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    Stephanie's hands are shaking in the cold as she walks into the office. It is clear she is in need of something hot to step down the effect of the blizzard outside the walls of the Clinton Welsh International Hospital premises. The Air-Conditioners cannot be turn off for any reason on the insistence of the Hospital's policy hence they provide alternative heating for the staff and patients of the hospital, heating cubicles numbering about eight on every floor of the hospital totalling about one hundred and twenty. Unwilling to go all the way to the other floor and possibly face the same disappointment as she has faced on the ground floor where her office is strategically situated, she decides to take some hot coffee to substitute the heating cubicle but as though it is not her day, she is met by another disappointment. All the variants of coffees served at the hospital at the moment do not appeal to her taste.

    Stephanie's astonishment is brought on by how exactly all other variants are still very much available when she arrives but the one she wants and enjoy finished few seconds before her arrival at the hospital's coffee stand.

    Irked by the situation, she picks up her car keys even though she knows leaving the hospital at that moment might be risky on so many levels-she might have patients waiting for her, she might have an accident under the unfortunate weather, she is not officially on break and she might get queried or worse still relieved of duty if she is found out by the management of the hospital. She would usually do things that strikes everyone as daring and sometimes just plain absurd so when the other staff see her leave the hospital and drive out of the premises, they neither ask no questions nor bother themselves but leave it to the management who have eyes on the entire premises and never miss a move from any staff except of course in the toilet and surely enough they see her leave. The consequences of her actions from the end of the management would come in the evening when she returns or they would allow her the privilege of having a good night and spoil her morning the next day with her letter of 'your services are no longer needed at this hospital' connoting dismissal.

    When she sets out on the journey, it is a horrifying trip driving through the blizzard as visibly is so poor, she can hardly see. She prays so hard to be back at the hospital in one piece but it seems her prayers does not cover her car as while she hits a lot of things that damage her car badly including road blocks, railings and a couple of times, a few road-crossing creatures.

    It takes about a visit to over fifteen stores and twelve hours of driving to make her give up her search and decide to settle for the lesser coffee brand.

    Just as she is driving back to the hospital painfully meandering her way through the thickening weather, she unfortunately and fortunately rams her car into a somewhat inconspicuous store by the corner of the road going unconscious. The storekeeper takes her out of the car and unto the ground to get some air. The storekeeper, Jane Alvin watches her for a few seconds and realizing she has not regained consciousness, decides to give her the kiss of life (Mouth To Mouth Resuscitation).

    It feels awkward to her but there is a life at stake and it is the only option available as there is no one else around in the store at the time as the storekeeper was just reconciling the books in order to leave for home before Stephanie rammed into the store. She succeeds in getting her conscious after about six huff-and-puffs of oxygen. Regaining consciousness, Stephanie asks holding her head while squinting,
    'Whe-Where am I?.....Who are you?....What happened?..'
    'Calm down, darling. One question at a time',Jane Alvin says softly. 'You had an accident'
    'Oh no', Stephanie screams whisperingly as a result of the headache. 'I need to get back to the office immediately'.

    Jane Alvin smiles not with an intent to ridicule Stephanie's predicament but because she wonders why someone would still think of work after such an unwholesome occurrence. She watches Stephanie stagger a little way off before fainting again.

    When Stephanie regains consciousness, she is surprised to see Jane behind the wheel of her SUV and wonders what is going on. Just as she is trying to wrap her aching head around what is going on, they come by the Welsh International Hospital. Jane drives in, screaming for the attention of the staff around. Immediately, a couple of nurses assist her in leading Stephanie into the hospital.

    Having been informed of the accident by Jane , the hospital puts Stephanie to bed-rest for four hours with the help of sedatives in drip form. When she would wake up, her letter of dismissal would sitting on the small mahogany cupboard-table beside her bed just by Jane. Jane hopes and prays that she wakes up strong and healthy.

    'Please, you just have to wake up. From the much I have seen, you are a hardworker and I am sure it devastate your company to have them lose you. I do not know you but it would still hurt to watch a human being die before my very eyes so please stay with us', Jane whispers softly trying so hard to prevent herself from bursting into tears. What Jane does not know is the fact that Stephanie is a staff of the hospital and the letter on the table by her bed effects her termination of appointment with immediate effect.

    After four hours of sleep, Stephanie wakes up from the induced sleep yawning and turning to see Jane, she gives a smile that suggests appreciation of the kind gesture of being by her side all through. Jane returns the smile.

    Sitting up on the bed, Stephanie notices the white envelope on the table by the bed. Confused, she inquires of Jane about the letter. Jane says the letter was brought in by a doctor and he said it looked important.
    'A doctor of this hospital....?', Stephanie asks terrified as she frantically opens the envelope to unveil its content.
    'Yes....Is there....'
    'Oh no...This can't be', Stephanie screams and faints again having read it is a termination of her appointment as a staff of Clinton Welsh Hospital.

    Confused as to what is going on, Jane picks up the letter to read and she is just as shocked but does not faint. Instead she quickly decides to recommend Stephanie for temporary employment immediately she wakes up pending when she would be able to secure another job for herself.

