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    PART 2 of 3



    Well, he felt a yank and a strange buzz of static that signaled the end of his communication with the outside world. “This is it”, he thought with grim acceptance, “I am in the Bermuda Triangle, and there is no coming out.” He fiddled with the dials of his trusted bird, the contraption that allowed him to fly. He managed to keep circling around and tried to spot her. Before they had embarked on this mission, they had promised to each other that once in, a maximum of one day would be allowed to search for the other inside of the triangle. This, because, the ship was slower than the plane and also because one day was the maximum Pete could stay about without exhausting his supply of fuel for his bird. He glanced down at his watch. The dials were whirring crazily like a plane out of control. “Well, there blows my chance of reading time like a normal person”, he thought as he took out the bit of paper with the time he had written last. He calculated and came up with an estimate time.

    24 hours to go. No sighting of Janey.



    She made it in. A jerky motion of the ship gave it away. “Nothing subtle about that”, she thought blanching. She loped up the conning tower and peered up from the crow’s nest. No sign of Pete. Yet. She grasped about for her compass within her capacious pockets. The dials on it were flailing about like a man trying to save himself from drowning. “Well, there blows my chance of navigating myself in here like a normal person” Apparently, the Bermuda Triangle had no stable magnetic field. “Hmm, that means something. Definitely”, thought she. She tried to send SONAR waves, they came back to her. Either it hit nothing, or scientific equipment didn’t work here.

    24 hours to go. No sighting of Pete.


    Perhaps, there shall be sightings in the near future? I dunno, you’ll have to stick around. Sit tight, bumpy conditions ahead...



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    You will travel in a land of marvel
    - Jules Verne

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    Completely fictional. But then, what if it wasn't?

    PART 1 OF 3


    One of the biggest unsolved mysteries of the world is most certainly The Bermuda Triangle.

    Humankind, known for their curiosity, will go to any lengths, and I mean any lengths just to solve an unsolved problem. So it is rest assured that given time, we will find out where ships and airplanes disappear off to, and most importantly why.

    To families of the ‘missing’, the biggest question or dilemma is whether they should be given up for dead, or whether these people are simply missing. Sucked into a different region and slowly navigating themselves out of this ‘world within a world’? Or maybe, there was a certain death-sentencing element in the area, which could vanquish entire ships and planes? Which must the poor families believe? Fantasy or science? Hope or resignation to a certain fate? Which force should they turn loyal to?


    In a small village, almost unknown to the world, live the O’Leary’s. Mr. and Mrs. O’Leary had had two children. One was a boy, a replica of his mother in both looks and beliefs. He was named Pete O’Leary. Pete’s sister was Janey, an extension of her father. This perfect chiasma of attribute-transfer was a marvel in itself. But that wasn’t the only marvel the O’Leary’s would witness. Mr. O’Leary was a proud member of the merchant navy, and his daughter, an Aquarian had not let him down. A water baby, since birth, she was inclined towards ships and sails rather than the choo-choo trains, kids her age were more inclined to. In a similar vein, our dear Pete, taking after his mother Mrs. O’Leary (née Goldstraw, an air stewardess, thank you very much) was very taken with airplanes and staying in the air and having wings to fly. Now, naturally the want to have wings to fly meant that our Pete was a Hopeful and regarded life with a view of Fantasy. Darling Janey, having chosen the more sensible option compared to her brother, was as Scientific as you got them and was content and Resigned to what she had. (Easy for her to do, Pete would sniff, it’s not like she needs contraptions to be one with the water whereas, the sky, the sky had no limits and yet humans had limitations to fly in the sky)

    One fine morning, Mr O’Leary set off on one of his expeditions, never to return. The only news they received of him was that the ship had been lost in the fearsome Bermuda Triangle and that no sign had been found of him, radio had lost contact, location couldn’t be found. The ship was, funnily enough, AWOL.

    The one thing both siblings shared was burning curiosity and the one thing they sought was closure and understanding. So off they set in their chosen mode of transport. The brother in a plane, the sister in a ship.

    Now I won’t bore you with details of what happened, I will only tell you what happened after they crossed the imaginary line which meant they had officially entered the Bermuda Triangle Territory.

    Stick around, will you?


    To be continued.

    It's always, Saoirse.


    Find the second part here: #olearysinthetriangle

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    How far does the dark go?
    Give me an omen, show me a sign.
    How far does the dark go?
    Give me an answer, show me the light.

    - How Far Does The Dark Go, Anya Marina