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  • meeraish 6w

    So ppl GLORIFY
    purity & true love
    yet find it boring???
    Haha! Dumb PPL!!

  • lovetheonlytruth 8w

    प्यार में जो सोचें,
    वो हो जाए तो वो प्यार थोड़ी है।
    मैंने सोच लिया कि मैं उससे रूठ जाऊंगी और
    मैं कई दिन उससे बोलूं नहीं, तो वो प्यार थोड़ी है।

    Monika Soni

  • kirukka 32w

    Forgetting sleep and dreaming !! Suffering from insomnia in dreams .... only in this love

  • burned_butterflies 38w

    Wherever you go,
    Wherever you live,
    Wherever you bloom
    Wherever you find peace,
    I'm sending you love.


  • rajvi05 41w

    Belated happy friendship's day guys!! #onlylove

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    Wishing a very happy friendship day to my virtual family here♥️


  • roel_gonz 45w

    Only love

    Heaven's calling out of the sky
    Sent a message for you and I
    Storm bringer coming
    Fall out in the bling

    Only love bring the best in me
    Keep your eyes stare at me
    I believe for you and me
    Our love will burned like a second degree

    Deep down to hell
    Hold my hand where's the angels dwell
    Don't look back, the demons roar and yell
    I save you even my soul I gonna sell

    Only love feels I'm in the comfort zone
    Losing you, its chills to my bone
    And like lost in the wilderness alone
    I don't want to be on my own

    Only love makes my heartbeat pounding
    It's the only way my life keeps living...

  • mysterious_swaraj 51w


    Jo bol na vo bol na paye,
    Suun kar tera Faisala hak jta na paye,
    Bnaya tha tuje aapni mohabbat,
    Per kabhi teri mohabbat bn na paye.

  • waqt_e_khwab 59w

    স্বপ্ন খেদি

    সপোন বোৰ পূৰ কৰাটো বাধ্য নেকি?
    যদি সপোনবোৰে আপোন জনক কন্দুৱাই
    যদি সপোনবোৰে অকশৰীয়া কৰি থৈ যায়
    সেই সপোন দেখাটো বাৰু পাপ নহয়নে?
    মগজুক আপুনবোৰে বুজায় যায়
    মনটোক আত্মাই বুজায় যায়
    নিৰন্তৰ আৰু নিৰন্তৰ।।।
    তোমাৰ বিবেক আৰু মোৰ আত্মাৰ
    সন্ধান একেই নে?
    এটা ডাঙৰ সাথৰ।।।
    প্ৰশ্নৰ উত্তৰৰ সন্ধানত মই
    নিৰন্তৰ, আৰু নিৰন্তৰ।।।
    সপোন বোৰে গজালি মেলে
    গজালি বোৰে আগুৱাব খোজে
    তুমি আহি বাধা হৈ ৰুৱা
    গজালি বোৰে থমকি ৰয়
    শিপা বোৰে চিঞৰি উঠে
    আৰু মানুহ জাতিৰ সহানুভূতি জাগে।।।
    স্বপ্নৰ চিতাৰ জুইত আত্মাই হাৰে
    আপুনবোৰৰ মুখৰ হাঁহিত বুকু সাত পৰে।।।


  • mariateresa 60w

    Arriving upon

    Coming clear on the nature of our relationship
    One week removed
    Depth of love within you for me was mismatched
    Though I was consumed
    By you
    How could you give love while your receiver was unattached
    To your own soul, you live in fear of who you are
    No desire to take it in you outsourced it all
    I endorsed it, eagerly willing to play ball

    So curious about what I was feeling
    Wanting so desperately to be loved
    Believing if I loved you enough it would jumpstart your own feelings of love
    For me
    If I believed in you enough, you'd believe in yourself
    That's not how it works, I can't carry anyone else but myself

    So one week removed from the illusion of the daydream
    A fantasy I concocted in my head
    How we could live happily ever after, with these ghosts of you in our bed

    My dear one
    I loved you with every ounce of my heart and soul
    Until you know and love yourself
    There is nothing in you to give at all

  • sidharth_jeevakumar 61w

    Only Love

    Sparkly frothy beer,
    Slow dancing calm gin,
    Nothing had what I need,
    But my love had it in it,
    A way to sooth my pain,
    The key to ease my life.


  • shrey_awaken_words20 74w

    Life is still Better without you,
    it is Perfect only with you...


