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  • laibzworld 2h

    I feel stranded behind these locked doors

    I feel stranded behind these locked doors.
    This virtuality I can’t take this anymore.
    The life seems so drab now adays.
    I wish I could fly and go away.
    Caged for months in a single place.
    Anxiety, depression, yes that’s my case.
    Its been two years and we are in the same phase.
    My university is forever closed.
    My friends seem to be distant now.
    Nothing to do, nowhere to go.
    Covid-19 just was a massive blow.
    My lamenting eyes search for peace.
    But I feel as though time has forever seized.
    Covid -19 is the new normal?
    But will I ever be able to accept such a naff life.

  • laws_ofthe_universe 1d

    Peace and Quite

    Stop and stare
    A moment here
    For us to share
    Hand in hand
    Toe to toe
    Do you dare
    To let it go
    Be yourself
    Walk alone
    Be the last
    To cast a stone
    Who are you
    On your own
    Brave and wise
    Filled with lies
    Do you hide
    What is inside
    Be yourself
    Be kind
    And sure enough
    You will find
    Peace and quite
    Of the mind

  • quotes_writer 1d


    लोग नकली पहचान बनाकर काण्ड असली करते हैं
    सोच कर भरोसा करिएगा


  • thewritingbunny 1d


    It's 7:26 now and it's been what.. 31 minutes since I've been having extra beats in my heart. Am I stupid? I'm standing here in a white t-shirt under a hoodie cause I spilt orange juice on my shirt like 3 minutes ago. Damn! I was supposed to do this yesterday cause the gift didn't arrive as planned. As an apology they gave me a gift wrap for free though. Ughhh!! Why are there no stars in the sky tonight!! It's dull. Should I delay? Nah.. Not again! Anyways.. Breathhhhh.. And there she was.. 'Hey' she says..Oh God♥️

    I check my hoodie pocket immediately and damn! The fancy chocolate melted ages ago! Keep it cool.. it's ok! We'll get something at the cafe. 'After You' I said. 'Um.. Where to?' She replies. Dammit!! 'My bad!' and we walk to the cafe nearby. My jokes half hit and half miss on the way and when we reach.. Surprise the cafe is closed. F**k I said out loud in my head and as if someone heard the curses in my head it starts to rain. Ofcourse a stray banner comes flying and sticks to my face. And there we were. Infront of a closed cafe waiting for it stop.. the rains.

    'I got ya something' and I get the lil wrapped box.. a lil soggy from the rain. She opens it up and I face palmed myself. It's the wrong book!! Another copy of the one she already owns! Oh why!? She laughs and dig into my pockets for redemption. It's a kinder joy. 'Also this?' accompanied by the most awkward smile ever. And as it drizzles on it's the 3 of us then. A lil elephant she immediately names counts as a person now.

    'Let's go out sometime? Like go out go out?' says me, at the end of my patience before I get struck by lightning next.
    'It's what.. your 3rd attempt now' she giggles and hands over the half the kinder joy left.
    'Yeah.. I don't count now'

    And then we laughed.. All 3 of us.. as the skies above clear over.. not noticing the rainbow above.. Cause ain't that the best? And that's how it should be and is gonna to be.. where everything is wrong but that's just right.. A blurry line that we'll walk forever.. You & me as ice bear watches over...



  • flying_colors0125 2d

    True love

    In love we often forget
    Our originality
    but "True Love"
    never needs a change
    it lets you to be "you"

  • fitzwater 3d


    The day I lose you
    Is the day I lose myself
    When I can't hold you no more
    Hear you say I love you
    Or make you laugh
    I'll die a little inside
    Because I love you
    More than anything
    I can't grasp how
    The world can still turn
    Without you in it
    It won't be the same
    Talking to your ashes
    Or talking to your coffin
    You ain't here
    Living with me
    You're gone
    And I can't get you back

  • alextheft 3d


    Spirits levitate in seldom truth,
    What if the ghosts we see
    Are the actualities
    Of what we left
    Buried or barren,
    The incomplete and laden
    Grooved to the hinges
    Of what is
    Or what could have been
    We all have left behind some ghosts
    To an alternate choice, we once made,
    Those dead apparitions
    Stride forever
    Like regrets deep in chest,
    Spirits are not fearsome
    If the regrets aren't grave,
    For who stiffens at one mirage
    Has choked his true will once.

  • myasir99 5d

    The Sadden Wave Of Sadness

    The sudden wave of sadness

    It makes me sad when ever i think
    about you

    The rain feels like the pain on my
    beautiful scar's that you
    gave me on my heart

    I wanna rewind the time back
    again on the day when
    everything got shattered up
    for me like for the ages

    I found my self wanted when
    ever i tried to re build the new
    beginning of the old chapter of
    a new life again i guess the

    sorrows of this dramatic trauma
    will never come to an end.

  • martin_1 1w

    Only my heart....

    You took my pulse without ever touching me,
    Like honey and flowers, you were my bumble-bee.
    Every time I saw your face I felt
    your warm breath ,
    I am still in love with you and
    have the same faith.
    Everything was fine , until you left me alone,
    The gag you gifted me was nothing new for me , in past my family had

  • jcksttn 1w

    Here. I’m taking time for two. Feeling the wind blow through. Sitting here for you.
    I feel a little lost. The world passes by like the early morning frost. Time moves quickly but I’m standing still

  • writeweird 1w


    wait for me before you disappear, hold
    -- you had my heart
    take from me everything i swear, all your memories and all your scars

    so, you were my summer's sun,
    winter's cold --
    you were the mountains, rivers
    that have cut me sharp

    you were my crowded streets,
    my only hope --
    arms to grow old, quiet nights
    with no stars

    maybe if the world wasn't so small
    we'd never fallen apart

    maybe if the words weren't so cruel
    we'd never fallen apart

    and the fire would've found
    it's way to the sparks,

    before the lights go out.


