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  • hallie 10w

    To whoever’s reading this,

    Have you found the love that makes you feel secure?
    Have you found the that makes you feel wanted?
    Have you found the love that pays attention?
    Have you found the one that is both your lover and best friend?
    Because I do, I found her at the most unexpected time and it’s perfect by God’s grace.
    If yes you found the one too, you deserve it and take good care of it.
    If not, it will come. Just be patient enough and always know your worth.

    Hal 🤍

  • fervent_writing 14w

    Dear Pooja,

    First of all, Kudos to your positive attitude. You amazed me in many ways. I must say that you are different. You showed me that a girl can love a boy so much, even after being rejected by him.

    Even though Giri rejected you, you didn't give up on him. You used each and every opportunity to woo him. And of course, you have a golden heart. You are innocent and very kind.

    Your everlasting charm and childhish behaviour attracted me the most. Having a supportive parents is the real strength of every girl. And you are damn lucky to have such a supportive and jovial parents.

    You are free and independent to make your own choices. Well,you were so determined about your career as well as about your marriage. Many girls do lack this kind of determination. And I would say that, you showed every girl a path to make their own choices.

    Do you know, what's the best feeling in the world? It is when your loved one hold your hands finally. I am glad that in the end Giri accepted your love. You attained your first love with the support of your family. That's really great. A love story with the support of parents is what every girl wish for.

    You are cute, childhish and a beautiful soul inside out. Pooja Mathew,You are the best.!♥️

    With Love,
    Someone who admires your babyness

  • sethiffied 15w

    I've got a ticket to the sunshine avenue.
    It won't take us to Bellevue.
    But don't worry I got you.
    Anywhere is crazily beautiful and warm with you.

    So whoever you are or wannabe.
    Wherever you are or wannabe.
    Even if you don't want me, nor crave for me.
    I just want to send out my love for thee.

    Hoping I'd catch your footsteps
    Hoping your face appears in my sleeps.
    Or is it too much to wish for your shadow in my doorsteps?
    Believe me, just a whiff of your smell, I'd be in my quick steps.

    Will I ever be with you though?
    Or maybe I'm just chasing the afterglow?
    Well, even if we have uncertain tomorrow,
    I'll look for you in the myriads of thoughts as I rest my head in my pillow.

    #openletter #paralleluniverse

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    Lover from another universe

    I got my awkward rhymes
    and quirky lines
    Hoping you'd crack a smile
    Even for a little while.


  • liii17 23w

    To the person I gave my heart,

    I was a really simple person, used to be engrossed in books or doing normal daily chores, I never thought love would happen to me, I felt crushes, liking or loving someone was just a fallocious belief.. Until one fine day, glancing out the window I saw you, walking down the lane with groceries in hand and talking over phone, my mind asked who could this person out on the street be? I slept thinking about it, until next day again you caught my sight, I could feel butterflies in my stomach and my heart beats fastened, I kept looking till you disappeared from my sight.. Everyday you used to be in my mind, who and where you lived was all that I just wanted to find.. One fine day, while walking through the streets, I found you helping a old lady in crossing the road, I immediately thought I should find your whereabouts, I tried to muster up the courage to talk to you, but I found myself slumped into the thoughts of how would you take it, though I managed to divert your attention towards me, I found myself again drowning in reflecting something, if you would decline me or if we together can never be a thing? This thought made me step back and I ran as fast as I could, back to where I lived.. I never believed Love would happen, but I also never thought Love would be so onerous even though it happened...
    But still whenever I think about the blushes, butterflies and spark created in your presence, I truly felt first Love is always super special!

    Someone would couldn't muster up the courage to express love..


  • sonalnaik30 24w

    Open letter for you

    Dearest you,

    I just wanna address a topic to you which society try to bury under shame, guilt and doubt.
    You can try to guess the topic but you can't get it right, because it is so under-rated.
    Here is a message to you on mental health..
    Mental health is a real thing and not a joke.
    People say mental health is non-existent which is clearly a myth.
    Trust me, people who don't know what mental health is, have not yet still been exposed to other darkest side of life.
    Definitely, I don't want you to experience that, trust me, it is no good. Least I want you to do is, be little empathetic, understanding, non-judgmental who are dealing with tough situations and vulnerable to mental health problems.