  • bey5151 79w

    one sided love

    I'm mute but this part of me is rumbling.
    I'm silent but the universe is just making myself feel like I'm in a stand-off and going away.
    My mind doesn't talk but the wind from my weak stomach is making news.
    My lips are open and the wind is feeling heavy.
    Sounds unbalanced because this container is always against its contents
    So limp because the mind is no bigger than the heart
    And I'd rather shut up.
    Because the mind makes five senses blunt
    Then I don't need to talk.
    Because if the sound that sounds must be too vulgar to
    the word for breath and for the ears of the person who hears
    I can only talk through this writing even though it's not beautiful in the eyes that read it
    Or about by their minds
    But the sound is getting louder even though all eyes and ears deny him!

    And love still says:
    I still love you even if the body doesn't know me!
    Even if the body asks for a part that doesn't
    have hers!


  • ajay_writes 89w

    Too numb to be loved...
    Too numb to feel...
    Too numb to care...
    Yet never too numb to not feel hunger..
    Yes .Food is my love and my only love...
    Maybe I'd have to end up marrying food and lead a life full of foodgasms !


  • unxpressedemotion 89w


    How lucky am I,
    That I am called yours?

    How lucky am I,
    That I get to be with you?

    How lucky am I,
    That in this ocean of people,
    I found you and you found me?

    How lucky am I,
    That I can wake up every morning,
    And thank the universe that I have you.

    Truly fortunate.


  • shrey_awaken_words20 91w

    Kabhi yad aye toh phone kar lena,
    Hum aaj bhi waha ruke hain tumhare liye,
    Jaha tum hume chodke chale gaye the.


  • unxpressedemotion 91w

    Not a Writer

    I know I am not one for words,
    Or beautiful composition,
    Or carefully made poems.
    I write to tell you what I feel.
    I write for you.

    This distance though small,
    Feels so much bigger.
    Any other time, we could have been together.
    Any other time, I could have kissed you.

    I write to hold you with my words.
    To kiss you through my tears,
    Longing to be with you again.
    This distance so trivial, yet do significant.
    Any other day, I could run to you,
    And you to me.

    I write to tell you that I love you.
    So that when we finally have our time together,
    I can say it, unabashed.
    I write because you are all I know now,
    My days, my nights, my ups, my downs.
    You are a part of me now.
    Every inhale, I find you,
    Every exhale, I send you my love.


  • unxpressedemotion 92w

    Eternal Memory

    I don't remember them.
    I don't remember their false promises,
    I don't remember their false kisses,
    Their arrogance and silly fits,
    A waste of my time and affections.

    No understanding, no compromise.
    Just a sacrifice of my emotions,
    My health, my dignity, my heart.
    I was only met with not being enough.
    My insides ripped open,
    My scars on display for everyone to see.
    No one understood me,
    I was alone.

    My nights were empty.
    My dreams brought only terror and chaos
    To my actions, to my heart.
    Leaving wasn't enough,
    I had to take everything apart.
    Give up, to start again.

    That's when I found you,
    As I was looking for myself.
    The girl I had left hidden, forgotten,
    Protected, behind my pain.
    You coaxed her out, inch by inch.
    Blossoming into my life,
    Lifting all my shadows,
    Caressing my scars.
    Shining your light into my dark.

    I only know your warmth,
    I only know your tenderness,
    Your soft kisses and unspoken promises.
    I only know you, my eternal memory.


  • unxpressedemotion 93w

    Seldom Spoken

    "I love you"
    Those words spread warmth through my body
    Spread my lips across my face like butter on hot toast.
    Even though you don't say the words often,
    You breathe and speak them always, through everything you do.
    I have said them to you in countless ways,
    And I say them everyday, softly, to myself, to your soul,
    "I love you".
    Every morning and every night, my muse, my heart,
    All I want to say is how much I love you.
    I whisper it softly to myself, pretending you are here,
    Not far away, lying awake or asleep, dreaming of me.
    How many ways could there be to love you?
    Could I do more?
    I wish I could tell you, more often, more bravely,
    Enveloped in my arms, with every breath,
    For everything you do;
    How much I love you and how deeply I love you.
    Each word you say, each smile you break,
    Rips my heart in to a million shreds
    From all the love I want to give you.
    How your eyes shine and how sweetly you say you care,
    Carefully telling me the words I want to tell you.
    Resounding in our hearts but spoken softly, in secret,
    "I love you, I love you, I love you".


  • srikys 94w

    Cutest guesture of love..
    #love #nolust #onlylove #love #forever

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    She asked to kiss him for the first time
    He kissed on forhead, she fallen for him again ♥️


  • shrey_awaken_words20 94w

    Dur gaye ho humse,
    Pas ani ki zidd bhi na karege.
    Dur gaye ho humse,
    Pas ani ki zidd bhi na karege.
    Par jo kabhi mera tha,
    par jo kabhi mera tha,
    Use firse kisi ka hone nahi denge,
    use firse kisi ka hone nahi denge.