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  • taytay_nicole424 18w

    Oh Momma

    Momma's barely making it gripping tightly to a thread made of paper and a man made of abuse hibernating in her dungeon surviving on her meds

    Oh momma why can't you see that you aren't alone, that you aren't the only one hurting why must you wither away in this false kingdom with that damn toxic prince you call a "fiance"

    Oh momma please listen to my cries. I've always been a scared, scarred little girl crying out for her momma as the wolves devours her alive

    Oh momma just feel the light I try to shed your way push open those dangerous drapes to a world you have shut off, to a world with us your kids, your grandbabies

    Momma's days are numbered if she keeps going on this way skinnier than a Victoria's Secret model cause she never eats so far gone it seems that not even hopes or prayers can get her to stay