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  • eniolorunda1 1w

    A Time I want

    I wish I could go back to that time
    A Time where people sit together and smile
    A Time where phones is not the talk of the Town
    A Time where earphones won't stop you from saying Hi
    A Time mom will send us to the river and we will joyfully and gladly do
    A Time we all sit under Baba's tree to hear the moonlight stories
    This is a time I want
    If just once
    I wish to go back there

  • alekya_gsnvl 19w

    I know it's late...
    And I know you probably don't wanna share...
    But I still know that you do care...
    So be aware..
    And let go of what's a nightmare...
    Coz nothing is more important than u holding it together my dear teddy bear

  • pheebs1314 24w

    Friendship Day!

    Funny you should mention,
    Found memories in reminisce,
    Cannot believe how years past,
    From school to graduation, oh so fast!

    I remember how it was so easy to confide,
    The breakups and patchups comes gushing by,
    The lectures where teachers were embarrassed to ask,
    The crazy fashion shows that went behind the closed glass.

    The coincidences of leave in school were never pre-planned,
    The cost of which our little shivu had bared,
    Keeping your virginity in a all girls school was another strand,
    Stay away from dark corners,you have been warned!

    College was a whole another journey, and I found friends and foe along,
    Got a family of rapsackers, and a kin to where I belong.
    Sleepless nights watching anime and reading manga,
    Talking about life and jamming to Rihanna.

    As life grew, we grew around it.
    As life moved, we moved along it.
    As life changed, we changed around it.
    But the people I had, I still do.
    Not a million, just a few.
    The friends I had, I still do.
    The family I made, I still do.


  • udavee_dissanayake 34w


    Some a dream
    some a nightmare
    Each moment
    Relives in you
    Every memory
    Remains with you


  • udavee_dissanayake 35w

    Once I was

    At the brink of nineteen
    I turned around for a moment
    So far i have come
    So long to be gone
    I was no more myself
    I thought

    Three to four years back
    When i was too young to be young
    Felt as if it was a great deal to be young
    Desired for responsibility
    And longed for recognition
    Faught for justice
    Was intimately loyal

    Tik and tok
    Time has passed
    I've changed by and by
    Experienced love,friendship and joy
    Betrayal and heartache and its ploy
    Is now corrupted that mind
    That was once a mere saint

    A kid is born chaste as ice
    This world with hate
    Corrupts its mind
    Purity and love and compassion and care
    Is consumed by this world who's
    A beast and a nun


  • ions0206 35w


    "If it's possible then i just want to live our old times that's my one & only wish.. "

  • udavee_dissanayake 35w

    The Sky and Her

    The sky was heavy
    Dark and gloomy
    Looked extra sad
    Lonely and tired.

    She was mad and angry
    Fedup and bruised
    The lightning and thunder
    Said it all.

    Drop by drop
    Tears touched the ground
    Till acres of lands
    Were flooded as we spoke.

    It rained for hours
    And hours went by
    She was feeling a little light
    After all those crys.

    A glance of a rainbow
    Bloomed in a smile
    Loosening that weight
    She carried for a mile


  • udavee_dissanayake 35w

    Ten Times Two

    Just thirteen
    But over the moon
    For I am
    Then a teen

    Two times ten
    An adult i am
    Wanting to be
    Just thirteen


  • _cryptomanic_ 38w



    Yeah guys this is the part of my favourite lyrics of the song " Mai Yaha Hoon".
    And if you listen to it closely and compare with the current situation you'll find it relatable.

    I'm talking about the spread of Corona virus and the lockdown events, all the life-threatening periods!!!
    And at this time we must support each other,,,
    Through social media platforms!!

    And yes,,,, if you're even down or having a bad day, facing issues come to me I can try my best to help!!!
    Even Little contributions of all of us can prove to very important.
    Thank You

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    Veer Zaara

  • captain_ali_01 43w


    My honey knows all the words
    To remind me of the songs I never heard,
    Her voice softens the wind
    And births immense joy when she sings,
    The melodies missing in the skies
    Gleam in her soulful eyes.

