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    #lorie , #lullaby , #mother , #daughter
    #laghukatha , #shortstory , #orphan
    @preranabarman , @k_ankita
    मैं हूं तेरा संसार ,
    तू भी हैं मेरा संसार,
    तू जागी सारी रात,
    तभी तो जागा सारा संसार,
    तू हैं मेरी मां ममता का सागर,
    तू जागी सारी रात,
    जब भी पडू में बीमार,
    तेरा संसार लोरी सुनाए,
    तू पडे तो बीमार,
    मां ताने दे तुझे ये संसार,

    "बेटी कब आओगी ..?"-मां ने फोन पर से पुछा।
    "मां में बहुत BUSY हूं। मुन्ना बहुत रोता है ,इनके पास नही ठहरता।"
    "बेटी कब आओगी..? बहुत दिन हुए"
    "EXAM चल रहे हैं, बच्चो के ।"
    "मां ,बेटी मुझे कुछ अच्छा नहीं लग रहा .?"
    "मां किसी से कहके HOSPITAL में आ जाऔ, वही मैं आती हूं ।"
    जब बेटी HOSPITAL पहुँच जाती दरवाजे पर ...?
    "मां अंदर ICU में है"। -कही से आवाज आई ।
    "आपने मां को लाया ,कौन हैं आप ?"
    "मैं अनाथ हूं।"
    बेटी- "मां कैसे भी निपटाकर मैं आ गई।"
    "मां खाना लायी हूं।"
    डॉक्टर-"मां बहुत याद कर रही थी। उस अनाथ ने लोरी सुनाते सुनते मां सो गई।"अब मां कभी-भी उठ नहीं सकती।" बेटी आपको देर हो गई।"
    बेटी उस अनाथ ने लिखी लोरी हाथ में लेती हैं,और रोते-रोते वही लोरी गाती हैं........

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    लोरी एक लघु कथा


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    Though surrounded by many still fell like left alone in dark room


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    Ajj mainai mehsoos
    kiya jin kai maa baap
    nhi hotai un ka koi
    Nhi hota

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    Long ago, a girl named Bintu lived in a small village.
    She was from the land of nowhere, slim and savage.
    Her eyes were white pearls, her hair shiny black.
    He lips were leave-shaped, her skin— melanin didn't lack.

    Tall and slim was Bintu.
    An orphan no one could talk to.
    Some called her names.
    Others spat on her, calling her daughter of ashes and flames.
    She had no friends except rats and mice.
    Unrecognized yet, very nice.

    Soon, she was known for something.
    A talent no one knew it saw in anything.
    An interpreter of dreams,
    An Oracle of the gods of Golds and creams.

    She became known.
    Healing Kings from the lands of the Unknown.
    Binta Bintu—
    Everyone started calling upon her.
    Until one-day, she saved the prince's life.
    And became not just his helper, but his wife.

    The girl with the mouse on her head.
    Now became a princess with crown on her head.

    © Madinah_Writes
    2:59 p.m

    #History #Blackculture #Storypoem #Mirakee #Orphan #miraquill #writersbay #pod #writerscommunity #writersnetwirk #Black #African

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    The Mouse On Her Head

    Long ago, a girl named Bintu lived in a small village.
    She was from the land of nowhere, slim and savage.
    Her eyes were white pearls, her hair shiny black.
    He lips were leave-shaped, her skin— melanin didn't lack.

    Tall and slim was Bintu.
    An orphan no one could talk to.
    Some called her names.
    Others spat on her, calling her daughter of ashes and flames.
    She had no friends except rats and mice.
    Unrecognized yet, very nice.

    Soon, she was known for something.
    A talent no one knew it saw in anything.
    An interpreter of dreams,
    An Oracle of the gods of Golds and creams.

    She became known.
    Healing Kings from the lands of the Unknown.
    Binta Bintu—
    Everyone started calling upon her.
    Until one-day, she saved the prince's life.
    And became not just his helper, but his wife.

    The girl with the mouse on her head.
    Now became a princess with crown on her head.

    2:59 p.m

  • gulshan07 11w

    "MisSinG mY

    Ussai kehnaa ki
    tumaari (mom&dad)
    Yaad aati hai...

