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    She was reminiscing of the day she got to relive in that parallel world. Never would she forget the adventures she experienced as she wandered around the world that seemed so much like her own. Everything seemed the same, with a few exceptions. One being that in that world, the guy she was in love with was in love with her too. So much so, that he startled her by asking her to marry him. Surely he could tell the difference between her and her parallel self? But apparently not. Not only did he profess his love to her, but he had asked her mom for her hand in marriage first. When she got back to her world, she saw the guy at the café she frequented. He glanced at her and as their eyes met, he walked up to her and said, "Excuse me. Do I know you?" She started, and then he reached out and grabbed her hand exclaiming, "Wh...where did you get that, that ring?!" She glanced down, and for the first-time noticed the ring he had given her in the parallel world. "I..I, um. I found it." She stammered and swallowed hard. He didn't look like he believed her. That's odd, he thought. I have a ring just like that....odd....

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    Parallel Worlds

    She was reminiscing of the day she got to relive in that parallel world. Never would she forget the adventures she experienced as she wandered around the world that seemed so much like her own. Everything seemed the same, with a few exceptions. One being that in that world, the guy she was in love with was in love with her too. So much so, that he startled her by asking her to marry him. Surely he could tell the difference between her and her parallel self? But apparently not. Not only did he profess his love to her, but he had asked her mom for her hand in marriage first. When she got back to her world, she saw the guy at the café she frequented. He glanced at her and as their eyes met, he walked up to her and said, "Excuse me. Do I know you?" She started, and then he reached out and grabbed her hand exclaiming, "Wh...where did you get that, that ring?!" She glanced down, and for the first-time noticed the ring he had given her in the parallel world. "I..I, um. I found it." She stammered and swallowed hard. He didn't look like he believed her. That's odd, he thought. I have a ring just like that....odd....

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    When you look to the man in the mirror, he’s looking right back at you.

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    The Doppler

    For many years, through out many cultures, humanity has always thought of the mirror as a window to ones soul. But in some unfortunate cases, it's more like a gateway to it. And on the otherside, sometimes, awaits a personal demon.

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    Part 9

    Person (2) : Yes! They are Cady and Siya... Wohhh!!
    This time new participants for this competition.

    Girl 1: I just can't believe Cady is also participating. I'm gonna vote for him.

    Girls : We too.

    Boy 1 : Look at Siya pictures... She's is just more than beautiful. She is so gorgeous.

    Boy 2 : She never looked like.

    Boy 3 : Right! Look Ivys picture, she haven't sent something new. Let see who's gonna win this time.

    In Class.
    Devid : You decided to take part in competition?

    Siya : Yes.

    Devid : You look adorable in pictures.

    Siya : Thank you.

    Devid : I too have given my name for competition.

    Siya : Nice.

    Siya's eyes was searching Cady but he wasn't there.
    After class. In ground
    Ivy : Don't you know this competition belongs to me?

    Siya ignored.

    Ivy : Hey! I'm talking to you.

    Siya : I thought you talking to yourself.

    Ivy : Do I look mad to you?

    Siya : May be.

    Ivy : You!! Well I want you to exit the competition before it's too late.

    Siya : Why should I?

    Ivy : because everyone knows who's gonna win.

    Siya : Really.

    Ivy : hnn.. from last 2 I'm winning, everyone like me.

    Siya : Let's change the history them.

    Ivy : Gosh!!! A cheap girl like you who don't even know what popular means want to change the history. I suggest you better read history, girl like you can't change anything. Who can't change her life from cheap to luxurious want to change history. Huh.

    Siya just smile and went to her work.

    At Night.

    Jessie : O my god! Siya you taken part in competition. You didn't told us.

    Siya : At the last moment I decided actually.

    BeiWi : Siya! I love you.

    Siya : Control.

    Jessie : but you know for Miss Popular only you and Ivy are there.

    BeiWi : Yes.

    Siya : It's fine.

    Jessie : Are you not worried?

    Siya : No.

    Suddenly they hear a car's horn they all three move to window say a car was standing down and as they came the car moved away from there.

    Siya : BeiWi!! Did you called D?

    BeiWi : No.

    Siya : Jessie??