    My honey knows all the rhymes
    To every verse every time,
    I was lost and then she found me,
    Opening my eyes to her light,
    I would never want to be
    Alone without her in my sight.

    My honey knows all the ways
    To take away the blues,
    In her arms, I will spend my days,
    No one else I would choose
    Our moments lasted forever;
    I wish we were who we were.


  • ensymi_1329 46w

    Old Bond

    and then at one point
    We just want that Old Bond to be back


  • porcupine 53w


    The cassette tape
    The good old days
    Rewind and fast foward
    Just until it reaches
    The song we want to play

  • pragyaverma 59w

    The year comes to a close...almost
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    All of a sudden I realize, that year has grown old
    That soon it will be december with its chill and cold
    And I think back when the year was young
    A beautiful song of January she sung

    The boiling kettle made the perfect background score
    As we sat in warmth, sipping away life, asking for more
    And when spring knocked at the door, February came in
    Breezy yet sparkling in sun, on her face a wide grin

    Plants took root and began to sprout
    Growing and growing, up and about
    And took to flight sparrows and lark
    Singing out to the beauteous March

    Daisies were bright and sweet peas aromatic
    An April bride was in the mood romantic
    Mango tree grew tall laden with blooms
    Birds danced, showing off their plumes

    May came with a song and a flower
    Lilies blew trumpets as we waited for a shower
    Sun turned into a fireball wanting to burn
    Oh..its hot..cried the fern

    Scorch and sweat came together, when year was half way
    She called for rain, asked the heat to go away
    Monsoon rode on the clouds of June
    Played hide and seek with stars and moon

    Paddyfields aglow in her green evening gown
    On the velvet carpet July came and painted the town
    Crickets chirped at dusk of joy athirst
    Beauty waited impatiently with an urgency to burst

    Poppies swayed to the evening breeze
    Hovered over them a bunch of bees
    From the summer house, rain's out to play
    While myriad quartz stones shine upon an August day

    Red tomatos crammed the wooden pushcarts
    And filled the air aroma of lemon tart
    In the sunny sweaty september afternoon
    The leaves fell over autumn, too pretty soon

    Dry woodland under the october twilight beamed
    A still sky smiled upon autumn's beauty it seemed
    As we harvested a rich crop of joys and pleasures
    And birds gleaned, the year was happy at its treasure

    Here comes the time between golden autumn and white winter
    Year appears to have grown old in this sweet november
    A fiber of frost sitting on window pane has become its guest
    Under the blanket of a quiet night, year goes to rest.

    Soon December will follow on silent kisses of snow
    Warmth of diwali lights fade as christmas trinkets glow
    The old year in memories wonderful will forever be living
    With an old wine we'll raise toast for a new beginning

  • alxita 83w

    -- When The Clouds Cry --
    (Story by alxita)


    The girl, who used to live in Milford County in the city of Sobrivia, moved to Emerald Valley along with her family. The picturesque sceneries are what makes Emerald Valley so unique and out of the movie scenes. With their wagons set along with the horses that were domesticated and raised with love and care, the family set off for 3 days of travel to their destination.

    "Honey, this is just an absolutely beautiful place, don't you think?", George said to his wife.
    "Dear, it was just the right place to move to!", said Katherine.

    The flowers mellifluously danced along the zephyrs and zephyrs of the skies that sent the meadows into waves of its own movements. Stalwart scintillations of the Sun radiated the place. 20 degrees Celsius enveloped the place regularly. It was a Thursday, on June 14, 1877, at 12 noon.

    And a girl in simple long-sleeved shirt, long skirt, and in braids, meeted the living room, bubbly and bursting forth with joy. Her older brother, Jefferson, was still asleep after the fairly long journey they've been through with little rest.