    Ar hum ROo padtai hai

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    Aj ankhein kuch nam hai..
    Dil m bhara bht akelapan hai..
    Aiti k saare pane jaise ult rhe hai..
    Zindagi k suljhe riste kuch uljh rhe hai..
    Lagta hai roshni ne v sone ki aj chaht ki hai..
    Mano aj gamo ne DASTAK di hai..
    Tute hue khwabo dikh rhe hai..
    Andhero m ghira kal dikh rha hai..
    Ane wala Mano jaise koi koi bawandr hai..
    Aj khushiyon ne v mu morne ki sajish ki hai
    Aur aj gamo ne DASTAK di hai
    Ab ujala v ane wala nhi hai
    Mohabbat v Ruth k baithi hai..
    Zindagi ki majburio m aj hum pis rhe..
    Atit k faislo pr phir sochne ki chahat hui hai..
    Aj roshni ne v sone ki chahat ki hai

    ARTI.. #stream_of_thoughts

  • theturquoisemetaphor_ 24w

    PS : The letter is about Olivia, an orphan who loves the gran in a nearby Oldage Home. After being adopted by a family, she writes a letter to show her feelings to her gran!

    PPS: I wish I could write a reply letter from the child to gran :)) ��❤

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #writersbay #letters #granny #orphan #oldagehome @writersnetwork

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    The bond between Orphanage and Old Age Home

    Turquoise Adoption Centre,
    Canada - 72

    To my Adorable cute-wrinkled gran,
    I know you have been feeling neglected lately, I am pretty sure you will feel better when I am with you. I felt like you are a part of my family, when you used to visit our orphanage at times. Many a days I have lamented to myself, that I don't have a family. I have felt isolated. Even orphans of my own orphanage used to avoid me and I felt isolated all of the times! My warden is the strict-est of all humans existing. She used to keep on cornering me, and I have always been got nice scolding and slaps from her, for no reason. I used to question my own existence, those times. But today, I am happy that it won't happen any time again.
    I want to share a happy news with you gran. I know you would be the happiest, if you hear this. Today, warden came to me and told me that a family has wanted to adopt me, adoring my nature. Actually, right now am waiting out here in the adoption centre, I wanted to quickly jot down my happy moments in this letter to you. I jumped out of happiness and happy tears flowed from my eyes, when I heard this. Moreover, you have any idea about who the family is? Do you remember I always used to praise about a NGO volunteer didi, who always took utmost care for me. She was the one who taught me singing. I know my life hereafter with her is going to be jouous. Never in my dreams I thought someone would adopt me. I thought my whole life would end up lamenting and crying loud in washroom, with this cruel warden. Thank god, My wailings didn't go in vain, god has heard me and he is taking me to a new abode.
    Thank you so much gran for all the gifts. Life for you has already been so difficult , you lost your son, grandpa died in an heart attack. I know you have no one, But I don't want you to tell this another time. Erase this thought off your mind. I AM THERE FOR YOU ANYTIME. I am like your unbiological daughter. You have always been a best friend for me here. I'll always cherish being the times with you. Those festive days and weekends, you always comforted me with your happiness. Irrespective of being a 60 year old lady, you would transform into a 6 year old ladki and make me smile every moment, wanting me not to sob over the family who threw me away. You always wanted to me learn something innovative, and you were the one who spotted hidden talents of mine. One thing gran, Never think I would forget you once I find a new family. Never. You are my first mother, before anyone. Though I don't talk with you daily, but still yeah. Take your medicines ont time. Don't sleep without having dimmer as you would do before. You are getting old, and putnyourneye drops daily. You might not have someone to put it for you, Don't worry I'll make you a part of my family, I have asked my maa too, she agreed. I'll take you soon gran. As I would say always, Don't cry over the son who left, I am there for you, I will be there for you. I will meet you daily, hereafter. Soon, I'll come and take you to my new home gran, we'll live together then. I love you granny.

    The child who resembles your son,


    Lilly Old Age Home,
    Canada - 78

    To my pretty munchkin baccha,
    I am so extremely glad to hear that your pain and laments has about to come to an end baccha. I have heard you bewails, and thank god for hearing it right away and taking you to a whole new world. I hope your favorite didi will take care of you. Oops not didi, call her "maa", I know you would never leave me alone and you'll keep on reaching me, just to make all the plates of pain stacked in my heart, to fly away. I still remember the way you smiled at me, for the first time, that reminded me of my beloved son.
    I have told you n number of times that you resemble my beloved son. All those cute notorious stuffs you do, was also did by him. I never used to either scold or beat him. I grew him up with all the love i could possibly shower on him. When he was 8, he always used to tell me that he'll take care of me in future and would never leave me alone any moment, and today he left to the sky even before me with this dad. Okay, I don't wanna ruin your happy vibes telling my stories.
    I have learnt so much from you. Though you are really really young than me. You are my mentor darling. You taught me the importance of smile, rather than crying over people who left me. Being a little kiddo, you act matured. Today, I still remember the moment he told me he is giving me a surprise and took me here. I don't want to curse him. I respect his decision or else I wouldn't have found a cutie pie like you. Okay, Now I hope you will study hereafter sincerely. My hairs have already turned cantitude, and I don't know how much more days I am gonna live, But as long as I do, I love you just like my own daughter kiddo. All those days, when you want to listen to my bedtime tales, or if you want kachori, come straight away to me, you'll receive all of them, a lot. Don't trouble your mumma, asking to take me with you, No don't do that. I'll take care of myself. hope your new mumma will take care of you. I don't want to you to regret anymore on the family who threw you. Embrace your new mumma and dad. Blessings of this old gran always stays with you. Love you baccha. God bless you. Sending you love to you and your new family. I'll miss you. Meet me daily cherry.

