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    The day without you is crying for the night with you,
    In every step of mine, my heart sobbing for a hand that never be hold again.
    Every day I am spending now reminding every moment I spent with you.
    The seashore asking me for a pair of legs with which I cannot be paired anymore.
    My mirror looking at me to find a smile on my face that would be nearly as impossible as finding a needle in a haystack.


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    In Hundreds of muted status.... searching one's status is very specious....

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    Every Story has a Moral,
    Mine is never
    Trust anyone and anymore.

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    Doesn't know the worth of love... (they).... atleast anyone of the situation make them to feel for us... but i dont want their feel... i need them whole with love... #felt #painedpen #varshiniwrites #owned #situation

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    Sometimes we were adjusting something for our love even though hurting ourself... but they thinks it that we are fool, we will make whatever for make them to stay

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    one we liked.. those are not talking with us... but the feel when we see them ��... our heart gets a wing of love and flying out... #felt #painedpen #happy#mirakee

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    She is happy...
    But not Smiling....
    One side crush is always authentic ...


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    #Sad-Beautiful thing

    I let my guard down, I honestly hope you'll be different, that you'll be the one to proof me wrong
    I let you in, gave you a luxurious space, yet you feel choked because I love you hence you most of the time you're gone
    I was in a relationship but felt alone, I had you and I feel lonely
    I feel crazy most times thinking I'm too demanding, I feel selfish wanting and begging for your attention, I found solace in the smell your worn clothes
    My companion through the day are the smells I could sniff from your clothes
    My mind plays an unfair game with my emotions, should I call it quit?
    Will I survive without you?
    You're my first and wanted you to be my last
    But I conquered when I found the strength to walk
    Immerse my self in work
    Armed myself with the knowledge of knowing that an ex is part of a journey and all the exes are just the miles it takes to get there
    I don't have the map to make the journey easy
    But I'm glad that I'll enjoy this mystery adventure. If I find love I'll be happy
    If I find true love I'll be most happy
    But if I find love not, I'll be glad I tried
    I tried, I gave, I showed, I loved and I learned.
    The experience and knowledge I'll share but won't trade
    Because at the end if the day love is a sad-beautiful thing for the sting and the weak


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    This is dedicated to the beautiful ones I've lost, and the ones on the edge... I'm not strong but our memories keep me sane


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    Death! Not so a mystery

    If you would accept Money, I'll go to the end of the world to get you the amount you require
    If you would accept glory I'll go to the end of the world to acquire
    If you would forsake for moral... we'll all strive to be of impeccable character
    But then the end is destined to everyone
    Infinity is just an illusion we all live on
    If the world is not flat but round, then there's little we know of the world beyond.
    Some are given companions, some not so much but a carrier
    But everyone's got a little something for the transportation.
    Not aware of the racing the sunrise
    Barely aware of the sunset
    At the end the journey is from dusk till dawn


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    Random thoughts of a Stoic

    I killed it all

    Searching... Searching... Searching... Still i find no filler for my vacuum,
    Death wish they say I've got but my adventures becomes numb and uneventful the more thrilling they feel it gets,
    Daredevil the new me, S. H is what got me dates with the therapist,
    I search still for fun, for fame but love eludes me,

    How do I understand what's missing, how do i get my heart to accept the reality of love when I've not known love, how do I imagine love when all I've seen is hate, violence and the lots.

    I gave love, I got hate, I gave compassion, I got detested, I gave all of me and time after time, I got hurt.
    My only armor against it all is to become stoic ...
    No! I can't let go!

    Sorry if i can't fake a smile, show you some happy emotions... I killed it all to live, i killed it all to exist, I killed it all to be free, I killed it all to find a new me.
    I killed it all for me.


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    Emotion Series.

    I had given up on Love. Dreams. Passion. Life.
    I just was Dying by the Wounds of my Past.
    I started to Ink my Feelings,
    During the nights I poured them out.
    That's how I met him.
    The Love of my Lifetime.
    The Pain known as Love...

    We both were the same. Like Yin and Yang.
    We fit perfectly fine according to me.
    We spoke Freely without any Discomfort.
    Then his Filth Started to Rope me in to Sin.
    I stayed away, and Made my Research...
    I then came to know that I was just a Rebound... Nothing more...

    But what I felt for him is Real.
    I'm In Love with him. But he won't notice that coz he's busy Flirting with other Dogs.