    When Stephanie wakes up, she is skeptical at first about the idea but looking at her letter of dismissal once more, she decides to accept the offer. It seems a blessing in disguise as she seems to enjoy working with Jane surprisingly because asides the fact that it is an interesting job to kill time with while she looks for one that would fit her career as a surgeon, she is home to the best coffee in the region.

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    I wish this wasnt true. But I'd rather save myself than lose it in something that slowly kills me.

    #ordeal #truth #pain #fair #love #family #simple #values #morals #protect #petty #stretch #myself #endless #toxiccycles #smother #regain

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    Here was the deal,
    It was written plainly with a simple ordeal.
    You have to choose one or the other,
    To have both would mean endless smother.
    It's you, or having a blood family.
    What? How is that fair?
    Everyone deserves a loving family!
    Yeah, but here is the catch,
    The more you grow your values stretch.
    Okay that's fi- wait! They wont relax.
    Your morals to them are like a petty tax.
    So again, save yourself or stay with pain.
    Myself is the only one I can regain.

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    #forlorn #god #ordeal #lone #endurance.#pod

    Everyone is fighting and battling today their own battles in life. Some people are beginners, some are fighting for a considerable amount of time and some are on the verge of giving up. This post is for everyone who is struggling in their life. Trust God as he is working and making things better for all of us.
    It is easier said than done, but when life gives you lemon, make lemonade.this is the only option we have.

    A bad time of bad days will also come. Be patient and trust the divine.

    The post is a long one. Kindly give it a read.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @jeniayn @withering_sunshine @monikakapur

    @writersnetwork thanks for reading ����

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    Putting on a jovial face,
    to conceal the afflictions he embrace.
    Drowning& dying his own death
    like a plaice.
    In the ocean of misfortunes
    that he floundered to erase.

    Putting on a happiless smile.
    With but away from himself
    he walks miles.
    Courageously spectating
    the war among world,
    his heart and brain
    drives him insane.
    Battle is versatile
    A tricky maneuver
    with an apparent loser.
    whose wounds unsutured.
    Fighting bravely, he seeks
    blessings in the pain.
    His kindreds are oblivious, merry meanwhile!!

    Wakes up with hope
    Sleep with despair.
    Ear's bursted with
    sorrow's blare.
    With impregnable faith in God
    He answers why, when and where!!
    His kindreds are oblivious, merry and unaware.

    Clueless chaotic amidst
    depressing tidal bore.
    Distant from the shore.
    Looks up for a purpose.
    The sky is forlorn and eclipsed.
    A sterile smile arises thus
    Illuminating himself in the abyss.
    His kindreds are oblivious, merry experiencing bliss.

    Lips curl up for smile
    Eyes are melancholic.
    His determination, patience
    & profile makes him iconic.
    Learning the insight
    Enduring the pain.
    Celebrating plight,
    Camouflaging slain.
    Encourageingly persuades himself
    "everything will be fine,
    this too shall pass.
    after cacophony of rain,
    there would be sunshine."
    His kindreds are merry, oblivious of his whine.
    Irony mocking in the domain.

    Let him brawl this ordeal.
    For omnipotent time shall heal.
    With every passing moment,
    his stature he raise.
    Aware of the certitude
    That God works in mysterious ways.
    Cheers, he is crawling and inspiring
    With Zest and Zeal!!


  • obsovert 74w

    Bullying !

    Well the very idea of bullying is quite deep-rooted in the annals of Indian history. Even the great Karna wasn't spared off this ordeal and the bitter irony is that instead of being frowned upon, bullying is something which has been traditionally accepted to be very basic and part of growing up. We have historically been so liberal about condoning bullying that one can literally feel it in the air. Well the binary basis of categorisation and distinction between the "bullying ones" and the "bullied ones" is quite steep and literally no can climb the chasm of disparity.

    The bullied ones have to battle the perpetual fear of being bullied and ridiculed right from the day they step in the school premises. Moreover, unlike the equations of amicable companionship and coarsened animosities which are susceptible to varying degrees and changes with due passage of time, bullying is not dynamic and the equation once formed remains unaltered for eternity. The "bullying ones" tend to bully always and "bullied ones" tend to remain bullied forever.

    My sincerest thanks to the advancement in communication technology which has facilitated mankind in general to take a giant leap and have brought us all together with the help of internet. So there ain't any shying away from the truth that irrespective of the fact that whether we extend our cordial participation or not but we are participants and part of plethora of WhatsApp groups dedicated to our respective class, batch, house, team, zone, school, department, batch, branch, office, school and there won't be any end to this.

    Sometimes these groups are voluntarily constituted and sometimes much to your chagrin you just simply allow yourself to be roped into those WhatsApp institutions sometimes owing up to peer pressure and sometimes fear of being left out. Now circling back to the inherent agenda of these WhatsApp groups which are excellently organized institutions often formed by the sucessful and influential alumnus of alma mater, who have certainly done better than their counterparts and with motivation to bring everyone under an universally unified and recognised umbrella.

