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    #painting by RAVI VERMA

    .The lady in the moonlight .

    a night full of moonlight, the lady
    Sits idly on a stone
    The sly seductress seduces the night
    The cool wind carcasses her soft skin
    like a shy lover
    The whimsical creatures of the night dance at her
    auspicious presence
    Roses grow alive ,thorns scurry away
    She waits, for someone.
    Her eyes contains restlessness
    Her heart bleeds
    Her beauty is but a veil
    To the ghastly copse that is her soul

    She stares at me through the painting
    She wants me to know
    Maybe pain, maybe betrayal, maybe loneliness
    Her story
    Hooked me like a leech to skin
    There's something in her
    Something in her eyes
    I saw my own heart bleeding
    Is it sorrow, is that all that she contained
    In that perfect moment, when the painter stoned her to a blank canvas..
    that trapped her , trapped her story
    And now has trapped me...
    Or is it just a glimpse of imagination of a storyteller's
    ever wandering mind?
    Yet there's is a dead aliveness in her
    A memoir of a painfull mess, a beauty , a shadow of hopeful hopelessness

    The lady in a moonlight
    An ominous mystery of benevolent woman kind
    A song full of unknown melody
    A moment of silence desperate to get slashed by chaos
    A seedling of madness maybe
    A marshland where I find myself sinking into dirt and death
    A saga that I might never know
    A loss , a menace , another series of sleepless nights
    that she will haunt me with her eyes
    And her mute eyes will tell me a story which I shall never understand....


    ~The painting by Ravi Verma

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    The lady in the moonlight


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    I've painted myself with invisible brush,
    and those colors are blooming on soul.

    First started with lines of happines,
    many times I rubbed those lines to redraw but it becomes faded I call this ambiguity SADNESS.

    After completing the drawing, now it's time to paint.
    Started with light colors to get the colorful soul.

    Somewhere i was discovering new with each color, I call them KEY OF HAPPINESS,
    not only discover but also covering my egoism by brushing.


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    The way you make yourself spill all over me
    Makes me think if I'm a painting sheet
    Seeping deep into my soul, heart and mind
    The colours of your love, Golden SUNSHINE!!


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    Life is a canvas
    you paint with the colours of your dreams and experiences.

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    A notification popped up and I opened my eyes...
    It was from an unknown person, who texted me via Instagram
    It all started with, "hi, one request..."
    I came to know that she was from my school,
    When I first saw her profile and bio.

    "I would like you to draw and give me something", she said.
    My very first concern was "Time"... Yes, "Time"
    Holding examination in one hand, half-heartedly I said "Yes"
    "This is what I asked you to draw", she said and sent me a pic.
    It was her sister - who was standing three steps(days),
    behind her birthday.

    "Exam (or) Drawing ?" ���� - "What shall I pick now?",
    Asked me to my very own soul...
    "Let me give it a try", a voice echoed and I blindly followed it.
    Three days of efforts, adding different shades of pencil,
    With love and caution - made each stroke.

    "Don't you have any exam?", asked my mom,
    On seeing me drawing for the 3 long days...
    "Yes..I have... But I have to finish this work", I said.
    She left, leaving behind a small smile,
    Understanding the scenario of my side.

    It was exactly 11:47pm - when I completed my work.
    "Not bad��... Will improve for sure", a few words of self appreciation.
    Having completed just one chapter for my examination,
    It was a mere nightmare, and all I could do was just laugh,
    Laugh at myself for worrying about it ����.

    A new day... New challenges... Exam got over...
    (No comments regarding that - as it would make this writing,
    A way more lengthier than what I expect)
    I gave her the completed work... She smiled...
    It all ended with "Thank you" with a gracious face ��

    The sole purpose of being an artist was to put some smile,
    Through your work, words and action.
    It was a matter of giving up my preparation for one exam,
    But in the end all I had was an earnest heart ❤️

    - G RAHUL.