    With lots of tears,
    The lady with cantitude hair


  • slylemuse 26w

    Racing, facing the world
    I stand up tall to say, I know who I am
    I've sat in the shadows becoming a pearl
    Your irritant parasite did not destiny me damn!
    The hands coming to ensnarl
    I slipped and dipped through the exam
    Spinning through each story in a whirl
    They tried so hard to squeeze me back into the cracks, crammed
    Now I'm free, I excitedly twirl
    Sorry not sorry I couldn't be programmed

  • slylemuse 26w

    Rewind my mind
    Memories not hard to find
    Walking through the forest
    If I'm being honest
    Yes, I wish my childhood had more love
    But who would I be now without that big shove
    I sing, "I wasn't born so much as I fell out"
    The Clash usually knew what they were talking about
    I've finally found peace now, without numbing
    All the trauma doesn't have to be for nothing

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    # muslimah
    #if any mistake plz tell me in comment section
    #no one z perfect

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    MiSsig uh MoM n dAd

    Parents doesn't fear death.
    Their greatest fear is
    Leaving their children
    In this world, knowing

  • anuradhasharma 34w

    आवाज़ खनक्ती , कानों में ।
    हवाएं , तेरी जिस्म स मालूम हो ।
    चांद-सूरज , के पीछें से ताके हैं ।
    ऐसा रख़ गई , मेरे सर पे हाथ वो ।
    जैसे उम्र भर की दुआएं , दें गईं हो ।


  • unknownswarachita 34w

    My love for you; part-6

    When he asked me, I happily smiled. And hesitantly asked what is all going on? He started telling..

    I will tell you all, in the way he spoke...

    I liked you, since my childhood. When you had your parents. We were in same school and I sat with you. When your parents died because of accident, you went to an orphanage. But, still My Love For You was not over. I loved yoy blindly. When you were 18, I thought to take you with me. But when I went there, they said you left the orphanage 1 month ago. I found you, and until I saw you in the marriage, my search for you was continuous.

    I interrupted, and asked why didn't I know him and how did he still remember me?

    He said....

    After your parents' death, you had a shock, and you went through memory loss. I remembered you, first of all because, I never forgot you and second in childhood, I gave you an antique locket, which you are still wearing.
    My sister didn't recognise you, but my brother did. As, I said about you after that wedding to him. He sometimes went to the office, so he knew you. And he was knowing that he was going to be the replacement of our sister, and so we planned everything, to give a surprise.

    And for your information, my brother is married . He said laughing.

    When I heard it, I recognised him, I stood up from the table, ran towards him.. and hugged tightly!!

    Ok, so this is not the end yet.. the way he proposed me is also a very unique way. And, something is going to happen in tomorrow's post...be ready!!


  • unknownswarachita 35w

    I know that it is very long, but i promise you wont regret reading it.. it is something out of this messy world of fights and fake love... It is a nice story in poetic form... Plz let me know, how is it(in the comment section).. and follow me plz��

    Plz read it completely... I know you will like it.. ��

    #true_love #orphan #long_poem��

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    वो बूढ़ी नानी

    क्यों अब इस खाने में स्वाद नहीं,
    जो पहले कभी हुआ करता था...

    मैं दौड़े भागे आता था आम के पेड़ से,
    और आलू - पूरी माँगा करता था।

    वो बूढ़ी सी नानी यूं बैठे,
    मुझे खाना परोस देती थी..

    मैं थका-हारा,
    उसे खिलाने कहता था।

    वो हर बार ज़रा सा कहती,
    कि क्यों इतना परेशान करे।

    मैं गोद में लेट जाता था उसके,
    फिर वो मेरे मुंह में कौर भरे।

    अनाथ होने पर प्यार की आशा सी थी उस नानी से,
    पीता नहीं था तब तक जब तक हाथों से वो पानी दे।

    कहती थी चल सो जा अब,
    और सुबह-सुबह ना जाना।

    जब तक मैं ना दे दूँ,
    तुझको अच्छा सा खाना..

    मैं रुक जाता था देर सुबह तक..
    वो मुझको नहलाती..

