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    Well I can feel the pain����
    Tag your friends who are rushing towards 30
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    Hey, you know what, I just want to apologise to all those people whom I called old in their 30 when I was in my 18.

  • sakiye 14w



    A man under a canopy,
    The canopy wasn't rugged,
    Besides his heart was.
    His children left him solely,
    He lives by his own bootstraps,
    With a hardened heart but enervated roof.

    He rounds with his carry-all,
    Crowd mind's- eye a bag of waste,
    He hangs for bread on consorts,
    Who propose packed ones,
    Trust the bag was earnings,
    With thoughtless yield in a beggared garb.

    He piles up from waste,
    Earned in a busted box of iron,
    The iron was full of coins,
    Which sounded besides the crowd.
    It thinks he is delicate and sober,
    But he, full-blown and down to earth.

    The herd assumed self-centered and inhuman,
    By his gusto and coiffure, besides
    He was always human when he spoke.
    His phrases and manners consistently flaunted humanity,
    Bagging bucks was nest egg in an iron case,
    Reasoned awful, by kinfolks.

    A gilt-edged hombre appeared vile but hushed beyond,
    Did he picked the waste? no, rather he collected it,
    Did he earned money? no, rather he saved it,
    For whom did he do, for himself...! being deep-pocketed?
    Or for the inheritor who marooned him...
    He saved to save a life who saved him,
    His savior, who shelled out a canopy for Pater.

  • _boyka 23w



    The mist of time ripe bosky black Of bald
    And seem like lake around stagnant no fro
    No mind is cunn at the time just holy wild
    Is walk and talk, the divine turns heart grow

    Once cruel tongue thoughts now heart peace white cold

  • mystixwater 25w


    And when does it strike to the old man,
    Sitting outside the fair,
    Lost his child ages ago,
    Watching his grandchildren play go-merry-go.


  • poetryly 48w


    Pic credit - FedEx advertisement on Pinterest...credit given to photographer

    This was another writing challenge that helped pulled me further outside my writing box again. I just kept writing words and allowing whatever takes form on the page....here’s the result.

    This day on the beach.

    I’m watching an elderly gentleman,
    knees bent with arthritis,
    I could imagining them creaking
    as he plods along the sand.

    He’s searching for something
    along the edge of the water,
    evidently it isn’t sea shells.
    Will it take him a lengthy time to discover?

    i sit as a bystander,
    on this balmy day.
    The sea breeze easing
    my anxious thought,
    how long should I sit and eye drop
    on him without notice?

    Instead of standing as of yet,
    I stretched my legs,
    feeling the stiffness in my left
    bone reminding me it hasn’t vacated
    me of late.

    feeling a similar bond to the old gent.

    Mentally, pulling myself from my painful musing, I shaded my eyes with my right hand. The old gentleman stopped,
    head down than I see it too.

    On clear bottle of some sorts
    with the proverbial movie cork.
    As if it had been bobbing in the water
    to be delivered at the gentleman’s feet.
    As I peered, even from a few distances,
    I could tell his shoes were soaked.
    I shake my head,
    he should be bare foot.

    I could feel the energy vibe
    from the older gentleman
    even from my seated spot.

    He wobbly bent to retrieve,
    I held my breathe,
    afraid he may tumble,
    wondering should I intrude on his moment?
    No one else was close enough except me
    with one bad knee cap.

    He was more agile than he appears as
    he grasp the bottle, raising erect with slow care. I wonder should I dare to get close to spy the expression on his face?

    It was only a passing thought
    like a tumble weed on a beach.
    Unexpected and quick.
    Unlike my knees so I stayed still.

    I digress.
    I can venture to say he pulled out cork,
    seemly shaking what’s inside by his jerky movements.

    Now my curiosity got the best of me.
    I felt the need to get closer.
    Cautiously, I began to stand,
    a slight creak in my knee
    starting vehemently protesting.
    Only now I wasn’t pay full attention,
    my eyes were locked in on
    the elderly gent.

    I get closer,
    is if peering at the sea’s horizon
    while slyly watching him from the corner of my eyes which is quite tiresome after a few minutes.

    With eyes cocked to the side,
    I notice he has a colorful note paper from the bottle, he shook onto his hand.

    As he open the note,
    reading it several times.
    I glimpse the appearance of
    a smile slide along his craggy face.

