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  • cicimoon 14w


    I bet you wouldn't
    Believe that our realities
    Are so incomprehensibly different
    And, I couldn't begin
    To explain how grateful
    I am that my
    Reality is so much different
    Than yours

  • word_s_myth 30w

    Call Me Enigma

    The night is long, the wait is endless,
    I hope this ends the lifelong chase;
    I pursue the wizard for a pretty charm,
    I'm afraid of angels causing the harm,
    Treasuring the shells
    Discarding the pearls
    I live to see the sunlight at dusk,
    I feel the heat and fluently stutter,
    I feel awake in a deep slumber.

    #paradox #contradiction #opposites @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Call Me Enigma

    Enigma or a breathing paradox,
    Passing a life outside the box.


  • pranalishah 31w

    - Oh Dear! -

    Ironically enough, never thought
    That we’d end up together,
    To add to that, willingly…
    Never thought I’d be over my first love,
    Who I presumed was like the ‘Perfect Man’ for me
    As many say that’s never easy to forget.

    But with you… our journey…
    Our conversations… our thoughts…
    Our mismatched beliefs and trusts,
    Our love-hate discussions that barely lasts,
    Our memories filled with random glance,
    Our oblivion tender touches and smiles…

    Geez, what just happened?
    How did this even happen?
    When did this even start?
    I think that’s what adds to the charm
    of our oblivious journey from the start…

    Oh Dear!
    In spite the contrast between us in every way,
    I think I’m learning to fall for you
    with every passing day and
    Even more so now and
    Even more so till the end of time…


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    - Oh Dear! -

    But with you… our journey…
    Our conversations… our thoughts…
    Our mismatched beliefs and trusts,
    Our love-hate discussions that barely lasts,
    Our memories filled with random glance,
    Our oblivion tender touches and smiles…

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  • sweedle 33w

    Some days I'm a butterfly slipping in and out of my cocoon. Other days, I'm a firefly burning till the fire consumes me whole.


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  • midnightwanderings 37w

    Ive got a few poems written that ill be postingthis week. Today we get two poems.
    #animals #animalpoems #poem #sparrows #whales #opposites #writersnetwork

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    The Sparrow and the Whale

    The sparrow and the whale wish to sing together
    One up so high and one deep below
    Wings reach for flippers
    Bellows come from up so high
    You hear chirping by and by.
    They feel so far, but are just so close.
    And through the sky their passion floats
    For all they wish to do is sing.
    But one is trapped in heavens eye,
    And the other has sunk beneath the dry.
    The poor whale is overhead
    And the dear bird swims through the deep,
    Never ever to meet.


  • bellemoon99 39w

    Dark and light

    I feel the light inside of me,
    The warmth of life and hope.
    The promise of be the best I can be.
    Learning to love and cope.

    I greet the shadow within,
    All those things we wish to hide.
    I'm not ready to give in.
    Embracing the night inside.

    Both darkness and light,
    Both pain and delight.
    I need it to thrive, I need it to rise.

  • jpwriter 39w


    But are Love
    & Hate
    A Match?
    Are Right
    & Wrong
    days Slow
    Too Fast
    Some People
    Have to ask
    Those remain
    At Last
    Which is True
    Pertaining You?
    Rock Solid
    Shattered Glass


  • poster_boy 43w

    Attention is energy
    #evil #flow #opposites #power

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    You don't neutralize evil but strengthen its opposite, the energy flows through the aspects you concentrate.

  • tuckerdinnes 43w


    I used to describe a day
    without a million things to do
    as humdrum

    Now I find the idea of
    just a single obligation


  • bellemoon99 43w

    Life and death

    Death: I envy you, everyone loves you. My name is an insult and my existence a nightmare. When people think of you they thank the universe, while they curse me. I wish I could be more like you.

    Life: Dear, that's not entirely true. I can be cruel, I can be harsh, many humans cry for you when they are tired of me. The ones that suffer will thank your embrace, you are kind and compassionate always. You treat everyone equally, while I must admit...I do have my favorites. I wish I could be more like you.

  • antheia_ 43w

    #opposites #nobooks

    "A world without books will become naught but a dingy suffocating cellar. With the light of knowledge going off mankind will get plunged into fulginous darkness, where cognizance will be throttled by the barbed wire of ignorance. Inquisitiveness & intellectualism will cower in fear whilst imagination becomes an orphan."

    *Fiction & non fiction both are uniquely distinct genres of literature and to savour the flavour of both we need to sink our teeth into the delicious, sumptuous fare of books.

    (While they (fiction & non fiction) had a lengthy conversation, below is just a tidbit of their colloquy).


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  • _broken_mirror_ 43w

    "I can fulfil your every dream after overcoming dissapointments ,sadness ,and failures." ~ LIFE
    "I can end your every pain by freeing you from disappointments , failures ,sadness and will give you eternal peace." ~ DEATH

  • spitfire_ 43w

    Least a Panicked Mind can do is
    Thaw a Cold heart


  • artemiswrites 43w

    A conversation between Summer and Winter

    If Nature wore a crown, I'd be the gold from which it is forged, for I am precious metal ore, where every other season is but stone;
    I sparkle with the fire of the sun.

    Yes, Summer Days are gold, but they're the singing gold of the Noon day sun, my glow, on the other hand, though cold, is comforting, I'm befitting of a time when farewells are uttered to a year.