    And the parents have actually decided for their little daughter to go to EVES (Emerald Valley Elementary School), to start her first grade education and may continue on for a couple of years there. The day goes on, as they rest. Nothing could go wrong, in the meantime, at least..


    #life #story #landscape #beauty #oldtimes #day #alxita_stories #alxita_june_twenty #ceesreposts #prologue #mirakee

    Jun. 19, 2020, 10:49 AM (GMT+8)

    This is a developing story! I will post the continuation every day, so stay tuned if you ever look forward into it!! (Chapter 1-5 is released now if you've started here! A long way of reading ehh?? ❤)

    This is my first time doing a very long story divided in chapters, so improvements and suggestions are very much welcome here. All names of places and characters are fictional btw. ��

    Title format : Story (Story number)-(Chapter number)
    Example : Story 4-P (Meaning Story 4's prologue)

    This scheme will be applied among older stories I've made, and all of these are organized in a tag right here: #alxita_stories

    Have a good day! ��

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    Story 4-P

    -- When The Clouds Cry --

  • ayushi_m_writes 84w

    Just like the old times!

    For once,
    I want to talk to you,
    I want to sit and remember all the good times,
    As we sip on our cup of coffee.

    I want to walk together in the rain,
    Or just disappear somewhere far away,
    And see where the road takes us.

    I want to talk about our favourite movies,
    About how magic is real.
    Maybe it is and we failed to believe it.

    I want to laugh and sing with you,
    Even if it is what we are worst at.
    I want to see that smiles on our faces again,
    Just like the old times.


  • anyerenaj 90w


    Old times are bound to keep as memories

    It will never have a chance to be changed

    Because what's done is already done

    That's why it is called as before


  • simplyjessiii 95w

    Old times, old conversations, old thoughts, feelings and desires. All gone, all past, just like you. Just like we. It feels like all of this belongs to another person. An old version of me that isn't anymore. And I can't help but admit that I miss these old, long gone times in which you and me used to be a team. But at the same time I proud of who I am now and happy that I am not who I used to be anymore. I am so much stronger. But I miss the ways that you used to make me feel. But that's the past and I have to focus on the present and the future. Yes, what we had was beautiful in a lot of ways but who knows what lays ahead of us if we just open our hearts. It may be even more magical and beautiful than anything we ever experienced before.
    I'll always be grateful for what we had and will perish these old memories. Because even if you are gone, these memories will always be with me.

    Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Love to all of you ❤️

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    To you my old love

    Oh, how I miss those old times spent together my dear.
    Our long meaningless but still so meaningful conversations,
    Our laughter about everything,
    Our time spent together doing nothing at all.
    You have been the one I thought I might one day call my home.
    You have been.
    But time goes on, people change and so did you.
    And now those times spent together have passed.
    They have been, just like you.


  • life_in_lines 96w


    Hey, do you believe in fairytales?
    Where the world is full of magic,
    With no hatred nor burning glares,
    No story under the genre of tragic.

    Disney princesses run around singing,
    "Never let go of your dream"
    Waiting for their prince charming,
    Riding on a horse by the stream

    When the clock up high ticks at midnight,
    That's when Cinderella runs down the stairs,
    Leaving behind her glass slippers in sight,
    Wonder why she didn't leave them in pairs.

    Ariel walked on the piercing glass for her "love",
    Belle stayed with a fearsome beast cause of "love ",
    Aurora waited a lifetime seeking "love",
    None of them forgot their vow,
    Do you still believe in them now?

    #fairytale #love #disneyworld #princesses #oldtimes #elves #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Once upon a fairytale


  • aaaishaaa 107w

    The nursery rhyme twinkle twinkle little star was always special to me.
    As a child and even now.
    It reminds me of how my grandfather's eyes twinkle when he talks about his days.

  • forgotten_blcklisted 110w

    The old you, the old us

    The one who didn't care about my flaws...
    The one who wanted just me and nothing else...
    The one whose eyes had the only picture of mine...
    Those names you used to call me...
    Those things you always wanted to talk about...