    What it said it bought him tremendous joy,
    I could visibly determined.
    The older gentleman not one looked
    towards my direction or
    even seem to feel my presence of another

    That’s when I decided,
    to sidled up to him.

    Softly, putting my hand on his stooped shoulder so as not to suddenly startle him.
    He didn’t overly react,
    now looked out over the water.

    I gently asked him
    “Is that a note you found in the bottle”?
    Finally, he glanced at me,
    without fright but with a look of pure joy,
    as if he found buried treasure.

    “Yes, my daughter
    send me a note again. It was a little
    late today but I knew it would be here as always”.

    He than paused,
    looking directly at me,
    “Miss, I’m sorry I don’t know your name. This
    is where I used to bring my precious little girl
    Sharee, the beach was for favorite outing...until...until” he’s starts to stutter that fateful day. But this is her special way of telling me not to worry, she’s okay. She’s always loves and doesn’t blame me....when...when (with a choke in his voice) I lost her in the water today,
    She told me she knows I tried hard to save her but the waves were stronger than my arms.

    He just stops speaking,
    let out a sigh of relief,
    I can almost see the weight of
    what he told me rolling off his shoulder,
    he literally stand a bit taller.

    I patted his shoulder,
    now choked with emotion,
    forcing the tears to stay hidden.
    We stood in silence,
    for a considerable time.

    Hoping my timing was right,
    I reached my hand out to elderly man,
    telling him isn’t it time to go home.

    He just nods as giving me permission.
    So I loving hold my father hand.
    We both slowly trod towards the car.
    I feel that familiar tug of wishing he could recognize me as grown.

    in the recess of his mind,
    the memory of the time when he was teaching me how to swim and I almost drown when tumulus unexpected huge waves swept me under, as well as him for a moment.

    The record of the incident the doctor informs me as he aged got struck in the middle of repeat, never playing any further.

    My Dad,
    my hero saved me that day,
    his loving arms determinately stronger,
    as if God gave him needed strength,
    saving me from a watery burial.

    I stopped trying to jog his memory of the past day, the record needle never moves anyway.

    So monthly,
    on the same day,
    my swimming incident occurred,
    on the year the vinyl memories in
    his mind cease fully playing.

    Ever seen that song took over,
    he’s been compelled;
    a father on a mission
    needing reassurance to live
    with that tragic moment in his head.

    So I faithfully,
    bring my beloved father to
    this same location even though we
    no longer live in close proximity.
    What’s a doting daughter to do?
    I take the day off, take the drive to allow
    his brain to find some semblance of peace.
    Resigned from trying to get him to remove his shoes.

    It’s our ritual,
    our father and daughter dance without
    the wedding even though I’ve been happily married for years with two sons, no daughters of my own. Our how the miss their grandfather!
    Oh, I digress, another tumbleweed diversion of mines, I guess.

    You see on every visit,
    while his bit distracted reliving that day,
    I swiftly, now actually quite expertly, stick a bottle into the sand, as if it just came from the bosom of the sea. I find a place to sit,
    not too far, not too close to give him so emotional space as I wait patiently for him to find it.

    My only connection with this gentleman,
    plus my brief holding a stranger’s familiar hand;
    my Daddy.

    This Day on the Beach.

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    It’s our ritual,
    our father and daughter
    dance without the wedding
    even though I’ve been
    happily married for years.

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    I aspire to be an old man with an old wife
    Laughing at old jokes from a wild youth

  • randalthor 99w

    Old Man

    I am just another old man, conquered by love.

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    distant trees and clouds
    a silence worth of million words
    I see the moving frame
    the still painting of nature itself
    mud-houses welcoming at the door
    first asked to have some water
    before enquiring about whereabouts
    the lost culture of ours
    value for human, not the possession,

    leaves are storyteller here
    falling, floating, in air
    wild animals are not caged here
    each footprint tells us a story
    someone couldn't afford a pair of shoes again!
    a smile that hides the secret of lives
    old shivering hands touching me with compassion
    excited to hear the story of my world
    what should I tell them?

    time is much slower here
    no one is running here and there
    no medical shops around
    I see a few old men laughing aloud
    the sun is hiding behind the beautiful scene
    a warm glass of milk with a piece of Jaggery
    no running heartbeats about sharemarkets
    a steadiness lies within them,

    the smell of that old lalten smoke
    a small room hiding a long history
    I see them happy together
    the old man and his wife
    a life with no anxiety and disorder
    no rush in the blood
    nothing last forever
    but that smile would, inside me
    the way it touched me
    'a countryside'
    I wish I could go back in time
    and stop those fools
    who have abandoned the heavens
    in search of more
    I would've been happy with less
    at least I had people around to share with me
    share their pain and happiness
    running barefoot, without hesitation


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    Going Shameless

    The day we born we were shameless
    Bunch of strangers wrapped us up in a towel

    The day we go we will be shameless
    Bunch of strangers would change our dress!