    #art #writersnetwork #pencil #painting #love #heart #life

    @standbyme @artemiswrites @shriradhey_apt @bohemian_ballerina @writersnetwork @aphroditenow @rayhannahere @theinkdomain

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    My thoughts on the Beaty of the sky ��️��️��️.
    #colors #painting

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    Heavens canvas

    O, to be amid the skies,
    Vividly brilliant colors tell no lies.
    Its sunlit days chase gloom,
    Rightly ridding hunches of doom.

    Light blue palette,
    Hues pirouette.

    Some days your Bashful brown intensifies,
    Cozy shaded warmth magnifies.
    Other days your rad red glows,
    Evoking ardent emotions that never close.

    Light blue palette,
    Shades pirouette.


  • thedarkstar311 2w

    Close your eyes,
    And let your imagination summarize,
    Let your neurons take aim and in action combust,
    Let your subconscious drive you, have faith, in yourself you trust.

    For I take you for a jolly smooth ride,
    To a place that’s never seen any or much divide.

    No one’s seen this town, or knows where it is,
    Yet it exists. Yes it does all my dear Misters and Miss,
    It exists somewhere between the lines,
    It exists in the shutters of closed eyes,
    It exists in a child’s laughter disguised,
    It exists, honestly, just someplace real nice.

    It has what and what not, I remember but I don’t,
    Because the town you see, will be different from my own,

    This town I talk of lays,
    Where the grass is ten different shades of green-ish,
    Starting from almost yellow climbing all the way to viridian-ish,
    Here the sun peaks in from two mountains alike,
    And there’s a stream that flows all blue, from July to July.

    This town I talk of,
    Sometimes it has Evil witches,
    And sometimes even dames in ditches,
    Sometimes it has Sirens calling,
    And sometimes hardy har har pirates brawling.

    Whatever may the story run
    This town I talk of was merely a blank sheet once.
    This town I talk of,
    This town was just a picture we drew from fun.

    - Your Dark Star, back after what feels like ages

    Do leave your thoughts.

    #mirakee #small #words #picture #painting #town #hiatus

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    A small town on the hill


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    Painting is a Art
    Which comes from Heart,
    It's not a formula which you have to
    Copy and

  • jophin 2w

    The Painting
    I like staring at an empty canvas,
    as it helps me muse over,
    a million minds on a single frame,
    but sometimes I feel like giving it a try,
    to fill it with all colours and with all shades,
    using a brush, as my reality,
    rendering a background of my past,
    adding highlights of my life,
    with layers of shadows, of my world.

    But, what the distraction in my musing be,
    to be painted within the finite space,
    a stairway, or archway that I didn't take,
    or sunflower that I could had been,
    will a drifting moon represent me,
    could clouds with balloons, yield happiness,
    can few butterflies ameliorate my affection.

    Should it be something pretending a change,
    a cherry tree, in all four seasons,
    or an old grandfather clock, jester it,
    though a brick wall, with vine, gives away time,
    a fish in a lotus pond will also replicate,
    even a girl, lying in the meadows waiting,
    or two lovers, meeting their skins together,
    it would show how things, begins or ends,
    or should I just paint a painting,
    showing a sunset, that I can't get to belong.
    © jophinkulangara 01April2021

    #time #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee #readwriteunite #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite
    #painting #life

    Disclaimer: Original pictures used in the background are not mine. All Credit goes to the respective owners. I do not claim any right over them.

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    The Painting

    I like staring at an empty canvas,
    as it helps me muse over,
    a million minds on a single frame,
    but sometimes I feel like giving it a try,
    to fill it with all colours and with all shades,
    using a brush, as my reality,
    rendering a background of my past,
    adding highlights of my life,
    with layers of shadows, of my world.

    But, what the distraction in my musing be,
    to be painted within the finite space,
    a stairway, or archway that I didn't take,
    or sunflower that I could had been,
    will a drifting moon represent me,
    could clouds with balloons, yield happiness,

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    We all have an ' orenda' present within us,
    to transform our life into a 'fresco' painting.