    I don't understand the labels, tags and stigmas attached to individuals suffering from problems!
    Can we just be a human and have a humanistic approach towards them? How difficult is that?
    Am I asking you to do a difficult thing possible, I guess no!!! I hope, you believe the same too.
    Mental health disorders bring chaos to your life which isn't beautiful at all.
    It damages your soul and leaves a very little scope of healing, and that is saddening.
    Your mind screws you up in all ways possible.
    Some people believe that, if you are sad, you experience depression, damn dude! that is not the case at all. There are certain criterias and conditions to be met for it to be called depression.
    Please don't google few symptoms and jump to destructive conclusions which will lead to serious damaging diagnosis which even could be true.

    I have so many thoughts running in my head, and finding it difficult to pen down all here because the thought of negligence is too overwhelming.
    I understand, you are sad but you are not depressed.
    It is just because you have not done your submission, not done mumma's work for which you got scolded, not got back to your significant other which is why you would be slightly disturbed, not done something that might have left you disappointed and the reasons go on.
    I just wanna say that, don't let all these pity reasons believe that you are depressed. Depression is literally huge and intense and trust me, when I say this.

    I can't stop emphasizing on the importance of mental health but I guess, we have to end somewhere at the end of the day.
    Well here, this is my attempt, to tell you how serious your mental health can get if not taken seriously.
    Want to say that, please take care of your body and soul, engage into self love and self care, don't let others manipulate you, do what your soul makes you happy, just be happiest and keep spreading smiles to distant miles. Most importantly, never let your self respect and value go down for anyone in your life.
    Be the vibe you want to attract, try to be positive and know that, every problem has a solution, and you will get right there, only if you emphasize mainly on the solution, and use "problem" just as the base.

    That is it, folks! Hope this open letter made you all feel little better, cleared some of common myths just in case. Most importantly, be grateful for whatever you have, because you would have precious things like love, care, value, respect, affection, which some fail to get. Nevertheless, you deserve every bit of love, no matter how you are, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

  • thenostalgicwriter 25w

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  • batulvohra 26w

    Dear Best friend,

    How are you ? It's been a while since we've caught up.
    I call you seeing your missed call from day before but you seem to have forgotten by now why had you called me in the first place.
    Had you really forgotten?
    There was /is something bothering you.. but you brush it off as you walk me thru stories at your workplace.

    There was a time when your name would be on top.. be it insta or WhatsApp
    But now
    Those message take a little longer to turn blue.

    There have been times, when after a bad day , I open your chat and start typing. Only to delete it later. I miss the times when we'd rant or crib to each other without giving much a thought.

    We've come a long way , From just randomly calling , no  matter what hour of day it was, to perfectly scheduling a call.

    I fear the day when those texts just get limited to bday wishes and eventually just stop...

    What if your number Just gets lost amdist many other contacts whom I don't bother to call..

    People say that with time distance seeps in silently and all that you are left with is memories which become fainter as days pass by

    And it scares me.

    Is it so easy to outgrow people?

    Yours truly,

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  • oceansandgraveyards 30w

    Dear Nanna,
    Wow, it's been almost 6 years since you left me and this universe. There are no words to describe my immense love for you. Every day without you has been hard, but on this day especially, I can't help but think how much I wish you were here with me.

    You were the glided light in my world full of darkness.
    In your presence, I was happy.
    I'm happy even in your absence but I'm no more that happy little kid who used to smile from bottom of her heart.
    Though I smile 24/7 for no reason, but no more from bottom of my heart.
    I'm tired and hurt,
    I cried, I cried until my tears stopped.
    I tried to kill myself not physically but mentally.
    I tried to forget you but unfortunately you become the one who's always on my mind.

    I think about you and miss you through each day that passes. Some days are really difficult and I'm overwhelmed with sadness. Other days are good, and I think about all of our beautiful memories.
    I miss going out with you.
    Just you and me, roaming here and there.
    I miss our fights, those funny fights and especially those pillow fights.
    I miss calling you by giving so-called funny nicknames.
    I miss making fun of mom with you.
    I miss teasing mom along with you.
    I miss going to temples with you.
    I miss those evenings I've spent with you on terrace. Just you and me.
    I miss doing yoga with you.
    I miss going to libraries with you.
    I miss falling asleep every night while listening to the stories you narrate.
    I miss telling stories to you, my imaginary stories.
    I miss making greetings on your birthday just to make you smile.
    I miss your smile, that million dollar smile.
    I miss your voice, your voice is the only one which can make me smile no matter in what mood I might be, your soothing voice make my heart skip a beat and whatnot it used to give me immense of happiness.
    If I keep writing the things I miss, then dad, I can write pages.
    I miss you and everything about you, Dad!