    Jessie : no...

    Siya : Then who was that person?

    Jessie : Might be someone waiting for anyone.

    Siya : Yes! Leave it lets go.

    After 2 days (competition day)
    In college every where there were banners of Siya, Ivy, Cady, Zoe, Mark, and Devid (Participants)
    Jessie : Let's go inside.
    They all went to the auditorium.

    Host : Hello Everyone. So! As you guys know today us Miss and Mr Popular competition, I want all participants to come one stage.

    *To be continued*

    #itsallaboutmylove #lovestory #love #mirakee #quotes #microtale #originalstory #writersworld

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    It's all about My Love.

    Part 9
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    Kiss - Story

    Is there something you want to say to meas we are sitting on the cold stairs? I can sense it in your eyes that you are scared, frightened maybe. You tremble as you feel nails scratching blue pants. Don't look towards the wall, look at me. Gently, I place my hands on your face and I finally see you crying. "What's wrong?" my mouth says quickly and then it came. Her lips pressed on mine for a second and left me speechless. We are both now quiet, awkwardly sitting in the empty hall.

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    The world as we knew it was a technical marvel of bustling streets with neon signs, autonomous transportation, the advent of science had done away with traditional occupations. People didn’t work to live, they lived to work. Society thrived on learning and what used to be just hobbies became contributions to all. People joined together to act as a collective for the good. Builders would built, painter would paint and so on. It became a new technological and social renaissance.
    Over time, the use of currency became obsolete, as technology had replaced most industries. We prided ourselves as the peak of civilization in both terms of technology and spirituality. Our research has provided the means to extend our life by hundreds of years. We learned to terraform the planet to create a new continent. Our brightest minds joined together there to create this new utopia. The massive city was created by our most revered city architect, Atlas.
    But in our hubris, we uncovered an ancient virus that lied dormant in the ice that we terraformed from. The extreme cold temperature didn’t kill it, but in fact preserved it. It was there undisturbed, hundreds of feet uncased in rock hard ice for possibly a millennia. At first it spread with little to no outward symptoms. It went unnoticed for so long that by the time the symptoms showed, it was too late. We tried to eradicate it, to quarantine it. There was seemingly no hope of a cure. In an act of desperation, we sunk the newly formed continent to prevent the spread of it.
    The best scientists from around the globe gathered to combat this threat.
    The population massively declined as they continued to find a solution. The contagion spread among the scientists because they had no way to properly contain it. They invented a way to transfer their consciousness into androids, thus would prevent the virus from attacking their living cells. They volunteered to leave their infected body into a synthetic one to continue trying to find a cure.
    The dwindling population from around the world pooled their resources. All of the remaining people were infected so they couldn’t reproduced without infecting the offspring. With their world on the brink of destruction, they decided to leave their world behind as they knew it. It was based on their previous technology of transferring a consciousness into an android. They didn’t have enough time to make enough androids, so decided to create a beautiful virtual garden to transfer a mind into an avatar. They had a volunteer survivor by the name of Lilith.
    They monitored the virtual garden externally to create a baseline. At first she seemed fine, but then seemed to experience a form of psychosis. They assumed it was because she was alone. They created a completely digital version of a man, they named Adam. She was relieved but then attacked him pulling out a rib from him and started to eat it. Her avatar was designed to be healthy and normal, but she started to scream that this isn’t where she belonged and that she was still infected with the flesh eating virus. Her digital body seemed to take the form of those infected by the virus in the real world. Her skin started to peel away as she scratched at it. The skin peeled away as easy as a rotten banana. Layers of muscle fibers and blood poured out and bone could be seen. They tried to replace her digital body to normal, but she kept screaming about her skin again.
    They were in a hurry to prevent more deaths, so they transferred more minds into their virtual construct. Unfortunately, once their minds remembered about the world and the virus. They seemed to be in a mass hysteria that they still were infected by the virus, despite being in a completely digital body.
    The android scientists were ashamed about their failures, they couldn’t bring themselves to delete their consciousness, because their real bodies were beyond saving at that point. They couldn’t save the ones that were already in the system. The synthetic scientists realized that the minds of the survivors went crazy when they remembered about the world and the virus.
    So with the remaining infected population’s collected consciousness, they decided to wipe their memories of their world and of themselves. They created a completely new world with governing rules. They eventually put themselves into the virtual world and made themselves immortal in order to teach them law and order. They would teach them to be better than they were.

