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    वानप्रस्थ गड्या बरा होता
    कसाही असो, आपला होता
    आपल्यामागे काहीही होवो
    आपल्याला मुळी पत्ता नव्हता

    हल्ली मात्र मरण आपलं
    रोज मला बघावं लागतं
    फाटून गेलेल्या कापड्यागत
    कोपऱ्यात पडून राहावं लागतं

    कपड्याचं त्या बरं असतं
    पायाखालती तुडवता येतं
    बोलून चालून माणूस मी
    (त्यांना) तेवढं भान राखावं लागतं

    माणसं येतात माणसं बसतात
    मी माणूस राहिलोच नाही
    कर्तव्याच्या पल्याड आता
    त्यांना मी दिसतच नाही

    मनाने रमतो दुनियेत त्यांच्याच,
    तिथूनच कौतुक करतो जपून
    मनच ते, व्याकुळ होतं, म्हणतं,
    "अरे मी जिवंत आहे अजून"

    बोल लावतात जे ते येऊन
    मोजून सांगतात एक एक पाप
    सोयीस्कर अन रीतसर सगळे
    पदरात माझ्याच टाकतात माप

    ओढून घेतो शहाणपण उसने
    चेहरा ठेवतो हसरा छान
    देहाच्या ह्या धर्मापायी
    वृद्ध शेवटी झुकवतोच मान

    मनात येतं सोडून सगळं
    जावं कुठंतरी दूर निघून
    कणा कणानं जोडलेलं जग
    एका क्षणात द्यावं सोडून

  • anuradhasharma 2w

    उम्र साथ बिताना, नसीब हैं।
    और जज़्बात बांटना, खरा सोना।


  • theunique_s_mystery 7w

    Really childhood would have been a fantasy land for us. We have floated through the love of parents, fun in school, watching cartoons, mindful of happiness.
    18 is what makes us adult, and our blood will boil at high degree for the thrillness! We will be having some risky adventures, some life changing events at this time.
    Then most people moves to a family man/woman. Takes up the responsibility to manage a good family, having a high struggle and tension to lead it and will get dedicated to create a better place for the coming generations.
    Atlast, everything will be rewinded. An old man/woman finally. One would be seeing himself in the younger generation and enjoying the moment. A time where one can express and get the love with happiness and move with time slowly. Finally resting from the body to somewhere nobody knows yet!

    Note :- This is not going to be applicable for everyone's life neither looks like mine. I typed what I saw and observed in the world through my eyes.��

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    The LIFE's Movie

    If you want to see the LIFE as a movie,..

    0 - 17 will be a fantasy drama,
    18 - 30 will be a thriller adventure
    31 - 59 will be A romantic/Family drama
    60 + will be a flashback of all others!

  • madinah_writes 8w

    Formed from the clot of blood.
    We were birthed into this noisy world.
    Get washed,
    Not flushed.
    To live,
    We were meant to believe.
    To grow,
    We were meant to know.
    Never to spill blood,
    For it means family.
    To love the world,
    We still seek harmony.
    Between love and hate,
    We understood it's fate.
    Bleeding on lands,
    By the rich's demands.
    In magenta and yellow,
    New rules, we all follow.
    The blood that flows through our hearts and veins.
    Now sweep our past and remains.
    The metallic taste of blood now sweet,
    Had never been this alluring death...
    Left in old age,
    I'm meant to write this tale,
    To Miraquill.

    #miraquill #writersbay #color #colour #oldage #life #red #RED #Writersnetwork #writerscommunity

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  • egnolnuges 9w


    Young birds, smooth feathers
    To the scars of life
    Lessons from my tumbles
    So without ruffles you may spot your feathers
    longer than us.
    Love fearlessly and fiercely
    For that's a representation of yourself and not who you love.
    Dying makes living worthless but;
    Embrace life
    For you only die once but live everyday...