    Whenever I miss you and can't control myself anymore, I let it out.
    I cry.
    Icry until I've got no tears left to cry.
    But I cry, only when I'm alone.
    And I make sure that I don't cry infront of anyone, even if I can't hold back my tears.
    'Cause, no human can understand the pain I'm in.
    People tell me to move on, but if only it's that easy and if only they know what exactly it feels like.

    There are days when I ask myself that "How can I miss him when I didn't even forget him.
    Well, he's always with me though, isn't it?"

    "He has a special place in my heart, forever." - my heart says.

    I remember evey moment I spent with you.
    I might be a kid back then,
    But dad, you know what,
    I really got a good memory.
    I remember evey little thing from childhood as well, like almost everything.
    I remember when I was little kid
    I used to fall asleep on terrace while counting stars
    every night by having you beside me.
    I remember, those evenings, I used to go on terrace and I used to sing along with you.
    And sometimes, I used to secretly record while you sing.
    I still regret the day, when I formatted that SD card unknowingly back in between 2010-12, which contains all your voice notes and our photos.
    I really feel bad and sad for not having a proper picture with you together. I wish at least, I could've one picture is together in it, but sadly, I've got none.
    Moreover, I wish I could hug you.
    Maybe, one last time.
    Maybe, we could have a goodbye.
    Cause the fact that this unsaid goodbye hurts me even more than anything else.

    I'll never forget the day, when I was in 6th grade and I've left a 8 mark question unanswered in English exam even after knowing what to write and I got scolded by you. Though, it's really rare that you used to scold me but now I miss the way you scolded me. If I get a chance to get scoldings from you, then I'mma leave every question unanswered, so that I can get scolded by you. But I know that's never going to happen, and that kinda aches my heart to make myself understand that you really aren't here anymore with me and you really left.
    Every night, I never slept until you narrate a story and the struggles you had to stay awake, just to make me fall asleep.
    And now, I miss your stories and the way you used to narrate them.
    Moreover, you're the one who introduced me to novels, and now I can't stop myself from reading them and falling in love with books.
    You're the one who introduced me to sketching, whenever I feel low, I sketch and think about you and your artistic drawings.
    You're the one who introduced me to sports, now sports has become one of my dose of survival.
    You're the one who introduced me to writing, now I bleed my emotions and feelings on a paper and one day I'm going to make you feel proud, for sure!
    You're the one who taught me how to stay patience and calm even when I shouldn't.
    Was so lucky to have a multi talented person as my dad. Whenever I feel low and feel like giving up every damn thing, you and mom are the only people who comes in my mind and in the second thought I change my mind and tries my best.

    I wished for you to come back,
    I wished for love of my life to come back,
    Yes, it's you dad.
    You're the love of my life.
    Little did I knew,
    You're gone and you ain't coming back,
    That you're gone forever.

    Though I miss you but I'm not sad that you aren't here anymore.
    'Cause dad, in this world there are people who doesn't have parents and doesn't even know how dad's love is like. And there are people who doesn't know how mother's care is like. I'm so happy and lucky that I had you as father at least and I know what father's love is like and I'm glad to have mommy with me.
    I promise that, no matter what, will never give up!
    Also, I promise that I'll always try my best to keep mommy happy and safe.
    I might not be the best daughter, but I know, I'll always be your best one in your point of view.
    Wherever you are and from wherever you're watchin me, I will let the world know who's daughter I am, than letting them know just my name.
    I'll make you proud, one day, for sure!
    I used to make greetings for you on your birthdays before, but now I've decided to write letters to you.
    I love you and I miss you so much Nanna!

    Your daughter,
    Bhargavi aka Dolly!

    PS: I used to make greetings for my dad on his birthdays before, but now I've decided to write letters to him.
    And here is the letter, I've been writing little by little with each and every shed tears.
    Now I've finally decided to post it on his birthday, which is today, 11th of May.
    Happiest birthday, Nanna! ❤️

    Nanna means Dad in Telugu.

