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  • the_speccy_outsider 50w

    If I were a tree. A tree that signified promises of perfection. Bearing the fruits of idealism and the buds of purity. What if this universe had thousands of perfect trees with apt arborescent qualities. There'd be no broken bulbs contaminating the sacred environment.

    During the days of yore, trees were worshipped as a symbol of virtue. Although, it is a bit subfusc now. As the definition of perfection has taken a drastic change.

    For quite a while, not showing one's weakness, being blasphemous, being obnoxious, speaking ill, bullying, indulging in partisanship and chauvinism, formed the core rainbow of discrepant perfection, as poems for the same were proudly recited.

    Etching a deep wound on those who were outcasts, like those trees that were unable to bear fruits or flowers, being left forlorn for eternity. Snatching away the strings of their heartbeat.

    But the fertilization of trees is different these days. As they don't boast of its fruits possessing the same definition of perfection. The days are different now. It is being comprehended that it isn't necessarily a virtue to be crowned with perfection as it is nothing but an overrated myth.

    Hence, a farm or a garden that has imperfect trees or plants is considered vogue. Expressing weaknesses and exposing flaws is considered as audacity. And the same shall prevail.

    //Imperfection is the invisible trance with echos of obscured cacophony//


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    I remember being Vulnerable
    I remember having Anxiety
    I remember frequently embarrassing myself
    I remember dealing with multiple failures
    I remember still being a brave Imperfectionist

  • terminal_desire 57w

    Obscure love hurts more than clear hate!
    When with time, affection began to abate!
    When people change and feelings fade!
    When things go wrong and time comes to bade!
    When people you know become stranger!
    When among healers you feel danger!
    When you don't know what you actually want!
    Stay at peace and let your fate commands!

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    Let your fate commands!


  • shradhanegi 57w

    Its the time of my mind
    a time to think refined
    to think clear as day
    an obscure game to play.


  • twisted_thought 57w

    An obscure insecurity crippled all her Expectations


  • sproutedseeds 57w


    All these years
    my inferiority complex
    made me feel insecured
    believing that my ideas,
    thoughts were OBSCURE,
    but it was MIRAKEE
    who gave me the platform
    to open up without any

    When I came here
    I could feel belongingness,
    I could feel the similarity of thoughts
    from the many posts I read.
    Gradually, I started penning.

    Every one is an inspiration here.
    I found encouraging words to
    my pen with wonderful comments
    and compliments.

    INVISIBLE strength of my pen
    started gaining recognition
    and now when it's time to say
    BYE BYE 2020, I wish to thank
    this platform for changing the
    perspective of myself.

    My CAGED thoughts got freedom to express.
    Thank you MIRAKEE for providing us this
    platform to express our views/thoughts
    I found many more like me,
    "Birds of same feather flock together".

  • profuselypoetryly 57w


    Photo credit Skies of Anger by Phil~Koch on Flickr discovered on Pinterest.

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    Did he feel each extremely
    within his desperate soul before
    he silently perish.

    Did she feel each intensely
    within her wretched soul before
    she quietly expired.

    Both obscure
    in their pauper’s plot.

  • leena_afsha_ishrot 57w

    21-12-2020 10:51 p.m ☑️

    #obscure #leena_unsaidwords #pod @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @poetryhub @writersblock

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    Three hundred sixty-five days of separation

    I am whole within myself
    But I feel enthusiastic with you
    As if you are radiant to me

    I have to treasure you as a pearl
    It's darkness without you

    The game of hiding and seek is for kids
    I long for you to return
    So that I can rest on your arms, for awhile
    This time I will not allow to walk away

    It's not that I have no details of your every update
    It's just as simple as I never want to compel you to be with me

    It's not that no one tries to unlock the password of my heart
    But I have exit the path to enter
    I never want to replace with anyone no matter who he is

    I may not be your pride
    But you do live in my poetry

    As our bond is obscure, sometimes
    Can we both add an equal amount of care, love, cuddles to end happily?

    I make excuses to talk with you
    In another way, you make excuses to avoid conversation
    How strange we are!

    ©Leena Afsha Ishrot


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  • alextheft 57w

    Front bench

    I always stare at the rising sun,
    And the shadows of the front benchers
    That erased me from existence,
    And put me in list of back benchers,
    Nor was I less passionate,
    Neither obscure of my destination,
    While the front seat occupants,
    Came enhanced to our station,
    Saw my mates making the same mistake,
    Bowing down as they looked down,
    Or fighting to obtain this mythical row,
    While others might want to die and drown,
    I'll just lose and escape,
    Call it a treason,
    Unlike them, I love my life,
    Don't expect a reason.