  • krishnakantrai 10w

    To be continued....
    #poetry #oldage #life #world

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    पहिये वाले कुर्सी पर बैठे
    शीशे में स्वयं को निहार रहा था।
    मुलायम फूलकदार गालें
    अब चपटी झालड़ मात्र थीं।
    बज्र सा साहसी ललाट भी अब
    जिंदगी कि सफऱ तय कर
    उलझा हुआ, जर्जर सड़क मात्र था।
    जिसपर क़ैद थी हर पाहिये की निशान,
    जो मिट्टी का बंजरत्व मात्र था।
    सफ़ेद बाल दोहरा रही थीं उन वाकयों को,
    कुछ फल कुछ अभिशाप था।
    पहिये की हर घूर्णन याद दिलाती,
    टटोलता खुद को, क्या मैं नाम मात्र था?
    मेरी उपस्थिति खुदको खटकती,
    गिनता उन उपलब्धियों को,
    चिंतन करता, क्या सच में, मैं उसके पात्र था?

  • r_krishnan 12w

    My dear old age

    Getting old a boon or a bane?
    Physically unfit but mentally fit
    May not increase your rating.
    Loved ones look up on you
    With carefully concealed disdain
    Tete a Tete has become a nought
    Others escaping by novel modes
    Leaves you in a solitude
    An eerie silence pervading
    Second childhood they say but
    There is no warmth of the mother
    Ageing is no fault of you
    Yet one is a misfit in any group
    Far away children exchange
    Pleasantries often exuding moral support
    Near ones always appriehensive of dreadful mishaps
    Where do they go these discarded lives?
    God is unmindful of their woes,
    Death is certain but when the
    Near one can heave a sigh?

  • kalamwala_meer 14w

    गुज़ारिश है तुमसे ,
    एक बार को ही सही मिलने आना ज़रूर,
    आख़र को ही सही गिनाने आना क़ुसूर,
    जब आंखों पे सजे काले छल्ले होंगे,
    जब गाल झुर्रियों से पटे झूले होंगे,
    जब पेशानी पे सिलवटें काबिज होंगी,
    सुफैद जुल्फें उम्र की गवाही दे रही होंगी,
    तनिक काम से जब सांस चढ़ने लगे,
    तनिक बैठने से जब कमर अकड़ने लगे,
    तब गुज़ारिश है तुमसे ,
    एक बार को ही सही मिलने आना ज़रूर,
    जरा क़यामत से पहले मैं भी तो देखूं,
    क्या वो चांद तब भी चमकता है ,
    जो चमका करता था मेरे बाम पर,
    क्या वो नूर तब भी छलकता है,
    जो छलका करता था मेरे नाम पर,
    गुज़ारिश है तुमसे ,
    एक बार को ही सही मिलने आना ज़रूर,
    आख़र को ही सही गिनाने आना क़ुसूर,

  • snehalv 19w

    His wrinkled hand and face decided his future. He was indebted of love & needed support,but was blatantly ignored & harassed. So he decided to walk on his own & weave touching stories that inspired many to make the best of their old age.

  • anuradhasharma 23w

    कितना अज़ीब फ़साना हैं न !
    जब , उम्र कम थी ।
    तो हर सवाल के जवाब , तुरंत चहिए होते थे ।
    और अब सवाल उनगिन्नत , पर जवाब नहीं सुनना ।
    या फिर , जितना हो सके टालते रहना ।

  • ericwinnert 23w

    A saw a thing and wrote a poem

    #skin as #trees #oldage gets us all

    @@writersnetwork #writersnetwork

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    Insidious Slash

    The slash on the bark reminds me
    Of the slash on my skin
    That hideous ugly thing
    Caused by an insidious disease.

    That stealthy creeping disease
    That crept across my skin
    Threatening to devour me
    Limb after limb
    In the way poisonous fungus
    Covers trunk after trunk

    Of dark old trees
    In thick black woodlands
    born from the ancient seeds
    Of benevolent beings
    Before a time of love and pain.