    #lettersbyB #writersnetwork #dad #rwu #pod #readwriteunite #readthisJ #musingsofB #lettet #openletter @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    An open letter to my late father.

    There are days when I ask myself that "How can I miss him when I didn't even forget him.
    Well, he's always with me though, isn't it?"

    "He has a special place in my heart, forever." - my heart says.

    ©orotund | Bhargavi aka Dolly

  • theshatteredpiecess 30w

    Dear future boyfriend,

    Hey, It's been a long ride and let me tell you that I'm tired.
    I don't know if you're too.
    Yes, I do believe in love but I've met a lot of wrong people.
    So when I go silent after a fight it will always be because I'm scared, to lose you.
    To lose us.
    Whenever we won't talk, the constant thought that you're bored of me will cloud me.
    Well, yes I'm an over thinker.
    When you'll teach me the things you love,
    I may go blank, because I'm not used to it.
    Not used to someone trying to include me in everything they do.
    There will be days when I'll just want to hug you and cry straight for hours.
    Please don't ask me for reasons, I don't know them too.
    I've been with wrong people,
    So when you'll treat me right ,it may shock me.
    Whenever you'll walk away after arguments,
    I'll probably be imagining the worst.
    But let me tell you this,
    When I love, I'll love you for who you're.
    Your best and your worst parts.
    I'll never let our fights overpower us.
    Even in crowded rooms,
    Where we talk to almost everyone.
    You'll never have to question your place.
    I may get a little possessive,
    But you'll always have your space.
    So when I'll love you.
    I'll be yours and yours alone.
    I'll give in all my efforts and do every small thing that matters.
    Because I've been with wrong people before and I'm tired of getting my heart broken.
    So whenever you decide to love me,
    There won't be an exit board.
    We'll mess up,
    But promise me you'll fix things with me.
    Promise me you'll stay.

    Future girlfriend


  • karisma_rajguru 31w

    Hello there,

    Its been a while since I relied upon you, isn't it? I know you are pretty shocked by this sudden appearance of mine through a letter, but even after trying hard of not letting your essence overshadow my beliefs, I couldn't just let you go. A tiny part of you always resides in this heart of mine, and keeps on reminding me that it wasn't that bad having you, because atleast for a while, I could stay in my land of imagination and pretend to have sorted paths hence. Be it that debate competition in school or the heartbreak in the teenage, You've been a constant throughout, Sometimes having a lot of you to times of not having any of you.
    Your presence has given me more sorrows, true, but at the same time it gave me strength, strength of not thinking about the verdict and just being happy with whatever the twisted way has.
    Your graph in my life is like the simulation of my heartbeat and only I am aware of the peaks and the valleys in it.
    Years after, do I still think about you? Yes.
    Do I keep you prior than anything else? Well, no. Because I've learned this the harder way, that keeping high standards from you may cause more pain to me and eventually change my perspective for you.
    So, it's better to have a tiny pinch of you, and convince my heart if it doesn't work out, but keep you in every decision of mine, because after all, everyone out there is made up of you, you, the expectation..

  • passionbookworm 36w

    Dear Stranger,

    I remember seeing you once at the river. I had run away from my house, and wanted to sit somewhere alone, cry all my pain away. The river, behind the closing of the forest was the only secret place of mine. And I used to go there whenever I would feel low. Never before, I saw another person there, so it was a surprise when I saw you sitting there, on the edge of the water, as if waiting for someone. Your shoulders were hunched and your arms held your legs as you sat there, looking at the flowing water. I remember the water being a bit violent that day, as if it understood the turmoil within my heart, and somewhere it understood your pain too. At least, I did. When I came forward, in your direction, I didn't know where I was walking and accidentally stepped on the dry leaves which crunched beneath my feet. You heard me and craned your neck behind to see who was there to disrupt your peaceful suffering. I was so curious to see someone there, that I forgot I was walking and stood there in anticipation of your reaction. Right then and there, our eyes met. And suddenly I forgot breathing. I didn't know what it was, or what happened. Maybe the pain held behind your eyes, the tears stuck as if not wanting to come out, and the lost twinkle of your blue orbs, struck a chord deep within my soul. Or perhaps, the painfully sweet smile on your pink lips, with a hint of curiosity, and innocence moved something deep inside my heart.