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    MY HEART..��

    My heart that you left broken,
    Came cries, that i have spoken.
    You tease me, that you love me.
    I laugh at your response because i am free.
    You will never have my heart again.
    I am sorry, it still needs time to mend.

    The scars that you put on my heart.
    Remain, broken and torn apart.
    The stitches only tell half of what i have been through.
    I am sorry, for loving you.

    In time I will fall in love again.
    But you dear will only be a friend.
    Life, makes you become stronger for your new adventures ahead.
    Life, brings love for all the wrong things you have said.
    Stand up for you true purposes, that make you who are you.
    Love freely, and catch that falling Star.

    —Kartik Das

    #mirakee #writter #oldman

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    MY HEART..

    [Full poem in caption]


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    You're going to miss her.

    She will pull away in the beginning, gradually. You won't notice her bit by bit losing hold of the once so ever grandeur word "Together."

    She will look back, she will hesistate, waiting for any signs, leaving clues, hoping you would notice. See? She is fighting every thought of leaving. But it is not leaving that hurts her most, it's the way you don't notice how she is holding up and already ready to step forth without you in her life.

    Is it because she is the one who answered "Yes" she will be with you all through the way that's why you thought you will never lose her?
    Or is it because you thought she'll never leave you?

    Every woman is fighting her own silent battle, and it takes a man to let him fight it with renewed strength, but you won't be her hold out anymore. You never became the thing she needed. And that's why she have to go. Not because she doesn't love you, oh no, she loves you all too much, but she have to go.

    And when the moment you'll realize that, you already lost her. The days turned to weeks and you'll notice little does she comes around. And you will realize how everything reminds you of her. And you wonder when will you see her again, you look forward to that day and how much you miss her.

    And that's the day you will see how vulnerable and strong she is for loving someone who couldn't love her back the way she deserves. You'll try to match her efforts, you will try to reach out, but it is already too late. She loved you, a lot, too much, and too great for a heart so fragile and vulnerable to fly and leap for a chance of love that would last. And now she is broken.

    Trust me, it will not be about another guy, not about how you sleeps at night, not because of how you look, a girl that loved you and promised life time will only stop loving you, because she will look for herself, and she will wake up one day knowing she have to love herself first, more than anything in this world.
    — Kartik Das

    [Photo collected ]

    #mirakke #motivation #oldman

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    "She will wake up one day knowing she have to love
    herself first, more than anything in this world'


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    His Family silently rejoices

  • magicalmystery 132w

    (Things I'll Never Tell You)

    I hate you

    You busted my eardrum the last time we were together. You seriously did. I'm partially deaf and it gets worse off and on.

    Sex isn't really that great. I didn't know what that meant until I met you.

    You don't pleasure me enough. A smile doesn't count.

    I choke myself on you, and work my aching legs to squat up and down on your tiny, limp old man dick; I'd rather hear you snore all night than hear the awkward, accusive silence as I put you back in myself when you slip out.

    Once we break up, I hope I never see you again. But if we do cross paths, you better not call me your slut, because you lost that privilege when you never took advantage of it in the first place.

    Nothing we talk about matters, because you turn around and tell everyone the exact same stories you tell me. What you never realized is that I only tell my stories to you; I choose the things I say to you, because I know you'd care. *Thought you'd care...

    You clearly forget everything we do together. On our third date I showed you a flashlight. You loved it so much, but wouldn't take it. Months later, I showed it to you again, and you took it as if you had never seen it before and said thank you.

    You were always too old for me; and I, always in denial.


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    Season 1
    Episode 4: THE FISH

    He was having white bizarre beard and a hump on his back. He was murmuring his prayers and that’s all he cared about. Fried tuna with spice and crabs.
    ‘ I can make good money if I catch some more fish.’ he thought .
    “ Hmm… Just a few! This will not make any money.”
    He was talking with himself like always. He took the fishes out of the net and went for fishing again.
    He got a couple more.
    “Wow, a dozen fishes! That’s better.” he said to himself.