    I'm Vibrance Incarnate, I'm the Playing Fields of Life, you steal colours from their nests, you're the ghost in the bedtime stories of seedlings rising up from the Earth.

    I don't steal colours, I'm where they go to rest, in faded subdued tones when they get exhausted. I'm the Cradle of Life when it starts to die.

    Your words are as dull as the colours left behind after your kiss.

    Your words though gaudy, offer no harsh lessons, an element crucial to life.

    Summer and Winter:
    Despite all our differences,
    we stand United,
    linked together
    like pearls on the
    Necklace of Time.

  • shandilyaritika 43w


    Here the melancholic time; I am the firearm of glee ,To make you shine and flee
    What the deal be I'll hold the tribe
    As sun and nimbus are the clutches of sky
    So I encourage kinship
    Coz it is futile to be in gunship

    In this moroseness hour; I am cannon of gloom so it would be toilsome to bloom
    I'll be trading segregation and
    Your ego shall help in the procession
    No matter what the affiliation be
    Enmity would be my sole key

  • iridescent_dreamland 43w



    I'm not expressed strongly or openly.
    I'm also very low key
    Subdued is my middle name
    I'm the real deal, not a game


    I'm full of interest; lively and exciting.
    To many people, I'm also very delighting
    Vivid? Yes I definitely am
    I cannot be at all priam


  • flatbrush 43w


    A loving smile so pure!
    An angel moved in nextdoor.
    She is the one I'm sure!
    _ Fallen in love
    A rush of thoughts as i ring the bell
    Is this the door between heaven or hell?
    I really can't tell..
    _Still in love


  • brain_dump 43w




    Read these processes, talk for themselves. Happy reading XD

    Through all the psychology that I learnt betwixt the human brains, I say it, and believe me when I do. My dear death, you are, the most sickened sheep of the mobbed flock. The dry, warm, essential loo, that yet its essence, is condemned by all. I've been with these wretched souls long enough to have understood the way their pitious cereberums work. They have a deep rooted anxiety of you. A deep ingrained fear and eeriness that they disguise to hatred and loath to prove how brave their souls are. I feel sorry for you, darling death, for no one loves you.

    Life, sweetheart, you know well enough of all natural human traits, and that, I feel no urge to explain my pity for their misunderstanding of me. They, I feel, are like the apples of a tree, the insipidity that makes a cloud. Intending to mean, they are most likely to be detached from the tree that they belong to, the cloud nine they feel that they have reached today. All that I feel for them, Life, is pity, and nothing else. I pity for they never understood me, or better, they never understood themselves, their own sacred yet mortal souls. For if they ever did, I believe, there would have been no fudge but rationality, and our world would have called it true wisdom.

    You make me pity these souls too and so I must. I myself have been teaching them from time immemorial that they themselves, are past, present and future. That you and I, we belong with each other. We belong together, love. I hope these souls too busy in their worldly affairs, would stop dreading or avoiding our so long awaited reunions. How many times have I not showed that death to their ancestors is a part of their lives. When time itself connects us both, then who are they to dread our little life together? Death, you have always given directions to their purpose to live. I hope they would stop proving us wrong with science and start having some faith in their conscience.

    Don't grieve darling life, for I know they can't separate us ever. As for science, even these exotic minds know that a scientific lens cannot prove us wrong. The goal of science, i hope they realise, isn't to prove anything at all, but to provide empirical formulas for theories meant to be tested and changed. We aren't a theory, love, we are facts, that only the mindfulls believe in.

    I love you, Death. You know I do. And it is my love that speaks for itself. You are ever harmless, ever loving and the most natural and authentic. How can one fear the natural aura that you resemble? The ones who have lost their loved ones to your world understand better. Why else would they worship you but not me? I have seen people with changed hearts and altered motives after a small confrontation with you. And I love you even more for that. You lead the survivors to mature and live more faithfully. That is, someone's death could be a way to reinvent someone else's life. People say dead is powerless. But you my love, I feel, is the most powerful, the most potent, the mightiest and the truest.

    You flatter me with your words, sweetheart. You most often do. You know I'm not used to this flattery. All I've ever heard from people is scared attempts to shoo me away. Yet, I do not loath them. For they are poor. I like to call them children, yet to unravel a world of mysteries. They, to me, are ever beloved flowers, that after being plucked, are joining the new life of this dirt, to nourish and bloom into new offsprings. I don't hate them sweetheart. They may be scared of me now, for they know nothing of me. But once they would, I believe, that will be life-changer for them. Life-changer, did I say? What an irony!

    Thank you for the everlasting companionship, Death. I can never love you and crave for you enough.

    You are my one and only love, darling. I am ready to be hated by all, but to be loved by you. So I will be. Forever. For you.



    If you read all of it till the very end. I am really very grateful for sticking by till the very end. Death, i feel, has become a very touch subject for me now that I've experienced it myself.

    I know it was all two cliche and like someone blabbering out unasked knowledge. But i couldn't help it. So bear with my gyani attitude, please. Hope you didn't feel like you wastes your time after reading this stuff.


    @writersnetwork #opposites #wod

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  • wordsofsh 43w

    A love song, or a nice weather, or some memories mark my arrival. - SMILE

    A Love song, or a nice weather, or some memories mark my arrival as well strangely - Frown