    I remember giving a small smile in reply and walking towards you. I remember sitting beside you in complete silence, a comfortable silence, where my heart was drumming so fast you could have heard it over the violent water. I remember being shy for the first time and a bit nervous to look at you again whenever I felt you trying to look at me under your lashes. I remember everything about you, about the rocks laid below us, about the sound of water fall nearby, about the mild breeze letting my hair slow-dance, about the leaves swaying in some sort of secret background music. I didn't know what it was but it was pacifying. I forgot all about my worries, I forgot my pain, for I was seeing you again and again inside my mind.

    After a while, I realized you were getting up and I couldn't help myself before uttering a little 'Wait!' I didn't know why I said it but I didn't want you to go, not so soon, not ever. I felt so embarrassed when you smiled your pretty smile again, eyes tenderly shining this time, in amusement and something else I couldn't figure out. As I got lost in your presence again, I felt you crouching down and holding my hands. I waited with bated breath in wonder of what will happen next. And then, as if you saw the question in my eyes, or maybe you heard the rhythm of my heartbeat, you said something. I couldn't hear you, I was so lost in trying to make my heart not come out of the rib cage then and there, I only saw your lips moving but couldn't comprehend. You got up, your lips curving into that beautiful, bewitching smile yet again, as you waved at me and walked away.

    I remember sitting there for another hour or maybe few minutes, I don't know, waiting for you and cursing my mind to function properly so I could maybe guess what you said. Suddenly it clicked, your words repeating over and over again as if you knew I didn't hear you the first time and you left a tape to remind me, as if you wanted me to remember every second, every word, every syllable. Your lips said, "We'll meet again, my love." I stilled in shock at the realization and the familiarity of your words. Yet again, I forgot breathing and my mind went blank.

    For a while more, I sat there alone, wishing you to come back, wanting to relive those few moments, to see your pretty smile again. I wanted to find you, I wanted you to hold my hand again, I wanted to see you again. But I didn't even know your name.

    It was magical. It was beautiful. I didn't know when I came back home that day but I haven't forgotten you. I can never forget you. Its been two years now, since that day. Its been two years since I saw you, for the first and last time. These past years, so much has happened in my life. I had lost my parents, I had lost my home and I have lost almost all of me. I have been all alone trying to barely get by, trying to survive, exist. There have been many times, I missed you, mother, father, my life before. I scream, I yell, I laugh, I weep, I question if there's anyone up above listening to me. I have lost my will to continue, and I have thought of taking my life many times. Yet, I haven't given up.

    You see, I'm still trying to be strong enough to breathe. I don't know if we'll ever meet again. But I'll wait. I'm willing to hold on to your memories and to your promise. I'm willing to hold on to that hope, however false it might be, for that's the only thing I have now. You'll probably never get to read this letter, you probably have a life somewhere, a good and happy life I hope, but I'm writing this because there's nothing else for me to do. I hope you find a way into my life again, like last time. And I'll hold on to this hope until my last breath.

    Yours hopefully,
    The girl who's still holding on to her hope of seeing you again...

    #stranger #wod #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee #letter #openletter #passionbookworm
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @amateurkikushi

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    .....You'll probably never get to read this letter,
    you probably have a life somewhere,
    a good and happy life I hope,
    but I'm writing this because
    there's nothing else for me to do.....

  • godchild 36w

    To the entertainer ,so-called cheerlead er .


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    Once upon a time ,
    I had a thought in mind
    We 'll have a beautiful future together
    & both of us would walk together on this path of life ..I don't know,what was special within you ,still I don't find ..Whatever,You weren't meant for..You weren't meant to walk together ,bcuz you don't have guts on your footsteps,you don't have charm in your eyes .
    You 're just eligible to walk behind ,
    You 're just well at stalking ..You shiver while you talked to me bcuz you were ,still you are full of lies..A liar is always afraid of truth that I experienced at that particular time..You don't have guts to face me,but you stealithlly stalk everytime to read words ,to fill your fictious paragraphs, to fill empty space of your life both to improve personally and professionally.whateverlifeYou 're just an odd page I don't want to read ..I always wanted you to walk foreward or to walk with me ..but,you were just a different destiny .you 're destined to walk backward .You 're meant to follow me ..that to stealithly..I feel ashamed when I think ,this was the person whom I 've thought to walk together with for a lifetime..
    Leave ! You 're a futile thought .You don't have existence of your own ..what could I say more ? Don't misuse the word leader ..you 're not..you are either just a follower ,or simply a dead fish that goes with flow by assembling with some morons,some pawns..Now,plesase don't misinterpret ..I wasn't telling you to be the boss ,I expect you to be the leader..But ,you 're not..please don't misuse the word leader in your malicious dictionary ..Anyway, let me be brief .I 'd an elevated concept about your personality before I knew you,,but you're not that .You are meant to be my silent follower, noisy stalker ...
    Is it so ? If so, don't be impatient....oneday,
    I will give you a chance to be one of my front seated audience ..I 'm fed up with your cowardish games..Stop stalking me wherever I am !Raise your standard man .Act like human being ,be humane.. don't just exist being a homosapiens with your branded tagged species of bugs that sorround you and you think that's your trustworthy company..