    What's Surprising is how he managed to get me to Be in Love...
    With myself, Dreams, Passion...
    His Entry into my Life. And his Departure from my Life..
    Has Been a Suprise,
    As I Felt Multiple Emotions surge through me.


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    Wanderess Diaries

    I'm Broken and Bent over. But I'm Human.
    I Step away and make same mistakes.
    I won't hear you. I won't feel you.
    Coz I am Walking away.
    Don't Bother with my Demons...

    Feel my Soul!
    Place your Trust in my Hands.
    Place your Love on my Heart.
    Don't Bother to get Burnt.
    By the Passion of Fire. That makes me a Liar.
    Just Feel my Soul.

    They keep on Holding, Me way too Tight for me to Breathe.
    I am Honest and Open. But I'm Heartless.
    I said to be a Better Human. But my Demons are Strong. I'm Frail.
    I am Fine with you both Leaving.

    Don't Bother To Let Go.
    I have Hurt you Enough. I have Added new scars.
    I am not gonna Disturb anymore.
    No. No.


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    Lonely Lover of the Moon.

    I could not Sleep that Night. When I remembered that I had no one beside me.
    I felt the Loneliness Hurt me. I felt the Hollow inside me, the one I closed once. But I failed to do so.

    I walked to the Roof. I sat on the Concrete Floor and Looked up to the Moon.
    I was Happy to see the Moon.
    I cried out for the Moon. I asked her " What more should I do? Why am I an Untouchable!?"
    The Moon replied " I have seen your Pain, Little one. But I know that you have your Answer. You just need to Walk."

    I somehow felt satisfied with that Reply. I stood up and Looked at the Moon and Smiled. I was about to leave before I heard the Moon call me again.
    I heard the Moon ask " If it makes you feel any better, I know all of your Darkest Secrets... With all these Things, you move forward in Life. If only you let it. Will you?"
    I hesitantly answered " I will. Along the Way."

    I then Walked down to my Room and Laid out and Slept. I felt Peaceful. I felt that I have What most of the Time People Ignore, I have The Moon as my Life and The Sun as my Love. I remembered that I'm a Creature of the Day and Night. I am a Wanderess of the Wilderness.

    What else Can I ask for? I have Enough Love from My Mother Nature. Who taught me that " You are Required to Give Love to All. It is all that you take when you leave your Home."


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    I stood in the Rain, Sun and Winter. All they did was Take, Take, and Take. And Tag me as a Fake. I am Gonna Still Love and Take Care of them coz I Promised. And I never Will Break a Promise now that I am Learning the Importance of Promise... All I can do is Blame The Situation and Live on...
    - Irene J.


    #hurting #hurtfeelings #lost #walking_alone #Blue #Pro_Loner #love #painedpen

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    Wanderess Diaries

    I Selflessly Give more than their Need.
    I guess I have Successfully Understood that I can never be understood by anyone but myself.
    Coz who knows what a Mirror Feels?
    Broken Mirror, Especially.


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    Scarlet Letter...

    I Started to Write with Love,
    I Now, End By Love.

    I was nothing but a Sheet of Paper...
    I am a Book. With unsaid Emotions...

    I water the Plants during the Day.
    I Water my Love during the Night by Tears...

    All I want to do is,
    Sit Down with you. Hold you Close.
    I now know that you're not Mine...
    Because you're a Fan of the Wanderings...

    I Love you. That's the Truth.
    I can Wait for another Lifetime to be with you.
    Coz you are Worth it. And I am you're Everything...


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    Like Her.

    Every Dawn starts with me Praying for You.
    Every Dusk Sets with me Crying out for You.
    Every Moment I know that I'm Losing my Mind...
    Has she Told you all the Negatives about you,
    That I kept at Bay?
    Has she Said that I'm not Innocent, And I that I want you to take the Blame...
    Has she said about the Things she Holds you, Till this Date?

    Ch :
    I don't why I Love The Pain you Cause... But I love you... ( love you)
    I am Happy that I Feel for you, For You...
    Is it possible to get Be Together as one?
    For a Lifetime, than A single Night?
    Do you ever wanted my Love?
    Was our Friendship all about Lust? Anyway...
    I know that I'm Not Perfect.
    Like her.
    Ey... Like her...

    Summer Days with you was a Heavenly Place...
    I want to feel like that Everyday...
    But I won't be Able to Feel Alive, Without You.
    You can Use my Name to get you New Love...
    But still I got you in my Veins...
    You're like a Sweet Poison. And I'm Blissfully Dying... Babe.