    But a good doctor
    cut the disease
    And drained the
    Rank puss
    away from the
    Whithering skin -
    A skin that encases a worn heart.

    But the wound healed badly,
    Creating a scar of hard gnarled tissue;

    The slash of my disfigured skin
    reminded me of that bark
    On a time battered ash.


  • beulah_nightcub 27w


    Wings are fun to fly and
    Fun to fall until you
    Fall against the wind,
    The wind cruel.

    My wings are old and thin and
    Stretched across like drums,
    The drums that played so long
    Life's old heart beat.

    Once I lived and drank and
    Loved and dove and lingered
    In the dark between the lights,
    The lights of joy.

    But wind is real and wind is
    Hard and fast and bitter-
    Sweet the rush of death,
    The death of what?

    Chills and cramps in caverns
    Locked my fur and skin to
    Bones grown dense, too dense
    To fly again.

    Still drums of life play on and
    Echo to my cave where my
    Deep, secret joys rest and
    Old life knows them.

    The flying children love and
    Run among the lights so
    Full of water, chasing new joys

    I hear them laugh and laugh my
    Own frail, empty belly
    For the fat and soft-winged
    Moonish children.

    Wings are fun to fly and
    Fun to fall until you
    Fall against the wind,
    The wind cruel.


  • amiravana 31w

    पकने को इश्क़ नहीं कहते जनाब
    जो बुढ़ापे में भी जबान हो
    उसे इश्क़ कहते हैं

    #amiravana #new #thinking #love #age #oldage #mr

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    पकने को इश्क़ नहीं कहते जनाब
    जो बुढ़ापे में भी जबान हो
    उसे इश्क़ कहते हैं

  • kitabezindagi 34w

    सुनो तुमसे मैं कुछ कहना चाहता हूं
    जवानी न सही अब साथ रहना चाहता हूं
    अपनों की खुशी का सोचता रहा हमेशा
    सबकी जेबें भरता रहा हमेशा
    जब ख्वाब थे जोश था दिल में
    किसी के साथ के अरमान थे दिल में
    मैं ने वह वक्त अपनों को दे दिया
    सारा जीवन आदर्श बनने को दे दिया
    कभी पिता का‌ मान रखना था
    कभी मां का अरमान पुरा करना था
    कभी पत्नी के आशाएं थीं
    कभी औलाद के सपने सच करना था
    यह ज़िन्दगी जो मैं ने जी
    कभी अपने लिए जिया ही नहीं
    मगर अब जो किसी काम का न रहा
    सब कहते हैं हमारे लिए कुछ किया ही नहीं
    जब बोझ मेरा पड़ा उन पर
    ला के मुझे फेंक दिया इधर
    मैं अपनी जिंदगी से उकता गया था
    खिज़ा के फूल जैसे मुरझा गया था
    सुनी मैंने एक हंसी
    देखा तो वह तुम थीं
    तुम्हारा साथ मुझे अच्छा लगा
    तुम्हारा हर दुख अपना सा लगा
    तुम्हें हंसते देख हर दुख पराया लगता है
    ज़िन्दगी की धुप में कोई घना साया लगता है
    सुनो मैं तुमसे कुछ कहना चाहता हूं
    जवानी न सही अब साथ रहना चाहता हूं
    क्यों न ज़िन्दगी का नया आरंभ हो
    आखरी सांस तक वफ़ा का प्रारंभ हो

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    वफ़ा का प्रारंभ


  • iampraveena 36w

    Age Factor

    Just because we're old doesn't mean everything we say and do is right. And that makes us just humane.


  • shay20s 36w

    We are so busy trying to reach the next best thing, do we ever take time to sit down, and listen to the old.
    Yes, they do not always understand the young but their roots are planted so deep how can we sit by and not have a ear to listen to their lives stories, their life journey.
    Blessed are the old. . .♡

    #opposite #wod #youth #oldage

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    I have walked the roads
    my ancestors have
    paved for me.
    -Old Age.