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    There the grim stood in front of the church.
    Its eyes a glowing gold and its black fur blurred against the fog.
    It did not move as I backed away, but its eyes never took me out of their gaze.
    A fear I hadn't felt in years overcame me and in pure panic I fled like a mouse back to its hole.
    To this day I dare not tread in the early morning hours in fear of meeting that old grim again.


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    Off the record !

    Off the record, Have we ever given this pivotal factor a thought as to why is it so much of a tabooed thing or embarrassing moment for all girls and boys to not express their true feelings, story and opinions in front of all or to the only person they genuinely feel for ..

    Yes, it feels like getting out there with all the hidden feelings in the open will be brutally rejected by the person you express or emote it out to.

    Yes we all irrespective of gender scenario feel very scared, nervous, sceptical, and most importantly it's like a walk of shame for us to even think about sharing our thoughts, real feelings and opinions in context of any boiling hot national topic, issues, etc.

    But mostly even when it comes to telling our true feelings for the person you unknowingly beknownst start feeling for, the person with whom your friendship gets to such an amazing comfort level and rapport, you feel very tensed and scared.

    The problem is nowadays mostly all have become so much of a pro bonafide expert in giving mixed signals with leading each other on and fake promises at all points of time, that they start lying.

    Both guys and girls think of the other person as a very delicate fragile doll or panda shaped human being who has a glass heart and won't be able to bear the cold bitter gourd of truth.

    My question here is who has given you either a guy or the girl the freaking right to lie countless times in friendship even when the guy or girl ask you so directly and upfront about the said thing which is a seed of doubt and suspicion in their mind already.

    Worst case is never let your friendship go for a toss and bumpy ride with each other for then a tight bitter knot gets formed between both of them where things can never be the same again.

    Well, ending this long blog post I just want to say that I don't keep my feelings to myself but I get them out in form of my writings and photography and also directly I've told those to other said person quite frankly and bluntly endless times without thinking about it's repurcussions coz that's how I am and what I intend to be for my entire lifetime.

    Uhhh aaa aaa .......... but here's another thing everyone needs to remember that we aren't glass hearted fragile dolls and soft hearted pandas coz you don't need to think of any of us as one.

    If you are a real boy / girl and not coward, then next time don't lie in a very real and good to be true friendship with each other about any damn thing for it ruins and messes up the friendship for good for an entire lifetime maybe at times.

    By Vrinda Mundara



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    #Viyuuu11893 #Hritik_hv

    Thank you my writing guru / teacher / mentor / bff always and forever Hritik_hv for collaborating with me on this one !!

    My dream of writing a story with my favourite writer / bestfriend came through so beautifully to be true because of you ..

    I look forward to more such fun writing collaborations with you rik mr bff / mentor !!

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    Modern Love !

    Love is a feeling that encapsulates an entire metaphor of emotions where feeling comfort at bonhomie level with transparency is important.

    Later, relationship stemming and blooming out of pod of friendship and rising in love with matching mental and emotional sensibilities is what deep love is all about.

    Love is about firstly loving yourself by embracing all your blacks and whites together and when you start loving yourself , that moment you would think about actually liking or loving a guy.

    Till the time you don't learn loving yourself, you can't really love any other person.

    Love is about feeling strong and so confident with your partner that you should also let him go when things don't work out in your relationship.

    Coz if even after letting go , he still somehow finds his way and home back in you again then that's real passionate love and if he doesn't then he wasn't actually even yours in the first place to begin with.

    Generally there is one sided love, puppy love, crush love, idol love, fangirl love, infatuation love, love at first sight, love at first flight, love in an instant, artist loving the muse, bro - sis love, bestfriend's love, sis - sis love, etc.

    Yet everytime, this genre still makes my heart flutter with butterflies in my stomach and makes my dil go gaga skipping a beat whenever I read a book on same.

