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  • ranger9 5w

    Date the Devil

    He: I can't let you see the real me. I just can't

    She: Why? Why are you so scared to open up?

    He: People run. They always have. They can't handle it , cause they don't understand.

    She: I understand exactly how you feel. But you need to open up, even if it's just a bit.

    He: You'll run for the hills too. I can't lose you.

    She: Then it'll be a date!


  • undefined_visionary69 5w

    Writer’s Block
    Is Only Meant
    To Block You
    From Your
    Great Expression


  • saqibm_01 8w

    Dear Pari,

    I hope you are in the pink of health. It has been a very long time since our last queer, eccentric meet on a high road and the last word you uttered, ‘Wait’, still reverberates in my mind.

    Today is 8th of January, probably the day that hadn’t held any importance to me till a few years ago. But now, it is a red letter day. Yes. It is your birthday. Happy birthday, Pari.

    Do you remember our first encounter? Yes, you don’t as there hasn’t been any importance of mine in your life, but I remember. It is engraved on the ruined walls of my heart.
    It was the autumn of 2011. Nature had unfolded the golden blanket on the ‘Land of Beauty’. It was twilight and I was enjoying the sunset on the edge of my verandah. It was quite dark outside and I went inside after a few minutes to warm myself. But in the meantime, electricity said ‘Goodbye’, which is a common occurrence. 
    So, I thought I was in hell. Only I could hear the horrible amalgam of words being yelled by the people around. Everyone had started inquiry about the whereabouts of the lantern. There was this alone soul waiting for someone to light up his dark, horrid world. A few moments later, I felt some movement. Someone was approaching me. I could hear the music of the person’s walk. A candle was lit up and all I could see was a comely visage like a moon without any blot — an angel, I can say, and it was you, ‘Pari’.
    Curly, short hair, inky eyebrows, earrings dangling from the ears and a pulchritudinous smile — only I could notice. I thought I was in heaven as I had found ‘Hoor’ right in front of me. The first thought that popped up in my mind was that if you were the only gardener, who would grow flowers of love on the deserted land of my heart. Alas! I couldn’t say a word as you bade farewell and went to your home. Pertinent to mention, the entry to my heart was sealed and none was allowed to enter. But you made a grand entry as the first visitor and of course, a resident as you made your nest there.

    We met again, but unfortunately, it was at a funeral. At that time, I couldn’t resist myself, so the words I uttered in front of you were ‘Your Dad is calling you’. At this, it seemed the whole planet had come to a halt The filthy noises had stopped and all I could hear was the musical sound of my heart, ‘lub-dub, lub-dub’.

    After that day, whenever I would come across you, I would hear your sweetest sound and feel your aroma. Unluckily, we couldn’t stay together. You said ‘Goodbye’ again. Probably just a word of four alphabets for others, but for me, it was like twisting a knife into my heart that you have never felt and I guess you never will.

    Our last meeting was during a hot, cruel summer, but with your presence, there was serenity and coolness everywhere. We had some happy moments together and there, I said those three magical words to you, expecting the same from you. But there was that ‘No’ you uttered. A word of distress, separation, pangs and agony. It came as a bolt out of the blue. You did not give a single thought about all those joyful moments we had spent together under the starlight.

    A decade has passed since we met unexpectedly in a dark room that was lightened up by your beautiful smile, not by the candle. I am here to say to you that I have always respected you and your decision. There wasn’t any force — neither from your side nor from mine — but remember that ‘nest’ you had once made on the broken branch of my heart. And those flowers — they are still waiting for their gardener to water them so that they can bloom.

    Last but not the least, I am not a rude guy. Haha!

    Have a happy belated birthday.

    Best wishes,

    No one in your life.

    #love #unrequitedlove #story #open letter

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    An Open Letter to Quote Unquote Beloved.

    Written by _Saqib Manzoor.

  • shaikh1 10w

    "The best of deeds is to have fear of Allah in privacy and in open.”

  • shaakira_kaja 10w


    People refuse to open up their minds for good things but do so for gossips and get a little too creative!

  • jadeivy 11w


    My hunger has not gone away for days. I keep eating and eating but remain empty all the same. Nothing will ward off this feeling, of dispear and sorrow. It's going to haunt me forever, I know it will.

    I'll close my eyes and see his face. I'll roll over in bed and reach for his body. When I come home, I will shout to an empty house that I am there. All these things will continue, without anyone to hear.

    To fill the void, to feed my hunger, I've done it all. I've taken on every duty, every role, never leaving myself time to think about it. But I feel it. I feel the hole inside me. It only seems to grow larger, with nothing to numb the pain, it will have me a husk in many days.

    I will gulp everything in existence down, to avoid thinking about you. I won't look it in the eye, until it has come to take my life.


  • yakshu_yaku 11w

    Jis din padhna likhna Sikh Jaoge,,
    Yakin Mano,
    Zindgi ki har jang jeet Jaoge...