    So when the immaculate sense of Noblesse oblige and belongingness brainstorms the heart of sentinels of unity, then they take the initiative and armed with dedicated passion and sense of unity in addition with pinch of inclusiveness, modicum of nostalgia alongwith not so apparent agenda of exercising the very idea of subjugation and domination to the optimum establish WhatsApp groups, which by and large are virtual cum digital bullying setups where the "bullying ones" indulge into verbal arm twisting of "bullied ones" in bid to maintain their dominant status quo in the garb of fun and reminiscing about the lost nostalgia.

    These WhatsApp groups often tend to ignore the prevalence of bullying and a lot of people act so cool about it. Bullying is practiced without any inhibitions and certain episodes which are harsh and difficult to make peace with are clandestinely brushed inside the rug of jocular nature of school bosom buddies and their birthright to mock and make fun.

    We Indians are so supportive about bullying that people can actually make a career out of bullying. We are super cool about ridiculing people and people who can perform cyber bullying can actually make fame and fortune out of videos mocking people for their choices and ironically become national heroes. We must understand that how blurry and hazy it may look, there is a thin line between humour and humiliation, sarcasm and subjugation, comedy and constrain.

    How indifferent we remain to the prevalence of bullying but it'll always remain an uncomfortable truth and very part of our existence. Bullying ones can actually never feel the pain and pang of humiliation which bullied ones go through. The bullied ones are made to believe that they are misfit and unfit for being the part of that group or organisation. The bullied ones are one who actually live the fear of being part and still be apart in flesh and bone. The permanent damage and pyschological repercussions that bullying casuses are actually beyond repair and impossible to overcome. It's indeed hard to resurrect oneself from millions of shattered shards of self esteem and confidence.

    One can never feel the real pain of being bullied untill and unless one steps into the shoes and walk a mile but sadly enough there are millions of pairs of feet but there aren't enough shoes to accommodate those feet.


  • bokkashravanireddy 103w


    She's a tired butterfly
    Flying with colorful scars

  • zamscott 111w

    The clocks were
    invented to measure
    the hours of my ordeal

  • sharadabanan 123w

    Her waiting for him
    Never ended
    Come what may
    Dawn and dusk
    Were witness
    To this ordeal

  • geethalakshmi 135w

    Success is
    not only about
    the achievement of your dreams.
    Purely depends how strong we emerge
    from the failures that we have
    gone through the ordeal
    days indeed.

    Hexacore 3:5:7:9:7:5:3

  • vampirecadence 139w


    These days i have noticed
    if a person is patriotic
    towards it's nation,
    their own countryman
    would declare him or her the
    best in the world,
    no matter what he or she does
    behind that veil of patriotism.
    In my opinion,
    they have to be best in all sense
    but if they aren't
    then being patriotic shouldn't
    be governed to give
    special status to anyone whosoever
    try to become patriotic just to
    get away from all the ordeal.

  • soiwrite 170w

    An ordeal

    Took a few trials to abandon the feel
    Now my heart resembles the abandoned field
    But it does feel better to seal
    The past which yearns to completely steal
    Of what little's left of the ordeal

  • isid57 174w


    After stormy wind, a tree said to me -
    "How I balance myself, you should see... "

  • dishani_sarkar 180w

    An Ordeal

    The Hell I was
    living in;
    There was no
    respite from that.
    And as I realized that
    no one was
    to rescue me,
    I was
    But that night,
    after he was
    done with me and
    had left the
    I waited for
    the clock
    to strike one
    and slowly smiled
    as I heard his
    filling the house.


  • rohit_vuppuluri 184w

    Ordeal Hardened

    Not a long amount of time had passed,
    as I trudged along the same old path.
    It was a path I once had choosen before,
    not coated with sugar and honey.

    It was a path filled with ordeals everywhere,
    from the beginning to the very end of it.
    Ordeals not manifesting in the physical world,
    but by the strange occurrences of the mental.

    But it wasn't until thoughts flooded my mind,
    that I saw how stupid it was to walk this path.
    For the one to whom the options are served,
    choosing this path brought out my immaturity.

    Evading the traps became a thing as time passed,
    becoming a master of an art hidden from others.
    And down came another ordeal onto this path,
    in form of water that swept and disrupted my walk.

    Water began gushing down my voiceless throat,
    succumbing to a choice that I had once made.
    But as a novice turned veteran on this path,
    survival is just another trick in my hat.


  • thelone_wolf 189w

    memories succumb
    bitter tears


  • _thedumbguy_ 193w

    Ordeal the three horsemen

    The sword never fails the wielder until the wielder has faith in the sword...

  • advaitha 197w

    My ordeal

    Shoved into a corner of desolation
    Arms nailed to wall
    Blood running in the crevices
    I lay weeping in this world
    Nobody tries to save me
    As my ordeal amuses their eyes
    And my screams appease their ears


  • wahai_wakhal_wahang 232w

    Succulent Love

    If you get
    through to me,
    my succulent love
    will be
    worth your every ordeal.

    - Ranjan Moirangthem
    ©wahai.wakhal.wahang. [Pic: mediagirl]

  • yuktivxo 264w


    Living by him is my greatest ordeal in paradise.