils of the land.


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    As a girl,
    I don't want equality
    from this patriarchal society,
    What i want is,
    acceptance of my own
    existence in this society.