    And he showed them to the merchant.
    “ They look fresh, but why are they so small?” Fish merchant said after poking the fishes.
    “ Don’t know. Maybe their mother didn’t feed them enough.”
    “ But you promised to give me 15 fishes. These are only 11. Not even a dozen, and tiny too.”
    “ What do you mean? Can’t you give me some money for these?”
    “ I can. But I won’t.”
    “ Why not?” The old man got disappointed.
    “ You have to go back and get more fishes.”
    “ Are you sure about that?”
    “ Yes, I am damn sure about it.”
    It was going to be dark soon. He put his anchor on the port and cast the net. He waited a bit, then he pulled the pole. As he was pulling it, some other force was pulling it from the other side.
    ‘ Oh God, am I in trouble? Some bigger fish, maybe. ’

    He tried hard but the thing was really strong. It pulled so hard that the old man fell into the water. When he recovered his balance, he hid himself in his canoe and peeked out. He saw his net was still being dragged and had reached on the other end of the shore. He was quite shocked.
    ‘ This is the biggest fish I have ever encountered. Please make me catch it. Please, oh God!’ He prayed for his prey and went to see what had happened to it and found the fish lying by the sea.

    ‘ Could it be dead?’ He asked himself.

    It wasn’t moving, so there was a clear indication that it was dead. In order to check, the old man took a pebble and hit the fish. No movement. He took a sharp stick and poked different sides of fish. Now he was surer. So, he decided to bring his canoe and throw the fish inside it. But the fish was too heavy and he couldn’t have carried it by himself, so he decided to cut it into pieces and place it into his canoe. And he did the same. On his way back to the village, he dreamed of making lots of money out of it.
    The port was empty. No merchant. No people. Nothing. He saw the merchant’s little ship on the port, but he was probably home and the ship might be empty. The old man took a few pieces for himself and the rest he put in the merchant’s ship, and to avoid confusion, he put his name on a note and placed it in front of the fish. He went back home and cooked that delicious fish with his wife and daughters. It tasted luxurious. No fish could have tasted this sweet.

    Early in the morning, he came back to the port, but merchant’s ship was gone. He asked some sailor who came early in the morning who told him that the merchant had won some kind of lottery and had gone went to a world tour with his family. The old man got sad and he cursed the merchant for three days in a row and then in the fourth day, he forgot all about it. He was back at the seaport with a new spirit. He untied his canoe and pushed it as he sat down with a loud cry of pain and was pricked with thorns. When he looked down, he couldn’t believed his own eyes. A big gigantic fish was lying in his canoe. It looked dangerous and huge. Suddenly, it jumped into the water and the old man sighed out of gratitude to god.

    The big fish came back with even more strength. It’s face had a serious tone. It opened its mouth and swallowed the canoe whole. Inside, the old man was still breathing.



    All Episodes here: #abssiimgs1

    #story #dark #weird #oldman #fish #sea #merchant #siimg

    Artwork: Hamdaan Baloch

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    Season 1
    Episode 4: THE FISH


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    Sharm-o-haya ko bechkar haq jatane lage hai
    Budhe bhi apni jawani ajkal dikhane lage hai!


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    •Old man, playful child •
    #soul #writersnetwork #mirakee #oldman #child #mixture #mystification
    Feb 22, 2019

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    Old man knowledge
    Central Sun
    Playful child
    Mercury mystification.

    Grapes, almonds
    A mixture
    That never tasted so sweet.

    Priceless and dark
    Hypnotising spells
    Dizzy drunk my soul
    For that laughter.

    Quite lagoon
    Silence, those eyes
    Emeralds without judgement.
    Confy caves
    Where I wander
    And scream your name.
    Old man, playful child.
    ©Ana M.

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    Dressed a way too immaculately for a graveyard
    Old man entered with an unopened box & a bouquet
    His walk was weak & frail, behind him his labra trailed
    Walked straight past the peaceful ones to his beloved
    Out of all the places, this is where he ought to be today
    He did'nt forget to greet his wife, on the Valentine's Day


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    grandpa sharts, doo doo doo doo doo doo
    grandpa sharts, doo doo doo doo doo doo
    grandpa sharts, doo doo doo doo doo doo
    grandpa sharts!


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    "Son.. You've dropped your mask "said the old man reminding a little boy who tried to pretend like everything was okay, to wear the mask to hide those tears which the world didn't bother about .