  • ibi_ss 12w

    Effects Of Overthinking

    When you overthink, it affects your mental health. When your mental health is affected, you are not able to focus on your physical health too, and maybe you have to be on medication.Eventually, you are not focusing on your career, on your goals,
    on your dreams. Utimately your life gets fucked up because
    of your own negative thoughts. To overcome, the simple thing you need to follow is living in the present. Never open the past pages and never expect from the future. Keep living with
    the flow of life, Accepting the truth of today. Divert yourself
    to the new productive thoughts which make your living beautiful, make a schedule, and follow it consistently.
    Be busy by heart in doing what you really like.

  • deepflowsoul 15w

    I wish they could see you through vivid eyes,
    The romantic light samba through your skies.
    I wish they could nuzzle you with curious hearts,
    Such rich cultures infused with tantalizing art.
    I wish they could dance with your infused souls,
    A majestic unquenchable starving hope.
    We are all we behold,
    We have the ability to rupture this mold.

    #love #humanities #hope #diversity #acceptance #color #culture #vivid #open #hearts #embrace #samba #dance #mold #break #majestic #people #rupture #behold #ability #break

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    Humanity Diversity


  • kevaltrivedi_2612 16w


    You cannot sit back and hope,
    One has to open the windows !!!

  • amateur_skm 18w

    तिरे लफ़्ज़ों के अदाओं के हम दीवाने है
    शमा में जलते अभी भी वहीं परवाने है

    #open for collab

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    मिरा दिल तुम्हारे दिल के बराबर हो ऐसा होगा ही नहीं
    मिरे दिल के आइने में तुम ना दिखो ऐसा होगा ही नहीं

    बारिश आज हमारे हक़ में हुई
    आज पलकें थोड़ी नम सी हुई

    यादों की बरसात में भी आसूं थम के बहते हैं
    अब ख़्वाबों में भी तिरा ज़िक्र सहम के करते हैं

  • keithallencovell 19w

    Silent Confession

    Some things should stay silent
    Between you and God
    Never confuse
    Never abuse
    Care for yourself
    Don't hide


  • 4nonymoussss 20w

    There’s an evil hidden inside all of us. Just like bubbles in a soda bottle, it’s just waiting to erupt when the lid opens!

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  • teresawilson24 20w

    Universal Thoughts🔮

    People give their own opinions based off their own experiences through their own realities created by their own life choices.


  • nothingleftsoiwrite 20w


    I wonder why I should stay alive, when I'm always struggling to survive
    my happiness I want to revive, I'm like a bee trapped in my hive
    I'm on a never-ending drive, way deep down I try to dive
    my emotions have been rived, my copings have been deprived
    don't know why these feelings arrived, don't know from what they could've derived,
    but in my mind they seem to thrive, my body and I can only strive
    to continue each day in hopes to feel alive

  • maitrayee11 21w

    It was her

    Felt scared by knowing the thoughts,
    Imagined she's gonna judge me as well,
    Was scared to tell her the truth,
    Where I was the victim of the event myself,
    Came to knew,
    Being a woman is a lot of judgement,
    It's me who has to take the measures of the paths,
    To keep my eyes open and not let myself fall apart,
    I was scared by her thoughts,
    I was scared by what she's gonna think of me,
    I was scared of how m gonna tell her the secret that is lying within,
    I was scared of sharing the weight that got me mad....
    But in the end,
    It was she who bought the faith to the heart..
    In the end it was her,
    To make me believe in being me again....

  • hemangibandgar 21w

    #Open challenge
    #Mera time aayega
    #Mera waqt ane par tumhara bigad jayega ��

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    Ek baat hamesha yaad rakhna ye waqt kisike liye rukta nhi hai.....vo toh behte Nadi ke saman hamesha bitta rehta hai.....aaj hoo sakta hai tumhara waqt hoo.....par yaad rakhna mera bhi waqt ek na ek din aayega..... uss din tumhara waqt bigad jayega.....sabr karoo.....jald hi vo din bhi ajayega

  • orphicthoughts 23w

    Open your mind to everyone as you're only going to learn from them.

  • bluewaters 23w

    Come out

    Come out,
    It's harder to see.
    Come out,
    Don't worry you'll be free.

    Do not worry,
    For what will it be.
    Yes there will be pain,
    Yet long after, there will be glee.

    It hurts when you keep it inside,
    It burns when you set it aside.
    Those you keep will torture you,
    Walking on a path with a burden or two.

    Let them go,
    Those that haunt you.
    Feel the weight of your shoulders flow,
    As that heavy thing inside you've forgo.

    Hey it's okay to be free,
    From those shackles you never see.
    Feel the breeze as it touches you,
    As you come out as someone true.

    It's never a standard for one to be,
    To be who you are for what others to see.
    What it matters is for you to be happy,
    So let them see the colors you've set vividly.