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  • nightpen 8w

    Reality Unreal

    I think of the questions I'm afraid to ask
    Of the feelings I've been taught are useless
    I think of the chances I never took
    Of every mistake that set me back
    I think of every moment, every laugh & tear

    I remember everytime I spoke up
    Every time I was told to shut up..

    In those moments rests my deepest fear..

    I enjoy the topics that are uncomfortable
    God or no God or right and wrong
    Everything in-between..

    If the world is in chaos
    Well, I don't have much to lose..
    Only everything..
    Just like you..

    The thing I worry of more than most..
    The thought that keeps me up most nights..

    Is how staying quiet and taking the pain..
    Has such a lethal hand in stopping change..

    This haunts my waking hours most severely..

    The fear defining my deepest terror though..
    Even while protected by my silent nights..

    Is of the world staying the same..

    Nothing could ever be more insane..

    Than it just staying the same..
    Than a lasting lack of true and real change..
    Than this continued onslaught of pain..

    A world of no rhyme for no reason

    Where the only solace is often in the rain..

    It can't be crazy to feel this way..

    I can't truly be insane..
    For me this is the only sane way to feel..

    Reality is just too Unreal..


  • ions0206 8w

    "Never let someone opinion to become your reality because it's your life not anybody else... "

  • _ruhani 12w

    दोस्ती खूबसूरत होती है
    पर मोहब्बत हसीन है❤️��
    अगर दोनो एक ही इंसान से हो जाएं
    तो जिंदगी हसीन है����
    dekh lo apna apna����


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    कुछ तो खास है इस प्रेम में भी
    वर्ना सुदामा,धनंजय और द्रौपदी
    जैसे मित्र पा कर भी
    कन्हैया राधा को नहीं तरसते....!!


  • arcane_she 13w

    Boys and girls who doesn't know how to cook and proud of themselves like we are superior someone else cook for us, let me tell you something you are dependent on someone and thinking them as inferior. how dumb you are!

  • wisdomirror 20w

    Believe In Quotes But Don't Let Them Spoil Your Conscious Wisdom

    Fogive But Never Forget
    And Cut That People Lose
    Even If You Fogave That People
    But Are Not Ready Forgetting It
    No Matter What
    You Will Automatically Treat Those People Ill And
    Basically You Steal a Chance From Those People To Actually Attone For Their Deeds
    If You Really Want To Fogive People
    Then Learn To Forget The Bad Things
    Remember The Good Time You Spent With Them Together

    (Pss - I Know Many Won't Agree But Its Just
    My Opinion So I Request You People To Treat It As An Opinion)


  • maleehaa 20w

    Each of us differ in how we view the world.
    No two views are exactly the same.

  • ananya5208 21w

    Dreaming about holding hands with her man all alone,
    She smirked all along until a pillow towards her was thrown,
    Waking up at once, what she noticed was apalling,
    Cries could be heard all over and in each eye, she could see tears falling!

    She stood up and as it went, water splashed on Her bright red Kurti in dismay,
    To her surprise, the red color had faded all away,
    What she saw next was so dreadful and so damn unfortunate,
    Next, she sensed her beloved lying covered all in white in a deceased state!

    Stunned, she couldn't even move, she couldn't communicate,
    Cursing and questioning the Almighty that did she even deserve this blighted fate?
    In just seconds, all her world seemed upside down,
    As she approached to wear the ironically 'spotless' gown!

    What followed was so demeaning to see,
    To still be as decorated as a woman, now she -a widow - had no right to be!
    Not only her actions but now she herself was also considered as an ill omen,
    Why, because all of her existence was just based on men?

    She was still thirty -she had hell lot of years to go ahead,
    But according to our irrational society, she was just next to dead,
    It was such a pity that all considered her to be doomed,
    Disheartened, even she cursed herself trying to remember that for this unlucky existence, what could she have consumed?

    None listened to her, how daunting that they even ran from her shadow,
    Spending all her days in a dark room, the loneliness surged and sadness just seemed to grow,
    Wearing clothes ,make up of her own choice,speaking to her heart she was no more allowed,
    Now she was used to the curses of her family and taunts of the crowd !

    Yes,it was hell unfortunate that her partner was no more,
    But what about her? She still has miles to soar,
    To keep the right of her own choice, why is she being restrained ?
    Why the discouraging and misleading orthodox beliefs still have to be maintained?

    What if she wanted someone to comfort ,someone to support,
    What if she still was capable of throwing the ball out of the court,
    Why the society keeps on demoralizing her despite giving her more courage ,
    Courage to stand out all by herself, courage to gain back all of her courage and knowledge!

    Her better half is dead but she and her aspirations even now exist,
    Why is it a taboo if remairrage wants to persist?
    It is just a turn of events responsible for the misfortune,
    Nowhere she should be blamed for what happened against the boon!

    People should come forward, society should support,
    Kindness and humanity is a necessary sport!
    I don't understand why she is abandoned by all,
    And pathetic to see that she forcibly has to spend rest of her years in a mere chapel's hall!!