  • av_1749 57w


    As I work to hide my feelings,
    My presence is obscured

  • samyukta_saru 57w

    So many curveballs thrown
    That many lessons to the learning
    As life devours
    Few might stay obscure
    But few become renowned
    Because attitude matters

  • go_win_the_hearts 57w


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    Image credit to the rightful owner.

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  • anavah 57w

    Bethlehem Ephratha

    Winter nights are supposed to be clear
    With a crisp chill in the air.
    Lights shining from stars
    Leading to a manger
    In yonder Bethlehem.
    Yet the stars are hidden
    By the venom of civilization.
    The hope of a messiah
    Made obsolete by rejection-
    Nations rise in its wake.
    An obscure town in history
    Births the legacy of
    Several millenia and more.
    The rejects flock to the site
    Where divine and mortal combines.
    Futures are rewritten to suit
    A promise made long ago.
    In the grand scheme of things
    The King becomes commoner
    For a predetermined time,
    Convicted without a crime.
    Is birth a crime, if so
    Bethlehem Ephratha,
    Woe be unto your soil
    That failed to obscure
    The footsteps of the messiah.
    Lo, behold Rachel cries.

  • iawdev 57w

    Your think like Obscured,
    You Speak like Obscured,
    Your words like Obscured,
    Your face like Obscured,
    Your eyes looks like Obscured,
    I want to be like Obscured,
    For You... !

    © C. Suryanarayan

    Picture Credit :- Matheus Farias

    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #creativearena #writingcontest #writersnetwork #pod #themoonflower #obscure #wod

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    Dec 21, 2020 / 19:21

  • 300roses 57w

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    You made my day! ����

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    I'm a caged bird,
    a "prisoner" of my home.
    All my life,
    I gazed at the world
    through my barred confines,
    The world I saw,
    was limited to the
    circumference of my cage,
    my frame of vision obscured
    by the tightly spaced bars
    enclosing me.
    But it was fine by me,
    I accepted the way things were,
    for this was my life,
    though at times,
    I did wonder how an
    unobscured "barless" view
    of the world would look like,
    This, I could only imagine
    during my waking moments.

    I'm a caged bird,
    a "prisoner" of my mind.
    All my life,
    as I lived in my cage,
    freedom was foreign to me,
    But I had seen birds flying
    in the air with outstretched wings,
    I guessed this was what
    freedom meant.
    While I envied the birds flying freely,
    the thought of living
    outside my cage terrified me,
    for I lacked the skills to
    survive in the big world.
    The cage had been my "safe haven",
    where food & water were
    in abundance,
    I never needed to worry
    about shelter, hunger or thirst.
    Between my cage & freedom,
    I would still choose the former,
    though at times,
    I did wonder how flying
    freely in the sky would feel like,
    This, I could only imagine
    during my waking moments.

    I'm a caged bird,
    a "prisoner"
    "imprisoned" for life.


  • reneewolfcrowdenunez 57w

    #obscure #writingcontest #creativearena @mirakee @writersnetwork #writersbay @writerstolli (Thank you for the ❤ @writersnetwork, I'm TRULY grateful!)

    I think you love me?

    But I know you don't like me..

    I feel sometimes
    That I've never been a part
    Of a real family..

    An action of love from you
    Just a kind touch
    Or even a hug..

    Without which, you hurt me sooo much

    Sometimes, I just don't know how to be
    A daughter
    And my effort and response to it
    Feels just like, a harsh gut punch..

    You can't see..
    It's on the inside
    You've left me bleeding..

    Until next time
    Thankfully, fleeting..

    But there it is now, just the same..

    And the obscurness of your behavior
    I just cannot understand
    Enough to explain
    Or even, give it a name..

    I think you feel, about me
    Much the same..
    Yet, my reaction
    Because of my
    Extreme sensitivity..
    Makes me a prisoner of this
    Not soon
    To be set free..

    On one side of my self-made prison
    Is a jagged cliff so high..
    And if I fell from it
    I would surely die..

    The other side are stacks
    Of antique porcelain plates..

    That I must walk over and upon
    And not one, can I break..

    Or react suddenly
    If I cry out, tears so many, so wet
    My escape becomes slippery..

    And the more I try

    To answer
    This question

    The more dangerous
    It becomes for me..

    As my heart may break..

    Like walked upon stacks
    Of fragile porcelain plates..

    And it becomes
    To be free..


    In this painful mystery
    Of obscurity..


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    I feel sometimes
    That I've never been a part
    Of a real family..


