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  • beensn 1d

    History repeats by itself is becoming true,
    The five great elements of the planet are enough to prove.
    Give and take is the lesson we must learn,
    Else, a day will come when we have to mourn.
    With the craze for development, we moved very fast, I feel,
    And reached a stage where there is no heal.
    It's high time to take a U turn and say, better late than never,
    No time is bad time, let us not miss it forever.
    Going back to organic, desi or local varieties,
    Bicycles, yoga, solar energy and herbal medicines.
    Simple living, high thinking, community life, self sufficiency,
    All these will become the way of life to overcome deficiency.

  • mmbftd 4d


    First I was a mystical child
    Full of curiosity and wonder
    Half connected
    To the place I had been
    Before I came to this one.
    And I would remember things
    Not so much in details
    But in feelings, emotions
    Like a pure joy
    Or nostalgic longing for my other place, where everything made more sense to my child mind.
    Then I tried to tell my mommy
    About the other place
    Where everything had a heartbeat
    And breathing didn't matter.
    You could be a piece of granite
    And still feel
    Or a caterpillar and still love.
    I was taught my ideas were silly.
    Just the imagination of a child.
    And then, I became obedient and learned the ways of this place;
    How to separate ever little thing from each other and name it, put it into a category so it could be different than me.
    But somewhere, underneath this new understanding, my wonder was hibernating, still remembering that every little thing has a heart. A heart not like the hearts of humans, but much the same in function of emotion.
    I held on to that.
    Now, I am old woman. I have time to wonder again. Time to remember that long lost place I came from. I think I will be returning there. As I shake off all this separation here. I long for the belonging. Into that cocoon of hearts. All beings together, but having their own feelings. That place felt warm. It had a great yellow sun burning above and around it. It had vibrant green grasses that swayed in skin- prickling winds. And everything was everything. I can hardly wait to get back there. Shake off the lessons of this place. The pulling apart, the loss, the savagery. I never felt at home here. But I had to come, for reasons I haven't yet learned, and may never know.
    I'm dreaming now, that familiar emotion of nostalgia, I can almost feel it there...oh that sun is so beautiful and warm on the skin of my mind.
    Once I was a mystical old woman. Full of curiosity and wonder, half connected to the place I was before.

  • one_step_4ward 5d


    Taking back to those days;
    Life was better than now.
    Everything I wish I got it;
    But now Everything I wish it's in my wishlist
    I miss my happiness, miss myself in me
    Life sucks when everything becomes a question?
    Neither Rich nor poor but.....
    Inbetween that's the HELL of life

    When everyone happily flies over
    But my life couldn't even walk with a happy notes
    That's the rhythm of my life

    Why? God isn't seen me?
    Why? Life is biased?
    Why My life?
    Why me?

    When will my questions turn to be an answer
    When will surprise seeks me
    When will happy tears rolls on my eyes
    Will my life be happier like old days?
    Will my life move
    One _step_4ward
    Take me Back!

  • ashmita_sia 1w


    It's not easy for any of us to forget and walk past people, whom we have loved or adored unconditionally at one point in our lives. At times no words will sooth you and you'll crave for that human badly. Your emotions are valid, but you need to realise that the person is not, in your life. So everytime you want to run back to him/her teach yourself to be STRONG! Tell yourself that you need more time to heal. Reading old conversation, revisiting old pictures, all of this is Normal. But make sure while you do this, you also learn not to get triggered by these things. Once you adapt this behaviour, you'll be surprised to see a new version of you!


  • 90s_beardbunny 1w

    You know it's idiotic to fall in love again to realize that love is not working for you.
    It's never meant for you.
    But it's also true that some old bad habits never leave you alone so easily!

  • faded_dream 6w

    If I could start over again again I would still want to be born on the same day as you ,grow up together with you
    Thank you for showing up in my youth
    No matter when it is , I will always stand by ur side with no regret.......

    There will be some one who will sing our 18 years song ��
    Over and over and reenact our 18 years old story.they all said that you can't go back to ur youth including all of your loves which we still keep on promising for life with each other it's said that close friends will be close forever .
    Young people will be the same as you showed .....
    We will have no regret in our youth ....
    After few years I hope we can remember when we were young


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    Memories hit harder than anything else...

  • prose_nexus 6w

    I wasn't supposed to post this here because it's for the writing contest but it's for everyone now since I can't access the contest normally. I can rewrite the beginning also if the comments say I should.
    #pod #love #old #colour #beauty

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    Ki's Memories

    ... autumn's fair breeze. The pages she glanced through, wafted into her nostrils first, a whiff of dust.
    She was reminded of the carefree days of old, lingering in small inked characters. These texts stood as a symbol of emotion. She flipped through, page by page, ignoring the sentences but admiring with aesthetic emotion, the craftsmanship.
    She closed the book once more. Waiting a few seconds to reacclimate to her surroundings. She reopened the hardcover back but this time, feeling its barked weight.
    The texts encapsulated within this journal spoke to her of infantile days when imaginative thinking was optimistic thinking. Ki realised again what it was like to note emotions on paper and have it matter to her alone.
    If only her steps could retrace themselves to the oceans of naivety, let her heart beat from the sudden glances of handsome counterparts, and bleed on to paper the tales of forbidden love, a quest for revenge, and honour restored.
    All these she reimagined once again. Now she only waited fervently for life to tear her a new script.