  • theinkandfables 37w

    I wrote this for you. Who may be silently struggling. I wrote it for my family, so they understand. I am perfectly fine, I promise you I'm doing well. Some days are just worse than others. To those reading this, who struggle with this, I will keep you in my prayers, always. You are loved, needed and necessary. Never feel less than that, no matter what your anxiety tells you.
    #openletter #anxiety

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    An open letter to Anxiety

    Dear Anxiety,
    I am the girl whose life got taken over by you. Before you came, I never worried. I was absolutely carefree. I enjoyed the little things! After you became a guest, I lost my organizational skills, the will to not spend hours in bed. I used to love going into public, now, I have to give myself a pep talk. Oh, and my friends? They’re constantly asking me if I’m okay, and of course I say yes, because I am. I’m not dying, but I am ill. Sometimes, my thoughts keep me up so late at night that I just don’t sleep. I don’t eat, I skip meals. I don’t even feel hungry when this happens, that can’t be normal, right? It is for me. I can hear my own thoughts 10x louder there.

    People always tell me, “you should get help. You should see someone.” Little do they know is that I have. I’ve been to a therapist. Yeah, I’ve been there, too. All she did was ask me questions that made me more anxious and panicky. She didn’t want to help. Her service to me was simply because I had a check in my hand. I wanted to leave, I wasn’t comfortable telling my problems to a complete stranger, PhD or not. Do not give me solutions to a problem you have never had.

    Sure, everyone’s been anxious, I’m not saying they haven’t. What I was diagnosed with was a GAD (general anxiety disorder). A disorder. I was not diagnosed with just anxiety, because it’s way more complex than that. Most of the time, it comes with depression, and in my case, that’s true, but that’s another topic. People will tell me, “I understand, I’ve been there.” But you are more aware about how wrong they are. They do NOT understand. They say it to be sympathetic, but it’s the exact opposite. If they’ve “been” there, they’d still be there, because anxiety never goes away. It will get better, but it does not go away. Once it creeps in, it makes its bed and stays there. I can feel you creeping up on me. I hear your echoes, your torture, your lies. You have completely taken over my life. I’m not sure if I will ever not have you around.

    I know every person with anxiety hates the saying “everything is going to be okay”, but it’s absolutely true. Your anxiety tries to ruin things. It tries to make your life miserable, you just can’t feed into the emotions. Don’t feed into the anger, the hatred, the jealousy or sadness. It’s so hard not to, believe me. I’m constantly struggling with these things. I snap on others. I say things I shouldn’t. I hurt people. Is that my intention? Absolutely not. It just happens, and I can apologize and be genuine, but it’s not always accepted, which I have to live with. I don’t always know how to control my thoughts, feelings and emotions, but believe me, I am trying so hard. 

    One of my biggest problems is that I bottle things up. The truth is, I just don’t want people to know certain things. If it seems like I’m holding back, please do not pry. It will just make me upset and uncomfortable. I will tell you when I’m ready. I’m not shutting you off, I’m just keeping to myself. I’m constantly worried if people are judging me.

    But behind those dark clouds, I know the sun is still shining. I have got through this far. Continue to be strong and not to stop loving and caring myself. And also to remember that I'm always being loved, by me. Above all else, be true to yourself.


  • random_hearttalks 39w


  • mind_of_an_ambivert 43w

    dear younger me,

    the journey from you to me is sad, but the present me is happy, so just hang in there.
    -from your future self

  • mrspectacular 46w


    Dear Assistant God,
    I must apologize for the look of my bod
    But I would not because of you act dod.

