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  • diyabedi 37w

    Tried writing a sonnet for the first time, hope you all like it ��

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    A sonnet for the loved and the withered

    I was a sunflower to your garden
    Absurdly sprawling erratically
    without your consent. I beg your pardon
    For this strange feeling comes naturally.

    I have always lived to be loved by you
    Turning my face towards your sunshine smile.
    Our souls entwined under the sky of blue
    Tell me that we will walk together for miles.

    But here is that sunken feeling again
    that makes my heart wither, what if you leave
    me under a grey sky about to rain
    All alone in an unknown land to grieve.

    Water our flowers and love them only,
    For they wither too when not cared gently.

  • pallavi4 37w

    Lovely Love

    You know you are in love
    When the desire to be with someone
    Overwhelms the want to live solitarily
    To find a reason to be alive
    When every song you hear feels like
    It’s meant for you and you become
    Childlike and naive
    When the wind carries messages of
    Affection and the air with scented
    Jasmines is purified
    When the need to protect someone
    Overrides the necessity to run away
    And remain hidden inside
    When time becomes unbearably quaint
    Every moment insufferable and your emotions
    Swell like the rising tide
    When spring blooms take over the garden
    Of your fertile mind and in it raindrops
    Slip and slide
    When everything you feel is like a
    Lighting bolt and your feelings you are
    Unable to confine
    It is then that you know for sure
    That you are in love and that
    Your heart is soaring high


    28th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Kari - Lise Alexander

    Thank you @writersbay for the repost…. This was so unexpected!

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  • iam_ssk 37w

    "Talking About Those Lost Feelings Will Only Ignite The Flames Of The Fire That Died Down To Ashes Not Long Ago."


  • montycristo 37w

    Unknown Feelings

    To fall in love I wish I knew how.
    To have someone to share those moments of time.
    Will my future be blessed or put me through another test.
    Sure I can make up a few lines that may or may not rhyme.
    I search by not searching is my last resort.
    To find a love for my soul to take I hope it will be soon for my heart's sake.
    I wish, I hope, I'll even try a prayer or two.
    When my time comes around out of the blue.
    I'll know I have paid my lonley bachelor's dues.
    Stepping into this unknown area I will happily move forward with out a clue.
    Mixed emotions will have me frozen in fear.
    From there I tell you that I am still here.
    Wrapping you in my trembling arms I wipe away your worried tears and tell you that Everything is Going to be Alright. As the day fades and light moves out of our gaze we dare not move from this dream for fear of waking up this unknown haze....

  • introvert_naari 37w

    Falling in love is like getting
    a new version of yourself,
    every time you do so many
    things to make yourself happy,
    those little efforts for someone
    makes you thousand times blush
    and satisfied, after all real
    happiness is giving not accepting !


  • alecmb 37w

    Falling in love

    Into the abyss I fall
    Paralyzed and suffocating
    As if running into a brick wall
    The waves of feelings
    Crash into me
    Like that of waves of the seas
    The things that I would do for you
    Just to hear you utter I do

  • writersbay 37w

    Good Afternoon, everyone! 🌼

    Write about falling in love. Does it hurt?

    Tag and share with #oldlovec

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    Anyone who falls in love is searching for the missing pieces of themselves. So anyone who's in love gets sad when they think of their lover. It's like stepping back inside a room you have fond memories of, one you haven't seen in a long time.

    – Haruki Murakami

  • bubbly_bluebells 37w


    Sem Você

    If love in life continued in heart vase,
    without contacts and in its absence
    At distracted moments weight

    the place is not taken by else charm
    Been fresco,even after distancing by time
    then it's worthy to unite lifetime
    That's the test of Life tails & heights

    "Loyalty in hopeless despair"
    Checking heart is both the sides fair?
    To Keep burning the lamp of faith

    In self;where personal character reveals
    Broke or tuned diamond under pressure viels?
    If never stopped working on picked path(values);
    When it's hard to aquire in wail,physical illusionary illustration

    Happily!once catched;at the passed lanes of spiral
    shades ignites stunningly;suspiring life as an occasion!
    Patience is the gate of beautiful,kind hearts success.

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    Rhyme of life's timelines


  • maple_ 37w

    Was it the cold winter Cafe,
    where your eyes
    followed my rants
    on the beats of your fingers
    tapping the edge of a coffee cup
    Or the warmer kitchen corner,
    where veins on your wrist
    setting trails to your chest
    carved love poems along the way
    I read like the one
    fiddling her fingers on brail,
    where did I fall in love ?

    Was it the daisies bathed
    in morning dew
    you settled behind my ear
    Or the apricot evening skies
    where your perfect hazel eyes
    were absorbed in musings
    I wished to hear,
    when did I fall in love ?

    Now the cup laid tilted on the bed
    with coffee half dried,
    making its way to
    the soft fabric I touch-
    -these talented rhymes
    that resided on your knuckles
    you engraved in these
    wrinkled sheets last night
    looking at you, honey
    how did I fall in love ?



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