    Ch ( x 1)


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    ER Situation.

    She was walking along the Road. She admired the World. She Appreciated the Beautiful Sky and Trees... Thanked God for this Life.
    She wore a smile on her Face with Teary Eyes...
    She walked towards the middle of the Road.
    She Closed her And Eyes and The Tears started to Fall...
    As the First Tear Rolled down her Cheeks an Ambulance which was En Route for Taking a Sick Patient hit this Girl.
    The Driver stopped and Sweatbead become more visible on his Face.
    He rushes out of the Ambulance and carries the Girl inside the ambulance and drives off to the Hospital.
    He was a Father. A Good Father. He has Three Children. Seeing this Girl reminded him of His Little Baby Girl...

    The Ambulance Reached the Hospital.
    And ER doctors rushed in and began their Work on this Girl.
    They were surprised to see her smile still on her face. And Tear That Rolled down from her Eyes.
    She was Bleeding From her Right side of her Head. And Her Face had little Scars. She Fingers were already Slit. Her Legs also had their amount of damage.

    Few Days passed by and This Girl started to Heal. But her Heart did not.

    One Day she opens her Eyes. She looked Alive. But she Looked Skinny and Pale. But still she had her Charm. Her Long Tress Still shining and alive...
    The Doctor held her wrist " There is no Pulse!"
    The Girl said " I'm a Dead Walker. I had my Heart Impaled by Seven inch of Sin by my Love."
    The Doctor asked " So, What are you?"
    The Girl smiled and said " Wanderess of the West"
    She Said and left the Hospital. She Cleared her Bill. And She began walking again.

    She had no Life in her.
    Because it is in her Poems, Lyrics and Stories...
    She gave the World a Lost Part of Literature.
    She left her Love for her Lover.
    Because she never was something that reflects Earth. She is from Moon.
    She is the Lonely Lover of the Moon.
    She is Wanderess, Icarus, Phoneix, Pax...

    Few Years later the ER Doctor received a Mail. It contained a Book called " Wanderess Diaries"
    The Doctor smiled and Kept the Book.
    He Remembers this Girl's Coherent Sentence she kept on Repeating " No one can Know about our Silent Love Story my Dear ".

    The End.


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    #Wanderess_11 #Trix #Walker #painedpen #Wanderess_Diaries #Pax_Series

    ( From Wanderess Diaries my Current Work)

    Being A Wanderess and asking for a Home. Is something that made him think that I'm Dead and Gore.
    - Irene J.

    This Lyric is Inspired from Taylor Swift Reputation album track " King of My Heart". I had Set this Differently from the Original Track.

    But the Meaning here is Heartbreak of a Onside Female Lover who had her Heart Destroyed by the Guy she Fell for. He just wanted a Hoe not a SOUL.
    So, she walks away from him and writes about her feelings for him.
    She Cries during the Nights and Smiles during the Day.
    She Also has The Desired To Hold him and Hear his voice and everything.
    But she knows that she can never get this because in his eyes she is a Hoe that Destroyed his Relationship with his Girlfriend whom he Loved.

    I hope I had This Story right coz I could only think this little. Wanderess Diaries is a mixture of Lyrics and Poems while the Story reveals it self. Why this Girl cannot understand the World. Her World. Her Love.
    I stopped working on my Previous Work as this Idea was Different from what I usually write.
    I still have so much but. I am posting few Lyrics on Mirakee coz I am sure that I cannot use Books and fill up my Shelves again.

    God bless you All.
    And thank you for your Time.

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    My Lips say I'm Fine. My Heart Screams No!
    Coz it's Dying of Love. That left a Hole.
    I smile and talk. I cry and Bleed.
    But he seems to have a Good Time without me...

    Pre - Chorus :
    So Tell me Baby, Why did you Not let me Feel?
    The Love that you Share with all but me!
    Is there something that I had been Doing Wrong?
    You just spoke the same Words that once Broke my Heart.
    I still kept Speaking to you Regardless of my Breaking Heart!
    I only get " ****ING can't you Understand?"

    Ch :
    All at once my Heart stopped believing...
    That you are the one that I have been looking for...
    There's no more Sun! No more Rain!
    But only Winter Pain...
    But still. You're the King of My Heart.
    You Own my Passion and Soul.

    Nights Don't Last, without my Crying for You Babe.
    I want to Hold your breath while I breath your Air, my Air.
    Days just Pass. Like a good Drama Play.
    I have you on my Mind while I walk to Places.