    Granted, I have inadequate parts
    But that does not take me off the human charts
    So quit shooting, at me, animalistic darts.

    I am not physically excellent.
    So what? It does not make me of crime of being human, innocent.
    Like it or not, we will still occupy ,together, this terrestrial tent

    And if you have a query that you feel is not nonsense
    Go to the Creator's court and state your defense.
    Hopefully the Chief judge who is equally the manufacturer would not take offense

    Because if I can remember quite well,
    He said all he created was perfect and swell
    So if you have any issue, please tell

    Maybe he will grant a listening ear to your query
    And put us both out of our misery
    Because even for me, living like this is not like a cruise on a ferry

    Truth be told it sucks.

    @writersnetwork, @mirakee

  • fervent_writing 46w

    Open letter to one of my favorite characters, Stella Grant from "Five Feet Apart.."❤️✨

    That longing, " I wish I could touch you..!"❣️



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    Dear Stella,

    Inspite of Cystic fibrosis ,you are organized , meticulous and ambitious girl. Though you wear G-tube and nose cannula ,you are beautiful in and out. I loved your attitude towards life. You kept yourself engaged by being an active social media user to cope up with your illness and tried best to lead a normal life.. Kudos to you Ms.Stella Grant.

    There is a saying " Opposite poles attracts each other..!" and it's been proved in your life. As you are attracted to Will Newman ,who doesn't follow his treatment regimen and always tries to break the rules .And eventually you made him agree to follow his medication.

    When you both fell in love with each other and secretly go on your first date, you made a
    "FIVE FEET APART" policy as you both were CF patients. At the hospital pool side , you both shared your scars.

    You were devastated badly when your best friend Poe died. And you pushed away "WILL". But then you realized , you need to live your life and decided to go out with "WILL" to see the lights. That night remains my favourite scene as it was full of authentic love.

    It was a heart wrenching moment, when "WILL's" drug trail stopped working and he decided to move from your life. When you woke up after your surgery , he urged you to close your eyes and he walks away. And I can feel your emotion at that moment.

    And the most important part I loved was ,
    When you said, "Human touch, we need that touch from the one we love almost as much as we need air to breathe. But I never understood the importance of touch , his touch, until I couldn't have it. If you are watching this and you are able. Touch him .Touch her. Life is too short to waste a second.."❣️

    That was literally gratifying. And you made me perceive , how trivial a companionship is ? how vital a human touch is and how it feels to touch someone. And you also taught me how precious is one's life and value of the moments we share with our loved one's.

    An amazing lover, A bossy girl ,A great inspirer and what not..You are the best one.!!
    Thanks for being an iconic character..

    With love - one of your great admirers.!❤️


  • anila_n 52w

    Dear Bommi,

    Before I even start off, do you promise me a cupcake at the end of this heartfelt message? I'm absolutely in love with this multi faceted competing personality that you carry : as a Wife, An Entrepreneur, A Daughter and Daughter in Law and lastly as a mother ; A confidante to the enterprising and visionary husband. Even when his friends doubted him, you stood tall and filled up the cracks of despair with your brick solid words.

    Bommi, you've taught girls to speak their heart. You've injected so much of confidence into girls who are or would be going through groom hunting sessions. You've showed how one could pursue own dreams while blending into a new family; you reminded us that girls too can question, not always be questioned. True feminism shone in your words and actions.

    You watered your love, while not hurting your family; however staying loyal for Maaran. And when time came to rise for the occasion, you rose; higher than the Phoenix. Little fights didn't have the strength to break a rock like you, because you knew beneath those temporary storms lies an ocean of love.

    Not many are blessed to have a wife like you who nurtured the wings of an ambitious and benevolent husband. You let him take his baby steps whilst you ruled your cakedom empire. I saw few troll pages come up with funny memes of you feeding Maaran each time he was broken; little do these pages understand that food was nothing but your concern and consoling, your way of trying to wipe away his unsuccessful attempt.

    Unlike regular spouses, you had lion's heart and courage. You asked Maaran to fight his problems without worrying about the pregnant you; because his dreams were yours, not just his. That's how a marriage should roll. Having a dream that belongs to the two alike. You gave Maaran a brilliant lesson of how a wife too, can help her husband not just emotionally but financially too.

    Once Maaran's enterprise was on cards, you saw opportunity in his enterprise and unfailingly flourished in that too! I wonder how elated you must have felt to have franchises all over the deccan land! You had courage to be seated with your lil bun in Maaran's maiden flight.