  • __maryam__ 6w


    Vows of slavery were chanted
    By the orthodox lips
    To chain the gentle breeze
    In an overhyped tradition
    A barter system
    To exchange 24 karat embellished doll
    For the clichè fame
    Marriage they said ;VAGUE VEIL she mumbled

    Bygone cultures
    Written in palm leaf manuscripts
    Were handed over
    To the unwelcomed housemaid
    To follow and practice
    Like a blind saint
    Cultures they said ; INFERNO she whispered

    A group of audacious strangers
    Marched towards her
    To cage her in between the holy walls
    Named as kitchen
    Overfilling the malfunctioning engines
    Became as her daily routine
    In-laws they said ; BIGOTS she mumbled

    Every night a survival war
    In the hushed room
    Quenching the thirst of lust is her duty
    Saying "NO" is forbidden
    To a domestic slave
    Pleasure they said ;GLUTTONY she whispered

    Ambition was buried
    Beneath the signature
    In the ownership document
    Her dreams were traded
    For the human branding
    She took an oath
    Of adhere to norms
    Sacrifice they said : YUCKY she mumbled

    An array of suffering for months
    No one cared
    Worshipping the man- made duties is her chore
    And there a kid was born
    To bring the pride to their clan
    Good daughter in law they said : OBLIVION she whispered

    A picturesque of art of inescapable labyrinth
    Ritual they said ; RIOT she replied


  • __maryam__ 6w


    An agreement was signed
    Between the species
    Dressed in dollars
    And herd of dopeheads
    Whose sanity can flip over
    By the whiff of pennies
    A blank cheque and a shot of vodka
    Were given as the input
    To produce the desired output
    Hail the power of big shots!

    A naked play was planned
    As a dry run
    To make the toxic brand
    As a global staple food
    Unknowns faces
    With price tags are the capital
    For their ever lasting fame
    Hail the script of key players behind the curtains!

    Two spoons of green poison
    With a pinch of medicament were stuffed
    In the capsule
    To make it as a mouth watering recipe
    In the medical cuisine
    A buffet was arranged
    By the chauvinistic parasites
    To suck the scarecrows' blood
    Hail the thoughts which were cooked by the world class brains!

    The white coat chameleon
    With camphor hearts are burning
    In the pressurizing bonfires
    Of wealthy rebels
    A sublimation process occurs
    Where harboured truths
    Change into nebulous reports
    Hail the mastermind behind the experiments!

    Remember some day you will be the lab rat who would get stuck in the wicked freehub of BIG WHEEL!


  • tamilselvan_kandan 7w

    I always wonder why things change me
    I always Question on Prioritiesand Choices
    I look into New Beginningswhether it crashes the Golden Old
    But Later On understand that
    Time and Distance is not only a relation to Speed
    But also the Destroyers of Relationship


  • white_paper_ch_ 8w


    Letting you off as you should be.
    Gently watching you go as I stood there
    Without being even noticed.
    Holding onto those delusional hope
    Is what makes a person weak.
    And I decided to pick myself up
    In hope to meet you somedays
    Which I've imagined over and over.
    Before our paths turn rusty and grey


  • nemesis_here 8w

    - Billie Eilish's 'When I was older'

    #song #old #sea #deep #feelings

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    When I was older
    I was a sailor on an open sea
    But now I'm underwater
    And my skin is paler than it should ever be

  • ritesh18 9w

    Mirakee Update

    Le ye kya khabar chappi hai ki ab mirakee p Bio ka options hi nh aayega

  • arcane_she 9w

    Toska; the ache of the soul; longing with nothing to long for.

    #oldenglish #oldword #old #strange #strangefeeligs #Uhtceare

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    Old word, old cravings

    The feeling, uhtceare
    Suddenly grabs my mind
    I don't understand
    How all we sometimes
    Feel like this

    We feel unfamiliar
    We want to run away

    Our minds and its memories
    Are new but,
    Our body caries memories
    Of years, old enough as the universe,

    When these memories
    Ache inside us,
    Our soul suffers from toska
    Like a word but not the part
    Of the language.

  • iamthestoryteller 9w

    #old English #wod

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    The Storyteller

    An eflock of dainty chartreuse blades,
    Sway in synchronized rhythm to the tug of the zephyr threading through. . .

  • imperfectthoughts 9w

    #old English #wod

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    Old English

    The threads of life are twisted like elflock. Uncertainty and anxiety everywhere but still there is a hope that life will revive again like my hair will straighten again.

  • afza147 9w


    I wish for a new life at the same time I scare to leave my old life

  • a_rijit 10w

    That fall..

    That quick run on a clear evening...
    I felt the arrival of chilly winters,
    The bracing cool autumn breeze against my motion.
    I saw the twirling leaves, silhouetted against the crisp blue sky,
    Its hurrying rustle, as a gust of wind passed by,
    The contrast of those flawlessly shaded leaves, against my white canvas,
    Only then to realize, as I watched the leaves turn and fall,
    That my run finally came down to a brisk walk.
    I felt the transitioning autumn’s melodious harmony,
    Overpowering my melancholy.
    Realizing that even nature, in the end,
    Accepts the bold act of letting go...
    And that, how beautiful this relinquishment can be,
    In order to cherish once again and grow.
    I finally sat down on my windowsill, with a stirring gaze at the soaring birds,
    Contented with my scribbling and a garden of words.


  • pratibhajadhav 11w

    खामोश रहूँ मैं ;
    फिर भी, वो दिल की हलचल पढ़ ले...
    काश किसी दिन;
    वो उसी के लिए लिखी मेरी गज़ल पढ़ ले..!

  • writeweird 11w

    of the old yesterdays

    where the day end's

    look at home,

    the night is dark
    and yet forgetful

    warm room with
    bodies sound asleep

    cosy air breathes
    through the windows

    as the leaves fall
    somewhere in the future

    and a rainy day
    is on the offering

    carelessly stoking
    arms of the clock

    it's a shelter still
    this warm room

    filled with things
    that will be --

    old and dying,

    as the leaves fall
    somewhere in the future

    for enough springs have
    come to pass

    now that i sit here
    looking at old photographs,

    visiting home.