    I shall not stay here
    forever, instead I shall
    fly to new destinations.

  • ritika17_ 40w

    ##childhood to ##oldage ##adulthood included,��♥️

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    Ab ye Naya Safar hain

    Kabhi Roz Ghar mein mummy mummy kehte thakte Nahi the
    Aj bas bistar par pade pade bhagwan Ka Simran hi karte hain
    Kabhi Roz meelo lambi sehr par dosto ke sath jaya karte the
    Ajj chalne mein BHI bas bistar se kitchen tak Jaya Jata hain
    Kabhi Roz nayi shaitaniyan karte the
    Ajj to theek se bol BHI Nahi pate
    Fir to Zindagi mein
    Kayi Kuch seekha girna chalna aur to aur mehnat karte karte BHI Nahi thake
    Bas aj utni himmat Nahi rahi
    Kabhi sab Kam khud karte the
    Aj bacho se kehna padta hain
    Are jara ye chashma banwa do
    Maa ki god mein sir rakhkar sote the
    Kabhi ro BHI dete the
    Par ajj maa ko BHI yad karte hain
    Beet gayi Zindagi
    Ab kya kare
    Bas naye Safar par chalne ko tyarr hain
    Gam, khushiyan , dard ab Kuch yad Nahi
    Ab bas meethi si neend ajaye
    Shukar hain waheguru Ka !!!!!

  • shadeenibrahim 41w


    Long black and grey strands hanging down in streaks,
    While periodically heard are some loud creaks,
    The floorboard bearing the significance,
    While the heart keeps pounding with impatience,

    Reminiscing farfetched old memories,
    Of laughs and other activities,
    From a depending infant to being a toddler,
    Then the teen to becoming older.

    An absence lingering in the air,
    To and fro rocking the chair.
    Waiting for a tintinnabulation
    While the pendulum of the grandfather clock keeps ticking in oscillation

    A tiny ding echoes through the silent foyer,
    And the couple reclining with anticipation sit up in a flutter,
    A wrinkled pair of hands grabs the tiny device that's on the table in a jiffy,
    While the other's eyes twinkle with expectancies.

    If a single tintinnabulation could bring such an elation,
    A visit as a whole could make them feel a whole new sensation.


  • zahraray 41w

    From Childhood to Old Age

    In the eyes of child
    Was spring and its new sprout
    Free spirited seedlings in golden light
    Warm, compassionate hues of life -
    A cornucopia of colours in their smiles
    Promises held in crease free faces

    In the eyes of her child
    Was winter and dead twigs
    Clustered figures in darkened streets
    Cold, distant streaks of death
    Shadows marred the corners of her cheeks
    Hope lost in the face of youth

    In the heart of infant adulthood
    Was the climate of arid lands
    Laced with fear and recklessness
    Distinct stench of repulsion from muss
    Strides devoid of childlike springs
    Springs of innocence now bore secrets
    Shame and distrust slumped eager shoulders

    In the heart of her infant adulthood
    Was clarity and peace
    Bands of shadows explored proportions -
    Shapes and sizes of troubled yokes
    Once, an empty vessel of dark clouds,
    Evolved to isolate every colour in darkness.

    On the soles of age
    Was weariness and regrets
    Fear long forgotten from welts and swelter
    Vacant eyes testify to sufferings beyond human coverings
    Age long battles lie unending
    Chased by dreams the child's eyes once enjoyed

    On the soles of her age
    Weariness and regrets still lie
    Fear long forgotten in a withered child
    Eyes full of life and solved mysteries
    Age long puzzles glittered in her light
    From childhood to old age...
    What's a life worth living?


  • mirfern 41w

    From childhood to old age...

    We crawl, we stand, we fall, we walk, then we flee,
    Not knowing we'll come backwards oneday,
    For such is the journey from childhood to old age.