    And in the end to watch you rejoice with Maaran, my heart was content, completely. And I noted just one thing in my diary : "At the end, hard work, efforts and undying passion are paid off. It may take time. But it will flower, someday."

    Lots of admiration,
    Another running behind dreams person.

    #bommi #SooraraiPottru #openletter #openlettertoMovieCharacter #tamil #tamilmovies

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  • mooniverse 52w

    �� to bts and txt

    inspired by blue & grey and blue hour

    hope you like it :')


    i wake up
    knowing that everyday is the same –
    today is just an extension of yesterday
    and tomorrow will be the same, too.
    everyday i wake up
    feeling like i'm lacking
    filling up the empty spaces between my ribs;
    then how is it that i'm lacking?
    how is it that i'm not enough?
    when this profound feeling is all i'm left with,
    gaping with melancholy.
    i don't even know why i feel so melancholic
    do i even feel melancholic?
    or have i just become numb?
    i don't know.
    what i do know is that
    my reflection that stares back at me (oh so pitifully)
    only bores my colours; �������� & ��������.
    perhaps it isn't melancholy
    or perhaps it is, i don't know.
    all i know is that
    the �������� areas of uncertainty that i tread on
    seems like my path to take.
    it rains here,
    and i dance to the metronome
    that ticks away with the chants of
    "you're not enough, you will never be"
    like a deafening monotone that rings in my ears –
    and i lay fallen on this barren land
    letting the rain drench me in its gloom.
    �������� – that's me under the sky of ��:���� :
    reddish hues of the setting sun painting me purple
    that's how you enter my life
    as you reach out your hand to me (my cold hands)
    words that you whisper into the twilight sky
    blown by the wind
    that carries your words like a reassuring whisper
    to whoever needs it the most.
    right now, that person is me.
    perhaps your words "you are enough, i believe in you"
    can be my new metronome that i dance to.
    but i'm not the only one who's suffering, am i?
    because when i look at you, you seem the same as me – ��������
    but here we are, sharing our lowest moments together
    through the music that you make – we find each other.
    as this song ends, a new song begins
    and with that, a flickering hope of a new tomorrow
    sets my heart aflame.
    is this why i listen to y������ song with my eyes closed?
    wishing this wouldn't end;
    because like i said,
    these �������� areas are comfortable
    while we're nothing but ��������.


    #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #poetry #poem #poet #openletter #bts #txt #tomorrowxtogether #BE #bluehour #5:53 #rm #jin #suga #jhope #jimin #v #jungkook #soobin #yeonjun #beomgyu #taehyun #hueningkai #btxt #moa #army #moarmy

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    & in the sky of :


  • realm_of_locutions 52w

    Dear Toxic Friend,

    Yes, friends can be toxic too. You think it is cool to not care, to not acknowledge the things people do for you, to never check up on friends. But you forget that there will come a time when you will need someone to talk and you will not find anyone next to you just like I have been feeling for a while now.

    Why is it always that we talk about your problems and never about mine? Even if I start to talk about them I am shut up by you telling me that I overthink. Why is it that you feel all that you are going through is of utmost importance while the pain of others is just nothing?

    This friendship works only on your convenience, be it meeting up or replying to texts. Texting first seems like a sin for you. Whenever I ask if we can meet you are too busy but I am expected to be there whenever you say.

    I am tired, tired of being the one to hold on to this friendship that is starting to feel like a burden. Friendships are supposed to be effortless and fun but where is the fun in ours? I am tired of waiting when your moods will be in my favour so that we can have a decent talk.

    There are many more questions that I want to ask you but will never find the courage to ask them as I know the only answer I will get out of you is "It's nothing like that" because denial is an easy way out for you instead of accepting and solving problems. I hope someday we can be friends like two people usually are.

    Maybe this is all my fault for expecting a little too much but pray tell me if we shouldn't expect small gestures from our friends then from whom should we? I believe on holding on to people till the very end and I will continue to do so though I have been repeatedly told to let you go because the heart wants what it wants. I hope someday you will understand my silence and begin to question what is wrong. Till then, try and don't take me or any of your friends for granted as you may never know when they might slip out of your reach.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #openletter #introspection #readwriteunite

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    Dear Toxic Friend

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