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  • mrspectacular 33w


    What is Liquidation?
    Liquidation, according to the Wikitionary Dictionary, is the selling of the assets of a business as part of the process of dissolving the business.

    What has this got to do with Purpose or the lack of it, you may be tempted to ask?

    Well, when you lack purpose, you unjustifiably sell yourself out to the next available thing to stay alive or stay relevant and because that is not the purpose which you were brought to life after nine months of torturing your mother in her womb, you do not make any headway. If at all any headway is made, it is only a short while before you find yourself plunging back down into a state of nothingness.

    Worse still, you may not even recognize the liquidation when it begins until you are at a point where you can infact do nothing to help yourself return nor move further.

    Most times people give the reason for their abandoning their purpose as peer pressure saying 'Oh my friend is making it there so it must certainly be lucrative so I will put myself in too' failing to realize that that friend does not have the same purpose as him or her.
    'Oh, we have been friends forever, we vowed to do everything together'. Not in the aspect of purpose, you are not. There is nothing more gruelling and time wasting than acting in the purpose of another person, it is like building a house you will not live in. That's wasted effort.
    By choosing to deny yourself the pleasure of living out your own purpose, you are not only causing yourself some great migraine but also spitting in the face of your creator telling him that he had no idea of what he was doing when he sent you to earth with that given purpose and ultimately you force yourself to live the rest of your existence as a slave rather than as a master that you should live as. There are number of people who chose to live outside the purpose of their lives but they lived to regret it. No one knows their names, I cannot tell you their names because I do not know them and why do I not know them because they chose to deviate from what would have given them that shimmering fard probably because it was taking so long hence chose to gear towards what gave them a momental joy and happiness and neglect the one that would have made them for life. It starts with looking at where someone else is or comparing to other people forgetting that no two persons were created the same, not even twins.
    Do not shut down your shop because of your friends' supermarket. Every supermarket was a small shop at some point. Live in your purpose to avoid liquidation.
    When you know your purpose, envy is out of the question.


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  • veronica099_ 42w

    A natural thing, maybe

    Just so you know, anger, pain, elation, all are natural psychological reactions ; Nothing unnatural until it becomes an omnipotent character. With resilience, somewhat a little dark mole grows inside, and a point comes when we find our back against the wall and that the little pinch of seed has grown to a gigantic structure. It's like this big ball of wools, dark in colour, all swirled up with each other ;each thread signifies a journey that you started but left unfinished.

    Fighting against this everyday, every single moment, is not easy. It is like resisting a Zombie from devouring your brain all up. In battling with this intense destructive self, one might grow a defensive tactic, to which one might lose one's originality,memories,every miniscule experience. Thus, being enslaved by the funny character, or the often crybaby identity or the angry, harsh personality. In this battle within ourselves, we lose more than a chunk , that once belonged to us.

  • keehoor 60w

    stifled screams

    in this little town,
    the south wind gushes
    like magical reflections
    of a life we never imagined
    in the comfort of modernity
    and blessed opportunity—
    braided leather jacket,
    calf-length boots,
    a handful of books,
    the smell of water caltrops
    freshly harvested
    and silent screams
    of the little women
    knitting away their pain,
    smothering their dreams
    by the melancholic bonfire


  • kevindevassy 71w

    She was a girl

    Like the others, she lived here too,
    Grew up in beauty, grace and riches,
    Only to be a choice amongst men.

    But this wasn't her, this was who she was meant to be;
    These were the 'shoulds' not her 'wants',
    She was ice and fire on the same plate.
    Men broke her, it's pain forged her

    She was a girl; beautiful and strong,
    With a dagger, with ink, with a sport and a lot of dreams,

    She's all around us ready to spread her wings,
    Shame we didn't see her in our homes


  • notransientstate 108w

    Get ye heels on

    They make you look tall
    They make ye legs slimmer
    Get yer heels on
    They make yer ankles look boss
    They make you walk like a super model

    Mad init
    Haven't you ever seen a woman walking down the street
    - Barely?

    Get yer heels on
    They stop you from being able to walk
    Get yer heels on
    They fuck your feet up a bit
    May as well be a ball and chain

    Now i don't know what you're thinkin
    But i reckon women would feel a lot more empowered
    ... If they could fucking run

    On demand

    Or even walk

    without fail

    a hundred percent of the time

    May as well cement your feet to the floor
    Chain your self to a fence for anyone
    Is that what's attractive?
    Self oppression?

    Women are sexy when they can move
    And jump and climb and fuck about
    Not when they're holding onto a wall so they can walk

    No offense to you if you wear heels
    But women have been subject to this kind of pressure for years
    Make up is simmilar
    I mean people are changing their faces into something else
    That's been advertised to them by cosmetic companies globally
    Wearing a mask

    It's easy to see the beauty in something that's been pointed out a thousand times that's why everyone wants to look like that

    But if you want to find beauty you can find it in gold and dirt alike

    You just have to be open minded

    Not twist
    bend things
    into other things

    that people have seen the beauty in already
    I reckon people are so shit scared of being ugly that they don't even look at themselves any further than what they see

    So they make themselves look like something they think they can better present

    Something supposedly better than what they are
    What the universe created

    You were forged by a much greater power than yourself
    Stop trying to correct it
    Burn your heals

  • thoughts_of_oneself 116w

    Like a

    Green leaf under the stone
    Being crushed by the pressure
    Asked the nature if i am treasure
    But i am left to shrink and wither

  • sparklingteja 120w

    The actual fury comes from an oppressed man


  • brahman 130w


    I sat in the corner

    For that is the one place where no eyes fall

    Nor fall the rays

    Still I covered my face

    Not because I was scared

    But was I ashamed?

