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  • mansibedi_1906 129w

    दो बहनें

    बहन ही बहन की राजदार है..
    क्या हुआ अगर नहीं है भाई..
    तो मिला मुझे छोटी बहन से आघात प्यार..
    दुःख की साथी,
    सुख की साथी..
    हर समय वो मेरे लिए तैयार है..
    दो बहनों का प्यारा..
    निराला ये संसार है।

  • t48castillo 218w

    5 to 1

    I remember one day years ago, I was about 10 I'd say.

    It was sunny and hot and boring,

    that I never forgot.

    I get a kick out of this every time. 

    You see I have five brothers, three older and two younger than me.


    Proudly, I am the only.

    Now,  my eldest brother, he was so over me, plus our other two brothers that followed him,

    well they kept him busy.

    So that left my other two brothers

    stuck with me,  as opposed to one of my younger brothers whom hung with me faithfully.

    On this one particular day, as I said I was bored and my two older brothers were playing outside.

    I asked Dad if I could go play,

    two minutes later, I'm back inside, they heard me coming and ran to hide.

    I did get to play with my brothers as they were for forced to stay.

    With that day, and many others before and followed, in between, my youngest brother was my little fellow.

    I was and am complete with these guys, and I to them was never a surprise.

    I see the Innocents in their face to this day,

    I swear I search for a button for

    a replay of our life.

    We have come a long way, 

    we've laughed and cried,

    I've danced with maybe two

    and tied a couple pairs of shoes.

    I am a sister, my position I hold very high and most importantly

    my five brothers set the bar high.

    Now we stand two,  my eldest and I as we hold our pride.

    Four brothers are imprisoned, two brothers owed to life, another for 35, and the other 15 to 25.

    I've cried many tears over the years, as memories fill my heart and times of laughter so clear, I wish for them to be here.

    I miss our together, of good times and teenage years, changing styles and family pictures.

    I miss these guys, my brothers, all five whom are my pride.

    I love you my brothers, in my eyes you continue to be :

    From My eldest, my father figure


    An Artist

    A Hustler

    A Leader and last but never least

    Our baby brother,  A Singer

    This is what I see...

    Love your sister,

    Always Only.