  • unnati__writes 2w

    The wall lie wet,
    My hands too free
    Mind full with imagination
    I'm showing my creativity.

    Something new to try,
    My courage encourage my mind
    Hands dancing on the wall,
    My creative ideas are now dying.

    Fresco I made with my dancing hands,
    Dancing are the birds in their nests
    Mamma bringing food to them,
    Eating and chirping they danced too well.

    It looks so young today,
    Tomorrow it's dirty with mud
    The Fresco my mind painted,
    Is clearly shown on the wet block.

    #fresco #wod #mirakee #writersnetwork #miraquill #wall #art #painting

    @writersnetwork @mirakee_assistant @writersbay @mirakee

    Pic credit - Pinterest
    Designed using - Canva

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the ♡

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    The Art

    There are certain rules to be followed in creating and organising art work.
    Outstanding work is formed when such rules are adopted in thy art form.
    The basic principles titled -
    Balance, proportion, unity, harmony, variety, emphasis, rhythm, and movement ;
    Along with scale, mass, shape, texture, space, volume, perspective and depth.
    Together all this unite to create art
    and prove unity is strength.

    Among all the principle,
    Balance is the most important base of the art.
    In every principle you need to balance,
    Or the limit will be crossed.

    Balance water, amount of colour, and the strokes you draw.
    Balance when you contrast and unite the visually pleasing agreement among the elements in a design.
    Balance your rhythm, pattern and movement,
    And the emphasis used to make certain part of the artwork.
    Just as in life, we need to balance our flow and blend with our life.

    Balancing is always the key to reach our destination, to be successful and to live our life, no matter whatever might be the hues.
    If i were to add a new principle in the principle of art,
    I would add the principle of "nurturing life".

    Just like living life is an art,
    Where in life we get many happiness and sorrow to bear,
    Confronting the different colours of life, we understand how to deal with them somehow.
    Living is nothing less than an art.
    Similarly the art on canvas too must be lively nurtured, energetic and illuminating,
    by creating life in thy art work ;
    making the observer feel the art.

    As life is the art,
    we live and paint it our way and nurture.
    The artwork is the art, that nurture colours illuminating and making it come alive, in a form that is named, "THE ART."

  • bclark2681 7w

    Canvas of Dark & Blood

    Painting of words upon my canvas
    Described by my own arthritides hands
    Tainted shades of black and vibrant red
    Depicts my dark struggles and aloned calm
    As well as my bleeding pain and loving lust

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    I AM MADE A NEW PAINTING ..........................

  • still_fragile 10w

    Hey. If you are reading this stay strong. Stay alive for me.

    #ripped #apart # life #emptiness #pain #therapy #easy #cruel #firstquote #hard #painting #suffering

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    Life is beautiful,cruel, wounded and in pieces. Sometimes or maybe very often it gets hard, really hard to see the beauty and to ignore the cruelty because you are suddenly ripped into life, and life is pain, suffering and horror. Sometimes I wish life would be as easy as painting on a wall or as dancing in an empty room but it isn't

  • kalakritigram 10w

    If you are an artist, the problem is to make a picture work whether you are happy or not.

    - Willem de Kooning

  • lovesmessenger 9w

    This Is the other part or I shall say the "painter's perspective" to Canvas of His Passion. A bit more suggestive but hope you enjoy! Month of love post!

