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  • jodi_writes 60w

    Outside looking in
    The demon of self confidence
    Stripping away layers of self love
    Never fitting in
    Always on the outside looking in


  • jodi_writes 64w

    Outside looking in
    Peering through the window
    Outsider watching with teary eyes
    Memories in the making
    Smoke filled room
    Music and laughter

    Outsider feeling the longing inside


  • theycallmetreacle 136w


    I stumble through this concrete jungle life.

    It’s not just all the faces it’s the pace that dilutes us as our balance displaces; the haste with which societies chase us. Peace evades us from places we seek to be; where solace waits to embrace us.

    It’s like being always there but never present.

    I observe this world, soaking in all that confounds, such insanity surrounds me that I find of late, the necessary comprehension still hasn’t found what would compound and break down all this uncommon ground.

    Conformity is the window I gaze lustfully through.

    Seemingly always off kilter; off balance, off key like I’m destined to be on the outskirts; just me. Not chained or involved, yet glaringly to me somehow still I’m not free. 

    Normality is the poison at which we sip; it infects us but we fail at total intoxication unless we acquiesce and ingest its full dose.

    I’ve not been let down in the abundance of comparisons to always find and to pale in, things to try in; win and fail in. I’ve found life won’t always give room to divert or curtail in; leaves you flailing in the midst of your self-cultivated derailing.

    This world is not obligated to make sense to me. I see so many people, through them, into them. I know enough to know I’m not missing enough to miss it.

    Escape from this madness feels imminent somehow, the idea of it pulls at me softly; the thought knows something of me so murmurs too often words certain to soothe me. 

    I will wander alone until I find my unascertained destination. 

    The exit light shines brightly, my feet walk there despite me, carrying me lightly to where I should be rightly. To where fighting what’s inside me isn’t nightly, where solitude won’t slight me.

    I will find a plane of existence that makes sense.

    I know I'm not wrong; that there’s harmony somewhere, I just have to get there, I’ve felt its existence in highs and in despair. I’m all too aware of all that I forswear in the burden I bear in my journey elsewhere. 

    I just must.

    Journey elsewhere.

    by callmetreacle on June 12.  © theycallmetreacle, All rights reserved

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