    Aajkal what you say haan #SakhtLaundi ka zamaanaa has come now. It's just because nowadays everyone has seen so many harsh realities related to this love phenomenon at some point in their life that "Sakht rehna behtar hai pighalne se zyaadaa".

    Ending this lovelogue, I still believe that love is a beautiful emotion and wonderful feeling which makes us feel free and beautiful.

    Feeling love and rising in love is a soul stirring and heart tugging experience.

    #WrittenbyVrindaAndHritik #viyuuu11893 #hritik_hv
    #mirakee #modernlove #jointcollaborationseries #originalones #originalscrawls

    By Vrinda Mundara and Hritik Vats

    ©viyuuu11893 (Vrinda Mundara)

    ©hritik_hv (Hritik Vats)

    Copyright 2019✓™

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    Dragons Trylogy// the Bearer

    When he finally spoke up,his voice low and troubled, there was confusion in his eyes. For the first time in years, Kaelin could not understand.
    -She is screaming.
    Briseis frowned just as confused.
    -Who is screaming?
    -She. I don't know who she is... - the man stuttered. - But I can hear her in my head, in... In my soul. Like she is the dragon, but it's not. She is scared, and confused, and just wouldn't stop screaming.
    He waved his hands around in angered manner and where his knuckles touched the window, frost spread like a plague. Kaelin looked at the glass and huffed in annoyance.
    -She wouldn't leave me alone.

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    Tomboy nerdy girls have best guy bffs !

    It's damn bizarre yet strange that we actually typically like any other cliched fluff loving stereotypical girl keep searching for happiness and jolly vibes in relationships with guys that eventually end up messing up our already whacked up life for good ..

    We don't have to be bound in any labels with guys just to be happy but being happy and in best state of mind occurs between a girl and a guy bestfriend as well.

    But films like KKHH even though cult evergreen hit classics of Karan Johar have tried to cultivate the false novel idea that girl and guy can't just be friends but in reality it's true and damn real.

    I've my bestfriend and numero uno who'll always listen to me when I need him to without interrupting my flow of words and talks at any wired time of night ..

    We're more than bffs but a solid team at once. He's my patient listener and the rock that keeps me grounded amidst all the never ending mess ups and chaotic extremes in life.

    He's my goofball and I am his sensible bee .. i guess i was searching for someone like him who's like a mirror image of me in so many ways and God destined us to cross paths and now we're super tight knit more than bff's and we're comfortable with our sensible and all kinds of non sensical talks !!

    "Happiness is a state of euphoria and glee that doesn't need relationships but rather just your bestfriend with you always and forever".

    "Girl and Guy can most definitely be bestfriends with each other and stay like pack of wolves forever no matter what".

    By Vrinda Mundara


    Copyright 2019✓™

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    @ayushsinghania @hritik_hv @riddzee @ritikapeace @an_eleutheromaniac @_sparkling_soul @iammusaafiir @solitarysoul_amru

    #Viyuuu11893 #Hritik_hv

    Thank you my writing guru / teacher / mentor / bff always and forever Hritik_hv for collaborating with me on this one !!

    My dream of writing a story with my favourite writer / bestfriend came through so beautifully to be true because of you ..

    I look forward to more such fun writing collaborations with you rik mr bff / mentor !!

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    Hopeless Romantics

    All quip saying loving is letting go and setting yourself free from all inhibitions . If it still comes back to you at the end of the day, it's yours but if it doesn't then it wasn't ever yours .

    But what about the one sided love that's bound to pain and abandonment !!

    What should a person do then !! Will all these mythical prophecies about love still work even then or are the hopeless romantics like all of us set to be doomed by it !!

    There are two categories of one sided love according to me.

    One is the happy one that even if only from one side, believes in being happy for that person and will always care for him / her forever as deep within their heart feelings still reside ..

    Other is the sad type of one sided love where the said person is sad, feels upset and kinda mellow because of the failure of his love for the girl.

    That guy even though does believe in letting go and setting free, but after that shuts down himself from people around him because apparently the pain of loss coupled with feeling of abandonment and aloofness is too much for the guy to bear.

    Crux is we all are hopeless romantics waiting for an equally passionate and genuinely caring person who can match our level of insanity, zany madness, untangle the complicated cob web of our mess and make us feel happy, free where we rise in love each day instead of falling ..