  • penceze 1w

    Action Speaks Louder Than Words

    They say "action speaks louder than words".
    I do not doubt. However, many also seem to forget that the word "louder" comes after "loud".

    In other words, "words" also speak - "loud".
    In fact, it is "words" first - written or spoken, before action(s), which makes it "louder".

    I'm thinking, is "speaking" or "saying words" not an action too?
    What do you think?

    Well, this might seem too far, but even the Creator spoke "words" before "action'. In fact, the words made action possible.

    So, while we all agree that action speaks louder than words, we should not forget that words also mean a lot first.
    You can't be "louder" without first being "loud".

    In that vein, I'll prefer to say, "words backed with action, speak louder".
    How would you rather say it?


  • penceze 1w

    Make Or Fade

    Should I take it?
    Should I not?
    I'm torn between choices
    But therein lies blessings

    Wait! Not only blessings
    It also involves bad consequences
    However, it's a choice I must make
    Good or bad, one I'm willing to take

    Maybe not. For I would not want to break
    Not now, not tomorrow, but this risk I must take
    Decisions, however difficult, must be made
    But I still fear, for I wouldn't want to fade.


  • lovelynotes 1w

    Me without you,
    It's like a city without houses,
    A forest without trees,
    A river without water...
    I need you,
    I need us

  • jcksttn 1w

    After some days pass. A thick fog descends upon my mind. My eyes become like the windshield of a car after a cold, frosty night. My every being drips down to its subatomic particles. They feed into a melting pot of emotions. This can crock has been stewing on high for far too long. Eventually, it all reduces to a hot sludge. A defiant and unyielding muck. Sticky and bitter to the taste…. I think I need a good soak. To let hot water seep into all my cracks like rain in the desert. Hopefully, this will dilute my sludge and carry it away. I may just have enough time to clean the pot Before another day like this one creeps in from the shadows.

  • jcksttn 1w

    Time is sacred and unforgiving.
    An arrow from a bow.
    A complex tapestry, seemingly stitched by those outside time itself.
    Is my story already depicted?
    Am I simply a spectator, suspended in this soft vessel?
    Playing my part in this game of life.
    To what extent can I influence?
    My thoughts manifest from the unknown depths of my inner pool.
    These thoughts become my actions - Were they meant to be?
    Nevertheless, the consequences, good or bad, are mine to handle.
    I wish to ascend above time itself
    Join those stitching the cosmic tapestry.
    Perhaps I’ll leave gaps on purpose
    I’ll call them specs of free will.
    Allow moments for the consciousness to weave its own patterns of infinite possibilities

  • kattresise 1w

    This was originally written as a song, this is the first section before parts repeat and the tone changes etc. The theme for the songs I'm writing is loosely based around past, present and future. If anyone is interested in seeing the rest of this song then let me know! (These are my first attempts at song writing so constructive criticism is welcome).

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    For Now (You complete me)

    Sometimes I see you each day

    and sometimes not for a week.

    But when you are here I feel just fine

    (and) You make me feel unique

    Even when we are far apart

    Our friendship is guaranteed.

    Our distance can make my mind blur

    (‘cos) you are all (that) I need.

    We can build a life together

    Hand in hand we’ll make it there

    Journey on through stormy weather

    I’ll make time for you I swear.

    I will always be there (for you).

    Sometimes it doesn’t feel real

    How perfect you are for me

    I can find it hard to believe (‘cos/that)

    We’re like (a) lock and key

    Our goals for the future may vary

    (and) I wonder, will our love prevail?

    (but) For now I don’t need to tell.

    (‘cos) You complete me

    You complete me

  • kattresise 1w

    My pillow still smells of you
    From the last time you stayed over
    Always thinking of you
    And trying to be sober
    Your scent muddles my brain
    I feel butterflies and warmth
    I desire you more than I can explain

    Your ocean eyes lure me in
    They swim with lust and love (for me)
    Your touch gives me shivers
    And I warm up from within
    Hot breath on my skin and touching my hair
    Brings me close. You're a danger,
    I breathe you instead of air.

    •Which version do you prefer?•

    #love #desire #lust #originalcontent #original #new #poetry #originalpoetry @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #pod @miraquill

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    My pillow still smells of you
    From the last time you stayed over
    Always thinking of you
    And trying to be sober
    Your scent muddles my brain
    I feel butterflies and warmth
    I desire you more than I can explain

    Your ocean eyes lure me in
    They swim with lust and love (for me)
    Your touch gives me shivers
    And I warm up from within
    Hot breath on my skin and touching my hair
    Brings me close. You're a danger,
    I breathe you instead of air.

  • aayat_jaff 2w

    Aur phir meri tamaam chahaton ka,
    ek wahid haqdar ban gaya wo❤

  • laws_ofthe_universe 2w


    Medication through meditation
    A cure for frustration
    The key to true relaxation
    A seed that's been planted
    Watered with intention
    Hear the words chanted
    Understand in translation
    How to grow, how to cleanse
    How to learn and begin again
    Taught by self in higher plane
    So much wisdom to gain
    Listen with the heart
    Trust your gut
    You will understand your part