    Pre - Chorus : ( x1)

    Ch : ( x 2)

    It's Like an Ever Ending Repeat of my Fears Choking.
    The Domino Game that makes me Fall for you More.
    But I walk away now.
    Swearing off Love. Till I Forget you Whole.
    That's when my Eyes Close.
    And you Read my Poems... And see my Paintings...
    With Nothing but Black and white.
    And you Covered in Gold.


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    Old Texts and Memories.

    Going through her Old Texts and Memories of her Once Friend...

    She Wiped her Tears and Choked but Uttered
    " Maybe it Was Never Promised "

    She Cries during the Nights and Smiles during the Day...
    Thinking about her Desired Empire...
    While this was the Only way she could stop thinking about her Friend...


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    Wanderess Diaries.

    He asked " Give me one Reason why I should Trust you."

    She Said " I have Nothing to Say. You Dug your own Grave. I'm not going to Stand By and Sing a Lullaby for you to Die."

    He shot back saying " Then why did you Promise to Stay till the End of the Line? "

    She Said " I did Say that. I'm also the one who says this - Either you Trust me or Kick me out"

    He Glared at her and Said " Do what you Feel like. I'm not Important to you."

    She Stated " I will Leave to Save my Dignity and Self-respect."


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    Short Story.

    I Shed my First Tear... As I Stopped Crying for the Love of my Life ... I Shut off my Emotions... I Became the Dead Walker... As he had Described me when I Proposed to him after Constantly Evaluating my Feelings for him... I Felt I was Right... Because I Fell In love with his Darkness and Soul...

    He Walks Towards me. I Wear a Smile. This Smile Rose from my Heart... I never Smiled from my Heart... I Only Pretended to be Alive while I died every moment because I was Deprived of His Love... I Still Felt that "La Douleur Exquise" as I Consider Love to be an Exquisite Pain...

    He Looks just the same as the last time I saw him... He still looked like a Bright Christmas Morning... Which I Love more than My Writings... He Truly is a Divine Creature... I should say. He looks Beautiful to me...
    I stop Staring at him. I greet him " How are you, Bud?" ( though I wanted to scream 'My Love')
    He Replied as he Did " I'm Okay." I once again looked deep in his Eyes. I felt his Pain. I smiled and gave him a Hug. He was Still. But he returned the Gesture. I then Gently Pat him on his Back...

    He then Grips my Shoulder and Makes me Look him in His Eyes Again. He Asks " What do you See and Feel now?" I open my Closed Eyes and the Tears Fall. I smile at him and Answer him " Pain and You." We were So Close that One would mistake us For Lovers, But We are not.
    He Smiles, I never saw him Smiling. I just Felt that I am mostly the Unluckiest Woman but Lucky Human. Because I Fell in love with a Soul. Forever.
    He Loosens his Grip on my Shoulder and Looks me Dead in the Eye...
    He Asked me " Do You Remember the Last Question and Promise you gave me?" I did not Think for a Second for my Answer. I spoke the Answer for his Question immediately. I Answered " I remember My Promise of Standing with you no matter what. I Have no Questions to Ask You. I am Happy to See you"
    He Again Smiled,
    He said " You Haven't Changed a Bit. I have Seen You Change for yourself and Others, but You Did Not Change for me."

    I Spoke Immediately Because I wanted him to be with me for a little while longer... I said to him " I Never Changed, I just Shed my Skin and Wore my Mask and Armour."
    He Nodded. " You Never Agree with me, Don't You?". I said " I do. I just Express your Views in my Perspective".
    He Laughs a Little. We are Still Close to each Other... I Cannot Control myself. But I Did Control myself.

    He Trails his Fingers to my Chin from my Shoulder... I feel my Heart Rate Rising.... I Shiver... Then he Leans in... I do to...
    This was the Moment I would have Killed to Feel...
    I Feel my Tears Rolling down my Cheeks...
    When our Lips were about to Meet...
    His Presence Fades away...
    I see that My Demons once again Invaded my Dreams to Make me Suffer from Love...

    I smile to myself.

    Maybe I am the Cursed Creature that is To be Unloved... I think and Let my Demons Drag me to Hell.


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    La Douleur Exquise #3

    Creativity, Talents and Skills are My Curse...
    As I tend to Keep my Feelings Alive in them...

    In Everything I do...
    In Everything I see...
    I carry you...
    It is Heavy... I Cannot Let go...