    I can't tell

    Coz none was my mistake

    Yet I was blamed

    I am no God

    To bring life

    Nor have I received His gift

    Or is He a She?

    Does it even matter

    When 'He' has never shown himself

    To any soul

    That I can't bring into this world

    For which I am blamed

    Was I not gifted to bring a soul

    Or am I the gift

    To those no one's souls?

  • adeolu_t 140w

    The Godfather

    Under the spell of hypnosis,
    We gullibly allowed you caress us,
    In Lies and facade.
    We danced to your tune.

    In the depths of our despair,
    You threw us a match stick;
    Made us love you for it.
    While you stole our chandelier.

    Who made you god,
    That you ordained us a king.
    How can you be our father,
    When you say wrong is right.

    Is it between the deep red sea,
    And the fire breathing devil?
    Or we can part the sea,
    And cross to the promised land.


  • raenu23 142w


    My child,

    Fret not, for these words will liberate the shackled, unsilence the muzzled and lift the oppressed.


  • phoenix_ablaze 151w

    The Voices

    I hold a dagger
    To carve my insides out
    The voices said, the voices say
    That there is no other way
    Start at your weakest point
    All the way up to your chest
    Reach in, give in to this request
    And grab this heart that's oppressed
    The voices said, the voices say
    They warn me to never disobey.


  • questioner 171w

    I feel I am caged in these unsaid rules of society.

    #society #rules #life #robots #motivation #oppressed

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    We fear of robots rulling our next generation,
    While we are here slaves of our own society.

  • forgotten_cobwebs 175w

    Those Unknowns

    The bicycle wheeled away splashing memories of a gone era
    Children played afar beyond a tractor-mowed hayfield massacre
    The kites darted through the low hung clouds
    Somewhere in a faded mansion cries echoed
    Above the haunted palm trees and pineapple groves
    That hid monsters beyond the naive coconut trees
    Tarmac erased morsels of dirty footprints
    And half-cleansed the puddles of chained history
    Trained to look high we walk ignoring the shrieks
    Of those unknowns we trample beneath...

  • gudrun 181w

    "I'm just a traveller in need of a little rest.
    I had been blending through the city of oppressed.
    Dimming me down to the filthy ground.
    Leaving me screaming like I'm being unheard"

  • nazia_hassan 182w

    The Martyred Son.

    A sudden sacrifice left all in shock ,
    Blazed the valley , it's whole mob,
    Crushed hearts, spreaded as a wild fire,
    Thousands and thousands took to the roads .
    Wailed and joined his rite of funeral,
    Morned the devine soul of the beloved son,
    Whose death bled and shrouded hundred sons,
    Bleed heaven for those lost sons,
    In Black Kashmir mourned his peers,
    Meed his courage, feed his thoughts and will,
    Huge reunion , gatherings, flayed his foes,
    Flustered them with rebirth of his soul,
    Whether was he powerful, or now will be more ,
    For there is fall , who planed it all ,
    Blessed are dead , yee they know ,
    Who dreamed to climb peaches of fame,
    All noble soul are drowned in his pain ,
    Streams and streets are filled with blood,
    For Valley cried , saw thee falling star ,
    A great son martyred in the war .

  • bigblackbird 183w

    #flood #wds #writedilse #oppressed #oppressors #tears #justice #injustice #pray #world @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite There are so many countries experiencing this... Pray for their peace of mind.

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    Let the tears of the oppressed cause a gigantic flood that sweeps their oppressors off their stands and take them out the door


  • azaangul 186w

    And last night when you reached back to your home & peered into your Child's eyes,,
    Did they not remind you of the dreams that you crushed down on the road in broad day light,, of the black shadows you casted upon his family forever,,!!!
    #chatabal #kashmir

  • seeratqureshi 190w

    Being the oppressed
    itself I want to be the
    oppressor of hatred
    to unlock all the
    imprisoned hearts.


  • rito_amidst_abnegations 213w


    "The West burns,"
    admitted the Walrus,
    "But look! The highest smoke rises in the Eastern urn."

    "Never!" the choking soldiers screamed out in enervation,
    "The West merely stands as a testament of glorious incineration."
    And then they fell into their Eastern hollows.


  • rito_amidst_abnegations 217w


    Have you ever FELT chained down?
    Ordered around?
    Your MASK forced down?
    ... pressed hard ...
    till your skin burned?
    RED, is the colour of the devil - the heart burn.
    RED, is the hue,
    of the love you,
    never knew - a heart yearns.

    But she, oh she saunters in TEAL.
    Young ferns under naked heels.
    She embraces the perfect turquoise.
    Liquid; the Sun weaves on it like an arachnid,
    her wholesome musk - the only lead.

    Thick vanilla waddles through the comforting cool and... and holy elixir SWIRLS around her undulating mounds, filling up her pungent crevices, coursing her secret thermopylae.
    Her quivering navel... submerged, a plaything for the pisces.

    I drink after her.

    A ravishing amalgam of my SINS, constantly uncovering my purpose, perpetually feeding me desire to go on. The mast which leads me astray to astral meadows.

    Finity never could emanate GLORY, she DIDN'T BOTHER to, in all her haste prancing around in a state of eternal motion.
    Happy and free.
    Well, life itself WASN'T GLORIOUS, only a happy mistake, an accident.

    And after all that has been said and done,
    we are all really just silhouettes
    while the sun sets,
    and then, even our contrast dies.