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  • nainnshu 6w

    That one out of all!

    Fused always in the ink of many,
    A theme found commonly in most of the poems and even tales so-many,
    Pictured over a canvas completely neat and clean,
    Only to be colored at the end by the perspective of its readers most unique!

    The canvas behind overshadows the whole Glittering-World outside,
    Each day consuming each of its inhabitant within its not-so-real limelight,
    Each day, some more number gets added to this list,
    Only to get detached from their own silhouette at the end indeed!

    But one Being out of so many still tries to not get trapped within this web,
    She, from her inbuilt technique of intelligence stands apart-always solely unique,
    Although, the World bounds her forever within its own made-up laws and rules strange,
    Yet, She carries that immense power unparalleled to any other existing being till date.

    Her Silhouette unlike others outshines this deceptive cage made up only for show,
    For only She emerges much stronger and inhibits the power to fight for her own role,
    Mostly portrayed as a being, dependent on some or the other counterpart, who must be a Male,
    She out-throws all such clutches and maintain her very corporeal self always!

  • ferventpenmen 110w

    No Magic Anymore

    Phoenix' are not resurrected from ashes anymore.
    Medusa' glimpse will not turn you stone anymore.
    Unicorns are not friendly anymore.
    Cerberus is not Hade' hound anymore.
    Minotaur is not belligerent anymore.
    Pandora' box is not substantial anymore.

    Life is not serene anymore.
    Humanity is not available anymore.
    May be we're not humane nevermore.

  • juniflrz 114w

    Cushioned Grass

    Walk barefooted on a cushioned grass and the anger and frustration can be tamed by Mother Nature.


  • hmg101p 199w

    Oh those sleeping old bones were left for dead. I heard it said, in the echoes of ghostly heads. Such a kiss is prison, and love’s become a funeral. The pain that was once a friend, is now claiming life as mutual. I’m feeding shadows as I fly. Melting faces, as the madness never subsides. Oh those sleeping bones, a fevered trip, through chaos written skies...


  • hmg101p 222w

    I tried to sail my soul away for life. But those eyes became my starry night. Crunching and curling me; a swirling lust, just like a disease...


  • ravenwolf90 225w