    My Painting

    Darkness falls upon the room
    for the sun goes home
    the moon rises to take her place
    while you become the art of my eye
    my heart's paintbrush desires to paint you
    tonight your job will be to become my painting

    I pin you against the wall
    while you hang from my love
    garments get stripped off as if they were plastic coverings of your canvas
    prior painters have left you with deep blue hues
    yet my colors of love will resurrect you
    like a Phoenix adorn with vibrant hues
    your moans rises and falls like crimson feathery tunes

    Your colors are mixed within one another
    as my paintbrush graces over you
    vibrant tones enriches your scenes
    for my body brings purple marking royalty
    my paintbrush gently kisses your canvas
    for my heart claims you in loyalty

    I become immersed in your being
    for upon you love creates a scene
    while within you passion rages like a stormy sea
    pleasure drapes upon you
    while my paintbrush continues to paint you
    art of the finest quality
    for my artistic expression evolves into a blessing
    tranquility blesses this serene moment
    while the night continues with strokes of pleasure
    as you fall in love with being my precious painting

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay #painting #passion #intimacy #love #sensual #erotic

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    My Painting

    Her canvas felt like art but as I gazed upon her all I seen was art

  • lovesmessenger 10w

    Since February is the month of love. I decided to post some more intimate and passionate ones. Has eroticism as well. This is part of a set. So might post the other soon. Anyway hope you enjoy!

    Canvas of His Passion

    His eyes chooses me
    his heart echos to me that I'm a rare canvas
    for his heart's paintbrush yearns to paint me
    I allow him to prepare his colors of love
    to him I'm a potential treasure trove
    I exist in this moonlit filled room
    so to his desires I'll become his painting

    His pinning of me against the wall
    draws sighs from my canvas
    his strokes of paint brings rebirth in me
    as if my scenery was part Phoenix
    colors of his paint rain down like vibrant feathers
    his strokes reach within me
    for he takes ownership of my being
    previous amateur artist painted me out of greed
    yet he paints me with beautiful hues and passionate scenes

    He immerses himself within my scenery
    living in this moment of frozen beauty
    delivery of ravishing strokes of purple
    bringing out my inner royalty
    he gives me shades of different colors
    while I freely give him my loyalty

    As the night lingers
    his strokes are done masterfully
    continuously painting me with passion
    colorful sceneries he brings out of me
    for the pleasure he brings is from his artsy
    scenes of seas of serene blisses
    rages from my canvas
    for tonight pleasure and art become his assistants
    they all take joy in making me his painting

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay #sensual #intimacy #erotic #passion #painting #love

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    Canvas of His Passion

    He paints me with different strokes as his love covers me in colors

  • perspektive 20w


    Thought of the Day:

    When you meet a human being in life:

    A human being with dreams, aspirations and needs.
    Very common denominator we all share deep down inside, yet the numerators may be different and do not divide evenly, which is okay to end up with a mixed fraction. Though there is only one answer to a math problem, there is usually another way to get to that answer. We end up getting the same answer through different methods. We all experiment in life. We take different routes. Each lense shares a different experience that is built into one's individuality. We may not all reach our destination, that picture we painted about where we see ourselves in life, yet, that's okay. Sometimes, we need to grab a new canvas and paint a new picture of acceptance and an open mind to endless possibilities of a whole new picture. Once we let go of the wheel and let God drive so we can take in the scenery we often miss trying to put together the perfect picture of our own design. We already are a masterpiece. We take the brush of acceptance and a vacant heart with room to let In the things that truly capture love, acceptance and understanding.

    So when you meet a human being, one who you can see past the physical design that allows us recognize who it is, allow yourself to look inside the heart and soul to identify who they truly are and see the struggles and the passions that lie within, you will see yourself in Soo many ways. If your brave enough to let your guard down to trust another with sharing your world and everything you love in life along with your struggles, know they are just as brave. Know that many of them, including myself, pray they stick around through struggles as well as the successes.

    Many of us have fears of losing the people we care about most because when times get dark and we could use that love, comfort and support, some bail out. We can help each other paint the picture destiny has in store for us. There is not just one brush to go around. So grab a brush and be a pillar in someone's life. Stick by someone's side through good and bad times.

    Be there for another even if all you can offer is your or just your presence. Time is the most valuable thing in life, so giving some of it up to help another in the healing process or just to show you care, shows more than words can explain, for time on Earth expires, yet, a moment in time making a difference and speaking love into existence where it's been missing is priceless.

    ️ Paint that canvas ️