    One sided or not, love is a beautiful feeling and our emotions are deeply prismatic in nature which have a common colour of red that symbolizes all intensity of each kind of feeling within us.

    #writtenbyvrindaandhritik #viyuuu11893 #hritik_hv #mirakee #hopelessromantics #jointcollaborationseries #originalone #originalscrawls

    By Vrinda Mundara and Hritik Vats !!

    ©viyuuu11893 (Vrinda Mundara)

    ©hritik_hv (Hritik Vats)

    Copyright 2019✓™

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    Only One- a short story

    Long before man walked the grounds of Earth, there was a woman who lived in the sky. Her body was made of the clouds, and her eyes were made up of the stars, her lips- made of sunrises and sunsets and her hair was made of the wind. And she was called Only. She liked to make the clouds dance, and the stars change shape and when she felt lonely, the clouds would cry with her.  

        One day, when Only was feeling exceptionally lonely, she decided to see what lay beneath the sky.  
    "The sky seems so endless" She thought to herself as she stepped from cloud to cloud cross the sky in search of something, ANYTHING other than they sky that had surrounded her her whole life.
    "Is there even anything else out there?" She pondered as she took a moment and sat cross legged on top of a puffy cotton ball cloud. And the more she thought about the possibility of there being nothing below her, the more she wanted to continue sitting there. So she did.

        She sat there for days and days and days on end. Sunup and sundown,, and the world continued to go around and around, and Only sat there, until one day the cloud she sat on hovered over a surface she was unfamiliar with and when she looked down at this unfamiliar surface, she was greeted by the face of an unfamiliar woman with long grass hair that was in many braids and skin the color of dark, rich soil. Her eyes were as green as her grass hair, and her lips were made of rose petals.

        “What are you doing?” The woman asked.

        “Well,” Only started. “I was on the search for something more”   

        “More?” The woman’s eyebrows scrunched a little in slight confusion. “More than what?”

    “More than the sky” Only replied. “The sky is all I know, and it seems to go on and on for all of eternity. I’m all alone up there, ya know? And I want more that”

    “More than the sky? But the sky is full of birds, and clouds. The moon, and the sun, and the stars live in the sky. What more could one want than to live among the sun and the moon?” The woman asked.

    “One gets board of making the stars dance” Only dangled her legs off the side of the cloud, her feet only centimeters above the unfamiliar surface. She looked down at her feet, contemplating on stepping off the cloud and onto the land that she was close to standing on anyways.  

    “Why don’t you get off that cloud of yours and walk with me?” The woman asked Only. She extended her arm out to Only to help her down onto the land of Earth. Only took the woman’s hand in hers and jumped down from the cloud.  As her feet hit the ground, little dust clouds rose up around them. She looked down at her feet in amazement with the dusty dirt that rose up from the ground to then curl around her ankles. And with each and every step only took, she continued to look at her feet, mesmerized by the way Earth reacted to her feet. But once the two of them stepped onto an open field of tall green grass, Only looked up, and over to the woman. “It looks like your hair” She said.

    The woman let out a genital laugh as her pink rose petal lips curled up into a soft, sweet smile “That would be because it is. I am one with all that you see. All these plants are a part of me. I am one with the Earth, therefore I am the Earth ”

        Only then slowly sat down in the grass covered field, letting the grass surround her whole being, and tried to be one with the Earth like the woman was. She closed her eyes and sat there for what felt like the longest time until she finally opened her eyes, and looked over at the woman who still stood there next her, looking off into the distance at the setting sun. “What’s your name?” Only asked her.

        “One” She replied still looking off into the distance. “And you?”

        “Only” Only said, rapping the stem of a purple flower around her finger.

    And in that moment, Only’s whole being was filled with a warm feeling and she  knew what she had come looking for. And she knew that “More” wasn’t a something, but rather a someONE.


  • kbarker0259 148w

    My Orginal Characters


    Samuel Langston: 17 years old. Human. Dark Brown Hair. Chocolate Colored Skin. Cappuccino Eyes. Sassy. Goofball. Romantic. Loyal. Absent Minded. Bold. Kind.

