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  • differentlywired 43w

    The Binary Man

    Floating between states,
    Held together by the tug of opposing forces,
    Swinging between extremities,
    Sometimes seamlessly knit into the fabric of ordinary life,
    Sometimes swimming through the mundane to find the extraordinary,
    Soaking in the ambient noise,
    I transform it into my orchestral notes,
    Trying to compose music through words,
    Scurrying to grasp flashes of searing insights,
    Steering multiple lives while short of reigns,
    A part of me an echo chamber for everyone,
    Times when I'm clueless about who I am,
    I run through the tunnels winding back to my center,
    As I breathe in the balmy air of dusk,
    I settle into a steady rhythm guided by a focal point,
    Waiting for the waves to wash over me,
    Tearing through my metallic web of thoughts,
    Burning through the crust to melt into my core,
    Traversing a thousand journeys in every circumambulation,
    Chasing mindlessness to become mindful,
    Desperately clinging onto an ephemeral trance,
    Pulling down the sensory shutters to switch back to my binary form,
    I wind back the tape until it falls in place with the present,
    All I need now is a flywheel of perpetual motion,
    To unravel my story into the future.

  • priyanka15 150w

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    Once in a while

    Once in a while,
    Once in a while, be ride on a train of past which took to you where you want.
    Be imprisoned in a cage of thought where you can think without any barrier.
    Be locked in a castle of pleasure, where you can do anything of your desire.
    Be like a bird and flap your wings to accomplish your ambition without any imposition.
    Be like a rays of Sun, to kill the darkness and bring the hope of happiness.
    Be on the ocean of dreams, to dream more and accomplish those.
    And once in a while be selfless.
    -Priyanka Agrawal

  • angelfizz88 157w

    Once in A While

    I find myself basking in an infinite
    aura of romance once in a while
    that you and I are still together
    in the near future.

    ©Angel Fizz 2019

  • sutanaya 193w


    Tick-tock..tick-tock..tick- tock..tick..

    Once in a while, your heart beat and the movement of the clock hands synchronize and memories breathe themselves back to life with old conversations modifying themselves in your mind and somewhere around the corner a person reminding you of a time. You see, these situations are intimidating for they question you of your existence and the choices you've made.

    Once in a while, you don't desire a confrontation and life places a mirror infront of you. You talk to it and it replies in one syllables, gradually increasing the pace, showing off it's comprehending skills, reaching for the hidden meanings, the truths you've been camouflaging and asking you to step a step back to start life afresh. When you can't, you find her mocking you just like a distant realtive full of herself, uttering words that do not bombard against the walls of her mouth. And by the end, all you can hear is a distant melody of a forgotten song begging you to calm down.

    Once in a while, you lift yourself up and carry yourself out only to step on a parched ground that doesn't accept the rain that's pouring. You see, that's exactly why you don't do this often for the rejection is way too bitter for your taste. You see and you feel that the joke's on you and that the world doesn't care so you tell 'em you don't too.

    Once in a while, it becomes necessary for you to accept how things have turned out to be for the last time, you didn't, you were asked things you couldn't give. So, as a compensation you were made to you promise that you'll participate in all of life's witty games henceforth. Therefore, you are here, without a choice, six feet under the ground where no one can see you and the ones who can, don't want to save you.


  • sutanaya 193w

    Therefore, you are here, 6 feet under the ground where nobody can see you and the ones who can, don't want to save you.


  • aoihyo 205w

    I cry for
    torn papers
    and pencil marks
    you were
    all my almostㅡ