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  • kendrasteel 131w


    I never knew the ending of the ocean could be so peaceful.
    It made the sunrise brighter while exiting the scenery.
    My book unfolded itself as I paid more attention to the waves, but still kept it's weight in my hands as if to remind me not to go swimming.
    I've always had a fondness for welcoming a new day, and I believe they start over...and over, and over again for the same reason.
    I haven't found this reason, but I enjoy the chase of it.
    I could put the book down and get my feet wet, but I like the sight of the sun and warmth of it beneath my toes.
    It's the littlest of things.

    I've decided to stay dry.
    Until my book ends,
    And I introduce myself to the edge of the ocean and beginning of the sun.