    Ava Christianson: 17 years old. Human. Honey Blonde Hair. Lightly Tanned Skin. Sky Blue Eyes. Night Owl. Emotional. Kind. Loves Celebrating.

  • viyuuu11893 154w

    Swigs !

    Silent like nocturne,
    Unconventional spitfire always,
    Burning all in her wake,
    Searing hot like charcoal,
    Sultry witty enigma,
    Vrinda is her name,
    France is her home,
    Never asked for more,
    Bartending is her career,
    Started out as hobby,
    Learnt mixology from EBC,
    Not leaving tiny pieces,
    Calm as storms,
    Defying all norms,
    Lost in her own bubble,
    Fell down with mr hot stubble,
    His greek god looks,
    She got off the hook,
    Impressing her was task,
    He did it very fast,
    Quietly going back to counter,
    Cheesiness never got through her,
    Asking what he'd drink,
    Efficiently doing her work,
    Tried to ignore him nevertheless,
    Couldn't really be heartless,
    Watching her swigging his drink,
    He was at maddening sexual brink,
    She was total bombshell,
    Dreamy heaven to real hell,
    Falling short of words,
    Watched her like mockingbird,
    Finally done with creating his drink,
    She finally gave sexy wink,
    He felt on cloud nine,
    She was testing his dimes,
    Becoming friends in a nightclub,
    Their hearts found it's lubdub,
    She was an electric barbwire,
    Which he was going to unwire.

    By Vrinda Mundara


    Copyright 2018✓™

  • _h_a_7 155w

    "We can't afford happiness here,
    but we'll work hard for the Hereafter."

  • _h_a_7 156w

    "I don't know who
    will save the world,
    so I'll save everyone."

  • viyuuu11893 161w

    Saturday Rendezvous !

    It was September which was one of Payal's many favourite months in entire year.

    It's weekend time that's Saturday precisely. She's in rickshaw on way to meeting her bestfriend after 6 months finally. She's suddenly stuck in traffic jam which would take atleast 20 minutes to get clear.

    She's running late already and her cellphone is constantly ringing and blowing up with her bestfriend's call for asking where has she reached and how much more time will it take for her to come.

    She's waiting very patiently for signal lights to turn green from red whilst sitting in rickshaw. She's always carrying a novel in her bag just in case she ever gets stuck in traffic jam.

    Meanwhile she finally catches up reading her favourite book "Losing It" by Cora Carmack right from where she had bookmarked the last page she had left off after folding it slightly.

    She's really unmindful of her surroundings and totally unabashed in nature. She's just lost in her comfort zone of her book and herself in the rickshaw not giving damn what people might end up thinking about her.

    She gets a little bored after reading few pages of her book and folds the page and closes it again. She glances and peekaboos around herself from rickshaw.

    Suddenly she sees a guy in adjacent rickshaw next to her who's also a total nerd like her and was busy in himself unmindful of his surroundings just like she is.

    She doesn't really know what it was but there was something very jolly and incredibly hot and spunky about him and that sexy stranger's face got stuck in her head and it couldn't get out of her mind at all no matter how much ever she tried to forget about him.

    What she didn't know was when she was lost in reading her novel in rickshaw, at that moment he was busy staring at her and was smiling very widely like a real smile reaching his eyes.

    Finally, they both smiled and acknowledged each other by introducing themselves.

    That Saturday rendezvous witnessed blooms of tussled icy and spicy star crossed equals bonding in totally unexpected place and situations.

    By Vrinda Mundara.



  • geektrovert 163w

    Scarlet Hands

    The coppery scent of blood
    permeated the damp air as I heaved in relief. My hands trembling as I clutched the cold heavy revolver that was still smoking. Looking down at the thing that was once my sweet little sister.

    Her mouth hung open with flesh and visceral of the unfortunate victims that were unbeknownst of her state of mind. Patches of her straw blond hair were missing on her scalp and even parts of her pig tails had rotting clumps of what I can only guess were bloody skin.

    The stuffed little bear I got her a few weeks earlier on her 8th birthday was a few inches away from her grasp, as if trying to hold on to some semblance of normalcy that we could never get back.

    I slumped down on the couch, holding my head, hot tears slipped through my tightly shut eyes as I yelled in frustration.