    प्यार से मुझको ढेर सा खाना,
    हाथों से खिलाती..

    ३२ साल हो चुके हैं,
    वापस आया हूँ उससे मिलने।

    लगे खुशी के मारे लोग,
    फूल जैसे खिलने।

    एक बूढ़े वृद्ध ने बोला,
    वो तो चली गई..

    तेरे लिए एक स्वेटर छोड़ा है,
    जो वो मरने तक बुनती रही..
    मरने तक बुनती रही...


  • honeydewhymns 35w

    When the Orphan Becomes A Mother

    I hold you in my arms

    and none of my limbs

    act as a cradle would.

    And yet, you leap

    into my grasp,

    bury your face

    in my shoulders.

    I spend the nights

    wondering, as you sleep

    if the darkness will ever

    swallow you whole

    the way it did me.

    If I ever had

    to sever the cord

    connecting one’s

    soul to this world.

    If their grip on you became

    e’er a touch too rough.

    I’d do it for you, my love.

    You are the light that

    ensnares all my doubt.

    And if we had nothing

    but a corpse

    left behind for shelter,

    a house you’d gain.

    And as the house is weathered,
    forever would you still remain.


  • sugandh_ankahi 43w

    It was just a moment .
    As tiny, as insignificant as a crawling worm in mud .
    It was one of these countless moments which we never notice while juggling a thousand roles in our mundane lives .
    And in that seemingly unimportant moment her life has changed .
    In that shining shimmering night when everyone was singing carols and exchanging presents, She was trying hard to fill her void with empty stories about how Great God is .
    Lost and forlorn she came out of church still thinking about loss of something she never had .
    Years have passed since she heard these words but "You can't be a mother" ,these words are still echoing in her ears.
    And then suddenly she heard those sounds .
    Sounds sweet as honey and soft as dew on rose .
    Sound of kids no more than 5 years of age.
    She turned around n saw a group of kids asking her for some sweets.
    And that insignificant moment changed her life .

    There is no orphan in her orphanage .
    All 40 children have a mother in her Mother's Home .
    And those bunch of kids asking for sweet are now young , kind adoption agency members and carry their legacy of giving child to a mother and a mother to a child .

  • demiiii 52w

    An Orphan

    Yes You left me behind a closed door
    While playing hide and seek of life
    You never bothered about me
    and guess what
    My turn never comes

  • iampraveena 55w

    ಅನಾಥೋ ದೈವರಕ್ಷಕಃ

    Some are orphans because they don't have anyone,
    and a few orphans have everyone in their life.

    #life #orphan #god #love

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    ಯಾರು ಇಲ್ಲದೇ ಅನಾಥರಾದವರು ಹಲವರು,
    ಮತ್ತು ಎಲ್ಲರಿದ್ದು ಅನಾಥಾರಾದವರು ಕೆಲವರು.


  • the_folded_pagee 57w

    "I wish ,I had rich parents " a poor said,

    "I wish ,I had parents" an orphan murmured .


  • pujith_66 58w


    Every child needs a world where you can laugh, dance, sing, learn, live in peace.

    If a child doesn't get these, then why did they give birth..? 

    At this modern era/ world,

    Girls who hit their first period gets married to a man and makes her pregnant and leaves her. Later the girl abandons the baby. 

    What's happening to us..? Why are we so cruel? 

    At present, we have 140 Million orphans. 

    Suffering for water, food, with torn dresses, sleeping on the dirt..  

    This baby doesn't know what is mothers love, father's guidance. And doesn't know why he/she was abandoned.. 

    These orphans work all the day just to fill their stomach. They are among us; with us. 

    Child labour, Child abuses, Child marriages..! 

    If parents can not afford to take care of their children then don't try to have them. Don't curse them for your satisfaction. 

    Now for a change imagine yourself in that baby's position..Don't you feel that the world is really cruel? But, why are we..? 

    We, at this present generation,

    We need iPhone, big cars, branded cloths, costly shoes, go on vacations. 

    We need a different soap for body and face, we need shampoo and conditioner for hair. And use costly perfumes, cozy beds.. And what not..?! 

    But having all these, when we see an orphan on the roads, eating garbage, begging for money, falling on our feet we still hesitate to give a penny to that poor kid. 

    How selfish are we..? How cruel..? 

    If you compare our pain, our problems with them we indeed have zero pain, zero problems. 

    Well in the end of the day, we can make their hell life better. Just give what ever you can. How much ever you can.

    See their million dollar smile, happy tears and thankful eyes living in the hell. 

    Let us be the change and change others too.


  • avatarable 60w


    To the little orphan begging on the street,
    Home is not where he wakes up every morning.
    Home is that passer-by that dips hand in the pocket and gives out.