  • tranquility_07 57w

    I know you read my messages
    written clearly on my eyes
    when your's go beyond than gaze;
    wandering and then getting lost in mine's.

    I know you hear my heartbeats,
    which beautifuly blends in with your's.
    I sense you are disturbed and surprised.
    Knowing, how easily I'm able to
    Unveil all the devils you've obscured
    uder your beautiful estate full of lilies and roses.
    How easily, I'm penetrating slowly but deeply
    inside your heart,
    you buried long ago, under those huge plateau of stones and spines.

    I know, you're denying all these enigmatic energy,
    you're already breathing in.
    I know, you're hiding the tremors of Euphoria
    rushing to every part of your body.
    I can feel, you're scared of drowning in the ocean
    of misery all over again.
    I know you're trying but darling,
    you still can't help the redning of your cheeks.

    I'll be honest to you.
    All I want is to read everything you wrote
    in those walls inside of you.
    I want to embrace the demons residing within you.
    I'm just a star wishing to bring light to your darkest nights.
    I'm here to rejoin all those shattered pieces of your heart,
    you left shattered because you didn't want to hear it beat again.
    I want you, to release from the prison of hatred
    this cruel world locked you in.
    I want you to see the mirror again,
    to see the beautiful part of you,
    you never could see.
    All, I want to see is nothing more
    But, just you breathing life all over again.


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  • pallavi4 57w


    It is easy to run away
    From people, incidences and life
    But how does one escape the
    Obscure darkness that lives deep inside ?


    21st of December, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • diplim 57w

    Of#love #pod #writerofmirakee #writer #obscure

    Unlucky in love

    Tugged inside a blanket on a chilly winter midnight I laid sleepless. Thoughts engrossed my mind and I was just lost in them. I let them flow one after the other and soon tears filed my eyes.

    I opened my whatsapp saw his text. Three unread messages and I felt my adrenaline rush. Eager with excitement I opened the chat, it said “here’s my draft, want to read?

    I replied “yes” although a lot was on my mind, I was dancing on my mind I kept it short I could not say anything more. Time has made me an introvert, now I hardly talk.

    The title said “nirvana”. It irked me, who was nirvana? Did he like someone else? Shaking off all such thoughts I opened the Google document. It was long. It was a story about a girl. And then I kept reading and finally the page showed up that spoke of the girl, his classmate, an IITian. He wrote about their late night walks, the dreamy winter clouds and bridge and campus life. I was shattered already. My heart was broken and I could not see anything as the tears made my vision blurry. My hope was telling me its fiction and not real but in my heart I knew, it is real...

    Mustering courage, I asked him “is it fiction?”

    He replied “nope.”

    I kept reading more, he wrote he was her friend as they had the same love for literature that she is a poet and she is the censor board for his write ups. There I stopped; there was nothing more for me in that draft. He replaced her by me. I was a mere replacement to him, nothing unique nothing beautiful but only replaced furniture. A midnight chatting bona fide, a censor to his write ups , a person to discuss movies and art.

    “You will do good in writing” that’s all I could reply, that’s all I could say. And that was the end of us a story that never began properly but ended anyway. And the obscure darkness slowly befall.

    And I wanted so badly for someone to write up for me, to be remembered in those verses and texts and to see myself on a piece of paper by a point of view of another. But you see, I am what they call “unlucky in love.”

    The end.

    yours truly

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    Unlucky in love


  • roel_gonz 57w

    My heart
    is an obscure beast
    Keep running wild and free
    The desire rushing through my veins
    Ramming in every walls of arteries
    Makes my love blazing hot

  • mahtobpensdown 57w


    He was in a fix after the interview. It went very well but the interviewer had not given any clear signal about the next step. With a dejected mind, he went on to buy the only remaining ticket for the return journey.

    As he sat on his seat, he was greeted cheerfully by a girl of his age. She was beautifully smiling as he adjusted himself. The safety instructions for the flight were soon made as the plane was about to start. Once the flight took off and was stable in the sky, they both started interacting.

    The girl was a quite high-spirited and soon began talking of various things while the guy silently listened to her. He was enjoying her company but was ladden with thoughts. She guessed this, and suggested that they should listen to some music together as it was a long journey but he looked a bit distracted.

    She understood there was some thing of concern that occupied his mind which restricted him from enjoying the moment. The girl just said one line - don't let obscure happenings of a day block your beautiful tomorrow! This brought him back to the present and he realised that it's necessary to enjoy each moment in the life because it won't come back!


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    Pic credits - Pinterest

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