    There was scratching and banging on the window behind me. I won't let those damm things get me like they got my parents and my sister. I grabbed the gun that was beside me and gazed at it in my lap.

    I picked it up, flipped it so the muzzle faced me and placed it between my lips. It was still slightly warm, smelled sour with the scent of gun powder and tasted metallic. I squeezed my eyes so hard that it hurt. I reached back to pull the hammer, hearing it click in place.

    The sound of glass shattering around me and feeling some quick little cuts on my arms and neck. Loud thumps and dragging sounds approached me.

    I pulled the trigger.


  • viyuuu11893 170w

    #CoffeeRendezvous !

    After Payal's lectures got over, she thought to go the quaint little coffee restobar situated just in adjacent lane to her college.

    It was winter season which deemed to be her favourite season out of all seasons. There was no particular reason for "Winters" being her best season in whole year.

    She went inside the quaint little coffee restobar. She wasn't very fond particularly of being centre of attraction at public places. She went and sat at a table situated very far from populated crowd over there.

    She ordered a freshly steaming hot cup of hazelnut cinnamon flavoured coffee and some hot and spicy cheese balls to go with it.

    She had no homeworks and stressful assignments tension that specific weekend to be sure. It was December which was her favourite month out of all months in year.

    There were so many days, competitions, trips, celebrations of inter collegiate fests, Christmas, New years and so on. She loved that happy, funfilled and gleeful jolly aura and vibe that this month carried around right from it's inception.

    She was sitting in the coffee restobar reading her novel, taking sips of her coffee and occasionally eating her spicy cheese balls in between whose taste she savored religiously in every bite she took which was heavenly for her. Her ME time it was for sure.

    She was totally engrossed and immersed in her novel while drinking coffee and eating cheese balls in between.

    She didn't even notice and realize that a guy came and sat next to her. He was just observing Payal who was lost in her own world totally unmindful of things happening around her.

    He thought that I am the most popular guy in whole college and girls have fights to get my attention towards them but here I see someone lost in her own thing not paying me attention even when I am concentrated on her from past half hour sitting next to her.

    He thought how to approach this spunky fiery spirited chit of a girl who is the only one not giving him any heed which was a first for him.

    What he didn't know that from then on there would be many first times for him for she was someone who could bring out the best and worst in him without being scared or intimidated by him.

    Till that day, he hadn't met any girl like Payal who had her own mind, very headstrong, wasn't scared of anyone, stood her own ground come what may.

    Payal wasn't a normal cliched girl but she was definitely someone interesting, unconventionally out of the box with fighting spirit and her own mind. She took her own decisions and stood firm by it.

    These things definitely made him set himself on a mission to be friends with her anyhow for she didn't know that he had his eyes trained and set on her now.

    What he didn't know was that, when he felt that Payal didn't notice him at all in between her novel readings whenever he looked somewhere else she did notice him very slyly and then pretended to read her book just so that he wouldn't come to know about it at all.

    That day #CoffeeRendezvous at that coffee restobar started many firsts for him. Payal was sure as hell having loads of fun in testing him, his waters and she made him do things for actually earning the right to be her friend.

    By Vrinda Mundara.


    Copyright 2018

  • viyuuu11893 170w

    #BrokenFriendship !

    She's been broken hearted in friendship so many times that now she just really doesn't have that leap of faith in making friendships and friends.

    Having many friends isn't all rosy for her. She makes huge blunders in selecting people who she could be friends with. She makes way too many mistakes in that friendship department I guess.

    Those broken pieces of her battered heart made her who she is today. Her mistakes, blunders, imperfections, scars and flaws make her "HER".

    She's proud of being herself. Imperfections make her perfect in it's own way. She still wears her heart on her sleeves.

    She's still a hopelessly romantic soul loving monsoons, winters, music and travelling. Guessing all these small beans make her the WRITER she is today.

    Her words on paper are like sharp knives very "teekhi" and brutal meant to slash down grey shaded people and haters that love piquing her GUTS a lot.

    She's ME, She's YOU, She's all the girls out there who're like what I am in reality.

    This is ME and MY story !!

    By Vrinda Mundara.


    Copyright 2018