    This really needs to change and I hope that we are all here for it,
    For treating beautiful widows like this, people should be penalized and hit,
    We are all changing but still there is a long way to go,
    As a supportive society, all of the regard and love which they deserve,we should show,
    Aiming to normalize this, hereby I say cheers to each and every wondrous widow!!

    -Ananya Srivastava

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay #change #widow #revolution #wod #pod #opinion

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    The blemish beyond the white

  • kenosis 24w

    We blame.
    We blame the government, the leaders, and all the people responsible for medical system's collapse.

    But, most of us don't act.

    Out of fear, out of distress,
    we have shelled ourselves.
    We don't want to get our hands dirty.

    We might catch the virus.
    But we might save a soul.
    Not only from death,
    but from losing his/her belief in humanity.

    Let's try to help at least one person in these hard times.
    Don't hold back.

    Yes, the system has fallen,
    leaders have led us astray,
    Don't let the humanity fail too.


    Cheers guys.
    Hope you're all good and gay.

    This is what I saw and felt while being a medical personal.
    That people ain't stepping up to help.
    Don't get me wrong some do.
    But most do.

    This is the time the generations will remember.
    Make sure you leave your mark with some compassion.
    Remember no help is small.

    If anyone is Covid positive,
    Drive them to the hospital.
    Feed them good food.
    Buy groceries or meds for them.
    May be help with their kids or pets.
    Provide them books, movies.
    May be hold them up mentally and don't let them break.

    Do small things, do what you can.
    Don't be afraid, just be careful.

    Mr Kenny Christian.

    #covid19 #opinion #medico #writersofinstagram #kencyon

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • teijojussila888 25w

    What I commented to CeeLo Green in his update " You gotta include God in everything"

    This for CLG.. Keep doing just like you want and believing like a style!! Keeping your values like this. I am not against this kind of making this looklike universal... And your music is so damn good Nothing bad to say. People are judging very easily this kind of updates.. You can update what you ever want in your profile!! Just like Justin Bieber is doing... Keep it up.... So long time when this not hurting people physically and mentally.. This thing is just very cool to read keep your belief People are loosing themself if not keep values that are near to heart... Friendly your music is cool - Hopeful good summer to you... By Teijo Jussila 888

    About faith anyways

    So long when people NOT believe in Westboro Baptist church. People can keep God just in good mood! When people start to act like Westboro Baptist church are saying " oh when people die in plane crash God laugh.. When fags d*e God laughs".. THIS IS TRULY SHIT.. I AM DENY IT IN HUNDRED PERCENT.. Then is fucking need to stop that shit.. No terrorism or anything... And what other hell people ever are creating

    BUT just like in Good Wine! In good behaviour. Read act like CeeLo Green is doing or like Justin Bieber.. Or listen some good music of faith.. Then is cool to read that stuff! Then I can say its get my Agreement


  • radha_bajaj3 26w


    Don't let anybody else opinion kill your inner peace

  • anas_husain 26w

    If Any?

    Suffering from unwanted opinions, need your last opinion.


  • irish1735 27w


    Don't portray your opinions when they aren't leaving a good impact on the people around you

  • yours_fortune 28w

    Stand for yourself
    If not you then someone else will do for you
    Now choice is yours
    #change #positivity #opinion #workforchange #healing #workthatspeak

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    16 APRIL 2021

    I have understood the one thing that matters the most is, if I don't take change of my life others will always make decision for me, whether I like it or not.
    So all I know is to CHANGE


  • shamli_mali 32w

    Be open to criticism
    Either you'll change your opinion
    Or strengthen your debate


  • _the_thinker_ 32w

    Insecure People

    Everyone has an opinion or some sort of advice to give but, do 'they' care?
    No, not even a little bit.
    So, who are 'they'?
    Well, 'they' are a lot of insecure people in the 'society', who instead of following their own advice, are forming opinions on those who are living their best life. 'They' are the losers who are incapable of straightening their own life but are very much interested in advicing those who is perfectly level-headed.


  • thepaintingquill 32w

    Midday opinion

    I think patriarchy has truly succeeded in making people more stupid than they actually are.
    Just the thought of one being superior than another makes them feel powerful.
    And it is a tool for exploitation which makes people do acts of blatant stupidity that they wouldn't do in their sane,right minds.

  • ananyasaraswat 33w


    They say that others opinion doesn't matters
    Then why does it still make the victims heart scatter??

  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 35w

    My sadness
    It doesn't stay still. It rages in my heart. I have bound it in shackles and every night it tries to break free.
    It grips the bars of my heart with hands clenched into fists, knuckles white and screams like her life depends on it.

  • jeetspeaks 35w

    Everything is just an opinion

    Everything is just an opinion until and unless due evidence is attached to them.

  • coolstrawberry 74w

    साल बदलते रहेंगे,
    पर ये वही अटके है,
    लोग क्या कहेंगे......

    #opinion #change_it #not_us

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    हमें उनकी बाते और उन्हें हमारी,
    ज्यादा समझ नहीं आते,

    हाँ हिंदी वो भी बोलते हैं, और हम भी,
    बस फासले हमारी सोच में हो जाते।